The Vintage Pearl Giveaway

{Giveaway is Closed}

The Winner is:  Docia D. #275!

Fun, fun giveaway today with The Vintage Pearl!  If you’re not familiar with this unique and lovely shop, The Vintage Pearl offers hand-stamped silver jewelry all personalized and ready to give to that special someone.  Or even yourself!  You’re special too!

vintage pearl collage

Just look at all the goodness she has in her shop!  So many great things to choose from that I know you’d love to add to your jewelry box, right?

The Vintage Pearl creates one of a kind unique handstamped jewelry and keepsakes. Each letter is individually stamped by hand, so no two are alike and they also use raw sterling silver, fresh water pearls, and birthstone crystals in their jewelry.

You can get customized name, dates, and words of inspiration for your special piece.   So you will end up with something that no one else has!

Erin is a stay at  home mom of 4, who grew her business at home and then in 2010 opened up a storefront in her hometown of Tulsa, OK.  What a great success story!  And as Erin says:

God has blessed our business and we use His blessings to bless others!

Erin is giving away a $50 gift certificate for her online shop, The Vintage Pearl, and all you have to do is go over and take a look at all the beautiful things she offers, come back here and tell me your fave.  It will be hard to choose!

You can get extra entries for Tweeting and mentioning the giveaway on your blog.  Leave a separate entry for each one!

That’s it!  I’ll choose a winner in  6 days.

- Rhoda


  1. Barbara Bachus says:

    Did you actually think that I could pick one?? OK, my eye went immediately to the hearts with the names engraved….so classy!! Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  2. Hard to pick!! I really love the fused heart one though, it would be lovely to have that with my grandchildren’s names on them.

  3. Ooooo her stuff is so pretty, I like the “golden dainty drops” with a name stamped on the silver circles, that’s my fave.

  4. 2nd entry: I posted about the giveaway on Facebook:

  5. Becki Foster says:

    I love everything at Vintage Pearl! If I won I would get the Circle of Love with all my grandchildrens names!

  6. I just need a longer chain for the necklace I have of hers that has my three grandchildren.

  7. I love everything! How could I pick just one? I love those cute little peas in a pod necklace.

  8. My favorite is the Miracles Happen.

  9. Decisions decisions !!
    I would choose the- ‘chunky spinner ring’
    It is gorgeous !!

  10. Ohhh. I love this shop! I would choose the vintage silver charms 😉

  11. I’d love to win names on a ring! It’s simple yet elegant.

  12. I love the sports ball charms(pendants) that you can have monogrammed with your child’s number, too cute! Would so love to win this credit! Thanks for the chance!

  13. Wow what a tough choice! I really don’t know which one I would pick. I would definitely have my children’s names put on it. 🙂

  14. I have been a fan of TVP forever! They have GREAT stuff! I am currently loving the chunky spinner ring.

  15. I shared on FB!

  16. Dana Stannard says:

    It was a toss up between the state pendant and the bird one but…the bird one won! I loved the blue patina on the bird charm. Seems I have a fascination with all things birds lately. Even decorated one of the Christmas trees in my house just with bird ornaments this year. Thanks!

  17. Gina Scalise says:

    Love this website! I loved the turquoise bird…Carefree! Will have to tell others about The Vintage Pearl!

  18. Donna Ishee says:

    messy nest with aqua eggs
    Love, love, love!

  19. I have always wanted the circle of love with
    My boys’ names- but I am a bird girl… I hope I have to make the incredible hard decision of which one in about 6 days:)

  20. oh my!…all so unique and special! it was definitely very difficult to pick a favorite…but i was really drawn to the ‘hope’ circle bracelet. very delicate design! your talent is amazing…continued success to you!

  21. Debra Boyd says:

    I love the “Carefree” necklace. What beautiful stuff! Thanks for bringing us this giveaway.

  22. Such a hard, but enjoyable task. I love the love connection earrings. So dainty and sweet.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  23. I like the circle bracelet…thanks! Love your stuff!

  24. How lovely…I would love to have the first one with my four grandchildren’s names on the round circles. I would wear it proudly.

  25. elizabeth normandin says:

    I love the chunky flower bracelet! Such a lovely collection of things. Thanks for the giveaway chance. Beth N.

  26. I choose “A Promise of Hope”. It is for a dear friend whose husband is gravely ill. That’s one of my favorite power verses- I know it would give her a lift. Thank you for sharing this site!

  27. Ooooh, so hard to pick a favorite one. They are all lovely. The one that stuck out to me was the peas in a pod, love it!

  28. Really love the dainty drops necklace!

  29. Great giveaway- love the circle of love necklace!

  30. Vintage Silver Charm Necklace. Love the products thank you for introducing her shop to me!

  31. Hard to choose! Love the carefree bird necklace, the vintage paw print necklace……the necklace that had the lat. long. coordinates……. I seem to love it all! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  32. I would choose the Layered Circle of Love with all my kids’ names on them.

  33. Dorinda Hathaway says:

    It is such a hard choice, but I think I would get the monogram circle.

