Thrifty Treasures: Happy Father’s Day

I want to first wish my sweet Daddy a very happy Father’s Day.  He is my hero, still looks out for me and treats me like his baby, even though I’m middle-aged myself now.  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I hope you are all celebrating those special men in your life too.  We couldn’t make it without them.

This week is going to be crazy for me!  Haven starts on Wednesday and I will be the crazy lady running around trying to get everything together and hoping that those plans that we have worked on for an entire year will all come together and make for the most wonderful DIY/home conference that’s ever been held on the planet!  Too much to ask for? I don’t think so.  My wonderful team has really helped along the way and we are SO over the moon excited that Haven is finally here.   We have some fabulous sponsors and it’s truly going to be a dream come true for all of us who put this together.  I’m thrilled to be heading it up here in Atlanta and it just goes to show that if you dream something big enough, it can certainly happen with planning and hard work.  I’ll have some posts up, but probably not as many as usual. When I leave Haven on Saturday morning, I’ll then be heading to the Perimeter Mall area for a mini-college reunion just like we had last year.  I’m going to need a week to recuperate after all this fun and excitement, but that won’t happen either.  It will be right back to house renovations on that following Monday. One busy summer, that is me at the moment!

One note for next week:  I’m going to skip Thrifty Treasures next weekend, since I’m going to be so incredibly busy that week and will hardly have any computer time to prepare the party.  We’ll be back to the regular schedule 2 weeks from today.

So, on to Thrifty Treasures for this week!  You all are still finding some great things out there, the treasures keep rolling in week after week.

 1929 Charmer 10

I adore old chippy railing like this (and have one myself in black) and My 1929 Charmer found this one out thrifting, not sure how much it was, but it is a really cool piece.

A heartful Home 69

At $5 each, these dining chairs were a steal! A Heart-ful Home took home 5 of these for $20, one was broken and added to the others. Deal!

 Beaux Reves 54

This French inspired 3 seater bench was found by Beaux R’eves at an estate sale. At $160, it wasn’t dirt cheap, but a very good  bargain.

  dimples and tangles 61

I love gallery walls and Dimples & Tangles collected mirrors for her wall at thriftstores until she collected enough for a grouping.  Spray painting them all a cheerful green united them in her space and I like how whimsical they look on this corner of the hallway. meganbrooke 44

Another take on the gallery wall, using Goodwill mismatched frames, Megan Brooke Handmade put this eclectic mix together and I love how it turned out with the chippy door too.

liveloveDIY 24

What do a $7 Goodwill chair, $2 garage sale ottoman, and a $10 dropcloth have in common?  Live Love DIY put them all together for this attractive duo.   A makeover does wonders!

salvage collection 56

Here’s another adorable makeover from a really ugly $11 auction find to total cuteness from Salvage Collection.  I have one very similar to this waiting for a makeover too.  I’ll get to it one day!  Love the painted stenciled fabric she did on this one. Texas Treasurebox 67

This $20 champagne bucket found by Texas Treasure Box was a great find.  Can’t you see a colorful flower arrangement in this?  Lots of possibilities!

worthing court 39

Be still my heart!  Light fixtures always get my attention and Worthing Court picked this one up for $40 on Craiglist (love, love Craigslist!).  Not bad at all and these bamboo fixtures are all the rage right now.

So, what did YOU find this week? There are a TON of parties out there to highlight all your projects, so please let’s keep this one about thrifty finds that were bought 2nd hand! Not a great sale from the store, or a recipe, or just a plain project, but 2nd Hand finds only! And please DO NOT go back in your archives to OLD posts and link up. Let’s keep this party fresh and current! If you have already shared your find in a previous party, DON’T share it again! Please, girls, I don’t want to have to delete links.

