The Inspired Room Coffee Table Book

What is your most favorite space in your house? Honestly, I love my whole house, so it’s hard to pick just one favorite room, but for today I’ll try.

Today, I’m joining Melissa of The Inspired Room and sharing my favorite space, in honor of her new book, The Inspired Room coffee table book.


I’m happy to share today one of my dear blog friend’s new book launch, The Inspired Room coffee table book.  Melissa and I started blogging the same year, back in 2007 and it’s been such a joy to watch my fellow bloggers write books and get their message out there.  Having a beautiful home is something that all of us aspire to and Melissa’s book is a reminder that we don’t have to have a ton of money to create a beautiful and inspiring home for our families.

Melissa’s new book is full of great ideas (and beautiful photos) on decorating a house using what you already have with tips and tricks to make the most of what you own to make your house feel like a home.  Melissa’s blog and books give practical tips on decorating for normal folks like us.  Most of us can’t afford really high-end design so this one is relatable to decorators far and wide who want our homes to feel a certain way and to live well.

screened porch 023_20150515

When I bought this house going on 4 years ago next April (can you believe that?) and saw that it had a back porch, my heart did a somersault.  I had so wanted a screened in porch and now I have one. That’s probably one reason why this space is so near and dear to me.  I didn’t know if I would ever get a screened porch.

screen porch 011_20150504

Watching the birds outside the porch and just feeling like I’m out with nature is such a good feeling.

screened porch 019_20150515

It’s made up of thrifted finds and lots of color and it’s the perfect place to hang out so many days, in the sun and heat and also when it rains.  It’s so great to have an extra room in the house that is like living outdoors, but is screened in and covered.

screen porch 004_20150504

This space has gone through a few evolutions, but I haven’t changed it much since we finished out this space and I moved in my furniture.  It’s been such a delightful porch to enjoy and I’m grateful for it every summer that I spend out there.

screened porch 004_20150515

Soon, it will be time to bring in all the accessories and store the cushions away and cover everything for the Winter months, but I know that come spring, it will all come out again.  I’ll miss these curtains blowing in the breeze!


This Southern comfort sign reminds me of home, of peaceful surroundings, and beauty in the simple things of life.

Melissa’s new book, The Inspired Room coffee table book launches on November 1st, but you can preorder here:

You can also join Melissa’s tour and post your own Inspired Room by blogging and signing up here for all the details AND you can win a $300 Anthropologie gift card just for joining in!

What is your most inspiring room? 

The Inspired Room Tour - Celebrating the Launch of the New Coffee Table Book - The Inspired Room - by New York Times Best Selling Author of Love the Home You Have - Melissa Michaels

- Rhoda


  1. Right now mine would be my kitchen that we have remodeled. It’s the one room everyone seems to gather to and oh the conversations we have at the table : ) Precious memories!

  2. It would have to be my dining room. I inherited my grandmother’s furniture and I remember how thrilled she was when she first got it back when I was a girl. We’ve shared so many wonderful moments at that table over the years!

  3. Phyllis Robinett says

    Last Christmas, you showed your tabletop
    Christmas tree. I thought it was perfect since I want to buy a smaller tree. Where did you buy that tree? I love reading your blog every day.

    • HI, Phyllis, thanks so much! I have 2 tabletop trees. The one I used in my living room in the urn was from Lowes, but you can find them many places. I’ll be working with a company this Christmas called Tree Classics, so check out their website too for smaller trees.

  4. My favorite room is my bedroom. I have my mother’s desk and a high boy. Lovely memories.

  5. Hi Rhoda! Can you believe we’ve been blogging so long? So great to have met such wonderful friends along the way! It was fun to see your porch, what a fun space to hang out. I miss having a porch! Thank you so much for sharing your outdoor room and for sharing about my new book, I’m so grateful!! xo

  6. My most inspired room is my living room with its cozy fireplace and view to the yard. It has my favorite comfortable furnishings and where I spend the most time, whether on the computer, watching television, reading a book or magazine by the fire, or enjoying my garden and observing birds, chipmunks and squirrels just outside its large glass door.

  7. Hi Rhoda!
    You’re porch is SO INVITING! Perfect setting to relax and unwind! I would want to be out there every morning and evening 🙂

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