  34. My new jewelry line to pine over is The Vintage Pearl! I am in love with “Golden Love” with my darling daughters names to it.

  35. I thought all of her creations were fantastic.
    But with the recent loss of my dog (12 year old Holly)
    the Puppy Love Necklace really touched my heart.
    Would love to have that !!!

  36. Fav? Oh No way to pick, but I would start with the Circle of Love bracelet.

    Love your blog.


  37. Sherry Anderson says:

    Like everyone else it was hard to pick a fav since they are all so unique and beautiful but I found one … “vintage baby feet with names”. This would be in HONOR of my 1st grandchild, LUCAS, who is due January 17th!!!!

  38. Jacqueline says:

    They are all beautiful, but as my daughter and I were looking at everything, we both commented on the “eclectic charm bracelet” at the same time about how nice we thought it was.

  39. Teresa Kissell says:

    I love love love the fused heart!!


  40. I fell in love the the carefree bluebird . I don’t think I would ever get tired of wearing it!

  41. vintage silver charm

  42. alycia avery says:

    LOVE the “dainty drop bracelet” it is beautiful!!! Would love to have my sons name on my bracelet!!

  43. I love the Chunky Love….and the Snapshot…..and the Golden Love…….and the Messy Nest……Who am I kidding I think I love it all.

  44. Sarah Netten says:

    SO many fabulous pieces but one of My favorites is the Little Ballerina – I have a 10 year old daughter who LOVES dance and is working hard to get into her point shoes 🙂 It would make a wonderful gift and good luck charm for her in the upcoming competitions! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!

  45. vicki nuckols says:

    What an adorable site,I would have such a hard time to choose just one piece so I can see myself ordering several,I am so in love with the doggie charm,so precious.Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  46. Beautiful things. Haven’t seen anything similar. Love the dainty drops!

  47. A simple “i love you” will do is my FAVE!!!

  48. I like the the coordinates of your heart necklace.

  49. I LOVE the carefree bird and the wishing star! Everything is so beautiful!

  50. I tweeted the giveaway.

  51. I love, love the pearl in the pea pod! That’s my choice!

  52. The dainty drops necklace is my favorite!

  53. Wishing Star….my fave 🙂

  54. so hard to choose!! But I like the eclectic charm necklace

  55. Luke's GiGi says:

    It would be hard to pick just one but I like the necklace with my grandchildrens names & birthstones!

  56. Oh I have been wishing for the Pearl Bracelet with Name Charms for months now! My three little ones names would be so sweet on it.

  57. Luke's GiGi says:

    I liked VP on FB for 2nd entry.

  58. I love the monogramed heart necklace

  59. Beth Morrow says:

    Hard to choose…but love dainty eclectic!

  60. I love the “mother of pearl”! I’m expecting my first child (a little girl!) in May and would love to have her name put on it! I’ll be telling my friends about this site. Her prices are great and her designs are creative!

  61. Lucy Moore says:

    it would have to be Carefree or Love my State – OKLAHOMA THESE ARE SO SO SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL

  62. I love the dainty drops necklace! I’m bookmarking her website…this will make a great gift for my daughter when she gives birth to my second grandchild in July (her second, also)!

  63. I love the dainty drops necklace. So pretty!

  64. Charissa Smith says:

    Simple is best.. So my choice is simple pearl dangles. I love pearls. 🙂

  65. Oh, and I “liked” Vintage Pearl on Facebook! Does that count, too? (I don’t have a blog.)

  66. I love the “Circle of Love” bracelet.

  67. I would really love to get the angel wing necklace.

  68. I like the vintage silver charms necklace.

  69. I would love the circle pendant with my son and husbands name.

  70. Daint drops

  71. I love the dainty drops necklace !!!

  72. The wrap ring definitely. She has amazing things. I like them all… Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. I like the “Beyond the Sea” charm bracelet!

  74. Love the wrap ring, a way for me to have all 7 grand babies names!
    Seriously…how could you choose?
    Beautiful work!

  75. The necklace with the moon that says “I love you to the moon and back.” That’s what my son and I always say to each other.. too cute! 🙂

  76. I love the Sterling Silver Cuff!

  77. What beautiful creations! I love the Baby Spoons – such a keepsake!

  78. C. K. Cahill says:

    I am so proud to be a grandmother. I would love to have the “dainty drop” bracelet and have a charm with their name and birthdate for each of them. Not only would I show off my favorite two little people but it would be a conversation piece.

  79. Oh My Goodness…There are so many darling fun items…hard to choose…but I narrowed it down to Secret love message and love my state and …carefree…wow thanks for introducing us and an opportunity to win BIG!!

  80. Love the charm necklace!! …. BUT …. it’s alll just gorgeous!!!!!! Thanks Rhoda!!

  81. Loving the Unique ones, especially, “Carefree”! Thanks for letting me know about this site.

  82. Love the scripture charm necklace. Such interesting designs!

  83. Sheila Hill says:

    So hard to choose but…I would order the “love you a bushel” for my youngest daughter who will be married in May. I think she would cherish it!

