Tweaking my Office Nook

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Now on to my regularly scheduled POST:

Scrapbook paper is great, I’m just now discovering. I’ve never been a scrapbooker or a paper crafter for that matter, so I didn’t really pay attention all these years to the wonderfulness (and cheapness) of scrapbook paper, that is until I started reading blogs and seeing all the things you can do with it.

I‘ve been visiting a new to me blog, Nesting Place, and this girl has a lot of creativity and she’s fun too. She recently did a post on adding scrapbook paper to the back of her china cabinet and I loved the idea SO much that I did the same thing to my black bookshelf. Love it! What a way to add some fun to it.

Hobby Lobby has all these fun scrapbook papers. The week I bought these, the larger 12×12 size was on sale 5 for $1 and the smaller 8×11 size was 8 for $1. Now how can you beat that? This project cost me $3 (for 15 sheets of the larger size). Even regular price, it’s a steal. But, I never pass up a chance to get a sale. I used double-stick tape to put these up & it was a snap!

I got extra sheets to dress up my old binders too, like I did with the recipe binder. Next, I had a bright ray of inspiration recently and decided to drag out the leftover bucket of lime green paint that I used in my laundryroom (which is right next to my office space) and paint the back wall of my office nook. And I have to say….I really love it! I’m not a big fan of accent walls in general, but in this case, I think it works. My rug in here has both green and straw.

I’ve always thought that the black shelves would really pop against lime green walls, but didn’t really want to paint the whole space with green, since I have so much of it in the laundryroom already. And NO, my space is not always this neat in case you were wondering. I moved all the piles of papers and bills off the surface to take these pics.

So, feature wall it is. And then I had the bright idea to get out some rope trim that I’ve literally had for years in my stash to add to the corners since I didn’t love the two colors sitting side by side. It’s very close to the Believable Buff wallcolor that is on either side of the green and it has black in it too to tie in with all the black in this space. I tacked it up with small nails and added a decorative tack in each corner.

I love it when inspiration hits like that! And I knew that you’d all like to see it too.

- Rhoda


  1. Hey girl! Like you’ve said in the past, our tastes are sooo much alike! As you know, I did the same thing to my bookcase (i.e. lined the back with scrapbook paper I got at HL). I’d love to add some moulding like yours but haven’t got around to it yet.
    Coming to B’ham today to babysit tonight so won’t have time to call or meet up with you but we’ll plan on it soon.
    Later – Judy

  2. Looks fabulous, Rhoda. I’m not usually a fan of accent walls either, but your lime wall is great! I like the addition of the rope trim.


  3. Absolutely love every bit of it! I am a detail girl…and you have covered all the details. You truly are inspirational!
    And by the way, good luck with your new business venture…I’m sure you’ll do well!

  4. Oh My gosh – I love your office nook. You have me wanting to paint now! That looks awesome!

  5. Rosie's Whimsy says:

    This is just perfect! I love the trim along the edges. What a great finishing touch! πŸ™‚ Rosie

  6. paperjunk-lc says:

    Wow that looks awesome,Rhoda!
    Don’t you love those deep shelves. If I’m not mistaken those are Ballard designs. I have some in my kitchen and really like them. I wish they weren’t so darn expensive or I’d buy more.

  7. The Nester says:

    That was for sure fantastic! 110% perfect. When can I move in? Rhonda, I love your style and had to spend 10 minutes just looking at every single solitary thin on your shelves.

    I’m not an accent wall person either but, that’s because people don’t know how to do it. You did it so right. You made it an accent and completed it. Just painting one wall a different color does not an accent wall make! This was completely finished. LOVE the rope trim!

    You are so talented!

    Thank you for sharing and thanks for the link!!

  8. Sandi McBride says:

    Okay, now that’s a great look for your office. Are you sure Edward from Trading Spaces didn’t drop in? Love it! Thanks for the giveaway sites…sharing is friendship, too!

  9. What fantastic ideas Rhoda! I love the lime green & black combination. Your office nook looks amazing.

  10. PamperingBeki says:

    I’m still dying to try the paper in the back of a cabinet. I just love the look of that!

    I adore your new green wall! It looks like the exact same color I recently painted my entire office.

