Summer Table with Mikasa {+ Giveaway}!

As a Southern girl, I love pretty dishes and tableware, as I’m sure most of you do too. There’s just something so nice about sitting down to a beautiful table all set with dishes, flatware, glasses, and colorful napkins.  Oh, don’t forget the fresh flowers.  I cut these hydrangeas from my yard, which was a treat this year.

Today, I’m joining a few other bloggers and sharing a fun book and dish set giveaway with Mikasa.  I love Mikasa and have so enjoyed my Italian Countryside dishes that I use everyday.  Mikasa Collage

mikasa table002_20150622

Setting a pretty table on my porch is so fun this time of year.  I enjoyed using this beautiful white set of Loria dishes with their pretty beaded edge.

mikasa table017_20150622

With chunky bowls and mugs, the set has 4 of all of these.  Those little bunny leaf plates are from Bordallo and I’ve had them for years.

mikasa table020_20150622

I pulled out some of my yardsale and thriftstore finds to go on the table, using a scrap piece of green outdoor fabric I made into a tablecloth.  You know how I love green!

mikasa table031_20150622

These napkins were a yardsale fine and I love their white edge.  My newly covered chairs look great with this tables cape.

mikasa table026_20150622

Dear Carolina is a brand new book by Kristy Woodson Harvey.  She and her mother, Beth, write the design blog, Design Chic and Kristy has been on a book tour recently promoting her new book.   Southern fiction always has a little drama and Dear Carolina does as well.  From main character, Khaki Mason, who has a thriving interior design business to Jodi, her husband’s 19-year old cousin, fresh out of rehab, pregnant and alone, this story weaves together 2 strong Southern women and one baby girl in the most difficult decision they’ll ever make.  Written to baby Carolina by both her birth mother and her adoptive one, it’s a story of life circumstances shaping, but not defining and that families aren’t always born, but made.

mikasa loria mug

So all of us are setting a pretty table today, in honor of Khaki and her love of interior design and Southern tables.

mikasa table027_20150622

Mikasa is joining us for a fun giveaway for ONE of you too.  Who doesn’t love a pretty table?  I know all of you do!

mikasa table029_20150622

mikasa table018_20150622

An antiques store urn that I found a few months ago holds freshly clipped hydrangea blooms from my yard.

mikasa table010_20150622

The flatware and glasses are also from Mikasa.

mikasa table011_20150622

Doesn’t this bone china look lovely with green.

mikasa table029_20150622

I really am totally sold on white dishes for the last few years. I’ve always heard that food looks more appetizing on a white plate and I’m convinced of that.

mikasa table014_20150622

Mikasa has some new dinnerware, glassware, and flatware which is part of what they call their “every day sets.” All of these are what you’d normally see in a formal set of dishes, but they are meant to be used every day. Bone china is the best quality dinnerware you will find. The bone component makes this dinnerware extremely chip resistant and also gives it that beautiful, pure white color. The glassware and flatware have a similar philosophy – highest quality but for everyday use.

Click here for Mikasa Loria dinnerware, Mikasa Laura glasses and Kelby flatware.

This is a new program for Mikasa and they use the highest quality bone china and lead-free crystal, but these sets are meant to be used every day, not just for special occasions. These plates have a great feel to them and I love the beaded edge.

You can visit Mikasa on Facebook and Pinterest. 

Mikasa is also offering ONE of my readers your very own set of Mikasa Loria dinnerware (service for 4).  Please leave a comment telling me your favorite special occasion for setting a pretty table.  Get out the good dishes and use them! Please click the Rafflecopter widget and click the box that you have left a comment and then leave a comment here on my blog.  ONE winner will be chosen for a set of 4 Mikasa Loria dinnerware.  US entries only. Be sure and add your email to the Rafflecopter widget, that is how I choose a winner! 

And the winner will also receive a copy of Dear Carolina, the new book by Kristy Woodson Harvey.

Here’s to Summer entertaining! 

Note: Mikasa gave me this set of Loria dishes, flatware and glasses.  

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- Rhoda


  1. Pam Clark says:

    Christmas is the most festive of occasions for setting a pretty table! These white dishes would be the perfect compliment to Christmas reds and greens!

  2. Sunday brunches would be a great way to use these beautiful dishes!

  3. These dishes are lovely. I like to set a pretty table for any occasion!

  4. Special dishes can make even a ho-hum weeknight a reason to celebrate! I would love to celebrate by using these gorgeous dishes!!

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Families are more apart now so you don’t see them much so when we do get together for a nice dinner its fun making up your table settings. I’d enjoy having this new set.

  6. Betsy cross says:

    I like to set a pretty table when serving a Ladies Bruncheon. We are all so busy doing the things of life that when we finally do stop to get together with friends, setting and eating from a pretty table is so enjoyed and appreciated. These dishes are classic and beautiful and could be used for any special occasion.

