The Guest Room: Before and After

I haven’t gotten around to showing you the complete Before and After pics of my guestroom yet.  Now it’s Rhonda’s room, and she is a roommate and not a guest, but technically it’s the guest bedroom.  I’ve really enjoyed having her and Cody around here and they make this place not so quiet and lonely.  It’s been great so far!


So, I had to show you a shot of the Before guest bedroom.  Remember this, back a year ago when we found this house and starting fixing it up.  Yep!  April 14th was closing date and here I am a year later, loving living here.  God has truly blessed my socks off!

guest room after

When Rhonda moved in with me last December, we went shopping and found this pretty bedding at TJ Maxx.  It had great colors and she loved it so much and so did I. I already had this jute rug (that was in my old living room in B’ham) so it fit in here perfectly too.  She’s made it a cozy space for her and Cody.

chair in corner

This pretty slipcovered chair came from Birmingham and was passed on to me from Grandma Eleanor.  She made the slipcover herself.  If you don’t remember Grandma Eleanor, she was my ex-H’s grandma and I’m sorry to say, she passed away last July.  She was a feisty, funny lady and will be missed.  She gave me several paintings that I will cherish too.  I love this slipcovered chair.  The cute green side table came from Homegoods and Rhonda picked up several things from there on one of our outings.

That’s Rhonda’s shell wreath and the little black sconce light fixture was one I picked up at a yardsale.  All the bamboo blinds in here came from Payless Décor and I’m a Brand ambassador.  These are all called Tibet and I love the style and color of them.  I have been SO happy with all my bamboo blinds from Payless Décor, I can’t say enough good things about them.


Rhonda bought a standard bookcase to keep her things organized.


On this side of the room, she is using my old oak chest and cute oak desk and chair and it fits perfectly in there too, since I didn’t need them anywhere else.

pillows and art

The bedding has some great colors to pull from.

side table and desk

This oak chest and cute tiger eye oak desk, I’ve had for over 25 years and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them (or paint them!).  I recovered that chair seat in lime green velvet and she added the lamp on the side table from Homegoods.  It feels very homey in here now and she loves it.

dresser lamp

All her essentials can be stored out of the way.  Cody’s dog treats are very handy.  He has been such a joy to have around too. He greets me every morning outside my door, waiting for me to get up and say hello to him.  So sweet!  He’s a Bishon/Yorkie mix and just too cute.  He loves chewing on his dog chews and at just over a year old, still chews a LOT.


So, that’s how the guest room turned out. I’m happy it’s occupied by Rhonda and Cody.  We have so much fun together.

- Rhoda


  1. I have been secretly waiting for that room to appear here! But as it’s your “roomie’s”, I thought perhaps that you wouldn’t do pics of it. Glad you did. That oak chest of drawers is one of those pieces of furniture that will go anywhere, and one, I think, not to be painted! I can see some glass knobs though, I like that and I really like that piece althother. Well done, you got your green and blue into that room too!

  2. Such a cheerful room that you and Rhonda collaborated together on. The dog is darling!
    Sorry to hear about Grandma Eleanor, I remember when she made the slipcover for that chair.

  3. Let me know when Rhonda moves out, b/c I’m moving in :-). I love her room (but I do think it needs a headboard on the bed) but I have a fabric one that I can bring w/ me, so we are all set! LOL I’m off to Homegoods to find some lime green items. That color works so well with the natural wood color pieces – it is like the lime green updates or modernizes the older furniture pieces. That color seems to pull the room together. Love Love Love the room!

  4. Christie says:

    I like that bedding and that dog! I guess I’m surprised there is no accent wall of some color from the bedding. I would have been splashing that green everywhere. That’s just me and my favorite color, though. Very pretty! Your house just seems to “fit” you so well.

  5. Cody and Rhonda’s room looks very cozy. Love the mix of the old pieces with the upbeat colors of the bedding and the chair seat. Grandma Eleanor would probably be pleased that her slipcovered chair is getting continued good use!

  6. When I think of how happy I am for you, I could “bust my buttons”.

  7. It’s very pretty Rhoda. Looks like it’s nice and big for Rhonda and Cody. Love the colors you’ve chosen.

    Your own house pictures are my faves!

  8. I love that your roommates name is Rhonda! You can’t make this stuff up :). Cody is just too cute. We used to have a Bichon…we still miss her.

    The room is adorable and I’m so happy YOU’RE happy with your home and your roomie.

  9. Very pretty! I love that little dresser on the side of her bed!
    Cody is such a cutie!!

  10. Love the room and everything in it. I have two yorkies and
    know just how sweet they are. It’s so much fun to have your
    friend live with you. When my friend lived with me we had a blast and we have been friends for over 55years.