  11. The Nester says:

    Such a dork, I called you Rhonda. RHODA, I am talking about you in my post today.

  12. I love it!!!! This post is fabulous!!!!!! I love the color and all the detail. I have been wanting to do the paper too! Thanks for great posts. Lacy in Texas

  13. Your nook looks terrific. You always come up with the best ideas!

  14. Love it all Rhonda..But I always do. You have such a touch. I got everything in for my office finally and now I can’t get my furniture placed. Brian wanted my old comp. room for him a space and that huge green chair has now became mine and it just looks so full. Maybe this will help me. thanks, Brenda

  15. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    Rhoda, so funny that you say that about not being a fan of accent walls. Shhh, I’m not much a fan either! BUT, yours WORKS!!! I’ve done only a few in my life and in some cases it does look fantastic. You got it! And I love the trim you added, that just makes the whole thing finished! Your office area looks great. And I do love the papered back shelving, clever and inexpensive too, perfect combo!

    Happy day!

  16. Love it Rhoda! You know, those scrapbooking products and papers really came in handy for us when we made things for my daughter’s wedding. I am not usually a fan of accent walls either, but I love one that pops like yours, & they do work well for boxed out areas or inset spaces like this. I too have one in my Lime and Black office! I should post about that space some time! I love the photos in your last post too. Been catching up here today!

  17. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says:

    I LOVE love your office space. I am drooling.

    Would you mind revealing the name of the paint color?

    You have inspired me. My own home office really needs work (major decluttering needed). I want to spruce it up.

    By the way, I stopped by via Nesting Place. I’m going to be writing over at Blissfully Domestic with her about working mom issues. πŸ™‚

  18. Hi, Rhoda, my Southern sister! You have a beautiful blog…I can’t wait to go digging through the archives! I came from Nesting Place. I love this project. I have been wanting to do this in one of my armoires. I looove that plate on your shelf that has the green trim on it. So pretty!

  19. the feathered nest says:

    Looks really good with the accent wall – makes the space feel brighter and those shelves really pop! Scrapbook paper is cheap and they have so many great patterns!


  20. DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ says:

    That is spectacular Rhoda…’s my favorite project of yours! You really nailed it!

    The scrapbook paper is a great tip!
    Hugs, DebraK

  21. Love the colors! I have a real black/sage green thing goin on right now. It’s absolutely lovely.


  22. Kari & Kijsa says:

    Thanks for telling us about the other blog…we went over and checked her out…wonderful!

    Have a blessed and beautiful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  23. violetlady says:

    That is a great idea, Rhoda. I am going to check out that giveaway blog. I didn’t know about it,but I have a little giveaway on my blog that you might like.

  24. Great ideas, Rhoda! I have seen that other blog before and she does have some great ideas, too. Love the rope trim, idea.

  25. Rosemary says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    Wow, I really like how the black and green look together.
    I never knew about scrapbook paper either, until the blogging.
    Have a fun weekend,

  26. Miss Sandy says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I love the accent wall you created in your office nook! I love your style!

    I tried to click on your recipe links at Lysa’s but it says blog not found, I thought you might want to know so you could check the links.

    Have a great weekend!

  27. WendyJanelle says:

    Love the bright and cheerful green!! And the rope trim is great. I’m stealing that idea!! πŸ™‚

  28. Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio says:

    OH MY Rhoda! I love both the bookcase project and the painted green wall!! Both turned out wonderful!

  29. Karen Erickson says:

    Oh I LOVE what you’ve done! So cute! Visiting all of these blogs inspires me so much – I love all of the ideas. Such talent out there!

    I found your blog via the Nesting Place. And I’m definitely coming back. πŸ™‚

  30. The Decorated House says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    I almost made it to the bottom of the page but I’ll have to come back again soon.

    You sure have done great with such a small space for your area. You know I love limey greens with a dash of black. That looks fresh and spring to me.
    The variety of scrapbook papers is amazing isn’t it? YOu can go wild with buying them.
    Have a good weekend, Donna

  31. Your office looks great….I love the linmw green wall and how you staged it!
    I am a huge fan of decorating with scrap book paper…so cheap and so versitile!
    Jen R

  32. debbiekay says:


    I love visiting your blog (everyday) because I know I will either learn something new or come away smiling. Most of the time I get both! Love the green walls & what a great idea to add the rope.

