Turning 60

1956 was a very good year. At least it was for me. This mid-century modern girl was born this day in 1956 which means that today is a milestone birthday for me and I turn 60. Sixty!

It just seems so unreal to me that I am 60 years old, but I thought I’d share my thoughts for those of you in the same boat, or older or younger but with similar feelings of what happened???? There are a lot of Baby Boomers in the world and we are a huge force, so I know I’m definitely not alone in these feelings of disbelief. We thought we would be young forever.


A little humor from the gym, I’ve got an Iron Grip on 60.

I remember when I was in my 30’s and thought ahead to when my sister and I would be older.  She’s 2 years older than me and I used to think about when we were in our 50’s and then into our 60’s, how would things be different and the same. I knew it would happen eventually, but it seemed to happen way too fast. I’m sure you all can relate to that too if you are close to my age or older.  Every decade seems to fly by that much faster as I’ve gotten older and it just seems impossible that I’m in the last quarter of life.  We are still so blessed to  have our parents at this age. So many of my friends have already lost one or both of their parents, with assisted living part of the picture for many of them. Getting older has all those difficulties as well as experiencing our own aging process.

My 50’s flew by.  I started this blog 2 months after I turned 50 and now here I am 10 years later.  It’s amazing that I’m still here, writing this blog but I still love it.  So many of you have been here with me all that time too and I’m so so grateful for that.  Y’all are amazing!  You’ve hung in there with me through all my trials and tribulations.  If you are new to my blog, you may not know my story and my blog story Part 5 shares a recap of that dismal time in my life and all that happened during that time.

In my personal life, I’ve gone through a painful and devastating divorce during those 10 years, reinventing myself in my mid-50’s and building this blog as my platform and business.  This blog is my baby.  It feels as if God handed me this gift on a silver platter.  I haven’t talked much about that terribly difficult time in the last 5 years, just because I wanted to move on from that pain and heartache.  Going public with a trial such as divorce is hard and humbling to put out there for the world to read, but the financial devastation was the worst.  It was the darkest and scariest time in my life that I hope to never go through again.  My ex husband is back in jail, as far as I know today.  I have not spoken to or had contact with him since our divorce and that’s been a good thing for me. I try not to dwell on the past, what’s done is done and I can’t change anything that happened now. Even though it was hard to move past such a devastating loss of everything financially, I had hope that things would eventually be better.  And they definitely are so much better, a complete turn around really, in a shorter time than I ever thought possible!  I’m in such a great place in life now.  I have forgiven and moved on in my life and I think that’s an important part of my healing and happiness.  I’ve learned some valuable lessons that I have taken with me into my future. I’m definitely older and wiser, yes with a few more scars, but in a very contented place.  Some lessons have to be learned the hard way, but learn them I did.

I hoped and dreamed it was possible and certainly didn’t know for sure that it would happen, but I have found love again.  We just celebrated one year of meeting and dating, my sweetheart and I and I could not be happier.  It’s the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been a part of.  We are looking towards the future and life together and it’s such a wonderful thing! Love makes life so much better and that’s another huge blessing in my life!

Having this blog has given me so much more confidence at this time in my life, given me something to cling to and be passionate about during these last 10 years.  I’ve changed and grown as a woman too and learned more about myself,  who I am deep inside, and what is important to me in life.  It’s helped me focus in on what I want the last part of my life to look like.  Family and loved ones are more meaningful to me than ever.  Chasing dreams is not that important anymore, although I still enjoy new and exciting things that come my way, but the people that mean the most to me are at the forefront.  I love my life and all that it envelops.

Here are a few things I am observing about turning 60 and what that means to me.  Maybe you can all relate too.


It’s Not As Bad as I Imagined

It’s really not as bad as I thought it would be.  Those birthdays ending in 0 are always a milestone, no matter what the number in front might be.  We can embrace aging and be happy and grateful for the gift of life or we can be sad and grumpy.  I choose to be grateful and happy.  My life is so good now at this point in my life and I’m a thankful person that God has blessed me so much.  He has blessed this blog tenfold and I am fully recovered from the painful financial devastation that I faced 5 years ago.  That’s a miracle in itself! If you’ve read my entire blog story, then you have seen the journey I’ve been on and how it all worked out.  To lose everything I had worked for except my furniture was such a hard loss, but now I have more than I could possibly ask for. There’s been such a happy ending to my story.  So, how can I be sad about turning 60?  It’s part of life and I will take another year gladly.  Another year to live my life to the fullest.  I pray for many more years to come, Lord willing!

One perk of senior life is that Senior discount!  Oh yeah!  I’ll take that every chance I get, at the movies or grocery store or anywhere that offers it.  Some at 55 and some at 60, but a perk is a perk.  Ha! And look what else I get to look forward to at 65….Medicare!

fashion over 50004

It Happens Faster Than You Think

It got here way faster than I could have imagined. When we are young, in our 20’s and 30’s, it feels like life is going to be a long, long road.  We just can’t imagine getting to 50 or 60 years of age, but for those of you who are younguns, it happens way faster than you will believe.  You will wake up one day and look at yourself in the mirror and say, how did my face change so much? You will pull out pictures of yourself and lament the fact that your face is not tight and fresh-faced like it once was.  Gravity will fail you.  Time and age will rob us of those things we took for granted in our youth, but it’s not the end of the world.  I will continually strive to look my best at whatever age I am, wrinkles and sagging and all.  So, you will continue to see and hear me talking about that on the blog.  Why not try to look our best?  It’s not that hard to stay current and fashionable and it sure makes me feel better about getting older.

fashion over 50008

Keep on Looking Your Best

I do feel pretty good about the way I look at this time of my life.  We all have to deal with aging and changing looks in some form.  Some deal with weight gain.  We all deal with gravity there’s no getting away from that fact and I’m not happy with that part either.  Skin is sagging all over the place and it’s not enjoyable to see.  That’s going to happen and there is nothing we can do about it. At this point, I have no plans to ever do plastic surgery.

