The Year of Magazine Features

If you had told me a few years ago that I would end up being featured in several magazines all in one year, I wouldn’t have believed it.  It’s always been a dream to get featured in some of my favorite magazines, but really thinking that might happen. No way!  Until I started blogging, that is.  It seems that blogging has opened the doors for so many to get their rooms and homes featured in those wonderful shelter magazines that we all love and enjoy thumbing through. I’ve been a magazine junkie for years and wondered what it might be like to actually see one of my rooms in one of them.

Spring Folk

So, now that dream is actually coming true.  The first of 3 magazine features is out now, Folk magazine, published by some smart and talented college students (soon to be grads) out of Kentucky.  This fun magazine is all about stories of real people and I’m so happy to say they did a feature on me in the Spring issue.

my article

How fun to actually open a magazine and see my story in there, along with a picture.  My blog friend, Vanessa Hunt, who is one of the sisters At the Picket Fence, wrote the story and I love how she wove my words together in this article.  By the way, the picture of me was taken by pro photographer, Nick Burchell, who came to my house to do some photos for his portfolio.  I asked him to take a good shot of me and this is the result.  I’m very happy with the photo!

Rhoda portrait

You can order copies over there of any issues you might want to buy, including the Spring issue.  They offer subscriptions too and I love supporting start-up businesses like this.  They feature lots of hand-crafted in the USA shops and people who are artisans.

Next up will be Atlanta magazine in May.  The photographer was out at my house 2 weeks ago to shoot my kitchen and office and Atlanta magazine will do a feature on my house makeover showing those 2 rooms in Before and After shots and my blogging journey.  That’s SO exciting, to get a feature in my home city’s BIG magazine. I can hardly believe that either!

And today…, Better Homes and Gardens will be at my house all day long, photographing my kitchen, dining room, and upstairs hall bath.  What a dream come true!  Pinch me for sure, how in the world did this happen?!

It’s not going in the BIG Better Homes and Gardens, but my feature will be in the Kitchen and Bath Ideas magazine.  I’ll definitely be shouting to the world when it comes out in print, which could be several months. 

I can’t tell you how happy this all makes me and how grateful l am for all of you who have faithfully been reading all these years.  That just amazes me too, ya’ll have stuck with me through thick and thin and now the celebrations are really happening.

Thank you, friends!  I’ll take lots of pics today of all the behind the scenes of a photoshoot and of course, I’ll share everything with ya’ll!

- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says:


    Congratulations! I am so excited for you. God has richly blessed you.

    Love You!

    • Congratulations! What an exciting time for you. I live locally and attended your open house. It was so impressive and inspiring! You deserve all the recognition you are getting.

  2. Congratulations! You deserve all of this success!

    I saw your Folk article and was so excited to see you in a magazine. I don’t know if I’ll get to see the Atlanta magazine unless it is out when I’m at Haven in August. My mom and I share a BHG subscription, so I’m sure to enjoy your feature there.

  3. Well deserved Rhoda…what a journey you have been on! Can’t wait to see and read!

  4. So happy for you Rhoda 🙂 You are going to have blast today, enjoy!

  5. Congrats, Rhoda. Your home is beautiful and you derserve it!

  6. Congratulations! You deserve it.

  7. Wow, Rhoda! That is so exciting! Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off big!

  8. I received my copy of Folk and great article Rhoda..loved the picture of you…congrats on your many magazine features!…I am so a magazine junkie too! Have a wonderful day…looking forward to your Atlanta Homes feature!

  9. Congrats Rhoda! So happy for you!

  10. Congrats Rhoda, you so very much deserve it! Your home is beautiful, you worked very hard on it. Diane

  11. Congratulations! I just subscribed to FOLK and hope I get the issue with your feature inside.

  12. Congratulations Rhoda!! When life handed you lemons you made lemonade! So well deserved.

  13. That is so great Rhoda! Congrats! Your home is beautiful 🙂 xo Kristin

  14. I know this is so exciting for you can’t wait to read it!

  15. Doreen@househoneys says:

    That’s sooooo awesome Rhoda! Congratulations on your well earned success! That’s so exciting that you are in not one, not two, but three mags ! I can’t wait to read the articles :).

  16. Congratulations Rhoda. Exciting times and well deserved!

  17. You deserve every wonderful thing that is happening for you, Rhoda. I rarely post here (but I did order my wallpaper from you..) but your blog is the first I read in the morning. Congrats!

  18. Connie McCallum says:

    So Happy for You!! You deserve all the kudos you are getting.

  19. Congratulations Rhoda! This is all so deserved for you – and your parents.

  20. Congratulations! Have been following your blog daily and knew “you would hit the big time”. It’s so gratifying to experience your success.

  21. How exciting! Congratulations! You are such an inspiration!

  22. Edith P. says:

    Congratulations Rhoda! I think it’s awesome and I’m so happy for you 🙂

  23. Congratulations! This is awesome! I think this is”good” coming back to you and God smiling your way.

  24. you sad life wasn’t a magazine and look what He did to prove that you have such a wonderful life! so many features! just goes to show how He is always looking out for us. I really love your inspirational story. mom and dad must be so thrilled!

