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Today I have a special fashion post for you, since I had to get this one out there as soon as possible.  I love the smell of leather and I love cowboy boots, so when I got an email asking me to join Tony Lama boots in a style challenge, how could I refuse that opportunity? They would send me the boots of my choice (from a list they had offered) and ship them out to me to style 2 ways.  I am styling them with a casual outfit and one for a night out.

So, here’s my take on cowboy boots and Tony Lama boots specifically.  I am already a Tony Lama cowboy boot fan and treated myself to a pair about 4 years ago and have really enjoyed them. Mine are the shorter boots, so I chose a taller pair this time, in 15″ height and it will be fun to add another pair of cowboy boots to my wardrobe.  There’s actually going to be a contest on this boots challenge, so I’m going to be asking you to vote if you don’t mind!  It’s all for fun and I really don’t care if I win or not, but why not try?!


I chose the Tan Saigets Worn Goat boots and they are a rich burnished leather.  When I opened the box, that leather aroma was wonderful.  I have no idea if this means they are made from goat leather, but they are Made in the USA, which I do love.


For my casual outfit, I imagined I was going skiing in Colorado and this is what I might wear out there to hang out in the ski lodge.  I can just see my faux fur vest and jeans fitting right in with a ski resort.


I got this long faux fur vest last year, so I can’t link to it.  Skinny jeans are Silver Suki jeggings that my sis bought me a couple years ago.  They are perfect with cowboy boots.

Similar Silver Suki jeggings (affiliate link) and here (affiliate link)


Cowboy boots add some sass to your wardrobe and I love mine.  Yes, they are Western in flair, but can also be sophisticated too. I usually wear an 8 1/2 in shoes, but in both my boots, I got an 8 and they are plenty roomy.  What I’ve found out with leather cowboy boots is the more you wear them, the more comfortable and broken in they get.  I will be able to wear these with thick socks for maximum comfort.


For my night out outfit, I chose a dress I’ve had from Ross, with pretty Fall colors, worn with brown leggings and these boots.


I think they mix well with this Boho style fabric and adding some jewelry makes it ready for a night on the town.


I layered it with my vintage houndstooth coat and I think it’s a very cute outfit for going out.


So, are you a cowboy boot fan or not?  I think they are really fun and I’ve totally enjoyed my cowboy boots. The leather just gets better with age and they make me feel sassy and youngish!

Thanks to Tony Lama boots for providing my new boots! 

- Rhoda


  1. I love them. I especially like then with the dress. Such a nice contrast. Looks fabulous.

  2. Pam Driskell says:

    I personally like the casual outfit. Looks like a cowboy boot outfit. Classy and comfortable. Dressy outfit had too many patterns going on, but I am pretty much a classic dresser so what do I know.

  3. Catt from Kentucky says:

    I like both looks very much but the casual outfit wins by a hair (from your white furry vest ?).

  4. Monica Converse says:

    I love BOTH outfits and I kinda think I need those boots….oh perhaps one day…

  5. I love those boots! You have great flair and both outfits are really cute. If I had to choose a favorite I’d go with the jeans/vest.

  6. Love the rich texture and color of the boots. The vest is so chic and cozy. Your style is wonderful and it inspires me to see what I have in my wardrobe to pull together and get a similar look. I appreciate your mixing in your own vintage with the new finds. I look forward to all of your posts.

  7. Nanci Lewis says:

    Love the boots with both outfits. They’re very pretty boots and look comfortable and styling – a plus! I’ve hunted for years and years for a pair of cowboy boots that I like and fit me, and CANNOT find them. : ( I have a wide foot and a very high arch and those babies just won’t even go on my foot most of the time. On the rare occasions I’ve found a pair that fits, they’ve been so plain and ugly I didn’t want them. You go girl…kick up your heels and keep with your own style, no matter what anyone says. It works for you!

    • from Louisiana says:

      I feel your pain, I have a wide forefoot, narrow heel and a high-ish arch. Last year I bought some Birkenstock boots. Farmington is the name. They are very plain, but don’t look like boats and they’re very comfortable. I actually get a lot of compliments on them but I live in Seattle so I don’t get too excited. They kinda like ugly here.
      Cowboy boots that fit me are probably not affordable.

  8. I love the boots! Glad you tried them with the dress…..I don’t think they are too young a look for us at all! Three years ago all of us in the Boutique wore cowboy boots with sweater dresses & it was a fun look. Both looks are super cute on you! Keep the inspiration coming…..always fun to see what you are modeling 🙂

  9. I love both outfits and really love those boots! Lucky you!

  10. I love cowboy boots and wear them all the time mostly with jeans. I like your jeans/vest look better of the two outfits; however, they look cute with the dress too. I think you should lose the coat. It’s such a nice Jackie O style and should be worn with a more classic shoe — IMO.

  11. You totally nailed it as always! Love both!

  12. Where do we vote? You look wonderful, as always!

  13. Linda Cole says:

    I like the casual look the best. Love the boots!

  14. KittyLuvr says:

    What great combos!! The boots were a great choice for you…and I like the dressy outfit the best. You have such a knack for styling different patters=same color families to tie it all together! Definitely a winner!

  15. Both looks are great Rhoda, you always seem to carry off any style :). It seems so odd sitting here on a very hot and sunny day in Auckland (probably our first day of summer) but looking at you in your elegant winter clothes. Those boots I would have said were super casual but when you team them up with that lovely coat and dress you have put together a more elegant look.

  16. Marianne A. says:

    Love, love, love both looks!

  17. Dawn Bush says:

    Really cute! These 2 looks are little outside my comfort zone, but you make me think I could do them too. Thank you.

  18. donna zoltanski says:

    I think you look fab in both outfits – but if I have to pick – I think the dress wins! Enjoy them!

  19. Love the look and style of the boots! Cowboy boots are a style I have not tried, but you are inspiring me. Let us know how to vote for you.

  20. I just love your sense of style! I always look forward to your fashion posts and the way you explain each outfit and provide tips and suggestions on where to find them (or similar styles) online! Very refreshing blog–thank you!

  21. Melesa Garrison says:

    I love cowboy boots and think I need these to go with my FRYE leather bag, matches perfectly. You should get FRYE to sponsor you. I love their leather bags…very expensive (to me) but I got mine about 15 months ago and the more I carry it, the better I like it….Awesome leather that never goes out! Man, FRYE needs to sponsor me, huh? Lol
    Both outfits are very cute!

  22. Love,love my cowboy boots and my riding boots!
    They are comfortable and never go out of style!
    Love the styling ideas!

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