It’s funny, a couple of years ago, I got a private Facebook message from a lady who said she had followed my blog off and on for years and was sad at what I had done to my face/eyes.  I was like, WHAT in the world?  I haven’t done anything to my face or eyes. I could use a little nip of the eyelids, but I’ve never done anything. The way she wrote it, it was obvious that she thought I had done some sort of plastic surgery.  I’ve never done anything like that!  I was a little offended that a perfect stranger felt the need to write me to tell me that when it wasn’t even true, but that’s what happens when you put yourself out there in a blog.  The more I talked back and forth to her the worse it got.  I finally gave up and thought, I don’t need to explain myself to you.  I don’t even know you. If I did decide to do it, I more than likely would admit it and probably blog about it (ha!), but I have not.  At this point, I choose to age as gracefully as I can, without surgery or botox.  No offense to anyone who chooses that route, but I’ll take what the good Lord gives me and be grateful every day for life and health.


Health Issues Will Happen

This year brought on high blood pressure medication for me.  There’s no real reason for me to have it, since I follow a pretty healthy lifestyle and am not overweight. It seems to be genetic.  My mom has it and my sister just started having problems with it too.  I’m on a low dose high blood pressure medication and may have to stay on it for the rest of my life. I’m not used to going to doctors often and sure not used to mediations!  This is my first time on anything like that, but it may not be the last.  I would love to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid doctors as much as possible, but if I need them, I’m very glad they are there.  I will keep going with my exercise routine and keep moving my body as much as possible.  I know that’s very important to aging gracefully and if we sit around and don’t get up and move, it will catch up with us in older age. I want to be like my parents and still doing pretty well at almost 90!

Aches and pains are part of life for me now.  My parents have said that they didn’t get achy until much later in life, but my sister and I are always talking about the fact that we both have aches and pains.  I have back issues that started 20 years ago, after I turned 40 and then later on hip issues that went along with it.  So, there’s that.  Not fun stuff, but we have to go on and make the best of aches and pains.  I do go to a chiropractor once a month and he’s helped me a lot.  I’m on several natural supplements that are helping my joints and bones (tumeric, coral calcium, niacin). I just don’t want to be one of those old ladies who constantly talks about her medical issues.  That won’t be me!  I’m sure in 10 more years, there will be more things to come, but I’ll deal with them.

By the way, whoever started the rumor that 60 is the new 40, they are wrong.  Nahhhh, it’s definitely not the new 40.  My body reminds me of that all the time.  40 was a piece of cake!  My generation definitely looks younger than our parents did at this same age, but it’s still 60.  No getting around that. Every decade will bring more changes, that is for sure. I’m sure when I turn 70, I’ll be shocked as well at how fast it gets here.

Haven Conference DIY Bloggers Atlanta Buckhead Grand Hyatt Event IMG_0226

Don’t Ever Stop Growing and Learning

I do want to continue learning and growing as a person.  The Haven Conference comes to mind.  What a great experience that has been and such a blessing too!  Starting that conference with those dear gals was the best thing ever.  That’s another huge blessing that God placed in my lap and allowed me to do 5 years ago.

Having a blog and being online definitely keeps me on my toes.  Writing this blog for 10 years has been so rewarding and fun, but also comes with challenges.  I’m continually having to learn new things and that’s not always easy for me.  I don’t grasp all the new techy things out there as easily as I once did.  I sometimes feel out of touch or left behind in the blog world, because it’s so fast paced and moving at lightening speed.  There is so much talent out there that it sometimes makes me wonder why I’m even still doing this.  But, I remind myself that there are readers like you out there who enjoy what I do, even if I am not churning out home renovation projects or DIY projects weekly or styling a room to perfection all the time. With all the perfection that is portrayed on blogs and social media, it can start to make me feel like I can’t keep up.  I get worn out thinking about all there is to do to stay ahead in this online world.  It flat wears me out sometimes!  But, I will keep going and sharing and doing what I can to stay current and relevant. I know that I just have to blog my way and not like everyone else, so that is what I do.  As down home and simple as it is, that’s me.  It makes me happy to know that you are all out there reading after all these years and we relate to each other.

You are my people!


family labor day008

Family Faith and Friends Are My Happy Place

As I grow older, my family becomes even more dear to me than ever.  They are the ones who stand by my side and love me no matter what.  We gather together as often as we can to enjoy each other.  We don’t know how much longer our parents will be here, so we cherish every birthday and holiday with them.  They have been the glue that holds our family together and we love them dearly.  Having those 2 baby girls in the family has livened us up so much and we are so enjoying this time of life and watching them grow.  I cherish my long time friends too.  They are special and dear to my heart and have supported me over the years.

I love blogging and this online place I get to hang out, but my real life is the most important thing to me.  I want to be present with my family, friends and loved ones.  I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!  I’m so happy and content and turning 60 will only make me more grateful for this thing called life that we have all been blessed with.  God made a beautiful world for us to enjoy and I want to continue to do that, traveling and seeing as much as I can before I get older and can’t travel anymore.  There is still so much I want to see and do and I’m ready for the next chapter!

The 60’s decade is when most people think about retiring.  I’ll keep blogging as long as it makes sense for me, but I just got my statement in from the Social Security office giving me an idea of what my retirement might look like.  I’ve been able to save a good chunk of money towards that, all because of the success of this blog and I’m SO grateful for that.  I haven’t had to worry about money one single day since all of that mess happened over 5 years ago, that’s how much God has blessed my blog and efforts.

I thank the Lord for blessing me SO much these last few years and really rescuing me from a devastating situation. Some days I can’t believe all the changes that have happened in the last 5 years, but I’m grateful every day for the blessings He has bestowed upon me.

Thank YOU ALL for being here all these years and for your love, encouragement and support.  I get periodic emails from many of you that mean the world to me.  People don’t comment as much on blogs as they used to, because we are all so busy and there is so much distraction out there in blog world, but I know you are out there and that makes me so happy, so thank you again for taking the time to come by my little spot on the internet!  You are the BEST readers in the world!  If you are a new reader, welcome and thank you!

So, as I celebrate my 60th today with y’all, here’s to the next decade! I’m ready for it, I think!

- Rhoda


  1. Happy, happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with joy, love and much happiness! 60 looks fabulous on you! Thank you for sharing yourself, your home and your family.

  2. Have a wonderful birthday! You look fabulous!

  3. Carol-Anne Powell says:

    As one of your original readers, I think you deserve all the success you’ve had! It’s because you continue to try to grow & adapt, both in content and style.

    Happy Birthday!

    (It’s the video of your family cooking that blasts every couple of times I visit your blog).

