The Front Porch in Vinings

I love getting out and about in Atlanta and seeing new shops to browse.  There’s a new one in Vinings I recently heard about called The Front Porch and it is such a cute spot.  In the heart of downtown Vinings, right at the crossroads, The Front Porch is in an old house and Lisa, the owner has decorated it so wonderfully with vintage finds.  If you love vintage and rustic, you’ll love The Front Porch and there is a little something for all tastes, as well as gift ideas.

front porch viningsIMG_3872_20150803

I stopped by on her Grand Opening day to check it out and to meet Lisa. I think you’ll love this shop and if you live in Atlanta, definitely get by and check it out.

front porch viningsIMG_3906_20150803

The front porch just welcomes you in!

front porch viningsIMG_3905_20150803

And I love that she has landscaped the front yard just like a real house.

front porch viningsIMG_3908_20150803

Enjoy the tour!


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front porch viningsIMG_3873_20150803

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Lisa said she shops at Round Top in Texas and brings a lot of that back to her shop, so you will see very unusual things in here that you might not find everywhere.

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She also carries lots of items from local artists and vendors, like jewelry and other handmade items.

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front porch viningsIMG_3900_20150803

She has several unusual light fixtures, I know this one she said came from Round Top and was covered in dust when she bought it.  I’ve never shopped at Round Top, but it sure sounds like fun.

front porch viningsIMG_3902_20150803

Just wanted to share this sweet shop in downtown Vinings, so stop by if you get the chance!

- Rhoda


  1. What a fun shop. I saw many things I would buy. Next time I am visiting my Dixie Delights, I’ll be stopping at the Front Porch:)

  2. It’s so fun to discover new shops and this one is a keeper! I wish I lived closer. I love the steps to her inviting porch and the covers she put on her books, along with so much more.

  3. Audra Taliaferro says

    Looks like a fun shop!

    You should definitely go to Round Top! It’s amazing! You probably need a week and then some just to see it all! I would choose spring over fall; it can still be pretty hot at the beginning of October!

  4. Love round top! Two full days of walking was all I could would take a week..true. Cute shop!

  5. Very cute shop. I will need to check it out.

  6. LOVE everything in this shop-especially the books with quotes on the spine.what a fabulous business which it was in my neighbourhood(or country! ) . Thanks for the tour Rhoda.

  7. I am fortunate to live only 90 minutes from Round Top and I can definitely confirm that it is fabulous. I recognize several of the pieces in her shop from Round Top! Glad to see a little big of that goodness spread around for others to enjoy 🙂

  8. melesa garrison says

    I love this little store. I would definitely buy some thing there. I’ve always wanted to go to Round Top too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This shop has so much personality! We have an old farmhouse on a dairy farm so I’m into cows. Would love to have many of the cow items…budget seems to get in my way!

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