  84. Beyond the sea charm bracelet. It would be a cute gift for my daughter.

  85. Cheri Murphy says:

    Love the bluebird necklace! Such pretty things!

  86. I love the lower case vintage initial necklace. All of her stuff is so cute. Thanks for sharing!

  87. All her jewelry is so beautiful. I love the keepsakes as well. I think I’d have to pick the circle and flower necklace and have my childrens name engraved. I have a 3 year old daughter and son due in a few weeks!

  88. Carefree, the Blue Bird necklace. Great gift items, Graduation, Mother’s Day,Birthday and many more special days. Thank You!

  89. I love the vintage collection. Either the Peas in the Pod or name stamps.

  90. Oh, wow! She has such beautiful things that would make wonderful and unique gifts! It was so hard to choose a favorite, but I really liked the messy nest with aqua eggs!

  91. Thank you for offering this giveaway-such beautiful things! I love the chunky cross necklace and the heart connection necklace. Hoping to win!

  92. Too hard to choose! I guess right off I would say the Layered Circle of Love.

  93. Malinda Clay says:

    I have stalked this website for years! So much to choose from but I LOVE their chunky spinner ring. I would love to have this with my the names of my children on it. Thanks for the chance to win. I hope 2013 has started off great for you.

  94. Erin Buchanan says:

    Probably the peas in a pod would be my choice….. Although everything is beautiful!

  95. My favorite is the messy nest egg necklace.

  96. I love it all but my favorite is the Little Ballerina.

  97. I shared on FB!

  98. I love the eternity heart necklace!

  99. Donna Burns says:

    Dainty Drop Necklace would be nice.

  100. WOW!!!!!! Talk about hard to choose. I’d have to say my favorite is the vintage name plate. Definitely would love one with my son’s name.

  101. I like the heart necklace.

  102. I absolutley love the “Puppy Love” necklace that you can put your dogs name on the bone. It’s so cute!!


  103. My favorite piece is the Puppy Love necklace! I would love one with my dog’s name on it!

  104. I love the monogrammed necklace…and, of course, everything else!

  105. You are my sunshine necklace…. I sing that song to my grandchildren…

  106. Sharon Avinger says:

    Love the aqua drop where I could put my children’s names. Thanks, Rhoda!

  107. celeste meehan says:

    while i love the “messy nest” items, the hammered star, and so many other items, the dainty drops necklace with those birthstone dangles are the sweetest things!

  108. Sharon Lynn says:

    I love the Vintage Lovebirds, The Bitty Blossoms, The Simple Love For Mom and The Dad’s Keychain.
    So much beautiful work to choose from 🙂

  109. Love the “Heart for Africa” necklace, especially since I have a daughter adopted from Ethiopia!

  110. Eclectic charm bracelet

  111. celeste meehan says:

    shared this on facebook, too!

  112. I love the layered circle of love or layered mother of pearl. They are simply beautiful.

  113. There is many pieces that I like in her shop online. I really like the necklace carefree.

  114. So hard to choose! I really love the vintage color charm necklace though. So fun and cute!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  115. Jennifer L says:

    I LOVE the “i love you a bushel” my grandmother always sang this song to my daughter.

  116. I love the Love my Sate necklace or the Eclectic Charm necklace

  117. I love the simple square initials on a chain. Lovely!

  118. I love the Monogrammed Necklace

  119. Heather Soukal says:

    The Vintage Pearl made a necklace for my sister that says “#1 Auntie” and lists my 3 children’s names. You won’t find it on her website but it is by far my fave 🙂

  120. Mignonne Ammerlaan says:

    everything is beautiful. Hard to just choose one but for me I would choose the pearl bracelet with a charm. And for my daughter the something blue, she is into bows. Can’t not choose only for me

  121. Carol Trauthwein says:

    I love my state necklace is very cool!

  122. Circle of love necklace! Simple but perfect.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Heather Spooner says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love the Secret Keeper vintage necklace.

  124. She Flies with Her Own Wings & Let Your Light Shine necklaces. It’s funny, I am getting ready to get a tattoo with one of those sayings in Latin………….

  125. I have 2 favorites! The Eclectic Charm Necklace and the Carefree (bluebird) necklace! Great giveaway! 🙂

  126. Chunky cuff bracelet. Very stylish stuff!

  127. The “love my state” necklace!

  128. I love Vintage Pearl! Gave a couple of gifts from there a couple of years ago 🙂 I would love the Vintage Baby Feet —
    Hugs and Happy New Year!

  129. I love the dainty drops necklace! So simple and so cute!

  130. Mary Tanner says:

    Wow, her jewelry is awesome! I love it all, but my favoritie is the Love Interwined necklace. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  131. Their work is lovely. That Angel Wing necklace spoke to me. If I was lucky enough to win it, I would give it to someone dear. Thanks for the chance.

  132. Oh my goodness! So many wonderful choices! I love the “i love you to the moon and back” necklace.

  133. Rhoda,
    It was hard to choose just one, loved the site. I especially liked the “A Flower and a circle” and the “Carefree”.
    Thanks for sharing. Linda

  134. I love Vintage Pearl! So hard to choose just one thing. But, I do love the secret heart message necklace.

  135. I shared on FB

  136. Oooh…really like all of her designs! Craving the Circle of Love bracelet.

  137. Angela Bender says:

    I love the layered mother of pearl!