  4. Happy Birthday Rhoda!! I don’t comment very often, but I check your blog almost daily. I’m 14 years younger than you, and you are so much more “current” than me-ha! I love that your priorities-faith and family-always shine through. May the dear Lord bless and keep you and may His love and blessings continue to rain down upon you. Thank you for creating a happy space for your readers. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing. So happy you’ve found love again! You two looked great all dressed up the other day. I’ve been following you for a very long time and look forward to many more stories in the years to come.

  6. Happy birthday Rhoda, may you continue to experience God’s blessings in the years ahead. You have come a long way in the past five years! Wishing you all the best!

  7. Karen Hamilton says:

    Happy Birthday!!! May it be a great year. Tomorrow I turn 69…yikes. One more year and it’s the big 70.
    Loved reading your insights; I, too, am so thankful for the goodness of our dear Lord and the family and friends He has blessed me with.
    I’m so happy for your special guy; he definitely puts a sparkle in your eye…and you in his. Cherish each day. Happy birthday, Merry Christmas…always choose joy.

  8. You are such a breath of fresh air in the blogging community, Rhoda. I can relate to you in more ways than I’ve ever openly discussed. May God continue to bless you in the years to come. Happy Birthday, and I’m looking forward to traveling with you on your next journey around the sun! I’ll share that milestone birthday with you in just six short months!

  9. Happy, happy birthday! You are one special lady! I hope you will be around here on blogland a long time so we can keep up with all of your sweet stories and beautiful home – and maybe one day – a wedding? Lol! That would be wonderful! I found you about 5 years ago, right before you moved back to Georgia – and your Christian life is totally inspiring! You have done it well!

  10. Diane Dahl says:

    I hope you have a wonderful day! I enjoy your blog and we have even met a couple times at Country Living Fair. Happy birthday!

  11. Myra Hargrave says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!! I have been following your blog since the beginning and I do so admire you. I am 69 and I’m thinking about retiring, but love what I do and the people I work with. I believe it keeps me young!! Blessings to you and many happy returns of this day!!

  12. Andrea Corley says:

    Happy Birthday Rhoda! Your blog is always encouraging and up-lifting. I celebrate with you today and know God will continue to use you and this blog to bless others! Thanks for your friendship and all you to to help us in every area from decorating to dressing (over 50). Look forward to seeing you soon!

  13. I just adore you! You have been such a beacon of light to me over the past 6 years that we’ve shared in blogging. I love the way you do life and your voice and presence through this blog has continually reminded me to focus on what is important personally and professionally.

    I am so delighted for you and the many blessings you have experienced. I pray there will be many more to come as you enter this new decade.

    Happy, happy birthday, dear Rhoda!

    p.s. you wear 60 well!

  14. Mary Sturgeon says:

    Happy Birthday ?????! Love these written words!!!! Enjoy your day!

  15. Monica Converse says:

    You continue to inspire me! I wish you the happiest of birthdays – and may your new year be filled with happiness and good health!

  16. Dinelle Hunsberger says:

    Happy Birthday to you – hope your day is great.

  17. Beautiful post. Happy birthday!

  18. Happy birthday, Rhoda!!! You look fabulous at 60! Time has been good to you!! Have a wonderful day!! I continue to enjoy reading your blog – I feel like I’ve known you forever!!

  19. Happy Birthday! I agree you look amazing and your story is an inspiration to us all! I am 57 and a faithful reader and I hope you keep blogging .

  20. Happy Birthday! Everything you wrote about is so true. I turned 60 earlier in the year and of all my B-days this one hit me the hardest. When I read what you said that lady said on FB about your eyes, the first thing I thought of was that she thought how youthful you looked and thought you must have done plastic surgery, I took it as a compliment, but you are right, you owe her no explanation. Have a wonderful B-day!

    • Hey, Cheri, you’re right, it could be taken as a compliment, but the way it was written just didn’t sound like it.

  21. Happy Birthday dear Rhoda. Today is my birthday also, I am 54. I am feeling a big sense of peace this morning and I am thankful you are too!!

  22. happy birthday Rhoda. love you!

  23. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the years fly by, Rhoda? Absolutely incredible. But I am glad that these last few years of my life have included knowing you!! You are a lovely, gracious woman, and I am grateful to count you as a friend. I wish you lived right next door to me here in Durham, but I’m thankful that blogging has “shrunk” our world enough that you DO live next door in a metaphorical sense!

    I pray that God will continue to bless you richly, pouring heaps of goodness upon you from His unending storehouse of every good thing. Bless you, my friend, and here’s to many more years!

  24. Happy Birthday, Rhoda! We are birthday twins! I am 49 today. I love reading your blog and enjoy hearing about your family. Have a wonderful day!

  25. I’m 38, and I’ve been a reader from the start! Wow, does 10 years fly! I’ve always admired your style, and I don’t plan on abandoning your blog anytime soon ;)! Sometimes as a reader, I also feel behind with fast paced, “perfect” blogs. Who has time for all that?!? Keep up the good work, enjoy what God has blessed you with, and keep inspiring others! Happy birthday!

  26. Happy birthday!!! You are really an inspiration. To hear about the tough times you have gone through and to see how God brought you through it, is an encouragement to us all. Thank you for sharing your story.

  27. Happy Birthday! I am relatively new to your blog and I love it! I am 61 years old and have survived a cancer scare and a few other health issues. It is refreshing to read your blog. I admire your love of family and the way you live your life. Keep blogging!

  28. Such wise observations, Rhoda and all very true. At 61, I’m right there with you. How did I get to be this old so quickly! But, I really don’t feel old inside. However, I can’t work in the garden as long as I used to, which is the biggest hint that I’m older. I just take a break with my husband in the shade, we chat awhile, and then back to work so maybe this is actually better than pushing to get a task done. Happy birthday Rhoda, enjoy.

  29. Angelyn Harber says:

    Happy 60th Rhoda! I’m approaching 55 in a few weeks, and was feeling a little down about it. Your post reminded me of what’s important. Thank-you! Hope you have a great day and year!

  30. Happy Birthday. Nothing any sweeter than the Lord first and your family second. Just think how good the Lord has been to give you every day of your life and a new love to walk through this life with….take care and enjoy each other. God Bless

  31. Buffie Baril says:

    Wishing you a super blessed birthday Rhoda! You are an inspiration to so many of us and make 60 look beautiful in every way. We all pray God gives you many more healthy years to serve Him and inspire us all from decorating to aging gracefully to honoring our family! 🙂

  32. Happy and blessed birthday! I so enjoy spending a few minute with you every day. You are so genuine and such an inspiration. I hope today and the next year bring you abundant blessings and all the happiness you deserve! And ROLL TIDE!