    Love to you,

    Debbie Kay

  33. Sher's Creative Expressions says:

    Wow, you’ve done it again. Turned something like a little cubby corner into true inspiration!! Excellent ideas. Love the trim you added too.



  34. Greetings from Canada, eh?!!!Great to meet you at this blog party!! i LOVE your creativity and look forward to stopping by again…i LOVE garage sales too and flea markets and finding creative ways to use my purchases! thanks for the tips on the scrapbook papers! Take care! God Bless, Karyne

  35. Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage says:

    What a beautiful space! I love the rope trim detail.

  36. ValleyGirl says:

    Welcome to the party, Rhoda!! As always, your creativity and the beauty of your home astound me!! You are just so incredibly gifted!

  37. Southern Heart says:

    Wow, Rhoda, I love what you’ve done with your office space. I didn’t know about the papers, either….that is a stunning and fun look!

    You knock me out with your creativity!

  38. Lisa Lou Hoo says:

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by. We are almost neighbors seeing as how you are in Birmingham! πŸ™‚ I love your style and enjoyed wandering around your blog. I’ll be back from time to time when I need a little inspiration!
    Party on!

  39. Esther Sunday says:

    The lime green is perfect! It really highlights everything in that corner! Great idea about the scrap paper in the cabinet. Need to remember that one! Love, Esther

  40. Just stopped by to say “hello” and catch up a bit. Your office looks great and I really like the trim, pulls it all together;)


  41. restyled home says:

    Hi Rhoda!
    I love the lime green…it looks amazing with the black! I think you made a great decision to change things up.

    Isn’t scrapbook paper the best? I recently lined a cabinet in my kitchen with it…so pretty!!


  42. forgetfulone says:

    Wow! I love your office nook. I can’t believe that is scrapbook paper on the back of the shelves. I need to try that. I love the lime green and the rope, too. Glad I found you through the party. Come visit if you have time. I’ll be back soon.

  43. I saw a picture of your office over at Nester the other day, but I have to say I am really liking it the more I look at it. I love that rope idea.

  44. Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More says:

    Rhoda- Love it! I’m in the market for a face-lift at my office, so you’ve inspired me.

  45. WOW WOW WOW!!! LOVE your blog, LOVE your style!!!! πŸ˜€ It is a mighty fine pleasure to “meet” you via the UBP @ 5M4M! Happy Party Hopping and God bless! πŸ™‚

  46. Oh my goodness!! I’m totally snagging your scrapbook idea for the back of a bookcase!! I LOVE that idea!! We are getting ready to redo our office/playroom and my husband is going to be building a built in and I’m going to try that! I love it!!

  47. Looks great Rhoda!

  48. How delightflly inspiring! This was my first visit to your blog and I’m so excited! Thank you for sharing all your lovely decorating ideas. Can’t wait to check back and see what’s new

  49. Rhoda, Bama girl, those pics are fabulous! Really well decorated. I love black, red, and jadeite green together. That’s the color combo I use in my kitchen.
    I saw you on Valarie’s site and saw that you were in Birmingham. I’m in Blount County. So, Howdy Neighbor!

    Be Blessed.

  50. Oh my little brain is exploding with ideas now! Scrap book paper is soo cheap, too! Thanks!!

  51. I have the most boring secretary desk in my living room that would probably love to have a treatment like this! Thanks for the idea!

  52. Oh Rhonda your stuff looks fantabulous! I love that Ethan Allen book. I found my copy at a second hand bookstore here and swiped it up! Your blog makes me knees weak,lol.

  53. Painted Pink Pot says:

    Your bookshlf idea was awesome. Hwat a beautiful blog you have……..Stacy

  54. Wow!! Love it!

  55. Catherine says:

    I need to dress up my bookshelves. I add moulding to EVERYTHING! Did you buy your bookshleves in black or paint them?

  56. Judy Pevehouse says:

    I love your accent wall!!!! Lime green and black is one of my favorites!

  57. This looks absolutely amazing Rhoda!
    Your lime green wall is stunning! The rope trim is inspired! Such a perfect touch but not one that most would think about! YOU are amazing!


