Things to do on Tybee Island

Tybee Island truly is a magical place and I took so many pics that I still want to share with y’all, so thanks for being interested in this trip 2 weeks later.  It’s just too good not to share!  Tybee is a throwback to the old days of a quaint beach town, before high rise condos took over so many of the beaches in the Southeast.  Tybee is unspoiled, uncluttered and just plain homey.  So, let me share some of the goodness on Tybee that I think you’ll enjoy too.

1.  The Beach

Tybee beach collage

Even though the Atlantic Ocean  has brownish sand, it’s still a very pretty beach.  Unspoiled, wide with lots of beauty to take in.  We met up with Dr. Joe one morning for a beach walk and he gave us some marine life information that was very interesting.

These moss covered rocks were too pretty not to shoot with my camera.  Greens and blues of nature are so soothing.

tybee beach boardwalk

Beach boardwalk going out to the water.

tybee beach grass

Sea oats

beach day

Our crew spent one afternoon on the beach, enjoying the sunshine.

2.  Seaside Sisters

Seaside sisters collage

Seaside Sisters is a cute shop with lots of vintage goodies packed inside.  Mary Kay Andrews has a booth there and we enjoyed a wine and Girl Scout cooking tasting at this adorable beach shop.


3.  Riding Bikes

riding bikes

One of the local bike shops, Tim’s Beach Gear provided bikes for all of us and we had the opportunity to explore the small island of Tybee by bike one afternoon and it was just plain fun!  This small island is only 1  mile wide by 3 miles long, so it’s easy to get around by bike.

Tybee cottages collage

And here’s the beauty awaiting when you ride bikes around Tybee.  So quaint with beautiful scenes everywhere.


dog in fence

This little cutie was barking at us as we came by their house.

tybee cottage

I couldn’t help but stop and snap pics as we went along.

tybee cottage 2

tybee cottage 3

tybee cottage 4

tybee dock (2)


4.  Good Restaurants

ajs dockside

The last night, we ate at AJ’s Dockside Restaurant, which was delicious and didn’t disappoint at all. We had heard good reviews from so many people.

Social club collage

Another wonderful spot on Tybee that we couldn’t get enough of was the Tybee Island Social Club.  Once we found it from some recommendations, we went back several times and had dinner, lunch and brunch.  Live music is there every night and it’s just the coolest little place to hang out.  The fish tacos are to die for!


5.  The Sunsets

tybee lighthouse sunset

And then there’s the sunsets!  Oh my, the glorious sunsets we saw on Tybee Island.  We were lucky enough to catch a couple of them and they were truly breathtaking.


sunset over tybee marsh

Coming across the marshes back from Savannah.

diane cottage

Our last evening, we were treated to a sunset dock party at Diane’s cottage on the water.  Diane is the manager of Mermaid Cottages and has the cutest place herself. That’s it at the end of the dock. We got there just as the sun was falling in the sky and the evening light was beautiful.  I forgot my big camera, so had to rely on my iphone, but these pics still turned out nice.

group on dock

Group shot of all the smiling folks who didn’t have to leave early.  Some of us had to leave a day early.


It was a little chilly but the sunset was worth waiting for. This is Diane’s screened porch on the dock, how cool is that?

boathouse inside

Inside the screened porch. She has a little twin bed in here too.

boathouse art

Boathouse art

adirondack chair

Rhoda dock 2


sunset dock

sunset tybee dock

sunset Tybee

sunset on Tybee dock sunset on dock

And that’s a wrap on a beautiful sunset at Tybee Island. Now I know you really want to go.  It’s hard to describe the charm of the island, but I think this really gives you a taste of what it’s all about.  I really can’t wait to go back!

- Rhoda


  1. Wish I didn’t have to be in the group that left early! I enjoyed the time there so much and your photos are just beautiful!

  2. Oh, Rhoda! After looking at all your beautiful pictures, I’ve decided Tybee Island is where I belong! It sure beats all the snow and ice around here.