  11. What a pretty room! I love the colors and pattern of the bedding. Cody is so cute!

  12. Looks lovely Rhoda!! Everything is laid out perfectly – colors so pretty! Sweet little dog! You’re all just loving it aren’t you?!! Will check out those blinds and see if they ship north of the 49th!

  13. Very pretty and comfortable room! It’s been a pleasure to watch your journey this past year. You’ve come a long way baby!! LOL!~~Angela

  14. It’s so wonderful that you two gals (and a fuzzy boy) are able to help each other out this way. A win-win-win situation.

    It seems her room is flooded with natural light and very cheerful. Love the bedding. But have you considered getting (or making) her a headboard? A bed without a headboard is like a lamp without a lampshade. Like a picture without a frame. Like a pillow without a sham….ok, I’ll stop now. Maybe your first pallet project? Painted lime green or aqua?

    • Good suggestions, ladies! I’ve been a little busy on other projects, so a DIY headboard will have to wait. Maybe one of these days. 🙂

  15. I love to see how the room looks so clean and cozy. Painting the trim white and changing to the jute rug made a HUGE difference. Those oak pieces are just lovely!

    I would love to have bamboo blinds like those at my own home. That’s a very pretty bedroom!

  16. So relaxing and peaceful. Funny you should mention NOT painting something. That’s what I wrote about today – was the World Domination of Annie Sloan!

    How lucky you two are to be good roomies with each other!

    • Loved your post! While I don’t use painted furniture in my home I can certainly appreciate the relaxed look it creates. 🙂

  17. I love the bedding! Such great colors!

  18. Gina (in Texas) says:

    Rhoda, I’ve read your blog from the beginning and still look forward to reading it everyday. I’ve often wondered what happened to Grandma Eleanor after your new life in Atlanta. So sorry to hear she has passed – hang on to those great memories you shared with her.

  19. Connie S. says:

    I LOVE the bedding and actually the whole room, but I agree with “Team Headboard”! You’ve done a great job–I’ve so enjoyed watching the transformation. Can’t wait to see the screened porch!

  20. The Before & After is just amazing! I loved that chair when I got to come to your open house – it made me feel like I could actually take on a slip cover like that. It just looks so soft and comfortable. Did you strip the wallpaper or paint over it? I’ve got wallpaper in two rooms that I think was applied directly to the drywall when the house was built 30 years ago. I know it will rip up the wall if I try to remove it.

  21. Gwen McC says:

    Love the bedding and the “homey” room but I’m also with Team Headboard. I can’t believe you haven’t already done something mar-ve-lous!!!

  22. MelanieL says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how fresh and light your house is now. If I were you, I’d have a hard time ever leaving the house. It’s all just really gorgeous! You and your family did a wonderful job on it. Rhonda sure has a nice room!

  23. I love the comforter set! Rhonda certainly has a lovely room. Cody is adorable. I have a 2 year old Yorkie named Lacey, who loves to cuddle up and is always so happy to see me when I get home.

  24. How did you go about getting a roommate? I’ve heard such horror stories. You two were lucky to have found someone you get along with so well.

  25. Kathy :) says:

    That Cody is the cutest thing!!

    Sorry to hear about Eleanor she was a character, I sure hope we all live to see our nineties !!

    I can’t believe it’s been a year Rhoda

  26. So pretty! Especially love the bed cover and the prints above the bed. BUT where will my three coocoo kids go? In your room?

    JK Rhoda! Have a great night.

  27. It has been such fun following you on this new house journey! The guest/Rhonda’s room looks adorable. Great that she can use some of the things you don’t need. The room looks so pretty and Cody is adorable!!! XO, pinky

  28. I’m so happy to see a room that is simple (not overly decorated) and beautiful at the same time!

  29. It is so lovely! Thank you for sharing. This was just the inspiration I needed. 🙂 what color did you use to paint the walls?

    • Hi, Sarah, I used Sherwin Williams Moderate White all through my house in most of the spaces, including this room.

  30. It’s a cute room, I like the way you worked together on it, I love the little desk.

  31. Rhoda. What a ministry to be able to offer a room in your house as a place to stay for a roomie. It sounds like such fun. Thanks for sharing the before and after and for being so kind.

  32. Looks so inviting! And I’d love that cute dog 🙂

  33. so cute! i remember you and your grandmother making that chair. so sad she passed. she was really inspiring.

  34. Love the lime green/apple green, which I call it! Great color that goes with the blue in any room! Love the bedroom, lucky Rhonda to get to sleep there, please tell her I pinned Cody, I want my granddaughter’s to see him, they have Chloe a bishon and poodle mix.:)

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