  58. Dana's Design Studio & Wholesale Furnishings says:



  59. Leigh Ann says:

    Love it, love it, love it!

  60. Just amazing!!!

  61. Nancy Hood says:

    love it!!!!!

  62. Hey Rhoda, I have to send you a message about your blog….I had a little free time today (that doesn’t happin very often)LOL:), soooo I thought I would spend the extra time looking at blogs, and I went straight to yours…I think it is my FAVORITE place, Your even takin over my Ebay time LOL….Girl, If you ever make your way to east tennessee, please drop me a line, and put it on your agenda list to come to my house, it needs your inspriation!!! Nancy

  63. jeanne winters says:

    Gorgeous! I’m working on my new studio space right now! Hope my turns out half as beautiful as yours!

  64. I love your office, I was surfing over at An Inspired Room and saw where she featured your office and I had to run over here and see it! It’s really gorgeous, Rhoda! Wow! I love those colors together, too, pop, but not blinding pop, lol πŸ™‚ Love your “R”, too πŸ™‚

    One of your biggest fans,

  65. I love your office nook!!! Great idea with the scrapbook paper!

  66. Melissa Miller says:

    Rhoda you have the cutest most precious office nook I have ever seen! Love it!

    Come by and see mine. I joined Kelly's event today as well.

    Have a wonderful day.
    ~Melissa πŸ™‚

  67. I love your space! Love your creative ideas!

  68. Nikki Cogg says:

    I love the Nesting Place, she always has great ideas. I love how your office turned out- great idea with the rope border, too! I love green- my master bedroom is green and it's a really happy color. I'm loving those bookshelves- great job!

  69. maryvigil says:

    I love your office. What an inspiration – thanks for the tour –

  70. Tiaras and Tantrums says:

    where is this little nook at in your house – I think it is cool that you could do that with a small area in your house !! I think I need a quiet corner for just me!! Love that you put cording up on the wall – it looks amazing!

  71. Caroline says:

    Your office is beautiful. I love your bookcase.

  72. The DIY Show Off says:

    Your office space is beautiful! Great job on the shelves…I love pretty scrapbook paper!


  73. Your office is lovely. Love the craft paper on the book shelves. I may have to steal that idea.

  74. I love your scrapbook idea – I just repainted a little bookshelf today and was thinking the all white paint was a little – well “all white”. I will be doing this tomorrow – right after I go “garage sailing” as I put it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Blessings and Love,

  75. What a super idea for your bookcase and that gives me an idea for the back of my shelves in our Sauder bookcase unit. Probably ordering a double-wide roll of wallpaper would be cheaper though for a larger area. I saw one of the bloggers had a great project with bookcases using wallpaper and she’d used the same wallpaper on her bathroom ceiling. I love that green wall in your computer/office area. Gave me another idea how to dress up these boring white walls. The builder put the room thermastats in the most odd place on the wall. It’s going to be difficult to hide that contraption! I see it is placed above an electrical switch plate..maybe that is the reason he placed it there. Duh!

  76. Maybe others will post photos of their office area so we can gather some more ideas for decorating these mundane spaces. Hint! Hint !Hint! Please, pretty please!

  77. FIrst off, I love how honest you are about moving your mess of papers and bills for the sake of the photos πŸ™‚
    Second, gotta love what scrapbook paper can do. I never thought of using it that way, but believe me – now I will!
    Lastly, beautiful job with the lime green and black. It really works.

  78. I love that desk! Where did you get it?

  79. First of all, I wanted to say that I love looking at your blog. I am new to the blog world, but I keep checking yours. I noticed your “Office Nook” and I love it! I have been calling my sewing closet my “Sewing Nook.” Just last night, I called my husband in to show him your nook in order to do a little replicating. Thanks for your great ideas!

  80. Becky Frazier says:

    Just found your website! Love it! spent the better part of my Saturday exploring it. I shared it with all my Facebook friends too!

  81. Love, love this office space. I originally saw this on RMS and just found your blog, I’m new to the blog world and your’s is definitely in my favs. I am redoing an office space, Would you mind sharing where you got the black shelves? Love the scrapbooking paper idea…. gotta try that. Great Job!


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