The Paver Patio Project

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!  We are celebrating today, as we always do with my mom.

It is quite astounding how much this house has changed in the last 3 years and I know you all see it too.  I can’t help but look around and be so proud of where it has evolved to in the time I’ve lived here.  With one project at a time, each one has enhanced and made it better and better.

screened porch before

(poor sad porch, the day we bought the house)

I have had to have some vision on this place and to finally see all that vision come to life has been thrilling for me, to say the least.  Once we finished the screened porch 2 summers ago and my dad built the stairs going to the backyard, I had a vision of one day doing a patio that would connect my back door (laundry room/mudroom) over to the back stairs.

exterior back of house

I could see it in my head.  And now it’s a reality!

I’ll tell you the back story of how it came to be now…right now, this past week, in fact.  I connected with a company here in Marietta who had reached out and started working with bloggers to feature their outdoor patio furniture and that led to me getting a really nice outdoor piece of furniture.  Well, I had envisioned this patio in my head already, so I then moved up the project so that I could get it done this spring. And I’m so glad I did!  I mean, I had to have a patio to put this beautiful piece of furniture on, right?  It’s going to be quite the outdoor space, when finished.

I’ll share how the patio was done in this post. No, my dad and I didn’t do this project.  It was way over our heads (and physical abilities), so I brought in the pros.  They did a fantastic job and I got lots of in progress pics to show the extent of a project like this and what all goes into it.  I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

paver patio project001_20150507

I shopped around with a couple of different guys to do this project. The first one was too expensive and came in at $10K for the whole shebang.  Way more than I could spend.  He would supply the stones and the labor, but I was back to the drawing board after that first estimate.

A little note about my Lowes relationship. They have stopped the bloggers Creative Ideas once a month campaign that we were all doing for about 3 years, but they are still working with us on a project by project basis, like my Pella windows and sliding glass door.  Good stuff!  This post is not sponsored by Lowes, but sort of is a by-product of that relationship.

I still had some gift cards left from Lowes that I hadn’t used over the last few months, so that’s what I used to buy the stones.  I had another guy come out and give me an estimate of labor for under $3K.  Much better.  So I went with him and we waited and waited for a few weeks until the rain finally stopped falling every other day!  This past week, we finally had one full week of sunshine and it was a perfect time to get it done.  They had to drive a small dump truck in my backyard and he also wanted it to be dried out pretty well, so that my yard wouldn’t get trashed.  Success!

They dumped sand and gravel in my backyard for the patio base and the next day got started, bright and early.  These guys worked almost til dark and got most of it done in one day.  Came back the next day and were finished before Noon.

paver patio project006_20150507

First things first, they hammered out the old concrete stoop that comes out from my laundry room, along with some of the grass and dirt.

paver patio project011_20150507

Next, they started leveling the sand and gravel for the base, making sure to slope it away from the house on a slight grade.

paver patio project010_20150507

They used a compactor to compact the sand and gravel and it was an interesting process to watch.  I was on the porch, watching most of the progress. It was recommended that a black hose be added to my gutter which was in the middle of the patio, to allow the water to drain to the side, so they dug a trench for that.

paver patio project008_20150507

This crew knew what they were doing and things started shaping up, getting it ready for the stone to go down.

paver patio projectIMG_2627_20150507

The black drain hose is in place here and more compacting of the sand and gravel.  Definitely not a DIY project I would want to tackle!  This is one project that is well worth it to hire out the professionals.  I know our limitations.

paver patio projectIMG_0263_20150507

They started by the stairs and meticulously cut pieces to fit in the little alcove by the stairs to fill it all in.  It turned out great.

paver patio project012_20150507

You can see that each stone was turned so that a cobblestone pattern is in place.  I love the look of these pavers from Lowes. They are called Allegheny Cobblestone and are almost 16″ square.  Nice and heavy and substantial.

paver patio project013_20150507

The contractor told me that to slope the patio properly it would need to be elevated with a little wall around the edge which would step down into the yard.

paver patio project023_20150507

I didn’t have that pictured until he showed me with the stones, but I love how it looks.  I used the same stones for the wall that I did on the retaining wall my dad and I built in the front yard.  This Allegheny stone from Lowes looks very Old World and has a nice mottled color, mix of gray and brown. The more gray one is Allegheny.  It looks great with my siding color.

paver patio project018_20150507

You can see how precise they were in getting the sand and gravel compacted and all ready for the stone.  It’s quite the process!

