Dining Room

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Antique White

For more details on the evolution of the dining room, which went from red to cream, click here.   Moldings were added below the chairrail too for major updates.


  1. I love the wall shelves you picked for your dining room. I’ve been trying to find something similar, searching online for ‘mantel style wall shelves’, but I haven’t gotten many great results. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you purchase yours or how did you seek them out?



    • Hi, Brittany, those white shelves came from yardsales and I got a couple of them at Hobby Lobby. They have a nice selection of wall shelves in white, black & wood & they have them 1/2 price very often.

  2. Shelly Payne says:

    Love your blog…………….this Texas girl has just discovered blogs and I have a new obsession! Thanks for sharing your home and your wonderful ideas!

  3. Pat in Birmingham says:

    Love your blog…and your house! Am looking for shelves like the ones in your dining room. Where did you get yours?

  4. Pat in Birmingham says:

    Sorry, after I commented, I saw that you had already answered my question from another commenter. 🙂

  5. Hi! I was wondering where this rug came from? I love it and have been looking at something that I believe is similar to it. Is it durable? we use our dining room daily, we are both in school and the dining room table is large enough for us both to spread out and be together. I was also curious about your living room rug, it looks a bit softer (maybe our dogs would like it more). You’re house looks incredible I love it!

    • Hi, Elizabeth, that rug came from Overstock & is a seagrass rug with black border. They have great prices. Seagrass is rough on the feet, not really cozy, but it has a lot of great texture & worked great in the DR since we didn’t use it that much. The one in the LR is jute & also came from Overstock. It’s a lot softer, but I do think you have to worry about spills with jute. If it stains, you might not be able to get it out. But, they are good prices so you might want to give it a try. Both rugs are 8×10.

  6. thank you for the tour of your beautiful home. Comment on your dining room, it looks to be about the size of mine, might has french doors instead of window. I love yours, I am “stealing” the shelf idea! It is perfect for the main wall in the dining room. The drapes Perfection!!!! thank you, thank you for solving my problem room!!!

  7. I just love all your white dishes and the arrangements you’ve made with them!

  8. I have always wanted a red dining room and I know it is a classic. However, I recently decided to go soft and serene. Looking at your pictures only emphasizes my decision. Although my husband recently commented (after seeing his nephew’s home for the first time) that he would love to have “blank” walls, as in very few items on the wall, I feel I can get away with having items on the wall if they are more neutral. I feel we will use our dining room more often, if I am in love with the room. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dining room (from the old home) with us. Thank you for sharing all the rooms with us!

  9. Where did you get the rabbit on the dining table. Really love the entire room. Thanks, Barbara

  10. Hi Rhoda,

    Greetings from sunny Colorado! \(^o^)/ Your blog is fab and I love your decorating style. Recently, I have become obsessed (to the point of no return) with finding a pedestal table similar to the one you had in your Birmingham home dining room. Is that an antique? Can you tell me more about it, i.e. type of wood, possibly where you bought it, etc? Unfortunately, Denver lacks a bit in antique furniture stores, but thankfully I travel on business to Dallas and Austin just enough to get my BBQ and shopping fix in before I need an Intervention. :o) Thanks a bunch for your help!

  11. I love your style. I saw you mentioned your old dining room today. Well for one, your dining furniture is beautiful. I would not paint that hutch for the life of me, and I am all about painting furniture. The detail in the wood is oh too beautiful. I wish I could find a piece like that somewhere. I love your side board as well. I was thinking about painting my foyer and great room the color you painted your dining room. Everyone says do a tan, but that seems so bored and played out to me. Everyone does some shade of tan, and im over it!

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