  7. Christmas is my favorite time to set a pretty table. I love your tablescape and most of all I love your blog. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  8. I would use them for a regular night at home with the kids:) But Thanksgiving is my favorite time to do a table in an extra special way.

  9. Your table on the porch is wonderful! This is a fun way for y’all to introduce the book and the dishes. Just added the book to my Pinterest board. 🙂

    I’d love to set the table with these dishes and invite my lunch bunch girls over for a yummy summer salad.

  10. I love a beautifully set table but Christmas has to be my favorite time! Love these dishes!

  11. Linda Southworth says:

    Love a pretty table! These dishes would be a great addition to mine! I love a decorated table most days as I have an evolving centerpiece and placemats just to keep it interesting. So each and every day is a special day to have a lovely tablescape.

  12. Karenann says:

    I love decorating my table for Thanksgiving! I love when all my family and friends come over, and we all get to sit down and enjoy a wonderful dinner. This pattern would be so beautiful to add to my Thanksgiving table!

  13. I love these dishes! I would use them for a summer dinner on my porch with my three daughters and their families! I love to have them over and cook out on the grill. The grandchildren add to the conversation and fun at our table. Thank you for the offer.

  14. These versatile white dishes would be perfect for a Fourth of July table with red and blue linens and accessories.

  15. These dishes are beautiful! I have never owned white dishes before, but I think food would look the best on these. I love to set a beautiful table for Easter. It is my favorite holiday! As a Christian, I think it is the most important time of the year.

  16. My husband and I are now empty-nesters. I love setting a table for two each week…memories of early days of marriage.


  18. Trisha Greenfield says:

    I love using pretty dishes for birthdays and Christmas especially. It seems to make these special occasions feel even more special.

  19. I’m more of a buffet style person — Thanksgiving is when I break out the nice dishes and try to make things look special.

  20. Lisa Cooper says:

    Birthday dinners with my family are a special occasion at my home!

  21. I love these dishes! Honestly, every day I try to “pretty up” the table, but I especially love the holidays when I go all out on table décor. It’s part of the fun!

  22. I love to set a special table for my husband and me in front of the fire. A beautiful table sets the mood!

  23. We have a small group that rotates homes for dinner and bible study. When they come we try to do something special.

  24. I like to set a pretty table no matter the occasion. And, I prefer using white dishes so would really enjoy having some new ones to use.

    • Rose Powell says:

      I look forward to your blog posts every day, and I so enjoyed seeing your lovely table set up on your porch. Someday I hope to have a porch or deck for outdoor dining. My favorite time to set a nice table is for one of my children’s birthday dinners. It is another way to show how much they mean to me.

  25. Donna Zoltanski says:

    So beautiful – love your hydrangeas and green accents (bunny dish) with those pretty plates! Love them! Cant wait to read Dear Carolina! Thanks for entry.

  26. Nancy Cox says:

    i keep my table set. But probably me favorite is Christmas.

  27. I love a pretty table for Christmas. Makes the day!

  28. Love the white dishes!!! I would mix them with other dishes for different occasions. My favorite time is any time when we have people over for a casual evening.

  29. Veronica says:

    My husband and son’s birthdays. I love to make them feel special. These dishes would work beautifully for a masculine tablescape. I love the colors you chose for your tablescape!

  30. Rhonda I just discovered your blog through Pinterest and have been reading it for over an hour – which isn’t long enough to catch up. I went back and read hoe you started a d your blog journey. Amazing and thank you for sharing all the business side but also the inspiration. I’ve been blogging for 1 1/2.years and am in the process of having a designer redesign my site. I found out about the Haven conference through 11 Magnolia Lane and immediately registered. Then I discover that you had a hand in starting the conference! I am in Atlanta about 3-4,times a year as my daughters and grandkids live there. I’ll be following you. Thanks again for sharing.

  31. Christmas is number 1 and probably Halloween is number 2 (because my daughter loves Halloween as much as Christmas!).

  32. Your home is just beautiful Rhoda. I love decorating my home for each holiday even if it’s just one or two items that I put on my mantel but I love my table set for each holiday. I love to walk into my home and the table be set. It’s just so warm and welcoming to me. I love the green tablecloth and your chairs. It all looks so pretty with those dishes.

  33. Loved reading Dear Carolina…Kristi is an amazing writer…Beautiful table for a tribute to this book!

  34. beverly e says:

    I love to set a special table for Christmas breakfast, but these dishes would work any time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Oh…forgot to add that Christmas has to be my favorite time to set a table…

  36. I love beautiful dishes! In fact, the table in our eat in kitchen is always set. I particularly enjoy setting my table at holidays, too.
    Conversations with family and friends around the table are the best!!

