Travel Tips: Organizing Your Suitcase

It’s probably no secret on my blog that I love to travel. Always have and probably always will.  Give me a destination and a time in mind to get on a plane or travel by car on a road trip and I’m in!  I love to go and  do new things and see new places. That’s just part of a fun and inspiring life for me and something I’ve always enjoyed.

Going on a trip requires packing a suitcase and I’ve gotten pretty good at that too over the years.  I travel even more now as a blogger and have been on some fabulous trips during my 10 years as a blogger, both blog trips and many personal trips as well.  Optimizing that suitcase to the fullest extent is always my goal when I’m packing for a trip.  I’ve learned how to pack for maximum efficiency and not to over pack, but I’ve found something else that helps even more than being organized.

Today, I’m sharing a new to me company called EzPacking and this post is sponsored by them.  It’s a family owned company with mother and son running the show.  The mom set out to solve a problem for her daughter moving across country and a business was born.

What is is, you ask?

Well, it’s a packing system that keeps your clothes sorted and organized and easy to pack inside your suitcase!  How genius is that?  EzPacking has come up with these nifty zippered packing cubes that fit everything you need to take on a trip in a highly organized fashion.

Each piece is specifically sized with certain things in mind for packing.  You can pack all your pants in one, tops in another, undies in a smaller cube, along with makeup necessities and jewelry.  I love that they are color coordinated too, so if you’re packing for family members, each can have their own color. How nice to get to your destination and know exactly which color is whose!  You can unpack from there, hanging up the clothes you want to keep wrinkle free and either unpack the rest or keep them in the cube for storage and to stay organized.

This is a shot above of the Complete Bundle that I received.   Notice the shoe bags and laundry bags, all of those come in handy if you’re packing for a larger family.

The Complete Bundle comes with:

2 Large cubes

2 Medium cubes

2 Small cubes

2 Extra Small cubes

1 Folding Duffle Bag

1 Folding Board (set of 3)

2 Shoe Bags

1 Laundry Bag

That’s a LOT of storage capacity!

Each Starter set has 1 Large, 1 Medium, 1 Small and 1 Extra Small Cube.  Think of the possibilities of packing with these sets!  The Starter set is great if you’re traveling solo and don’t have a big family to pack for.  You really can pack a lot of clothing in these cubes!

I normally only pack for 2 to 4 days at the max for most of my trips, so my carry on sized rolling suitcase is usually fine for a trip of this duration.  I can get a lot in that suitcase!  Packing things in the EzPacking system keeps it organized and ready to wear.

I was able to pack for at least 4 to 5 days in the Starter kit and it probably depends on which season of clothing you are packing, as Winter clothes may take up a bit more space than Summer clothing.

If you’re packing with family members, think how nice it would be to get to your destination, each person grabs his or her color and they are ready to unpack.  The clear packing cubes make it nice and easy to see what’s inside, so you don’t have to guess that part either.

Who wants their dirty shoes to touch their clean clothes? Not a great idea!

Shoes bags are also available from EzPacking and are included in the Complete Bundle.  The Folding board set of 3 gives nice instructions on how to fold your shirts to optimally fit inside the storage cubes.  How convenient would all of that be for a very long trip?  Nice, I think!  When you’re packing for 1 to 2 weeks, this set would be fantastic!  You can choose 2 colors in the Complete Bundle too to keep things separate for each person.

I love the extra small cube for my jewelry. Keeps it all organized and locked tight. With all the different sizes of cubes, there is a size for everything you need to pack for your trip.

The small cube holds all my makeup for a trip and keeps it nicely organized with no spills or worrying about anything getting on my clothes.

My carry on luggage is all I usually take on a trip and I can fit a lot in this little suitcase.  It’s so nice to have underwear in one cube, sweaters in another, and pants in another.  If you roll clothing instead of folding it all, it’s less likely to get wrinkled.

For a longer stay of one to 2 weeks or longer, a larger suitcase is in order and again, the EZ packing cubes keep everything organized and ready for travel.  The thing I like the best about their packing cubes is that you can travel together with family member and each person have their own color for keeping things separated.  I know I’ll use my packing cubes a lot while traveling on trips and the clear organizers make it so easy to see what’s inside.  If you pack carefully and utilize every inch of space, you should be able to pack for 2 weeks or more in the Complete bundle of EzPacking cubes.

Think about this.  What if you needed to lighten your suitcase that you’re checking and need to take something out.  Take out one or 2 cubes to lighten the load and you’re good to go.  Much easier than having a messy suitcase to have to rummage through if you’re looking for one particular thing.

I was very impressed with how these plastic zippered cubes are made, they are very sturdy and well put together for many years of use.  I thought that all of you would enjoy seeing this product too, so wanted to share with you today.

Check out the EzPacking website for lots more information on the system and costs.  I think you’ll love having these organizing cubes for your next trip too!

Note: This post is sponsored by EzPacking, but I used them in my own way. 


- Rhoda


  1. Cute and organized! Would you have bought these (with a 10% discount)? And how much is the cost?

    • Hey, Beth, I do think the Starter kit at $48 is a good way to start plus 10% off helps too. Plenty for one person to pack with. Then you could add a few other things if you wanted more, like the shoe bags or laundry bag. I love the little cubes for my makeup and jewelry and the larger one for underwear and other things.

  2. I have EzPacking cubes and adore them. Best quality and such a friendly, responsive family-run company.

  3. Rhoda, thanks for the packing tips! By the way, the link on the Ez Packing Website doesn’t seem to be working. It says, “The page you are looking for is not found.”

    • HI, Dianne, maybe try again. I just checked all the links and especially the one at the bottom that links to the discount page and they were all working for me.

  4. Would you please consider doing a post on the makeup that you use? I really enjoyed the lip gloss one the other day, but I see you also use It Cosmetics as well. I would be really interested in the products you use.

    • HI, Leslie, sure I can do another recap about those products. I’ll try to do that soon.

  5. Rhoda – – I travel about 75% of the time and always use cubes, so am happy to find a new resource.
    A comment on EZ Packing. They don’t allow you to apply more than 1 discount code. I went to their website and they were offering free shipping, which was a greater discount than the 10% off. I am sorry if you don’t receive a commission, but you should, as that is how I went to their website.

    • HI, Shannon, thanks for letting me, it’s OK that you took the other discount, I don’t mind at all.

  6. Rhoda, thanks for the packing tips! By the way, the link on the Ez Packing Website doesn’t seem to be working. It says, “The page you are looking for is not found.”hotels in Sarlat

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