    • Yes, Carrie, a big ROLL TIDE!! We have been watching those games together, my honey and I, since he too is an AL fan!

  33. Happy Birthday Rhoda! From the ripe old age of 71, I agree with you that learning and growing are the best and truly make life wonderful. Enjoy your age!

  34. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your heart and family with us all. I turn 60 in March and can relate. Praying will bless you abundantly on your special day.

  35. Judy Clark says:

    Happy Birthday Friend!

    I am blessed to know you. God has truly blessed you and brought you out of despair. I pray that days ahead will be filled with much joy and happiness for you.


  36. Happy Happy Birthday Rhoda!

    I’ve been reading your blog since the very beginning and you’ve always amazed me. I’m so proud of you for being true to yourself over the years. I’m proud of you for reinventing and recovering after your divorce. I’m happy that you are a role model for so many people who accept getting older as getting old. You are proof that we never have to become idle or stop learning and growing.

    Wishing you the very best for yourself and your family..including that boyfriend of yours. 😉

  37. Thanks for sharing your heart with us these past 10 years!! I am honored to call you “friend”. Hope 60 is an amazing year for you!! Love you!!

  38. Happy Birthday and as a long time blog reader – please continue writing as long as you are able. Hug your parents from us virtual readers and enjoy your special day.

  39. Happy, Happy Birthday! I love your attitude!

    I’m a little behind you, I turned 50 in November.

    I have enjoyed your blog from the beginning. I follow on FB and check in every so often.

    I wish you a wonderful 60th year and continued health and success.

  40. Jean Kastanek says:

    Ditto to all that’s been said so far. I recently decided I didn’t need to access so many blogs, so I unsubscribed to many of them and kept two, one of which was yours. I too feel a connection to you, and love your posts about fashion for us “oldsters”. I will turn 69 on Christmas Eve, and I’m going to celebrate it just as I’ve celebrated my other birthdays, with gusto and hope for the future. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  41. Happy Birthday! I love your attitude and your blog.

  42. Happy Birthday to such a beautiful lady!

  43. Julie Schaal says:

    You’re so sweet! Cheering you on!

  44. Marie Claire says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been reading your blog since just before your divorce, and I’ve come to appreciate just how professional and personable you are with your readers! Even when you go out of town, you make sure that your readers continue to have something to read each day while you’re gone.

    Thanks for a great post. I think that your dad sould get an especially big shout out for all of the help he gave you those first few years you were on your own and needed help with your house. He’s a gem.

    Marie Claire

    • HI, Marie Claire, thanks so much and yes, my dad and mom are very special people and I couldn’t have made it without their help. Especially my dad helping me renovate this house.

  45. Happy Birthday Rhoda! I’m sure glad you are continuing to blog! This was a wonderful reflection on where your life has been and where you are going. I love coming to your blog because I can relate to the things you are talking about. I love that you share so much of yourself and your family. Our lives and our homes sure aren’t picture perfect and there is so much to be grateful for! You’ll always find something interesting and wonderful to blog about. So happy that you found love again too! Have a fabulous day celebrating you!

  46. Theresa Cupit says:

    Happy birthday! I look forward to reading your blog and love the “real” that you include in it. I especially like that you are close to your family and it shows. I live where we have the commercials of the law firm where Lauren works on our local channels. Every time it comes on, I feel like I know a “celebrity.” May the good Lord continue to bless and keep you!

  47. Dear Rhoda,
    Thank you for sharing from your heart with us. That is one of the many reasons you have such a following. You are real with us! And by sharing your pain, we are encouraged as we see your happiness and success and are hopeful that we, too, can bounce back from very difficult times. So…we go way back to the school bus our junior year in high school. I was the new girl and you were so sweet and thoughtful. Even though we have been distanced a few times over the past 44 years, our hearts have stayed connected. Now we find ourselves at this milestone. What? How did this happen? You are a great example of a godly woman of strength growing older gracefully! You give God the glory for every good and perfect gift you have and and this is an inspiration to your readers. I look forward to what the next decade holds for you and me. I see lasting love for you and am so happy for you and Mark as you enjoy this stage of life together. Just know that when I write my book titled “Getting a Second Wind in the Marathon of Life” your story will be the first chapter. Thank you for your friendship over the years. I love and appreciate you my friend! Vic

    • I forgot to wish you a very Happy Birthday! May it be filled with wonderful memories and hope for an even brighter future. To God be the Glory, Great Things He has Done! Vic

    • Thank you my sweet friend, Vicki! We have been through so much life together and you are like a sister to me. I love that we have celebrated so many years together and will celebrate your 60th next week!

    • Anise Butler says:

      I love that book title, Vicki! I’ve heard finding the right title is one of the hardest parts of writing a book so you are half-way there.

  48. Happy Birthday! I am new to your blog and love it. I am 56 and all things to talk about I find so true. I have the same philosophy regarding taking care of myself and being the best I can be naturally. It is what it is, and I am who I am. I’m glad to be a new follower! Peace! Cheryl

  49. Happy Birthday Rhoda.
    That was a wonderful heartfelt post. You are right that people don’t comment as much these days. That being me:(
    However, I love popping in and reading my blogs. You look great at 60 and I believe every year is a gift. They do come much quicker these days for sure. 60 is knocking for me. I hope I can pull it off as well as you have.

  50. Rhoda you are the perfect poster girl for turning 60. It seems impossible to type those words when I think of you. You are such an inspiration. You are stunningly beautiful both inside and out. May this new decade be your best yet! Happy, happy birthday!!!

  51. Happy Birthday Rhoda. i agree with you about aging. it is important to take care of yourself, press on, learn new things and appreciate all God has taught you, putting that wisdom to good use. I will be 62 in May and I really think I look better and feel better than i did at 52.

  52. Happy Birthday!! Every birthday needs to celebrated; what a gift it is. I also turned 60th this year and I remember a friend telling me “My mother told me that OLD is when you have a child on Social Security.” Enjoy every minute.