  37. Christmas is my favorite occasion for creating a festive and colorful table.

  38. Beautiful! Christmas automatically came to mind but then I also thought of when my ladies group gets together monthly!

  39. I love setting the table for Easter and Christmas.

  40. Susan M. says:

    I have three girls and every year we make time for an annual girls weekend – sans the kids and hubbies. I think we need these dishes!!! Thanks Mikasa for the opportun ity!

  41. I love to set my table for each holiday!

  42. I love to set a pretty table for special occasions. Its also fun to make ordinary,everyday table settings special. Christmas is my favorite. Thanks for a great give away!

  43. As our 4 daughters have grown, I decided to put our ‘fancy dishes’ to use anytime, and not wait for special holidays. I found that set at a thrift store and they still make us feel a little bit special when we sit down to a meal when the table is all pretty with china and our ‘king cups’ (simple stemmed goblets from the dollar store). So, memories are made, and every ordinary day can feel special with china on the table!

  44. Patricia says:

    Easter is my favorite time to set a pretty table.

  45. I enjoy setting a pretty table for an ordinary meal with my family – but my favorite is at holidays or on special occasions! White dishes are awesome because they’re so versatile!

  46. Oh my gosh! The green is gorgeous. The seaside touches are utter perfection. There’s nothing I don’t love about this fabulous setting! And the bunnies are just the sweetest. Thank you so, so much for displaying this in such an amazing way!!

  47. My family sets the table for dinner everyday. Nothing fancy, but it’s a memory I hope my children will cherish.

  48. What a gorgeous table, Rhoda! Just love the pops of green with the beautiful hydrangeas and of course the Mikasa china. Your participation is wonderful and thank you for the kind words about Dear Carolina!!

  49. My daughter has Mikasa Italian Countryside, which I really enjoy when we’re at her house. Would love to have the Mikasa Loria. I looks so pretty with your greens and the blue hydrangea.

  50. I currently use a yard sale find of white Gibson dishes. Sadly, they chip quite easily. I would love to have the Mikasa dishes for everyday and especially at Christmas-I’d love to serve cinamon rolls on them and drink coffee from the generous cups!

    Also, southern fiction is my favorite and would enjoy finding a cool spot to curl up and read “Dear Carolina”!

  51. Absolutely beautiful china!!! Love the pattern and the simplicity of it.

  52. BeverlyO says:

    I especially like dressing a table up for bridal luncheons and with five nieces, five nephews, and seven grandchildren I should have plenty more opportunities!

  53. Nancy from RI says:

    Simply stunning.

  54. Theresa Kane says:

    Wow. Love the table and love Mikasa!

  55. BettyAnne says:

    I want my Christmas dinner table to be the most beautiful of all special occasions.

  56. Deb Young says:

    Birthdays and a summer porch are my favorite times for a pretty table setting.

  57. Jennifer G. says:

    Birthdays and Christmas are the peak times right now! With three little ones, I’m hesitant to do it more frequently!

  58. I pull out the good dishes for every occasion. I love Mikasa and it’s probably time to retire my french blue and yellow dishes from 1999!

  59. Every evening is a special occasion to set a pretty table. After a busy day of work and school nothing is better than a nice dinner with your family. Sitting around the table and hearing how everyone’s day went and sharing a good laugh or two is the most wonderful time. Having a beautiful table shows your family you care and makes it easier to linger after the meal is finished.

  60. Any time I have company I like to set a pretty table. Life is too short to save your “good stuff”!! I need some white dishes as now I have heard Ina Garten and Rhoda say that they are the best for serving up nice meals.

  61. Easter is my favorite holiday to decorate a table. Thank you, Mikasa!

  62. I enjoy setting a pretty table when anyone has a birthday! Would love some new dishes…..mine are the same one I received when I got married, 36 years ago:)

  63. The dishes are beautiful! I would use them for a girlfriend brunch.

  64. I absolutely love white dishes and have always used them. Currently I have Mikasa’s English Countryside and use it for everyday and special occasions because it can be dressed up or down! The table I usually have the most fun with is Thanksgiving. Such a special day with family and friends. I always want the table to reflect how important everyone gathered iin my home is to me and to one another.
    I may have never left a comment to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. It is always inspiring!

  65. Elizabeth Woolverton says:

    I bought my oldest daughter a white Mikasa service for 12 and we all love them. They have served their family well. No pun intended. I’d love to set my youngest daughter up with a starter set as well. 🙂

  66. I have been checking out these dishes for quite some time…I love them! They are the perfect everyday dishes or even for a dinner party.