paver patio project015_20150507

Section by section, the stones went in and they tapped them in place with a rubber mallet to be sure they were all level.

paver patio project016_20150507

Cuts were made along the little alcove there by the stairs.

paver patio project017_20150507

It all fits together like a puzzle.

paver patio project019_20150507

By the end of day one, we were here.  I actually had to go back to Lowes and get 30 more of the square pavers to finish up the next day.  I got them back and ready to go that night.  I love how the little wall looks and they did a fabulous job with all of that.

paver patio project022_20150507

They added concrete mix to the back of the wall stones to anchor it all in even more.

paver patio project021_20150507

All that was left was the remainder of the wall and adding the last row of square pavers in place.

paver patio project025_20150507

Day Two saw the remainder of all the stones in place and then sand was swept into the cobblestone grooves, making it look even more like real stones with sand in between.

paver patio project033_20150507

And tada, here’s the finished patio!  I could not be happier with how it turned out and the workmanship these guys did on my project.

paver patio project061_20150507

It’s going to be such a fun space to enjoy this summer and I can’t wait to get it all decorated and looking pretty.

paver patio project031_20150507

Here’s a good look at the corner where the wall and stones meet.  They overlapped the square stones slightly over the row of wall stones.

paver patio project029_20150507

The patio size is 13 x 27′.  I got out there and measured it out to figure out how big I wanted it and I knew I wanted to extend it past the stairs a bit, so I went out 3′ past the stairs and all the way to the end of the house.  I think it’s a great size!

paver patio project035_20150507

Perfect for a party space and outdoor entertaining and now I can walk back and forth from the stairs to the back door all on a nice surface.  What a clean look it all has, I am just thrilled with it!

So, next week I’ll be back to show you how I end up decorating this space. I’ve got a few pieces that will go out here, along with some beautiful planters I’ll show you tomorrow.   My summer is looking fun this year, I think it’s party time at my house!

Here’s a breakdown on cost:

Lowes Allegheny Cobblestone pavers  and wall stones – $1,400

Labor – $2,606

Total Cost:  $4,006

I’ll share my contractor’s name with you too, in case you are looking to do something like this in the Atlanta area.  His name is Marty and his phone # is 404-391-8155.  He has a partner and they both oversee their crews in doing outdoor projects like this.

Another outdoor repair I had done was getting shingles replaced on my roof after taking down an old satellite dish that was on my house when I moved in.  Cool Roofing Company here in Atlanta came out and did the repairs for a fair price and now my roof is good and solid.  Call David if you want to get a quote from them.

- Rhoda


  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see it decorated.

  2. Thank you for sharing the details, those pavers are gorgeous!

  3. Wow, what a amazing space you’ve created. I know you will totally enjoy this outdoor space for years to come.

  4. That sad porch came a looooong way. Bravo on your vision!! xo Leslie

  5. The patio looks terrific, Rhoda.

  6. Lorraine Watkins says

    It looks nice. Looking forward to what you do to give it your touch. I love my screened porch but I have a small patio with the same pavers. It looks so nice with all my herbs and other plants. They did a good job on yours.

  7. Paula Lusk says

    Wow! Your patio looks wonderful. From the start you have done everything to your house so beautifully. So happy for you. Blessings

  8. The patio looks wonderful – can’t wait to see it decorated! 🙂

  9. Wonderful project! It looks so finished and pretty. I can’t wait to see the final pics. Great job, again.

  10. Diane in Wis says

    Just awesome Rhoda! Another wonderful addition to your house! Wish I lived nearby!!!

  11. Oh my goodness that is beautiful!! I know that you are going to enjoy decorating and using this patio. What a wonderful addition to your home! The workmanship looks outstanding!

  12. That looks fabulous! Good fortune, finding such craftsmen.

  13. The patio turned out great. Overall you have done an excellent job with your house. TFS.

  14. I can hardly wait to see how you are going to decorate your new patio. It looks so nice already. We have only lived in the Midwest for two years and are finally getting around to working on a new patio. Instead of using a canopy this time, we are going to use shade sails for one side of the patio. We have strong winds coming in off the flat fields so we are planning to be able to disconnect them when the strong winds come. Wish us luck!

  15. It looks very nice; sure dresses up the back of the house. You have a corner downspout I noticed.. are you diverting that water away so there will be no soil erosion to make the new patio sink?

  16. Love it! I’m available for cookouts or patio lounging 😉 It looks great!

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