  • Add your permalink to the link list, which is the actual post that you did for this party, NOT your general blog url. To get the actual post, after you publish the post, just click on the title and THAT will be your party post url. PLEASE try to get the correct url in the first time! :)
  •  Please add my button to your post or blog OR at least link back to this post in your post. That’s all I ask. It’s common courtesy to link back to the person having the party, so that all of your readers can find it too.
  •  Please do NOT link to an Etsy shop or something similar (even if you think it’s a fabulous deal) or I will delete the link. This party is for sharing thrifty finds from yardsales, thriftstores, or something along those lines. If I see that your post is not really on track with this theme AND you don’t link back, I’ll delete your link. Sorry, but I’d like to keep the party consistent! IF YOU SEE THAT YOUR LINK HAS BEEN DELETED, IT IS PROBABLY BECAUSE IT IS NOT IN LINE WITH THIS PARTY THEME.

 Again this year, I’ll be highlighting great finds from the party, so if you want your find highlighted, PLEASE link back to the party. Only those who link back will be considered for highlighting the next week. Thanks! SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

- Rhoda


  1. Wow, thank you for featuring my chair deal! 🙂 And thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party!

  2. Rhoda,

    Can I send a special happy father’s day to your dad too? He is one amazingly support and talented man! He’s helping you transform your home into a real treasure … adding so much architectural detail and old world style with all that board & batten and beautiful mouldings!

    Hope Haven goes off as planned. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to find The Golden Ticket … 🙁

    There’s always next year …


  3. Rhoda,
    Amazing that Coke is supporting our parks! I have a few in my town that could benefit from that grant. (and I just found the most fabulous french Coke crate at an estate sale the other day)!

    Hope you have a great father’s day with your dad! He’s amazing the way he’s helping you with your house!

    And that green mirror wall is amazing!

  4. Great features! I like your thrifting treasures party, Rhoda!

  5. Haven! here I come 🙂

    Love the mirrors and frames! Thanks for hosting!

    Give your awesome Dad a hug for me,

  6. thank you so much for the FABULOUS party! it is so greatly appreciated : ) hugs…

  7. Great features! I always enjoy seeing such inspiring ideas!

  8. Oh my, I’m in love with all those bright green frames. That’s quite beautiful! Things will go fine, Rhoda. You’ve worked hard. And it will show. Have yourself a good time now.

  9. Gina in S FL says

    Your sweet Dad has a place in all our hearts! Happy Father’s Day to a great example to all fathers. We are all a little jealous! Good luck at Haven. There with you in spirit!

  10. You are one busy woman! I wish so much I could come to Haven but my husband is retiring, and this is his last week. So — there are other considerations right now, but maybe next year?

    I will be watching the blogs for reports from the Front!

  11. Hi Rhoda, Thanks for hosting. Have fun at Haven. Wish I could go … can’t wait to hear all about it!

  12. Rhoda,

    I’ll have to check out the links and vote for some parks. Your dad is so cool! I’ve really enjoyed all the pictures of both him and your mom helping with the new house. I love that you include them on your blog. They sure must be so proud of all you have accomplished! Your new home is coming along great!

    Great thrifty picks this week! I love this party and hope I’ll have something to link up in 2 weeks. Enjoy the Haven conference! You’ve worked hard and I’m sure it will be a fantastic conference.

  13. Have a wonderful time at Haven. Looking forward to reading about your time there. Thanks for hosting and see you again in two weeks for Thrifty Treasures. I added Thrifted and Framed Vignettes this week.

  14. Thank you for all you’ve done to make Haven happen, Rhoda. If there is anything I can do to help, please give me a call or drop me an email!!! See you soon- woo-hoo! 🙂

  15. Thanks for hosting! Have a great time at Haven! It sure it’s going to be the most wonderful Diy conference ever held!

  16. Have a great time at Haven and will link up again in 2 weeks. Thanks for hosting.

  17. I am very touched by the way you greeted your dad. I have two angelic daughters myself and I will treat them like babies even they reach middle age. 🙂

  18. Hi! Just found you and am linking my new blog (and my great thrifty find!) Thank you for hosting-have a wonderful time at Haven!

  19. Hi Rhoda. Thank you for featuring my bamboo light fixture! I can’t wait to give it a makeover and hang it in it’s new space. Soooo wish I could have made it to Haven…maybe next year!


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