  67. I love having family dinners on Sunday! Thanks for so many great ideas.

  68. Honestly, every day is a special occasion. I finally began thinking this at the tender age of 65….and I only hope that all the 25 year-olds out there get on that bandwagon earlier! 😉
    While I love setting a pretty table for holidays, really life is too short to consider only certain days as a special occasion. As they say, wear your prettiest outfit any day you like, use those gorgeous napkins even for breakfast tomorrow morning, use your favorite and prettiest dishes each and every day.
    Yep, that’s what I would do with those beautiful Mikasa dishes!

  69. Birthdays are great times to celebrate a meal with a lovely table.

  70. I try and set a pretty table every time we entertain…

  71. Love Mikasa dishes, all patterns. Once a year I host a dinner party for several ladies who are dear friends. Spring is my favorite time to entertain, as this time of year the world greens up with fresh life, and my table settings are full of spring blooms and Easter bunnies. A new set of dishes would be just perfect!! Thanks for the offering.

  72. I love to set a beautiful table during the holidays, but also for nice dinners for me and my husband. I’ve been using my grandmother’s silver as everyday utensils for about a year and love the patina and weight. I don’t use my china everyday, but I would use the Mikasa dishes every day!

  73. Enjoy setting the table for family birthdays and holidays.

  74. Kim Nations says:


  75. Laurie Giantini says:

    I had a set of white dishes which I bought years ago in Macy’s which I used for Christmas against a plaid tablecloth. I recently gave them to my niece who is getting married in October. I would love to have another set of white dishes as I too believe that food tastes better against white dishes; the presentation is just beautiful no matter what you are serving.

  76. Amy Davis says:

    I love to set a beautiful table for Christmas.

  77. The special occasion that I love to set a table for is any get together with family and friends.

  78. I love setting a special table for birthdays. I want to make the person feel extra special. I don’t have China but I would use it for those special occasions if I did. For now, I use my “good” dishes.

  79. I like to eat off my fancier things when my family comes.

  80. Charlotte says:

    I would love another set of white dishes as I use the ones I have all the time. Some of the dishes have a few nicks from all the wear I have put them thru over the years. I especially love to set a pretty table for Christmas and Easter.

  81. Maryellen says:

    I love to entertain our supper group of four couples – casual and fun!

  82. I love setting a beautiful table to celebrate birthdays!

  83. I may have a dishes problem. I love to surprise my husband with an unexpectedly pretty place setting for an ordinary meal. And switching out the regular dishes for the Spode Christmas Tree is one of the best parts of the Friday after Thanksgiving! When I got remarried, it was so fun go get new WHITE dishes!

  84. I love to use pretty dishes and cloth napkins every day. No saving for “best.” My family gets the best. They’re worth it!

  85. Life is too short not to use pretty dishes like this everyday!!

  86. I like to set a pretty table at birthdays, anniversary’s and holidays.

  87. I love a pretty table out of the blue, on an ordinary night. My kids will ask who is coming to dinner and I’ll tell them – ‘You are!’ They love it.

  88. Kimberly S says:

    My favorite occasion for setting a pretty table is a toss up between my babies birthdays, and Christmas. I love making the table look pretty, festive and inviting!

  89. Carol Griffin says:

    I love to entertain and really do enjoy setting a beautiful table. Not only is it pretty but there is a feeling of knowing that I have gone the extra mile for my guests and this makes me feel good. Being from the South, I grew up with having a Mom that loved to set a pretty table and absolutely loved pretty china and glassware and I definitely inherited that love as well. I also have Italian Countryside by Mikasa which I love.

  90. Kathy M. says:

    Holidays for sure. I have been setting the table more this summer. Our 20 year old daughter is home from college and dinner has become a more special occasion!! Love the white dishes. Time to upgrade from Corell.

  91. I would love to say that everyday is a wonderful day but that is too ambitious so I will say that my anniversary because I like to make it a special day for my husband and myself.

  92. I would love to replace my old dishes. You have such a beautiful table!

  93. Love setting a casual but elegant table for weekend dinners with family and friends.

  94. Rebecca Drake says:

    Christmas is the holiday for me. I have so many accessories that I can change out and make a new look each week.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Lynda Lamon says:

    Love to set a pretty table at Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!!,

  96. Charlotte says:

    Birthdays are so special and always need pretty tableware for the occasion. These nice dishes would be just perfect for every get together.

  97. I try to set a pretty table every night, even on work days when I’m tired, it’s a pleasant way to end my day and somehow pulling it together and clean-up don’t seem to be a big chore. My husband and I are empty nesters so it’s easy to do for the two of us and I love doing it when the “kids” are home. I’ve been using a set of Mikasa Just Flowers since the early 70s and now find all white dinnerware appealing. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  98. I like to dress up the table for anniversaries!!!

  99. Anytime we are together as a family is a very special occasion, so I would use these lovely dishes every day to celebrate those times that we can shut the world out for a bit, and just be us.