  138. I tweeted this giveaway!

  139. Wow, there are so many that I would love to have! My favorite is “a fused heart”.

  140. Frankie Little says:

    Love the “Your are My Sunshine” necklace.

  141. Shannon Redden says:


  142. I love the puppy paw print neclace

  143. I absolutely love the antique teardrop earrings.

  144. Would really enjoy the “You Are My Sunshine” necklace.

  145. Love the flower and circle with my kids’ names on them!

  146. I like the “carefree” one with the aqua songbird… It was really hard to choose, but the songbird is my favorite….

  147. I must be in a nesting place because my faves are A Messy Nest and Our Family Nest!

  148. I like “names and stones on a chain” but I would have a difficult time deciding which shape of charm to choose; they’re all so delicious. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  149. Candy Thayer says:

    Since I have a total “shutterbug” in my life…..I think that one would be the most fun to gift.

  150. I Love You to the Moon and Back!

  151. Alisa adkins says:

    I love the layered circle of love necklace. I always sing “you are my sunshine” to my daughter. Now she sings it with me.

  152. Love The Vintage Pearl! My favorite is the “I’ve found the one whom my soul loves” necklace.

  153. I would choose the dainty drop necklace and have all five of my GRANDS names and birthstones on it. Thanks for the chance to win the gift cert. I’ve been wanting one of these forever!!

  154. Lisa Dudgeon says:

    I loved the carefree necklace. I loved the blue in the bird.

  155. The Bitty Blossoms. She does an awesome job with all her work.

  156. The secret message ring would be perfect for my hubbie for Valentine’s Day.

  157. Kim Johnson says:

    I love the vintage name plate!

    Kim J

  158. I love the lowercase vintage initial necklace!! It’s so my style!

  159. Susan Hunter says:

    I have four grandchildren and would love the necklace with circle and flower with pearl accent. It would be a necklace that I wore all the time. It was very hard to choose just one. Love the cluster pearl earrings too.

  160. I love them all. I think I would choose the hammered star.
    My children gave me one of these necklaces with all my Grandchildren’s names on them. I absolutely love it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to add to my collection.

  161. Meg Randall says:

    I love the Dainty Eclectic and would have my two children and my two grandchildren’s initials on charms–to have them close to me even though they all live far away! Thank you for the giveaway!

  162. I love…
    i’ve found the one whom my soul loves!!!

  163. My favorite is the chunky love! I would put my son’s name, Richie and my husband’s name, Anthony. They are the loves of my life!

  164. she has a shop where I live and its really cute -all the things are great! I like chunky message cuff..its really cute

  165. JillMichelle says:

    I have been coveting the teeny tiny initials necklace for a long time!!!

  166. You are correct, it is hard to choose. Messy Nest with Aqua Eggs is adorable and since I am decorating with birds I should probably blend with my new decor.

  167. I love the Dainty Drops necklaces.

  168. Becky Garrison says:

    I love all the ” promise” necklaces, but the “promise of joy” is my favorite! I can relate to them all.

  169. Love the circle of love bracelet!

  170. I would love to have the eclectic charm bracelet. I could get the kids and g-kids all on it.

  171. I love the a simple “i love you” will do.

  172. Krista Robinson says:

    I would love to have the “i love my state” necklace! I have always wanted one of these (seen them before other places) and yours is LOVELY!!!!!

  173. I love all of it. One favorite is the “Dainty Drops Necklace” with couple’s names and birthstones.

  174. I want them all! They are all so lovely! If I had to pick one it would be the you are my sunshine necklace. It makes me smile 🙂

  175. Rebecca Sagen says:

    I love the vintage Faith cross & the softball/basball one. Such beautiful pieces!

  176. I like the circle of Love Bracelet.

  177. I love the “puppy love”. It would be a great gift for my daughter for her to remember her beloved Border Collie.

  178. Leata Anderson says:

    Dainty Drop Bracelet would be a wonderful visual reminder of my 3 Irish granddaughters.

  179. Beautiful!! I love the circle and flower necklace.

  180. So hard to choose! 🙂 What an awesome giveaway! I say my heart would go with the autism heart chain, in honor of my sweet Aspieboy! <3

  181. I love the vintage Prayer Warrior! I think being a prayer warrior is my gift from God.

  182. I tweeted 🙂

  183. I tweeted!

  184. You’re right, it’s so hard to choose! I really like the eclectic charm bracelet though!

  185. Lana hardwick says:

    I love the vintage charm necklace….

  186. I love the Monogrammed Necklace

  187. I tweeted!

  188. Sue Sanders says:

    I would love to have the necklace with the names of my five
    wonderful grandchildren. Hope I win!!!!

  189. I love the angel wing necklace!

  190. The jewelry by Vintage Pearl is so pretty – I like the simplicity. I would like to have the Mother of Pearl necklace if I get chosen. Thanks for the opportunity!

