The Piecrust Table

The March issue of Traditional Homes magazine had an interesting article about piecrust tables. I have a fondness for antique tables of all sorts and would have more scattered about the house if I had more room. Something about those little side tables just catches my eye when I’m out there browsing. The details, patina of the wood, and the uniqueness of them are just beautiful and I would love to have more.
From Traditional Home….”An 18th century classic, the elegant tea table, distinguished by a round, scalloped top (not unlike a dessert pie) has been gracing fashionable drawing rooms and parlors for more than 250 years.”

You can enlarge the article and read the whole thing if you’d like. The really interesting thing I found was that “this is the first piece of furniture of any kind to sell at auction for more than $1 million, a Philadelphia piecrust table sold at Christie’s in January 1986 for $1,045,000. Last October, Christie’s sold another example from Philadelphia, the Fisher Fox family piecrust table, owned by the same family for the past 250 years, for a whopping $6,761,000.”

Are you kidding me??
I‘m quite sure that my piecrust table has none of the history that is mentioned in the article, but I love it just the same. Mine was a yardsale find from several years ago. At the time, I had been laid off from my job and money was rather tight, so $75 for a table I didn’t really have to have did not seem to be the smartest thing to do that day. But, I dug in my pockets (or checkbook) and came up with the money. And am I glad I did!
The detailed edges are so pretty and dainty.
It sits in my livingroom between two leather chairs and is a perfect accent table in that spot.
It had some marks and nicks when I bought it, but is still a beautiful piece and just shows that it’s been lovingly used through the years. And you just don’t get a patina like that in a new piece. I know I’ll keep it for many years.

Do you have a favorite little side table? I have several, but this is probably my favorite. Tell me about yours!

I’m having a ball here in Florida and of course, have taken lots of pics. Visited my old college yesterday and wow, at the changes. I will meet up with Kim this morning for coffee at Daisy Cottage. I cannot wait! I’ll report in on my trip next week, so stay tuned. I should be able to catch up this weekend with everything from the trip, but have some saved posts to share with you til then. Thanks for stopping by!

- Rhoda


  1. Dana's Design Studio & Wholesale Furnishings says:

    I know my grandmother had one of these…never knew the name. You taught me something new…I will be on the look out for these.

    Glad to hear your business is taking off…keep going.

  2. The Barber Bunch says:

    I jumped over from the Daisy Cottage and wanted to say hi.

    Great Blog!


  3. Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall says:

    I just found my way to your blog via The Inspired Room! I enjoyed scrolling through your post. I especially like what you did with the urn and mirror you purchased and the vignette you created. So pretty.

    Looking forward to reading more future post!

    Have a great time in Florida:)

  4. Sher's Creative Expressions says:

    Enjoy your coffee this AM with KIM. Lucky you!!

    Love your side table (and your house). They just don’t make the quality today that they did back then, do they? My favorite table is one that I bought at an Amish Auction. It’s in the den. It opens up and I display tea-cups inside, which you can see through the glass doors.



  5. That table is perfect for that spot! The detail is amazing! I just got my monthly Traditional Home magazine but haven’t had a chance to look over it yet. Maybe this weekend I’ll get to sit down and read that article. I can’t believe how much those tables sell for at auction!! What do those people do for a living to spend that on a table??

  6. Reading this, I see that I NEED more side tables! I love the one smack-dab middle of our foyer- it’s a great place to display pretties to greet our guests– you know the one. I am looking for a side table to place next to the chaise in our bedroom. Maybe you can find one for me at a sale, and I’m gonna bet it will be worth the drive to B’ham! I hope you gave Kim my hug. Can’t wait to hear more!

  7. Love this post. Traditional furniture will always stand the test of time–it never goes out of style. I have a old gateleg table my husband found in an antique store years ago. We use it for overflow when we have guests over for dinner. I also have an old primitive pine table between the twin beds in one of our guest bedrooms. It has pegs in the top and tapered legs and is a rich honey color.

  8. I have a cool lamp and marble table loaded with rhinestones…..I will have to get a picture of it on my blog soon.
    Love yours!

  9. I read that article too 🙂 I have several tables I love, but I’ll post one of my favorites this week too. Your table is darling!!

    How wonderful to go visit all your family and friends and go back to college for a visit! How exciting to meet Kim!! I’ll bet you’re having a blast 🙂

    rue 🙂

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