  53. Happy Birthday Rhoda! I’ll join the rest of the posters in saying that you wear it well! I subscribe to only a few blogs that I read faithfully, and yours is one of them! Now I know why. In 20 days I turn 60, my sister is two years older than me and, up until August of this year, I spent my time loving up her 8 grandchildren like they were my own. I love being their Auntie Wen!! But this year was special as my little Grandbaby Cole was born on August 18…God is good! I’m divorced, and have started over with my own little house too! Re-invented myself by going back to school, not once, but twice! Graduated as a library technician in 2012 and after working in the newspaper business for 12 years I have been working in a library for 14 1/2! No new love, but I count my blessings for sure! Hope to get my new blog up and running soon and when I do I hope you’ll stop by…till then, Happy Birthday Rhoda! And blessings for the coming year!!

  54. A very happy birthday to you, Rhoda. I’ve been following your blog since I first came across it several years ago – not from the beginning, but long enough to know it is a valuable resource to me and your other readers. You are, and continue to be, an inspiration for living a purposeful life, for dealing with serious difficulties and for essentially demonstrating that women can re-invent yourself and your life at any age. I’m just a few years older, and I feel that there is so much more to experience and enjoy and your 60s aren’t that different than the decade before. The years do seem to fly by so much faster as we get older, but knowing that makes us appreciate life so much more, and appreciate having interesting, engaging and inspiring people like you to follow on your blog as you share your world with us so gracefully.

    Have a lovely birthday and many more beyond!

  55. Happy Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration!

  56. Doris Self says:

    Rhoda, You look mighty good for a 60 year old. I enjoy your blog so much. I remember when you posted once a week and I am so glad you post everyday now.
    Happy Birthday!!

  57. Happy Birthday Rhoda! It will be so interesting to see what the 60’s will bring but I bet it will be fun! I will be 60 in a few months too. I don’t understand it when I hear people saying “Oh, I am dreading turning 30,or 40,or 50 or 60.” These are years that have been given to us and we need to live them to the fullest and be grateful for another year. I enjoy your blog so much because you feature so many different things other than decorating. To me, that is what keeps me coming back. And of course, I love your sweet Mama and Daddy and the posts they are included in. Wishing you a Merry Christmas too! Your faithful reader from Hampton, GA.

  58. You are now a member of the 60 club, as I am! I went on a cruise in April with two of my childhood friends to celebrate our turning 60 this year. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for that fun and special time. You are an inspiration to me. You tackle home improvement projects, you travel, you take care of yourself and you value and cherish your family. I am so happy that you are in a good place now and look forward to reading your blog for many years to come. Happiest Birthday to my hero!

  59. Maria Trunzo says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! I just turned 70 & waking up to this age was an eye opener, plus celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary was included in this year. With God’s blessing I am still waking up & functioning. Yes, the aches & pains do continue, but these do let me know if am alive. Lol.
    Love your blog. I read it with my morning coffee. Also, have a blessed & wonderful Christmas.
    Maria Trunzo

  60. Sweet Rhoda, wishing you a wonderful birthday! If I look anything like you at 60, I’d be blessed. You looks so much younger. Hope today feels super special, because you are special.

    Greetings from NY,

  61. I turn 60 in February and was dreading it. After reading your blog I need to realize it is all in the way we decide to look at it. I’ll take your view. Thanks for reminding me of all I have to be thankful for, and how much life there is left to live!! Love your blog and your positive and uplifting message!

  62. Marianne A. says:

    Happy birthday!! Keep doing you! It’s what you do best and what your readers (myself included) love the most! Your blog is definitively one of my favorites!!

  63. Happy Birthday Rhoda – I am not far behind you…you are truly an inspiration to us all. XO

  64. Praying you have a blessed birthday! What an awesome God we serve…who takes our heart aches and turns them into new beginnings better than we could ever expect or hope for!

  65. Linda Gilbrech says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your post today. You are a lovely, courageous woman and you should feel so good about how you have come through the bad times and grown so much. By the way, LOVE the fresh faced photo at the gym. You are great at 60!

  66. Happy Birthday Rhoda……I’ve been a long time follower and your story has been an inspiration that the hard stuff of life is ALWAYS preparation for the blessings of God if we will accept what He has allowed with open hands and hearts and learn to trust Him no matter what! God bless your day with many awesome surprises!

    • Thank you, Toni, you are so right. I had no idea where my story would end when I was going through all that mess, but God is so faithful and has brought me further than I ever dreamed in 5 years.

  67. Rhoda, Wonderful post. I turned 66 this year and I can relate to so much of what you said. My family are so so important to me. The year between my 60th and 61st birthdays I went through an illness and almost didn’t make it. Today I appreciate everyday, the fact that I am breathing and walking (was in a wheelchair for awhile)–I have even hiked a few mountains-literally!!!. It really is the small things in life that are the big things. I thank God for everyday. I enjoy your blog daily and the fact that you seem “real” and don’t have to be perfect. Your parents remind me of mine–my Dad is still living and will be 91 soon. Thank you for adding some pleasure to my life daily and I pray you have many many more years of happiness.

    • Thank you, Brenda, so happy that you have recovered from your illness. It is the small things in life that bring us the most happiness. And yes, indeed I am real and down to earth just like all of you!

  68. Rhoda, I am wishing you the best birthday ever. I so relate to everything you said, I turned 63 in October, and I often wonder how did this happen so quick. I so loved reading about your perspective on aging. Many blessings for a wonderful new decade! God is faithful!

  69. happy birthday! i hope this is a wonderful year for you.

  70. Happy Birthday!

  71. Happiest birthdays to you!! You are such an inspiration! May the Lord continue to bless!

  72. Happy 60th Birthday Rhoda, or as Dolly Parton would say ‘I’m not sixty, I’m “sexty!!”. I just found your blog this year and its been a joy in my everyday life. I love you positive attitude, style, and kindness. May this year be your happiest yet!!

  73. Happy 60th birthday Rhoda! Your blog is one of my favorites and I’ve been reading for several years. I love your style and keeping up with your family. Have a wonderful day!

  74. Happy, Happy Birthday Rhoda!! I hope you enjoy YOUR day!
    Keep living each and every moment to the fullest!!

    When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and I could say, “I used everything that you gave me.”
    – Erma Bombeck

    I enjoy your blog so much! Looking forward to another decade 🙂
    God bless you!!

  75. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Happy Birthday, Rhoda! Hoping that you are blessed beyond measure!