    Several of your pictures would look great matted and framed. You certainly have an eye for beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It looks like a great place to spend some nice quiet time. Thanks for the great pics and info.

  4. Wonderful photos of a wonderful place! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of Tybee. Can’t wait for my trip there for spring break!

  5. I would absolutely love to go there. Must confess that a girl’s trip looks wonderful. 🙂

  6. Oh Rhoda, I NEED your leopard print coat! Just perfect for travel. Will you be a sweetie and let me know the brand so I can search for it online? Thank you.

    • HI, Rachel, the brand is Supply and Demand. My sister passed that coat on to me a couple years ago, so I have no idea where she got it.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! Your photos paint such a wonderful picture. Can’t wait to make plans to go to Tybee! Thanks again!

  8. Barbara Hagan says:

    Thanks so much for all the pictures of the fabulous girl weekend at Tybee!!! I enjoyed this “virtual trip” and that you covered “all the details” from cottage decor to restaurants to antique shops along the way. Ahhh… and the photos of Savannah were absolutely gorgeous…. you are a genius with the camera catching so many unique things and sites!!!! Great job, Rhoda!!! 🙂

  9. Rhoda,
    You sure did get some wonderful pictures of this charming beach town. Love Diane’s dock porch…could spend hours out there.


  10. I think I would find myself doing lots of walking on the beach enjoying the sunrises and sunsets….then shopping and house “gawking” in between!..

  11. Tybee Island is on my bucket list, been to Jekyll and others but must get to Tybee, thanks for the list of things to do.

  12. Just luvverly-definitely on the list, thank you for sharing.

  13. What a lovely place to dream about. Our children are so far away it’s very difficult to get together Tybee Island looks like the perfect place to dream about a gathering.

  14. Amber Emerson says:

    Just watched an episode of house hunters beach houses last night that featured Tybee Island. It made me think of you and your visit there. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Rhoda – you took some beautiful pictures! I can hardly wait for a trip there and also to try some of those restaurants, yum! Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  16. I love seeing all of the photos. Keep them coming. I would much rather see photos of beaches and beach houses than to think about cold weather.

  17. stephanie schmeling says:

    Thank you for sharing your awsome pictures. I think you should have some of these put on canvas!!!

  18. The Georgia barrier islands are all beautiful but Tybee is my favorite for R&R. No high rise condos, no strip malls – just a little laid back beach town with a boardwalk and the IGA!

  19. Malinda Clay says:

    So enjoyed looking at your pictures. And I agree with the post, a lot of these are frame worthy…especially the one of you in that coat!!! Put that on in a frame girl!!

  20. Rhoda, After meeting Mary Kay Andrews @ The Chapel Market AND through your cheerful recommendations too…I booked a reservation this morning with the Mermaids for the middle of May. I’m so excited and really looking forward to re-visting Tybee. Thanks so much for all of the pretty pictures as well as the great suggestions for things to do while we’re there.

  21. Awww, I definitely miss Tybee! We have a wedding to attend there in May and I can’t wait to get back there!

  22. Looks like a wonderful time! There is something so special about Savannah and Tybee! Makes me want to take another trip to the “MOTHERSHIP”… my name for Savannah!

  23. Thanks so much for sharing, I know my next trip to Savannah will include Tybee Island!! Someone I know went to Tybee and said nothing there?? I wonder what they were looking for , hehehe??! Looks wonderful to me and reminds me alittle of Sanibel Island in Fl.
    Paula -IN.

    p.s I like MaryKays necklace does she sell them at her shop?

  24. Rhoda, so glad I could be your model for all of these photos! haha! Seriously, though, a great recap!! Can’t wait to go back!!

  25. What a great picture of you!

  26. aussiebeachgirl says:

    Awesomeness! Am so pleased you put up all this info as it gives us another place to visit on our planned trip mid-year along the eastern seaboard! Feeling heaps inspired now, so thanks for sharing. heather x

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