The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point, UT

While out at the SNAP conference in Utah, we couldn’t help but notice a gorgeous shop called the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point, as we walked back and forth from the hotel to our meeting rooms.  The windows beckoned us in and so we just couldn’t resist the pull of beauty that this shop was offering.  Beth and I stopped by and I took plenty of pics to remember it by.

Come with me for a little window shopping, all the way to Utah!


Lots of gray, cream, and the color of the year:  Tangerine Tango.  You’ll see plenty of this color used as accents this year.  Not so much in my house, I’m still not a huge fan of orange.


Love the shot of zebra in this shot.  And plenty of black furniture still around.


A painted vintage distressed dresser.


Looks like old reclaimed wood on that headboard, with lots of creamy white.


More distressed wood, leather and white slipcovers.


We enjoyed looking around at all the eye candy.


Closeup of the little stool. Can you imagine trying to put this together?  Someone will DIY it, I’m sure!


Ruffles and fluffy pillows are all the rage too.


Sweet prints remind me of Anthropologie, a fun store to browse too.


This sofa has the Anthro feel too.  Cottagey and cute!


Unique knobs in a cute bean display.


Hot pink and black.


A sweet twin bed display.


More happy colors in quilts and pillows.


Angel wings


More creativity to see.


The shop is full of outdoor inspiration too, like urns and large branches.


Pretty things for outdoors and porches.


Love the plants and planters.


Now THIS is gorgeous, with the white flowers and a cherub too.

What a fun shop to browse, hope you enjoyed window shopping with us!

- Rhoda


  1. I love to browse in stores just like this, no matter where you go Rhoda you find great shopping!! Love to see the eye candy and what is “currently” popular. I’m more of a traditionalist and stay away from fads, but I always enjoy browsing. Thanks for taking all the pictures for us to see.

  2. That is just a gorgeous, gorgeous shop. They have quite a variety of things to please the eye. I still can’t get on board the Tangerine wagon. I think I was smothered by orange in the 70’s..including carpet MyHero picked out for our home…yeah….

    Love that you had a little time for shopping during your conference…even if it was just window shopping! xo Diana

  3. Thanks for the shopping trip! I always find lots of inspiration in stores like this.Orange is beginning to grow on me!

  4. I love the “anthro” cottage couch! This store is amazing. Hope to see it in person one day … Missi

  5. What a wonderful store! I would have bought that bull on the coffee table in the first picture.


  6. Oh my goodness what an awesome shop! It all looks so beautiful!

  7. What an amazing shop! I could spend days in there! Thank you for taking us on a tour.

  8. Elizabeth H says:

    Super nice shop. I love the first picture with the gray, cream and tangerine.

  9. Wow! So many wonderful pieces! Lots of eye candy.

    Remember me? I’ve been AOL, but I’m back. I just did a post…a long one 🙂

    I’m going now to catch up on all your other posts. I’ve missed you.

    Big hugs,

  10. Lots of black and white! Which I love…we just renovated our bathroom in black and white…with a few punches of color. I could have used this shop while hunting for bathroom accessories!

  11. Oh I loved looking at these!! I miss Thanksgiving Point. I miss Utah (our kids went to college there) and now I am pining to go back. THANKS!!!

  12. Looks like such a fun shop! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a feast for the eyes. Love it all! Please visit me for a chance to win an Annie Sloan book!are with you.

  14. Sunshine says:


    I just love looking at the pictures you post. Your blog is such a bright happy space! Thank you for that 🙂
    Sunshine in Texas

  15. Thanks for taking us on a tour of this fabulous store with you! So much eye candy.

  16. Such beautiful items! A part of the store reminded me of Anthropologie, too.

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