  191. I indeed am very familiar with The Vintage Pearl – I have a necklace and bracelet from them, and bought my mother a necklace from them for Mother’s Day last year! They have the most beautiful jewelry! I have been crushing on the “carefree” necklace with the little blue bird for a long time, but couldn’t justify spending the money because I’m out of a job right now. I would be over-the-moon delighted to win so I could get this necklace! Thanks for the chance, Rhoda. xoxo

  192. Dana Crowell says:

    How generous is this giveaway! LOVE the VINTAGE PEARL!
    It is SO DIFFICULT to choose… I would have to pin it down to the dainty square layers! But then again….

  193. Joyia Buckelew says:

    Oh my goodness, I like them all!!! I guess if I had to choose only one it would be the Rustic Cross.

  194. The jewelry is gorgeous, but I am totally enamored with the hand stamped baby spoons under the keepsakes section of the website. So sweet!

  195. What a wonderful shop! I had a hard time choosing, but I guess I liked the blue bird necklace called “Carefree” the best. How beautiful!

  196. There are just so many lovely pieces–I do like the little blue bird necklace and the vintage initial one–and just everything…

  197. Just saw the “I Love You a Bushel” necklace, and my mother-in-law needs that so bad! She sings the “Bushel and a Peck” song to the grandkids all the time.

  198. Love, love, love that there is an A La Carte stamped shop, so that customized jewelry can be made for bridesmaids and mother of the groom for my daughter’s upcoming wedding! Perfect!

  199. Teresa Copeland says:

    I love the “Carefree” piece … such cute stuff!

  200. I loved the Unique necklace called Carefree. The bluebird with it’s wings spread gave me an instant feeling of relief from stress (as I sit at my keyboard working frantically putting our “fires’ at work). I couldn’t believe it…like the image of the bird just spoke to me…and “freed” me! LOVE IT!

  201. I am a Pearl girl. I would be thrilled to win ANY of the pieces, but especially like the vintage initials. Thanks.

  202. Thank you for the great giveaway! It was so hard to choose a favorite! Love the “Peas in a Pod” necklace but will have to go as my fav the sweet “Carefree” with the sweet little blue sparrow and pearl.

  203. I really like the message rings.

  204. Love the “messy nest with aqua eggs”! Darling!

  205. Just tweeted for an extra entry for the cute “Carefree” necklace via @octmoonboutique

  206. Teresa Gann says:

    I love the messy nest with aqua eggs also. It was hard to choose. Thanks.

  207. I really love the vintage scripture necklace.

  208. My fav is the coordinates of your heart. (very hard to pick just one)

  209. You are right it is so hard to pick. i have admired her work for a long time. I am going through a real rough time and so the rustic faith cross with pearl really spoke to me. If I didn’t have Faith, I would have nothing.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  210. Great giveaway for yourself or someone special in your life
    The Vintage Pearl Giveaway – Tweeted

  211. Mary Hartigan says:

    Great website, beautiful jewelry – Such perfect gifts for all occasions. I really love the “Tied with a Bow” and “Something Blue” necklaces…I have bookmarked this site!

  212. I love The Vintage Pearl! My favorite is the Secret Love Message Necklace although there are tons more I love too!

  213. Love the jewelry. I think the pearl bracelet with a charm is especially beautiful!

  214. Coordinates of My Heart is my favorite.. that is such a cute idea!

  215. Tona Haggermaker says:

    I love the “messy nest” necklaces 🙂 Everything is so pretty!

  216. Melissa Marshall says:

    I LOVE the’Love you to the moon and Back” one! My mama says that to my baby son all the time and think it would be a perfect birthday present!! 🙂

  217. I like the love intertwined necklace.

  218. I would love to have a bracelet with @

  219. I loved two. Carefree is wonderful. Perfect for my daughter.
    Also Peas in a pod was a favorite. Little pearls lined up is so sweet and pretty.

  220. susie lavender says:

    I love the “You are my Sunshine” necklace and the pearl cluster earrings. I used “you are my sunshine” as a lullabye for my Katie and still bug her with it (she’s a teenager away in college now).

  221. I love the pendant Wishing Star. It is so simple and there is something about the design that just gives me peace. Thanks to the Vintage Pearl for such generous give away !!

  222. I would love to have the “love my state necklace” I have 2 daughters who have moved away to school and they would love to have one!

  223. Also love the “you are my sunshine” necklace…my babies are away at college, but I could keep them close to my heart!

  224. Joyce Ackley says:

    Oh, so many lovely things. It’s hard to choose. I like the Grateful necklace, the messy nest necklace with tiny eggs, and the Birdie ring.

    Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! Memememememe!

  225. Love the vintage! My daughter is very petite and love the small but fierce pendant. AND, the you are my sunshine!

  226. Everything was excellent! Certainly not easy to choose just one. I love the blue bird necklace called “Carefree”. It was very striking!