  76. Happy Birthday! You look fabulous! I am 53 and keep saying the years fly by faster and faster with each year. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog- for more than 7 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I found you! I don’t comment very often- seems there has to be a quicker way to do it- but I did want to wish you well in your new decade! You make it look good! Btw- I can’t wait to see where your relationship goes(perhaps to the altar?)

  77. Happy Birthday to a lovely lady! I read you every day, to be honest I have thought about how would you support yourself as you got older, not to be snoopy but caring ….I am so happy you made the comments you did about finances??????

  78. Happy 60th Birthday Rhoda! I’m right there just a tad ahead of you….turned 60 in May 2016. I especially enjoy your Blog BECAUSE you’re older like me and much of what you blog about is what I’m interested in. I LOVE many many of the other young bloggers too though because theirs gives me an eye into a different world. Hope you have a wonderful day/ and year and continue to blog for a long long time.

  79. Happy Birthday to you! I am a longtime reader and I can only hope to be as fit and healthy as you at 60…you are an inspiration.

  80. Jennifer Kenrick says:

    Happy Birthday. You’re blog is such and inspiration to me!

  81. Rhoda, I am a long time reader who has never commented before but I wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays and continued success and joy in your life! You are inspirational to many people and as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside! May God continue to bless you and your dear family.

  82. Harriet McMillan says:

    I turned 60 in May of this year. This one was a hard birthday for me. I certainly don’t feel any older other than a few new aches and pains and I too have some health issues that are to be expected as we age, nothing serious though. But I’m 60? Where did the time go?
    I do want to say you are an inspiration. I love your blog and have followed it the past few years. I enjoyed watching the renovation of your home and I do love your fashion posts very much for us “mature” women and enjoy the posts about your family. Keep up the good work.
    Happy Birthday and I do hope you have a very special day of celebration!

  83. Happy Birthday Rhoda!! Thank you for being an inspiration for women of ALL ages! Here’s to 60 more years of health and happiness!

  84. I turned 81 this year and am still working in scientific research 40 hours a week. To have been able to find a place in this world where I was hired for my ability to think and not how I looked makes me humble with gratitude. I wear jeans to work, no make up and no jewelry. For a women to be able to over come the appearance issue and concentrate on substance is rare. Even though I hold a doctorate it was no guarantee of success. Success is being able to make a significant contribution in one’s chosen profession. No face lift, no boob job is going to generate more than passing attention. There is always going to be someone better at it. So as the sweet young things became matrons I made a name for myself, generated respect from my colleagues and for myself. In the end, substance will always win over style.

    • Wow, that is certainly admirable. I can’t imagine working 40 hours a week after I turn 80! I barely have the energy now to even think about getting out to a Corporate job at my age now. I’m so thankful I get to work for myself at home, but kudos to you for still going strong and using your intellect for good things!

  85. Happy Birthday, Rhoda! December 6 is an important day for me as well, as I was born on this day in 1962 and am celebrating 54 years today. How right you are that time does go quickly, and just how did we get here so fast?! Life is good, and I am enjoying the little things at this point also. God bless, and enjoy your special day!

  86. Happy Birthday, Rhoda! You give me hope that someday I will find a good man to share my life with. Congrats on turning 60!

  87. Happy Birthday! Forgiving, forgetting, and moving forward helps bring peace to the soul. You look as though you are sparkling. Keep your positive attitude, and enjoy your special day.

  88. Happy birthday, Rhoda! You are a fabulous looking 60 year old! I will be 70 on my next birthday. Like you I wonder how that can be but I am grateful to still be here. My dad died at 48 and my mother at 65. My older brother died at 68. I have major spine issues which required major surgeries both as a child and as a 55 year old. But I am still here and still up on my feet, going and doing. I exercise using water aerobics. I come home achy but I firmly believe that the exercise is what enables me to keep on keeping on. BTW, yours is my favorite blog. I am not interested in DIY projects or decorating every square inch of my house and I tend to skim over those blogs. I know that bloggers have to make money but I quit reading bloggers who only write about using a sponsors’ product. Your blog has more substance than that. I love that you share your family activities with us. I loved that you invited us into your lovely home and my hubby and I got to meet those amazing parents of yours. I would love to go on some of your trips just because I love the beach so much. You regularly blog about real life and I like that. Keep on going Energizer Bunny!

    • Thank you, Carol Ann! I am so happy you came to my open house, y’all were so sweet. I appreciate your kind words and I’ll keep on blogging the way I have been, it’s what has worked for me and the only way I know how to do it.

  89. I’m a few months ahead of you so welcome to 60! Or as I like to call it triple 20! You are only as old as you feel.

  90. Happy 60th to you! I have 4 years on you! I have followed your blog for most of the 10 years you have been writing it. I love your decorating ideas and have had fun watching your house become the beautiful place it is. I loved when you started the Wednesday fashion posts. All in all, I am a fan! Here’s to many more years of living a happy life and writing a great blog!

  91. Happy happy birthday!!! Love your blog and always stay true to yourself!! Many you be blessed with many more birthdays!

  92. Happy 60th birthday to you Rhoda!! I can definitely relate!

  93. Edith Weldon says:

    Wishing you a wondrous birthday today! Turning 60 is wonderful and I so love your attitude and your blog!! I have been a fan of yours for years and praise God daily for your transparency in this blog for others! Truly your are inspirational for all! I especially am grateful that you acknowledge your family, friends and special honey in your life as well as God! Your are so warm and relateable for all of us! I so adore all of your blog and look forward to it daily. Welcome to the 60-s club!

  94. Barbara H. says:

    Great post, Rhoda! I don’t comment often but I enjoyed your thoughtful reflection on the years gone by and the years to come. I’ll be turning 70 next summer – can’t even imagine it and it’s scary to think how quickly it will turn to 80. Enjoy this year – I know you count your blessings every day. Happy birthday!

  95. Happy birthday, Rhoda! Great post and yes, I agree that 60 is not the new 40 or 50. It’s 60 but when you don’t feel (or, in your case, look) like you are in your 60s, it can be a shock sometimes to look in the mirror or have a younger person think you are incapable of doing something (like lifting your own groceries, for goodness sake) because of your age. Enjoy your day and I am happy for you that you have come far, far away from that devastating time in your life.

  96. Happy birthday!
    The joy is definitely in the journey and you’ve been part of mine for 6 years.
    You are a role model to me who was 44 when I began reading. You were in your 50’s and now, so am I. You share so honestly that it’s hard not to consider you a friend. You are a beacon of hope!