  25. Congrats on the magazine features, well deserved, you are a talented lady!! Your picture is very pretty.


  26. Congrats to you – that is SO exciting!! Can you plz offer any advice on how to get “noticed” by magazines? Really appreciate any direction you can offer! Cheers to you 🙂 !

  27. Well done lovely lady! I’ll get my friend in Nova Scotia to post me a copy of BH&Gs bathroom and kitchen edition, so that I can see it “in the life” as it were. Can’t wait!

  28. PS Rhoda – now I can see where you new photograph came from!

  29. I am always buying the kitchen and bath magazines for ideas. It is wonderful to know that they choose real homes done by real people and not always the kitchen and bath pros because as we all can see, your home(s) have a touch of love that just can’t be seen in a design done by someone else. So happy for you…enjoy every minute!

  30. Congrats on all the mag features, Rhoda. You’ve done an amazing job on your home, and deserve the recognition. 🙂

  31. Let me join the throng of well-wishers. None of us are surprised at your success–it is well earned and deserving. You make us all believe it might be possible! Thanks for the inspiration.

  32. That is huge! Huger than huge! You really do deserve it though. You have taken a plain Jane house and turned it into something special!

  33. Congratulations!! That is fabulous! God is good. 🙂

  34. Congratulations on all of the magazine articles!! You are so very talented!

  35. Wow!! That’s some exciting stuff!! So happy for you; I knew God had his hand in good things that were to come your way….The photographer did a great job on the photo….Can’t wait to buy the magazines and see part of your story in print…..

  36. You are a great example of how God blesses, and how hard work pays off!!! CoNgrAtULaTioNs!!!

  37. SO happy for you friend!!
    Can’t wait –

  38. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Rhoda, How exciting!! Congratulations on your magazine articles and the fabulous work you have done on your home. I’m so looking forward to seeing you in print!

  39. Rhoda, Praise God for he has prospered your diligent hand. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  40. Susan B. Jones says:

    You’re becoming such the celebrity!! So happy for this Southern gal!!! You deserve every minute of it!

  41. Jill Cummings says:

    Oh Rhoda how wonderful. Congratulations and WELL deserved. Continue reaching for those stars and your amazing journey that inspires so many.


  42. Yay!!! That is so exciting!!! I think it is cool to see real life people and their real life decor that is actually attainable by the average person. Your home photographs so well and you’re results are definitely inspirational!

  43. Congratulations on your well deserved success!! So very happy for you 🙂

  44. Rhoda, SO happy for you! The mags are the lucky ones to have you and your warm and inviting home as subjects! More good things to come for you, I’m just sure of it!

  45. Congrats!! How wonderful! (And I am finally getting your current updated posts now!) Aslo, I hope that the magazines gave a proper shout out to your papa and mama as well! What a team!!!!

  46. You deserve everything coming your way !!!

    Xo Kathy 🙂

  47. Cograts, how exciting for you!

  48. Congratulations! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer blogger! Well deserved!

  49. Rhoda!!! OmGosh!!! How exciting, congratulations, you must be on cloud 9-10 and 11!!
    xo Kathysue

  50. That is amazing!

  51. God is so good isn’t He to multiply your joy in this way!?!

  52. Cheryl Ann says:

    You inspire me Rhoda…and remind me that life’s not about how many times we fall down…rather it’s about how many times we get back up. Wow! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing with us…you are a blessing. Cheryl Ann

  53. Wow, Rhoda! Congratulations! I’ve been following your progress for a while (a few months ago) and I’m not surprised at all… just look at the wonderful posts you share with us! I’d say it was about time and I’m thrilled to see your success. I’d love to get my hands on that BHG Kitchen & bath feature! Keep it up!

  54. Toni Fleischmann says:

    Congratulations…..very happy for you!

  55. Congratulations Rhoda. It all happened because you are such an excellent blogger. You make us feel as if we are part of your incredible family. That makes everyone want to see and hear more. I’m sure this is just the beginning of many great things in your life. You certainly deserve it all.
    By the way…the photo of you is beautiful. Your warmth and personality shine through.

  56. Congrats! You certainly deserve this. So happy for you.

  57. Mary in Idaho says:

    Congratulations. You have earned this and I’m happy for you. The Lord is blessing your witness and your hard work.

  58. Oh Rhoda, I’m SO excited and happy for you!! What an honor; I knew when I first started to follow you that you had what it took to go far! You have . . . . all the way to BH&G!! Congrats and I’ll look forward to seeing the spread when it comes out!

  59. Jennifer Newton says:

    Congrats to you Rhoda!! I have been following your blog for some time now and must say that it is one of my favorites. Looking forward to magazine (BHG) article!! You are very blessed to have such a sweet family…..feel like I know your precious parents!!