  227. I love the circle of love bracelet…actually I love everything!

  228. You’re right, very hard to choose. I’ve visited her sight before when Christmas shopping. Had a hard time choosing then, too! I love anything w/birds or bird related, especially the Carefree necklace!…eh,…no, no,…er…the Messy Nest necklace! Oh! I can’t decide!:)

  229. If I win, I think I’ll choose a circle of love!

  230. Joyce Ackley says:

    This may be a duplicate entry, but I left one comment and my entry is to say I tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter.

  231. I have always loved the “initials on a chain” necklace!! It’s my favorite favorite and I would loooove to win it!

  232. Marsha Decker says:

    I’m in love with the baby spoons… my first grandchild is on the way and I think this is a must!

  233. You’re right! It’s so hard to choose! They’re all so cute. I love the bitty blossoms!

  234. Hi! The goods are all gorgeous, but my favorite one is “Golden Love”. It’s really lovely 😉

  235. I love the mother of pearl necklace, but can she fit all five of my kids’ names?

  236. I LOVE personalized jewelry and Vintage Pearl is one of my favorites! I like the ecletric charm necklace but honestly would wear most any of Erin’s items. I have a terminal grandaughter so ANYTHING that represents the love I have for her, I would wear proudly!

  237. Kristina A says:

    I really like the sterling silver cuff! It’s so simple but pretty.

  238. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    So many beautiful things to choose from! I absolutely love the necklace that says “I love you to the moon and back”! Gorgeous!

  239. love the vintage lower case initial necklace

  240. I love the “you are my sunshine” necklace.

  241. golden dainty drops are so cute. I need one for the mother of my twin niece and nephew.

  242. I like the bird charms. I like the Mama bird and the Carefree (turquoise) bird. Beautiful!

  243. I love it all….. but think I’d choose the lower case vintage necklace with the little pearl. So sweet and simple..

  244. Denise Wilson says:

    So many beautiful items! It is definitely hard to choose…
    I really like the lower case vintage initial necklace.

  245. I love the “pearl bracelet with a charm.”

  246. April was in CTnowCA says:

    Vintage Lovebirds has been on my wishlist for ages now, love it!

  247. Wow… what a neat shop! And love that they have incorporated their faith so beautifully! 🙂 …very hard to choose a “fave”, but I can definitely find something I like! Love the pearl cluster earrings. 🙂

  248. Love the pearl earrings! thanks for the chance to win!

  249. Three peas in a pod necklace.

  250. I love this jewelry! Love the Mother of Pearl. Wanted this for Christmas… maybe I can get it now!

  251. I love the “Sign Language Necklace”, so many pretty things and a great giveaway.


  252. The jewelry is so unique. I love all of what I saw. My favorite would be the initial charms..and the pearls.

  253. I love everything! The one piece I really like is A Promise Of Hope. I live at the Jersey Shore and this one has a special meaning to me.

  254. I love Dainty Drops and the Love Message. They have the best selection!

  255. I love the funky sunshine ring!

  256. Whew! Hard to choose! I like the “love my state” necklace…..and that would be Georgia!

  257. I love the vintage lovebirds necklace!

  258. I really like the Carefree.

  259. I love the necklace with the hearts and names/initials.

  260. I love “The Coordinates of your Heart” – so lovely and sweet! I am also a big fan of your blog – I look forward to it every day!

  261. I love the bird, Carefree, and the little initial charms. What a wonderful site.

  262. Sealed with Love is my favorite.

  263. The champagne briolettes are stunning, the settings really shows the beautiful stones.

  264. So much to choose from!! But I definitely like the “Love intertwined” necklace. Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  265. PAT BLACKWELL says:

    Love these!!! My facorite is the eclectic necklace that has several charms on it. Would love it to put all my grandchildren’s names on them.

  266. Love the lowercase vintage initial necklace. What a great giveaway!

    Laura J

  267. Julie Hunn says:

    My favorite hands down “Wisdom with a Promise”!
    It is beautiful crafted and genuinely speaks to my heart.
    The Lord has truly blessed this lady with talent!

  268. I love vintage lovebirds!!

  269. Nan Martin says:

    I love this jewelry! It is very unique and that appeals to me! Thank you for introducing me to this website. My favorites are the vintage lower case initial necklace and the names on my heary necklace.

  270. I like the -a word of inspiration (2013)- necklace. Thank you for sharing another giveaway!
    I read your blog everyday, it’s like getting a really good magazine for free.

  271. Hi Rhoda, I love her jewelry! One of favorite items is the Petite Layered Hearts. xx, Sherry

  272. I love the basic “Circle of Love” and a couple of the men’s dogtags!

  273. Dear Rhoda, What a nice giveaway. I helped my nephews order a necklace for my sister for Christmas from the Vintage Pearl and she loves it. I think Carefree which is a bird necklace, or the Wishing Star necklace are both beautiful.

  274. I would love the simple initials on a chain.

  275. All the pieces are so beautiful I would love to win this so that I could get the necklace with the two birthstones.

  276. Rita Hankley says:

    I love all of her pieces but am especially drawn to the vintage initial letter necklace. My younger daughter gave her older sister this type of necklace when she had her little girl. I would like to do the same for my youngest daughter now that she has an adorable baby boy.

