Thrifting with Tyler and Kerry!

What happens when you gather about 50 people on a big bus and then the bus spends a whole Saturday visiting thriftstores and antiques stops?  A whole lot of fun, that’s for sure!  I joined up with Kerry and Tyler, two guys who know a thing or 2 about finding bargains here in Atlanta for a fun-filled day of thrifting, along with some of my blog friends.

It doesn’t get much better than than for those of us who love the thrill of the hunt.

We met up bright and early at Steve McKenzie’s in the Westside Design district a couple of Saturdays ago.  This thrifting adventure was also a charity event, raising money for Dwell With Dignity, a non-profit out of Dallas that helps bring beauty to less fortunate folks by improving their living conditions and surroundings.  I shared their first project here in Atlanta a couple months ago and they are planning another project in August.  I love being part of a worthy cause and this one certainly fits the bill.

thrifting bus

We all gathered in this plush ride from Buckhead Coach and enjoyed a day out and about in downtown Villa Rica, GA.  When I heard we were going to Villa Rica, I said….say what?  Who knew there were lots of thrift/antiques stores in Villa Rica, but there are.   I’ve lived here almost all my life and have to say, I have never been to downtown Villa Rica, a small town on the West side of Atlanta, going towards Birmingham on I-20.

kerry and tyler

Kerry and Tyler were our hosts, who were entertaining and informative.

on the bus

Lots of various people gathered on this bus and we all enjoyed the day.

julie and rhoda

My seat mate was Julie from Julie Montgomery Interiors and we had fun catching up.

last chance thrift

First stop was the Last Chance Thriftstore right off I-20, I think near Douglasville.  I didn’t find anything in here, but lots of folks did.

studio 22

Studio 22 in Douglasville was the next stop and they had some interesting things.

studio 22 2

kerry and rhoda

Kerry and I have been buds for several years now and he is always fun to hang out with.  His mother from SC came down for the thrifting adventure.

studio 22 sofa

Vintage sofa at Studio 22.

studio 22 trunk

studio 22 tole

studio 22 blue and white

studio 22 chairs

studio 22 armoire

I don’t remember the price on this antique French armoire, but it reminds me of mine, only bigger.

studio 22 chair

I really loved the lines of this old vintage chair.

studio 22 table

And I’m always a sucker for these barley twist tables.

studio 22 vintage planter

I only bought a couple of things that day and they were all 3 planters.  I really love vintage planters and I’m going to put some succulents in this one.  At $2, it was a bargain.

downtown villa rica

Next stop for the day was downtown Villa Rica.

born again thrift

There are several shops and a couple of restaurants in the downtown area.

two shirts thrift


Janes was an interesting vintage store and reminded me of an old jammed packed Woolworth’s. Lots of old things in here, but I didn’t find anything I had to have.  Tyler really seemed to like Janes.

janes 2

Fun to see the hand written signs in there.

janes 3

See what I mean, all sorts of “stuff” in Janes.

janes buttons

Including buttons and all kinds of craft supplies. A treasure trove of junk and I’m sure useful things too.

antiques hair shop

Annie’s Hair shop and antiques.  Only in the south can you buy furniture and get your hair done all in one stop.


Here’s the salon chair to prove it!


old huffy bike


boxed lunches

We had boxed lunches delivered at the local wine shop and enjoyed our sandwiches at leisure.

wine shop

This was a pretty stop with lots of things to look at too, including local art.

lunch at wine shop


villa rica

anothers treasure

My favorite store in Villa Rica was Another’s Treasure. They had lots of things to browse, including dishes and furniture and everything in between.

vintage typewriter

I think someone bought this old typewriter.

anothers treasure 2

vintage planter

And I bought this pretty aqua planter, along with another green one. I’ll get them all planted with succulents and put them on my porch.

tyler vintage trophey

Tyler found this cool mid-50’s trophy that he took home.

All in all, a very fun day with lots of kindred spirits who love thrifting and the thrill of the hunt like I do.  I just need a bigger house if I’m going to keep bringing things home.

They may end up doing another one of these thrifting tours, this one sold out pretty fast.  If they do, I’ll let you all know too!  I’m not sure I’d go back to downtown Villa Rica, since I have lots of good thriftstores and antiques shops around my area of town too, but it was fun for the day!

For some great ideas on updating your decor with paint, go over to Wayfair for a fun blogger slideshow.  My striped basket is on there and I’m sure you’ll get some other inspiring ideas too!

- Rhoda


  1. What a fun outing, Rhoda! And guess what? We have a beauty salon/antiques shop combo right here in our town, lol! I am drawn to the aqua vintage flower pots, just like you, and have a small collection (saving for that guest cottage or beach house).

  2. We often stop in Villa Rica to eat on our way between Decatur and Atlanta. We never go downtown but I want to now that I see this post. I loved the blue and white covered casserole dish and what a great price on it!! We have Hartselle Alabama near by which has lots of antique stores but I am always on the lookout for something new!!

  3. That looks like so much fun, Rhoda. How great to have someone deliver you to the best spots in town!

  4. What a fun day!

  5. Patricia says:

    I wanted to reach thru my computer screen and snatch up some of that great junk … um, vintage treasures. You have a better class of thrift stores in the south.

  6. Oh wow — can they schedule one of southern Louisiana? That would be awesome!!! I am so jealous. Thanks for sharing.

  7. How fun would that be!

  8. The trip itself is half the fun!
    I’m like you, as much time as I’ve spent around Atlanta, I’ve never been to Villa Rica! I’ll add it to my list of things to do before I get too old to move it and shake it!

  9. Julia G. says:

    Rhoda – I want to get on that bus!! What a fun day you had! I loved all the treasures to browse through. And Annie’s hair shop and antiques – a woman that multi-tasks!

  10. I want that French is beautiful. I have looked at the one you have several times and drool everytime!! I love it…

  11. Melinda Mehaffy says:

    I want someone to do this in Missouri!!!

  12. Rhoda,
    I love your blog. Yesterday, it made me cry. Today, I’m laughing at the comment about only in the south
    can you get your hair done and buy furniture in the same shop. So true. I grew up in Atlanta, but now
    live in Savannah. I’m guessing we are close in age. (Clarkston High, class of 75). I miss Atlanta, but I have
    become a part of the quirkiness that is Savannah. I hope to meet you one day. : )

    • Hi, Shay, I love your comment, thanks for stopping by! Yes, the South definitely has its quirks and Savannah has it’s own. Yes, class of 74! Thank you for reading!

  13. Rhoda, I can’t wait to head to Villa Rica. It’s less than an hour from me and I never knew there were so many great thrift stores. You’re always a wealth of inspiration and information!

  14. Cindy Hancock says:

    Love the Annie’s Hair Shop and Antiques! LOL Too funny!

  15. Rhoda, I have been reading your blog for many years & never commented even though I LOVE your taste & heart for FIT. The upstate of SC has been home for nearly 30 years though I grew up in metro Atlanta…in Douglasville! With family and friends there visits are frequent but I have never been to any of these thrifting spots. BUT, I am pretty sure the collection of ladderback chairs are the same group a childhood friend posted on Facebook as being for sale in her booth! AND, another friend will have his art shown this Saturday evening at the wine bar/gallery where you all lunched. So this blog post boggled my mind yet left me yearning to schedule a visit soon!

  16. Vonda Livingston says:

    I’ve never been to downtown Villa Rica either but I know exactly where it is and I lived in the Atlanta area 1/2 of my life.

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