    • Thank you so much, Gina! I know you have been around for a long time with me and I’m very happy about that. You all keep me going!

  97. Rhoda, you are just as lovely today as you were when you started your blog. A very Happy Birthday to you. I admire you so much, look at all you have been through good and bad and you have come up on top! 60 looks great on you!

  98. Happy birthday. I hope it was a special day. I turned 70 this year. I haven’t embraced it yet! Ha! These milestone birthdays do make you ponder about life. I’m blessed beyond measure with a great husband of 52 years, two beautiful daughters and 4 grandchildren. But I do have a lot of chronic health issues. I’m still adjusting to my new normal of what I can and can’t do.

  99. Happy Birthday, Rhoda. You are such a blessing and inspiration to me and so many. I’ve been a follower for several years and mention you often enough that my hobby of 59 years knows who Imam talking about. I probably am one of your oldest followers at 82. Love your dear parents and family….nothing more important than faith and family. Blessing to you with many more healthy and happy birthdays.

  100. Happy Birthday! This was an especially inspiring post. It really is interesting to think of the journey you’ve had. May God continue to richly bless you.

  101. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading your thoughts! This month will be my 70th birthday. It goes so fast. Enjoy every minute!

  102. Rhoda,Happy Birthday. You took lemons and made lemonade. (You made it look easy,but I know it wasn’t). Thank you for keeping it real. Hope you and Sweetie have a long life together. Sexy at sixty!!!!!!

  103. Wishing you a wonderful day! You look amazing x

  104. Happy Birthday again to you Rhoda! You truly are an inspiration not only in our blogging community but to every day baby boomer women around the world. You look beautiful and so happy. I am glad to hear you found love again in your life. You certainly deserve it. Cheers, and many many many more cheers and blessings to you.

  105. Happy Birthday! You look amazing! I read your blog every day if possible. I always find inspiration from you! I am so happy that you are in a loving relationship. So blessed to know love in our life. I am 57 and found my true love at 50. I believe good things come to those who wait! Wishing you much love, success and adventure!!!

  106. Anise Butler says:

    Happy birthday and have a blessed new decade. From my perch at age seventy my only advice is to do all the things on your bucket list now. Your health and stamina will never be better. Your blog is the first thing I read every day. Don’t change a thing just for the sake of change.

  107. Happy Happy Birthday to a beautiful (both inside and out) women. You are awesome, love your blog and your honesty.

  108. Susan from GA says:

    Happy 60th Rhoda! I am a 1955 baby myself. I think I have followed you most of the 10 years here. We seem to have similiar interests and likes/dislikes, so I always find your posts interesting. My birthday wish for you is continued health, fulfilling relationships, and quality time with those close to you! They got it right when they said, “Getting old is not for sissies!” haha. Let’s both continue to be brave and enjoy our senior years! It looks like you will do just fine!

  109. diane in wis says:

    Happy Birthday Rhoda! Welcome to the club. You’re a beautiful 60! God Bless You.

  110. You are so right, 1956 was a very good year! 😉 Love your blog! Congratulations on your success and HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!

  111. Lisa Erdmann says:

    Happy happy birthday!

  112. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL LADY! I’m so happy that everything is going so well for you financially and in your relationship! Your happiness shows!. I will be 60 in April and I have to admit that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the number, because I really don’t feel anywhere near 60–until I look in the mirror and then I wonder who that mature woman is looking back at me! Life has passed so quickly. We have had major financial losses and struggles since 2009 and are still recovering. No retirement funds, all gone due to work loss when the economy tanked and then the inability to match our prior income by a very substantial amount. Lots of adjustments and an uncertain financial future are pretty scary when your in your 60’s! Your post has given me a little hope that sometimes things work out. It’s been a very rough 7 years and I’m definitely ready for a big change. Maybe 60 will be my year! Again thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Birthday!

    • Thank you, Karen, oh I know how hard financial setbacks can be. I’m still amazed at how fast my situation turned around, but God has been so faithful to me. I wish for you hope and change in a good way for your situation too. Don’t lose hope!

  113. VintageBeachgirl says:

    ? Happy, ? happy ? Birthday ? Rhoda ‼️
    I’m so happy for you that you’re accepting the aging process so well. Might as well since the alternative is not a pleasant thought!! I’m 8 +years older than you and you’re correct the years go by faster as time marches on!
    I wish you and your family the happiest Christmas ever and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!!

  114. Patty Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday! I turned 60 last year and it was surprisingly shocking. No other milestone birthdays bothered me in the least. I enjoy all your posts, but like so many of your readers, my favorite are of your family, especially your mom and dad. They remind me so much of my parents. My mother passed away at age 100 3 years ago. She was a blessing for our entire family. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  115. Happy Bday – if I don’t read your blog my day doesn’t seem quite right – keep up all the good work, I really enjoy it; hugs to your sweet family and thanks to the good Lord for all our blessings 🙂

  116. It was so fun to read your update, I think I’ve followed you from almost the very beginning! It’s been inspiring to see you roll with the punches and keep moving forward. Happy birthday and God bless you in the coming year. You inspire me!

  117. Happy birthday!

  118. From one boomer to another, Happy birthday. How wonderful that you were so honest. I have followed your blog from the beginning and been so happy with your success and so jealous that you have that wonderful Dad to help you out and to just be there. (I lost my Dad 8 years ago and I think of him every single day) so continue doing what you are doing as it seems to be working. And as for the sagging…what’s up with that? Someone should have warned us that even your forearms start to sag!! LOL

  119. Hi Rhoda!

    Happy birthday!

    (It’s my birthday too today!) I’m two years ahead of you and agree with everything you said. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and that makes me think that this will continue. No fear! Things are lookin’ good ’cause we’re still on this side of the grass !

  120. Happy Birthday! I remember reading that Dr. William Osler said, “You’re only as old as your arteries.” I always thought that way a person had a fighting chance. That’s why you look much younger than your age. You take good care of yourself. Thank you for all your wonderful blog posts over the years. Wishing you many years of joy and happiness.
    Jeanne in Maine

  121. Happy Birthday. You really are amazing, I have been a reader from way back. I admire your beauty, grace, faith and love of family. It has been a pleasure to read your blog, get to know you, your family and cheer as you navigated your way through a difficult time. Wishing you the very best!