  277. I just posted something on my facebook page about this awesome giveaway!

  278. Love the message rings. I have 2 of her necklaceas and love them both. Every time I wear them I get compliments, that are so unique!!

  279. I love the bird necklaces…

  280. hard to choose–secret love message necklace is cool, though.

  281. Love them all …. circle of love …

  282. Oh my, so many lovely pieces. I love the dainty drop bracelet.

  283. I love the blue bird necklace – care free but I cannot choose one favorite!

  284. Anna Starner says:

    I would love a gift certificate to use in her wonderful shop. I love all of the rings. My favorite is the chunky layered ring.

  285. I love the lovebirds necklace. My husband got me a necklace from her last year with our children’s names and birthstones. I love it! I get many compliments on it too! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  286. Anna Starner says:

    I tweeted:
    Great giveaway for yourself or someone special in your life The Vintage Pearl Giveaway

  287. They are all my favorites but I particularly liked the Something Blue necklace.

  288. The circle of love bracelet is so beautiful!

  289. Every single piece is adorable, but my favorite is the Carefree bird, I just love it!

  290. Harriet Mcmillan says:

    Love this jewelry! Very unique. Hard to choose but I really like the wishing star and the “promise” necklaces- for joy, love and comfort.

  291. Love the “Peas in a Pod” necklace. Thanks for the chance to win!

  292. I love the Dainty Layers necklace. Happy new year!

  293. The dainty drops necklace is my favorite, but there is really nothing I don’t like!

  294. There are so many to chose from but I think the grateful necklace is my favorite.

  295. Love the gold chain with the initial and pearl. Pretty things!!

  296. Sharon Hansen says:

    There are a ctually 2 top favorites. I love the peas in a pod necklace because my best friend and I were once described as two peas in a pod (that was probably 20 years ago and it’s still true). My other fav is the necklace with the bluebird called “everlasting” because the bird reminds me of a vintage pin I inherited from a grandmother I never knew. This jewelry is pretty and reasonably priced.

  297. Love the necklaces…mostly the simple ones. The bracelets are fantastic too.

  298. Patricia Smith says:

    skinny message ring

  299. It was very hard to choose! But when I saw Autistic Love, I knew that was it. My son has autism.

  300. I really love the VINTAGE BLOOM. It is so pretty!

  301. Love all the nests, the promise of prayer and the rustic cross !

  302. One nest ring please!!

  303. Any necklace would be great!

  304. Love the necklace with your children’s names on them!

  305. The necklacewith the bluebird is my favorite! I would be happy with almost any piece of jewelry from The Vintage Pearl!

  306. I adore the Holly Leaves Ornament


  307. Love love the necklace to represent my kids . Love love vintage pearl!

  308. I love the vintage pearl and my favorite is the vintage silver charms necklace…….

  309. I would love to win and give my sister the necklace with your children’s names. I have one and love it!!

  310. How about that “I love you a bushel” necklace, just too cute. I have ordered from here before – a sweet bracelet for a friend who was a grandma for the first time.

  311. Lisa Leland says:

    I love, love, love the Dainty Eclectic necklace! So simple and pretty!

  312. Too hard to choose but I have wanted one of her necklaces with my kids names on it for a long time!!!

  313. The messy nest necklace is adorable! She’s so talented!

  314. I tweeted the contest, too! Love the pearl nest ring ♥

  315. I love the simple one stone ring. Would love to win this……

  316. I love the stamped baby spoons and cross jewelry!

  317. I like several of the simple necklaces. There are many beautiful items to choose from!

  318. I love the simple necklaces, especially the circle of love necklace!!!

  319. Diane Kojabash says:

    I love the blue bird, but also the round initials!

  320. Diane Kojabash says:

    Posted to fb friends.

  321. I think I would gift a friend of mine with a necklace with her son’s name on it.

  322. I already have the names on the heart necklace, and still want the eclectic charms.

  323. Terrie Chastain says:

    My fave is the eclectic charm bracelet! Love love it!

  324. What beautiful jewelry! My favorite necklace is the vintage secret keeper and I love the pearl nest ring.

  325. love the pearl nest ring!

  326. I loved several, eternity was a favorite but so was goldlove. These would make great gifts!
    THank you

  327. I love the peaceful dove ornaments. I think one of these would be a way to memorialize my late husband on my tree tactfully.

  328. Lynda Cormier says:

    It’s hard to choose a favorite….they’re all so lovely… but the Golden Love is one I really like!

  329. Stephanie Hobson says:

    I would have to consult with my granddaughter to make sure, but I think a couple of the Skinny Message Rings for her and her BFF would be nice. Erin’s work is beautiful.

  330. I love the secret keeper!

  331. Jacqueline Larter says:

    I have two favorites…You are my sunshine and I love you to the moon and back. But truthfully all the jewelry is beautiful!

  332. The love connection necklace is adorable!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  333. Love the chain with the initial and pearl.

  334. Stacie Walker says:

    I love the You Are My Sunshine necklace..that is my song I sing to my little boy:-) Happy New Year!