    Jennifer in Alabama

  60. Congratulations Lady! I’m excited for you and that professional picture (although I’ve never met you in person) does you justice. It captures all your beauty, warmth and southern charm. 🙂

  61. Beth Morrow says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Great picture of you too!!! Im very happy for you!

  62. Thrilled for you and well deserved, Rhoda! HIS blessings are so richly evident in your work. Congratulations to you and your supportive crew aka your darling parents.

  63. Dreams do come true! Heartfelt Congratulations Rhoda! You are blessed to be a blessing and your blog, story and creative ideas have so richly blessed all of us! Can’t wait to hear about today’s photo shoot. Save any extra magazines! I can see you framing this somehow for your office. I’m going to subscribe today!

  64. Beth in the City says:

    How exciting! I was reading you through those hard years and I have to say, it is just wonderful to see what God is doing in your life these days!

  65. How awesome! Congratulations!! Our God is amazing and His blessings are countless.

  66. Congratulations Rhoda!! Very happy for you. I’ll be watching for the issue.

  67. such super super news. I am so happy for your recognition in print. That is a beautiful photo of you. Well done!!!

  68. That is quite a compliment that so many magazines want to feature your beautiful new home, especially after all your (and your parents’) hard work. Congratulations!

  69. Congrats! Atlanta Magazine! I hope you mentioned your parents—especially your dad, in the articles!

  70. That is so exciting! Congratulations, Rhoda!

  71. Wow! We are all so excited for you as you certainly deserve the recognition. Congratulations to you and your parents. I am sure they are proud. What a lovely photo.

  72. Congrats, Rhoda! I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving….from the decor forum (? Great Impressions, was that the name?!) thru the years to now..what a wonderful journey of your hard work & perseverance!! So thrilled to have been “blog following” your successes!! Blessings!

  73. Marilyn C. says:

    Rhoda – This is wonderful news – you deserve it!!!!! I have been following you for a while now and you are definitely an inspiration to a lot of us out here!!!!


    Marilyn C.

  74. Wow! Congratulations Rhoda, you deserve the accolade for all the hard work you have put into your home and your blog.

    Lee 🙂

  75. So happy for you! I have been following you for a while and your success has been the result of hard work! I hope today was a fun, happy day. Many, many more ahead!

  76. How great for you! You deserve every bit of it. Such a warm, inviting blog. While your design eye is great, you do it without the least hint of pretension. Something that many other design bloggers can’t master. A wonderful mix of class and graciousness that sometimes (unfortunately) comes from a bit of struggle. Congrats!!

  77. Fabulous Rhoda and you do look fantastic!

  78. I’m so happy for you, Rhoda. It’s an honor that is so well deserved! I was delighted when I opened my most recent issue of FOLK and saw your lovely, smiling face!

  79. WoooooHoooooo! Congratulations! So exciting! Love going along on this journey with you……never a dull moment!

  80. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    WOW……….CONGRATULATIONS…… you are deserving….Love & Blessings…

  81. Ruby McCowan says:

    So happy for you. You deserve every bit of it!

  82. Julia Hardinger says:

    Congrats! What a wonderful and exciting time for you!!!

  83. Yay, Rhoda!!!! So excited for you!! Atlanta mag???? BHG?? And I can’t wait to read Vanessa’s story — clicking over to order my issue!
    Congrats on so much well-deserved success!!
    xo Heidi

  84. Congrats! Enjoy the moment, how fun!

  85. Lorene Halfmann says:

    Congratulations! Such well-deserved honors! I also DREAM of having my home featured on the pages of a magazine one day :0 I guess I really DO need to start a blog! Keep doing what you are doing–you are a daily inspiration for me and so many others.

  86. Wonderful, Rhoda! You have earned it!

  87. Rosie Broadway says:

    Rhoda, I’ve followed you for a few years and I’m so happy for your success. It couldn’t go to a sweeter, more talented little gal.
    Blessings, Rosie

  88. How Wonderful!!!! I have seen your house before and after and you have done an amazing transformation.I am so pleased that you are getting this coverage and I know you have many great things ahead for you. Enjoy!

  89. Congrats on all of your success!! You have worked hard for it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!

  90. I am so happy for you Rhoda! It’s been so much fun to learn of each well deserved feature and do a little happy dance for you! 🙂 You are one talented and amazing woman and SHOULD have your amazing home and life showcased. So glad to get to see these amazing opportunities unfold for you ..and to call you friend! 🙂

    Heather (At The Picket Fence)

  91. Sooo thrilled for you Rhoda!! That is so exciting! Congratulations!!!!

  92. Congrats Rhoda-you definitely deserve it!!

  93. Congratulations on all the features Rhoda. It’s definitely your year and you deserve it. So how was the BHG shoot? My kitchen and master bath will actually be in the same magazine (not sure if it’s the same issue though). They are coming to style tomorrow and shoot the remainder of the week. I’m excited and nervous. It’s such a surreal moment that I never would have dreamed possible. xo Jenna

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