Top Reasons to Get a Meal Subscription

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Hey, friends!  I’m back today to talk about meal prepping and cooking and why it might be a good idea to get a meal subscription.  I’ve mentioned before that it’s sometimes daunting to get meals on the table every single day.  And it is.  But, it can be easier with a little bit of planning and prepping.  I love working with Blue Apron and always look forward to getting those meals in the mail, ready to prep, cook, and eat.

So, let’s look at that process again and I’ll tell you how easy it is to cook these meals.  Mark really enjoys them too! When I tell him a Blue Apron box is arriving, he is really happy about it.  I got two this week that I prepared and this meal was outstanding.

  • Blue Apron Delivers meals to your door.

Most of us really try to eat more healthy these days and to cook at home, am I right?  Eating out is very expensive and can add up fast.  We usually only eat out once or twice on the weekend, but the rest of our meals are eaten at home.  Coming up with new ideas constantly is something that always takes effort, as I’ve mentioned to you before.

With Blue Apron, all the ingredients are delivered to your door, with super fresh ingredients, in exactly the right amount for the recipe and so there’s no waste and buying things you don’t need.  If you have olive oil, salt and pepper in your kitchen, that’s all you need to get started with a Blue Apron meal.

  • Delicious Home Cooked Meals with the right proportions of ingredients, no waste. 

You can choose a 2 person plan or a 4 person plan and that’s the perfect amount for a delicious home cooked meal at home.  I love that they now have 8 recipes to choose from instead of 6, since I’m all about more choices.  I chose a beef dish and this Italian Style Shrimp and Sweet Peppers dish and we both loved it!   Prices start as low as $9.99 per serving.

See how fresh everything looks?  These ingredients are sourced farm fresh and packed up and delivered to your door in a refrigerated box, so if you happen to not be at home it will be fine for a few hours.

  • Prepared in 40 minutes or less.

There’s a little prep involved, but it’s nothing a home cook can’t handle, chopping and prepping for the  delicious chef designed meal you’ll be making.

This Italian pasta recipe called for a different pasta than I had ever heard of, Fregola Sarda Pasta. Ever heard of that one?  It was tiny little balls and I cooked them in water until the water was absorbed.

The shrimp cooked up fast and then I added the veggies and let them cook down a bit. This dish was really fast and the entire process took less than and hour and we were ready to sit down and eat.

  • Gets Me Out of my Meal Rut

I love the combination of flavors that are in these Blue Apron dishes, they force me out of my comfort zone into trying new things.  The other ingredient in this recipe that I had never had before was Verjus Blanc.  Any idea what that is? I had to Google it to find out that it’s…the tart, fresh juice of unripe wine grapes.  

Whatever it is, it was a delicious accent to this dish and we both loved it. Mark is a little bit picky when it comes to new things, but he raved about it too.

I’m at the point now after getting settled into our house that I’m going to pull the trigger myself and start a subscription with Blue Apron at least once or twice a month.  That will give me a break from grocery shopping and keep some healthy and delicious meals coming in.  We have so enjoyed our meals with Blue Apron and the more recipes I cook from them, the more I learn about how to cook new to me dishes.  At 500 to 800 calories per meal and 40 minutes or less for preparing, they are a good alternative if you’re looking to simplify your meal planning and cooking.

My goal is to eat healthier at home and since the cooking falls to me, I’m looking forward to getting more Blue Apron meals delivered to our house.  Cooking for two isn’t always easy, but Blue Apron makes it a snap.  We’re both very satisfied with our Blue Apron meals! They are always adding new meals and I love the variety that we have to choose from, from chicken, to pork, beef and fish dishes.

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- Rhoda


  1. It’s not something that has appealed to me. I am not a fan of grocery shopping, BUT, I do like to cook and I want to pick (see and feel!) my own ingredients. Especially meat. The veggies in your package do look very good and fresh! I usually cook about 4-5 meals a week, although a couple of those meals might be left-overs, or at least partial left-overs (usually the meat). We do eat out as we are pretty social and enjoy getting together with friends and on days I work (part-time) I will sometimes go with a co-worker, or meet a friend for lunch. I do see where you would try new things and get out of a meal rut though. I do plan my meals for the week and make out a grocery list, which does help.

    • Hey, Tina, that’s all good ideas. I try to cook at home 4 to 5 times a week too, but I do tend to get in a rut and cook the same things over and over. This definitely helps with that part.

  2. This year I signed up for Home Chef, (similar to Blue Apron) and my husband is THRILLED with the different meals we have. As you mentioned with the different pasta, we are trying new ingredients we have never had before and love the variety. I was so tired of menu planning and grocery shopping. The super fresh ingredients and meals are better than you can get in most restaurants. I am actually excited to cook again, so it is win win for us and very healthy as well.

  3. I tried the first of 3 meals tonight from a different company. A friend had recommended my name. Since the meals were free, I had nothing to lose! The meat and veggies were beautiful, and as you pointed out, it is a great way to get out of the cooking rut. The only downside I see is the cost. I know I can cook meals for much less. Occasionally, I might splurge for something different.

  4. Delores Clark says

    I have tried Blue Apron before and we really enjoyed the meals.

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