  335. They’re all beautiful, but I liked the state necklace, the hammered star and the owl necklaces.

  336. Love them all!!!
    But my fav would have to be the one with the 4 names and the tiny pearl…so meaningful for a mom or a Gigi 🙂

  337. Dawn Stribling says:

    I just adore the eclectic charm necklace!!!!

  338. Linda miller says:

    Love so many of her pieces. The love links bracelet is just adorable!

  339. I like the silver & gold circles necklace. Love all of them! Hard to choose!

  340. I love the birthstone rings!

  341. Shared on FB!

  342. I love the dainty drops bracelets.

  343. mmmmmm, hard decision, but maybe the “Love my State” one.

  344. I love all of them but my favorites are the circles that would fit my grandson’s names on.

  345. Loved the lowercase vintage initial necklace

  346. Vicki Newell says:

    The complete line of Vintage Pearl is wonderful. My absolute favorite would be “miracles happen” necklace. This is especially important for me considering I was in ICU and dying in 2010. The butterfly is such an important symbol to me. Thanks for letting me share.

  347. Caroline B says:

    I love the simple pearl dangles earrings.

  348. Marianne G. says:

    I love “A Flower and A Circle”

  349. I love love love these so amazingly much! I’m so happy to have found your blog through the grow a blog party that I just signed up for 🙂

    I’m crossing everything I have!

  350. I’ve tweeted it 🙂

    My favourite is the one with the gems with writing below, so simple and beautiful!!


  351. …and I blogged about it too 🙂

    I know several of my followers will just love this!

  352. I’ve been wanting the dainty drops necklace forever!

  353. Leigh Ann S. says:

    I like the Mother of Pearl necklace. Thanks!

  354. What beautiful items! If I had to choose, I’d go with the layered circle or the simple silver cuff. Just stunning!

  355. Dainty drops necklace for sure!!!! 🙂

  356. I like the “i love you to the moon and back” necklace. So pretty. Hard to choose, they are all special.

  357. So many pretty things, but I think I like the “love my state” necklace the best.

  358. Oh yes, I certainly need a vintage necklace with an encouraging word, I have had a day. Di

  359. Definitely the messy nest items. Or, maybe the birdie ring. No, definitely the messy nest with aqua eggs. Yipes, I can’t make up my mind.

  360. I love the pearl nest ring!

  361. Too cute! I would pick the messy nest necklace…..

  362. I like the simple love with a copper heart necklace.

  363. Joanna Warren says:

    I really like them all! The messy nest and pearl nest ring would be among my favorites.

  364. I like the “messy nest with aqua eggs” keepsake necklace, just my style… messy! Thank you for the chance to win something pretty, I’m off to mention you on my blog right now! Have to thank as I’d not have heard about this were it not for her blog.

  365. I love the turqouise bird necklace. It is so unique and beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  366. I love them all, but my favorite is the Names on My Heart necklace. I have 4 grandchildren and would love to wear that piece with their names on it.

  367. Looove the ‘The Coordinates of Your Heart’ necklace 🙂

  368. Joan Pratt says:

    The messy nest. All of it is beautiful!

  369. I like the “I love you to the moon and back” necklace.

  370. I love the grateful necklace!

  371. I love the vintage bloom pendant with necklace. Thank you so very much for sharing this website with us. They have some beautiful pieces.

  372. carman shekell says:

    I love the state necklace. I live in Alabama but am originally from Tennessee. This way if I wore one of these necklaces i could always have a piece of my heart around my neck. My hometown in Tennessee. How awesome that would be….love this idea…

  373. My two favorites are “You are my sunshine” and “I love you to the moon and back.” It’s close and I choose “I love you to the moon and back.”

  374. Pam from Syla says:

    I would love to have the messy nest necklace.

  375. Love the birthstones and pearls – delightful!

  376. It was very hard to choose while looking at all the beautiful pieces on the website, but once I saw the pearl bracelet with charm, I was smitten. It’s absolutely beautiful and, without a doubt, would be my choice if was fortunate enough to win the gift certificate.

  377. I would get the snowflake ornament

  378. debbie jackson says:

    the messy nest necklace or one with my kids names debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  379. debbie jackson says:
  380. I love you to the moon and back necklace

  381. I have admired The Vintage Pearl’s jewelry for a while now. My favorite is a flower and a circle, although there are many I would love to own or gift. Kim

  382. My favorite piece is the love my state necklace.

  383. love love love the “Love you to the moon and back!” necklace. So precious!

  384. So many choices but really like the Circle of Love Bracelet,THANKS

  385. I love the wrap ring and the dainty drops necklace!

  386. The layered circle of love is my favorite!

  387. I collect owls, so I LOVE ‘the promise of wisdom’ necklace!

  388. Christy File says:

    so many beautiful things…
    the secret love message necklace is my favorite
    thanks for the giveaway!

  389. I love them all! The vintage section is my favorite, I especially like the vintage scripture necklace.

  390. cara martin says:

    I love so many of the jewelry pieces that it was hard choosing just one! I really like the wrap ring! It’s so unique! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  391. Sandie Pence says:

    I like them all, but the vintage bloom is awesome!!!!

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