    • I have always loved to do tea. When I was a little girl I did a pretend tea and now I do them for showers. Love Mikasa.

  100. I love Mikasa.

  101. I love to set a pretty table especially when family gets together for birthdays!

  102. Hi Rhoda – your tablescape is so fresh…there is nothing like pairing a beautiful spring green with the crispness of white. I love you found some thrifted things as well – makes it even more special.

    The book sounds awesome – a must read – and the dishes giveaway from Mikasa- to DIE FOR awesome and generous of them. (I sooooo need white dishes!!!!!)

    Crossing my fingers and enjoying these lovely tablescapes. Thank you for this opportunity.

  103. Family birthdays are my favorite occasions for entertaining.

  104. Patti Reesor says:

    A little “older”, I still love the excitement of planning and hosting engagement parties, baby showers and wedding showers. Seems to be a lost art and I try my best to demonstrate hospitality so that the younger ladies will carry on this lovely, thoughtful tradition. A beautifully appointed table is a must at these events! Thanks for your lovely blog…always a delight to see your photographs and read your posts!

  105. sandra kay hayes says:

    When ever I have friends or family over the table is set for the occasion with love and I hope with beauty.

  106. FAMILY! Any family gathering is a special time to set a special table. Love this Mikasa pattern and love white dishes!

  107. I love to set my table for birthdays and most times there’a a yummy 12 layer chocolate cake right in the middle.

  108. I try to set a pretty table for dinner every night because I feel lucky to be married to my sweetheart. Every day is special with him.

  109. BamaCarol says:

    Every day with my husband and family is a special occasion! I try to set a nice table almost every night and use cloth napkins all of the time. I love, love white dishes so winning this would be a wonderful treat. Thanks Rhoda!

  110. Any chance I get! I enjoy holidays, birthdays, you name it! I love to set a beautiful table. It makes any occasion special!

  111. Melinda Wilson says:

    Your table setting is beautiful and has such a peaceful look that is soothing to the soul.
    Years ago, some of my girlfriends and I started a monthly luncheon at each others’ home where we would “pull out the finest we owned” and have an awesome sit-down lunch. We would get a baby sitter (who would keep the children at one of the other lady’s home), prepared our best meals, etc. and have the best time. It was fun “making do and dressing up” with items we already had as young married mothers. As the years went by, some moved away and started back to work so the luncheons stopped but the memories I have of those times are some of my favorite dining experiences.

  112. I like to set a pretty table to celebrate a loved one’s accomplishments, no matter the occasion.

  113. I love setting the table for Thanksgiving!

  114. I love setting the table anytime., but christmas is the holiday we are usually home. I pull out all the stops for that meal. Thanks for the giveaway

  115. Thanksgiving

  116. Just lovely!

  117. I like to set a special table for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  118. Christmas…most festive time for me to decorate a table! I love white dishes and I love to read so great giveaway!

    Your table looks beautiful, Rhoda!

  119. You’ve stolen my heart with the green and white! My favorite time to set the table is Christmas.

  120. VintageBeachgirl says:

    My favorite time to set a pretty table is for holidays like Thanksgiving when our family will be together and I love using the white dishes I’ve used for so many years…. You’re right Rhoda, they do make food look more appetizing and look good with any accessories and design details I use. Thank you for hosting another great giveaway Rhoda, this one is pretty special!!

  121. I love setting my table for family gatherings, large and small.

  122. I like to set a pretty table setting each week with placemats, cloth napkins, dinner plates, salad plates and a centerpiece of fruit or flowers. For seasonal celebrations like New Years, Valentines, Mardi Gras, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and Christmas I do go all out and match the table setting to the decorations.

  123. What a lovely tablescape for some great friends to enjoy. Based on what I hear about the book, this would be a perfect setting for lovely ladies to enjoy each other. Thank you for the inspiration.

  124. Janet St. says:

    There were times as a single mom that I was not able to provide many luxuries for my kids. When meals were the simplest and budget was the tightest I would lower the lights, light the candles, and use the best tableware. Children appreciate a beautiful table too and would shop through their bedrooms for pretty things to accessorize our “fancy” table.

  125. Honestly, I don’t need a special occasion for setting a pretty table but of course any holiday and along with that, those special days to celebrate any person in our circle of family or friends. That’s something we do each month – doesn’t have to be a birthday.

  126. My favorite occasion is the daily occurrence of sitting down to dinner with my husband and two kids (both teenagers!) which I think is increasingly rare these days.
    Karen U

  127. I love Mikasa china

  128. I love white dinnerware too! When growing up my favorite memories of setting a beautiful table were at Thanksgiving! My grandmother and Aunts always made sure everything was beautiful. The other occasions were bridal showers!