  122. We are nearly twins, one year apart. I was born December 6, 1957. I took the day off from work, spent the day with my Daughter and Aunt (her birthday is Dec.5th) shopping for stocking stuffers. Then hubby treated the Aunt and I to Japanica for supper. I hope your “day” was just as good as mine.

  123. Happy Birthday! I will turn 60 this month too. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Faith, Family and friends are the most important things in my life and I look forward to what God has planned for the future. Thank you for your blog and may God richly bless you with love, joy and peace in the days ahead.

  124. Happy Birthday, Rhoda!

  125. Very well said & written, Rhoda! Happy Birthday! I have been right behind you or maybe in front with J losing his job, finding a new job , moving from our dream home we built & re-doing a house we paid cash for in another town. J has built his self back up & is now doing great again. Funny how life turns around……….. I have the best friends in the world here & great shopping. 🙂 We are blessed indeed! Keep the faith – God is watching over us.

  126. I just read your birthday post this morning, and loved it! Happy Birthday to you, and wishing you many more years of good health and happiness. You know what is important. Your blog reflects your priorities in life, and that is why you have so many devoted readers. It’s my favorite thing to read in the morning with a cup of coffee. You remind us all to enjoy our many blessings!

  127. Happy Birthday Rhoda!
    I enjoy your blog. You are an inspiration to many who have been
    through hard times and the fact that you came out with wisdom
    and success is a blessing. Family is most important and I’m glad
    you are blessed to still have your parents. I hope you continue to blog
    and encourage those of us who are 60 and older.

  128. Happy Birthday Rhoda!

    As I’ve said before, you really know what’s important in life! Thank you for sharing with us, it speaks to everyone regardless of their stage of life.

    Happy Birthday and a Wonderful Year Ahead!

  129. I’ve already said it on FB…but I want to wish you the happiest of years ahead. Make that decade…as in, ends with a 0! You are an awesome lady and I’m glad to call you friend. Happy Birthday Rhoda! xo, Janet

  130. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! This has been the best you have ever written! I hope you keep blogging….I will continue to follow!

  131. Hi Rhoda,
    You are beautiful! Wishing you a very happy birthday and many blessings in the coming year. I have a few more years before I reach the same birthday milestone but I am already anticipating it and trying to stay connected to my younger self!
    It’s not always easy that’s for sure, reading about your experiences and seeing how well you handle the aging process and life in general with such a positive outlook is inspiring.
    By the way, I reached out to you many years ago when I started blogging and I’ll always remember your kindness to me. I appreciated your encouragement so much. I intended to keep blogging during our rebuilding after we experienced the devastation of our home being destroyed by a storm-downed fir tree, but after awhile I just lost my motivation. I keep thinking I might pick it back up again, but like you mentioned, things in the blogging world have gotten so competitive and complicated! Needing a creative outlet I began painting again instead, and love it! And have even met with some success. What a surprise to me! Anyway, I so admire you and your dedication, despite your own setbacks you never gave up, and you continue to give your readers an insight into your journey forward. Your blog is one of the very few that I subscribe to and read regularly, though I’m guilty of not commenting very often. I look forward to our little “visit” each posting . Keep up the good work, and I will keep reading! And a very Happy Birthday to you!

    • HI, Heidi, thank you for that very sweet comment! I love that so many of you are still out there and even though comments are down, when I do a post like this, you all come out with the encouragement and I really appreciate that. I wish you the best with your new direction and happy for you that you’ve found something you love. I will keep on blogging and hope to be here for the long haul!

  132. Thank you for sharing the 60 milestone. I turned 60 a couple of weeks ago and find that I need to say it to realize that, yep, 60 is here. You put my feelings about this milestone into such wonderful words. Thank you!

  133. I was thinking that I had seen anything from you in a while. I’m glad I found this and read it. Great article and interesting to me since I also turn 60 this coming year! You are right about he fast it goes and how it just seems impossible to be at this stage in life. I am thankful for the manifold blessings of God on my life as well!

  134. Happy birthday, Rhoda! We love you!

  135. Jamie Szalabawka says:

    Happy Birthday Rhoda!!! Love your blog. I came across it in early 2016 and look forward to reading it every chance I get. I don’t get a lot of “girl” time with other women, so I look forward to this blog to get someone else’s perspective and current trends. Hope your day is great.

  136. Happy Birthday, Rhoda!! You look fabulous at 60! I’m so happy for the blessings in your life over the past few years and your new love too. I remember you from back when you had your first home with the beautiful yard. God has brought you a long way. I appreciate your words as I’m not far behind at 57. Blessings!

  137. I’ll be 60 next May, how time does fly. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely, I think yours was the first one I found. Still love it. Blessings@

  138. Happy 60th! Thank you for sharing with us an inspiring me in my own home! I so enjoy your blog.

  139. Your blog is one of the first that I started to follow. I like that you are real with your home, life & fashion maybe a better word would be relatable. You certainly are a strong brave woman. I admire you completely. I’m 56 and have mixed emotions about being older mostly just wanting to look good for myself and my husband. I look forward to many more years of following your blog. Happy birthday Rhoda!

  140. Keep on rockin the blog, girl! We love you! Happy Milestone birthday!!!
    Hugs, cat

  141. Happy belated birthday Rhoda. I don’t comment often but I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. I will turn 68 in February. I take heavy medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis (an immune disorder). Just got over bronchitis. I was diagnosed at age 60. I exercise and generally feel very good. You look wonderful. Keep up the good work you do. Love seeing you and your family together.

  142. Happy Birthday Rhoda. I hope you had a wonderful day!!

  143. Happy Birthday Rhoda, you live a long life may God bless you with everything whatever you want.

  144. Happy belated Birthday! I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m a ’57 baby gearing to turn the big 6-0 in May. I love your style! I’m hoping to be able to follow you though I will have to ask my 20 something daughter’s to teach me how, lol. I’m a pro at FB and that’s about it for my social media skills.

    • HI, Rocky, thanks for stopping by. You can subscribe to my blog by adding your email on the top subscribe bar and start getting my emails when I post!

  145. Thank you . Your 60 blog has inspired me as I too felt a little overwhelmed by it. I am a 1956 baby too! I’m not so lost now. Much of what you say has resonated with me.
    Ps: you look fantastic too… what an inspiration!!!

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