  129. LisaBinAR says:

    I love setting a pretty table when my family gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

  130. This is hard because I love setting a pretty table so often – holidays of course but I especially love going the extra mile when girlfriends come over, even if it’s just one friend I love using my special dishes & setting a table for two.

  131. Pam Ballard says:

    I love Thanksgiving as life is busy but we all gather to say what were thankful for.

  132. I love to decorate a beautiful table when my family least expects it! I try to celebrate the simple things in life, like the premier of Duck Dynasty, an excellent report card or just a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Would love to win a set of beautiful Mikasa dishes!

  133. Jennifer Jackson says:

    I love to set a pretty table at Easter.

  134. I love to set a pretty table whenever I have company. It doesn’t happen that often so when it does it is a special occasion no matter the time of year.

  135. My favorites are Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I love a beautiful table anytime!

  136. Entertaining is a delight for me and my husband. We so enjoy any excuse excuse to have folks over. Tablescapes are my weakness and enjoy creating them. Love Mikasa and so miss their outlet store that was so near to us. I have your chargers, just need the white beaded dishes to go with them. And, a rainy day to sit and read Dear Caroline.

  137. Rhoda, Your table looks so pretty. Green is my favorite color too and it looks great with those white dishes. I love to use pretty dishes every day and I use our wedding china for my daughters’ birthdays. They really appreciate it. Kathy

  138. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion around here. My girls and I love to set a pretty table for no reason at all. It makes those middle of the week dinners just a little bit more special. I agree with you Rhoda about white plates too. Your table looks lovely!

  139. I love your tablescape! White dishes are so pretty. Thanksgiving is my favorite occasion to set a pretty table. I would love to win the beautiful dishes and the book.
    The book will probably make me cry. I became a mom through adoption. It took a lot of love for our son’s birthparents to allow my husband and I to adopt him.

  140. Dupre Young says:

    I love to set a beautiful table for Thanksgiving.

  141. I love having friends over. I don’t have any fancy dinnerware so it is regular old fiestaware for us. I enjoy having fun with the colors though.

  142. as a mother of six, every day has something (someone) to celebrate!! in our family we also celebrate august 9th as “adoption day”, the day our youngest child joined the family through adoption. Thanks for your celebration of this story with your beautiful china!!

  143. Jeanne Mann says:

    I so enjoy to decorate the table when my friends come for lunch.

  144. Jeanne Mann says:

    I so enjoy to decorate the table when my friends come for lunch. There is nothing better than GIRL TIME 🙂

  145. I love to play with dishes and I very much enjoy setting a lovely table for our family get together’s. I would love some new dishes and Mikasa Loria dishes are so pretty. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  146. Marty C. says:

    Friday dinner.

  147. Mainly family dinners and birthdays!!

  148. Holidays and birthdays are nice to add special touches to the table. Thank you for the offer.

  149. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas but I also do Independence Day also!!! Coming up!!!! 🙂

  150. Any holiday! And these would be perfect.

  151. Love it!

  152. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for dressing the table with my china and crystal. Sometimes having a special dinner setting is most enjoyable when it’s for no reason at all. The “just because” times seem to be most fun because I’m not overwhelmed with all the other details that usually come with a holiday.

  153. fabulous post…loving the White and added to my lifetime collection of dishes I don’t need but love these would be the FINISHING TOUCH.

  154. Brenda Cofer says:

    Beautiful dishes and lovely table scape!! I love setting a pretty table for family birthdays!!!

  155. I love setting a table for holiday 😉

  156. Christmas!

  157. Michelle says:


  158. Judy C in NC says:

    I always love pretty table settings any time I have company and special celebrations for just husband and I … I love to make table scapes, especially if the company if from out of town. Would absolutely love and devour this book. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Judy C in NC

  159. I like to set a pretty table for Birthdays.

  160. My favorite occasion is everyday! I used to only get out the “good” stuff maybe once a year. And then I got breast cancer. As a survivor I realized that everyday is an occasion to celebrate. Besides, your family deserves to be treated special ALL of the time!

  161. My favorite time to set nice table is supperime! Any supper that you spend time cooking should be set with something pretty. Boy I sure like the dishes and stemware that you set.

  162. Anna Starner says:

    I love setting a beautiful table for any meal. Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for and my table is always part of decorating.

  163. I love to set a pretty table for Christmas eve. We always have both sides of our families over fan appetizer dinner and it is so much fun!

  164. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Birthdays are always a great occasion for setting a nice table although every day would be nice.

  165. Pat in Chicago says:

    I love setting a pretty table and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion. I try to make every day a special occasion. I love this white dinnerware by Mikasa!

  166. Anita Rudzinski says:

    I love setting a pretty table just about any time. But I think my very favorite time is Easter. I love to celebrate the resurrection and love to set the table that day in a special way. But I love to celebrate my family any day. I also love to decorate in green and white. I love your blog. Never miss it. My husband retired and we moved from Atlanta to Naples, FL to be close to our daughter and 2 grandsons. Life is good and we are richly blessed.

  167. Denise M says:

    A meal alone with my husband after the kids go to bed

  168. Well, my dining room table is set every day! I love having it sparkly! But I love dressing it up at Christmas especially.

    For everyday china I have Mikasa Italian Countryside just like you! I’ve had it since I got married 13 years ago and I still love it!

    Thanks for sharing your table! Love the green and white and the hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  169. Date night in

  170. I LOVE DISHES, so naturally I love any occassion to set a pretty table. Family Christmas is always at my house and everyone is always eager to see which dishes and how I have decorated the table from year to year. You can never go wrong with white dishes. The ways to decorate them are endless for any event!

  171. Cindy Hancock says:

    I enjoy feeding the people I love, which are my family and friends! It would be extra special to have a set of beautiful dishes to serve them with! 🙂

  172. These dishes are beautiful! I especially love the mugs! It would be so fun to have white so you could use any colors you wanted for your linens and accessories. My favorite time to do this would be Easter Sunday.

  173. Robin C. says:

    I just love to set a colorful spring table at Easter time. The family gets together for a Sunday Easter meal and it just marks the beginning of a great season.

  174. I too, love white dishes and the color green. My white dishes are getting fewer in number and these would be great replacements. Thanks for the opportunity.

  175. As a potter, I love to use beautiful dishes everyday for every meal. Even my melamine outdoor dishes are pretty!

  176. Jill Jones says:

    I really like to set a table and serve lunch or dinner outside on my patio during the nice Spring weather and in summer, too, when it’s not too warm. It’s so nice to sit outside and enjoy nature. It adds so much color and interest to a table. Mikasa is my favorite dinnerware!

  177. I don’t need a special occasion. I set a pretty table everyday.

  178. Chrislyn says:

    Lovely table setting…the dishes and your antique store finds are divine!

  179. Marie W. says:

    Definately for birthday dinners!

  180. Sunday dinner with my family- because if I don’t use my finest on those I love most, why have it?!

  181. Hello Rhoda~ Thank you for sharing this giveaway with us. My parents don’t get to visit
    often but, when they do I would love to have this special setting for such a wonderful time.
    Hugs, Krys

  182. I’d love those dishes for a Christmas dinner.

  183. I love to set a very special table for my children’s birthdays.

  184. latanya t says:

    For Christmas dinner

  185. Your table looks so homey! I use my “good” dishes for all the usual occasions but love to get them out to make a special dinner for any loved one who may have had a rough day!

  186. Linda Smith says:

    Anytime we have family or friends around our table is the perfect time to set a pretty table.

  187. I love using beautiful dinnerware every day! It makes every meal with my friends and loved ones seem special.

  188. LOVE those white dishes. I have fallen in love with white dishes too in recent years. I totally agree to use them everyday!

    Love your tablescape, Rhoda! Those fresh cut hydrangeas are the final perfect touch! Cant wait to see pics of your yard in bloom.

  189. Love Mikasa!!! I Dress up my table on Easter! Christmas! …..Gina F

  190. Love white dishes. They are so versatile. I love to set a pretty table for birthdays and special occasions. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

  191. I love to set a pretty table for all my ladies get-together…they always appreciate the extra special details!

  192. Brenda B. says:

    Love your blog and read it 3 to 4 days a week. However, the give away program box does not work well at all. Was kicked out twice and it never did let me register.

  193. MARTHAIA says:

    Bunches of Birthday celebrations with family & friends…TY

  194. Thanksgiving is my favorite special occasion for setting a pretty table.

  195. Solducky says:

    My children have sold me on the “Just because” tea party, and setting a fancy table for it. It really is relaxed and you are able to enjoy the lovely table.

  196. Anytime friends come over!

  197. Pat Meacham says:

    I entered the drawing and do not see my entry,

    • HI, Pat if you entered your email on the Rafflecopter widget and left a comment here, that’s all you have to do.

  198. I like an everyday occasion where nothing special is happening at all!

  199. I love these white dishes with your green! I enjoy setting a pretty table anytime, but especially when we have company, family or friends!

  200. Sometimes when it’s just “us” for dinner, I like to set the table as if it’s a special occasion. Who else but family to use the good stuff for.

  201. Anne Marie Petralia says:

    I like to set a beautiful table every chance I get. I especially love holidays and the white dishes would really compliment the dishes I already have – be it seasonal occasions or family celebrations.

  202. I set a pretty table as often as I can – I love my dishes and I love how the table looks like a place you’d long to linger at when it’s set to welcome guests. It’s hard to pin down a favorite. A fun summer table for Father’s Day (did that last weekend), a pretty table for my monthly dinner with 3 girlfriends, a family event… My only complaint is my table is never big enough to hold all the “pretty” I’d love for it to hold.

  203. I love to set a pretty table when I have company over for dinner and of course for the holidays.

  204. Kelly Minyard says:

    I love it when my family or friends from out of town (we live far away from most of those who we love most) come to visit and I get to entertain. That’s my favorite time to have a nice place setting 🙂

  205. I set a special table as often as I can! Holiday, kids birthdays….you name it!

  206. Christmas dinner is my favorite time to set a beautiful table. White dishes go so well with any decorations! Would love these!

  207. Danielle says:

    My favorite occasion to set a pretty table would be for my mom’s birthday. She has always made my birthday special and sweet, and I just want to give back to her in every way that I can!

  208. Kim Henrichs says:

    I love setting a nice table for fancy birthday parties!!

  209. Karen Baumgardner says:

    I love to set a pretty table for Mother’s Day. Although my mom passed away 8 years age, we continue the tradition, and always add in some of her special serving pieces on the table.

  210. I also love white China because of its versatility. We have a “Gourmet Club” with two other couples where we get a chance to set a beautiful tablescape and enjoy wonderful food which we prepare every month or so. My favorite part is creating the tablescape and I think beautiful white China can fit with any decor, theme, season, and style of dining.

  211. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Birthdays!

  212. Any time that our 3 children are home to eat with us, I like to set a pretty table. White chine is a beautiful base for colorful napkins and special salad plates.

  213. Lorraine Watkins says:

    I love to set a pretty table whever we have company. I have white dishes which make it easy to change color schemes on napkins and tablecloths for the occasion.

  214. Ann Baird says:

    i love setting a pretty table for Thanksgiving most of all. It has become a tradition that my family all gathers at my house then.

  215. I like to set a pretty table for Easter dinner.

  216. When we have family get togethers..They are all pretty special to me

  217. Sadly I am missing the tablescape gene. But I always enjoy a romantic setting for hubby and I especially anniversary and Valentines day . Your table is lovely. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I invite you to stop by and enter my giveaways too xo

  218. Stacey Grantham says:

    Any time that my family can get together is deserving of a lovely table setting. It isn’t just for holidays.

  219. Kim Avery says:

    I would use them for a nice brunch with my mom & best friend!

  220. My favorite holiday to set a beautiful table for is Christmas Eve. Beautiful dishes, linens , candles and family heirlooms make the evening magical. Thank you for the opportunity.

  221. I love setting the table for family get-togethers, like birthday parties and on holidays.

  222. I love all the holidays but Love Christmas the most!

  223. rachel cartucci says:

    I love setting a special table for birthdays……so much fun.

  224. Love to set a pretty table for company!

  225. I love to set a pretty table for holiday family gatherings.

  226. Love your tablescape! It is refreshing!

  227. Mariaelena says:

    Thanksgiving, I love fall decor.

  228. Donna Pike says:

    Christmas. Love to decorate and make a beautiful table.

  229. Jennifer C says:

    I love setting the table for the holidays! It’s also big birthday season in our house, so it’s a very festive time (lots of December birthdays).

    • Jennifer C says:

      p.s. Your table is absolutely stunning! I love the mix of antique and new and the green with the white. Also love your windows and all the light!

  230. Tonya Atkinson says:

    Thanksgiving in my favorite occasion

  231. Christmas family get togethers is special and I do enjoy using my stash of pretty China! Thanks for the chance to win!

  232. I love any excuse to set a pretty table for my family!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  233. Rom Kruse says:

    I love my setting for Christmas, I love having the family around the table

  234. Virginia Clayton says:

    We set pretty table weekends and family gatherings.
    Love your beautiful table setting.

  235. My favorites are Christmas and Valentine’s day : )))

  236. Erika W. says:

    My favorite occasion to set the table is Thanksgiving. We usually have most of our family in town and it’s always a lot of fun.

  237. I love setting a table for a night with friends!

  238. Heather B. says:

    I love to set a pretty table! As a pastor’s wife, we host a small group in our home and I just love my group! A pretty table is one way of showing them.
    I also make an effort for family get-togethers – time spent around a table with family is precious! A pretty table to go along with good food and laughter is priceless!

  239. What a beautiful tablescape! I love the fresh green you’ve chosen. My favorite way to set a pretty table is for dinner on the deck. I love to cut some flowers from the garden and set them out in a mason jar. The containers with annuals, placed around the deck are an easy way to include more pops of color! I love, love, love, that beaded white dinnerware! I’m totally swooning over here. Your table is gorgeous!

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