Umbrella Addition to the Patio

Since I added the patio space to my backyard last year, this is the second season I’ve gotten to use it. I’m still so happy that I decided to have it built out. The whole look enhances my backyard so much. Having a screened porch and now a patio just makes my backyard that much more enjoyable.  Plus it’s really pretty to look at!  When I walk out my back door now, that patio connects the mudroom/laundry room door to my back porch and it’s all one big space.  No more mud and debris get tracked in and that’s a really nice bonus!

Although… one thing has been missing on my patio and that was a big umbrella to shade the seating area that I was fortunate to add last year.  It’s a great big open space, but when the sun is out, it’s brutally hot.  I had plans to get a cantilever umbrella back there and never got around to it. Cantilever was exactly what I needed for this space.

Do you know the difference between cantilever and regular umbrellas?  Cantilever umbrellas hang over an area so that the pole is behind and not in the middle of your space.  It was just what I needed back there to complete my patio.

This blog of mine brings me a lot of opportunities, and when I heard from Starfire Direct about wanting to work with me on an update for my patio, the company just happened to carry cantilever umbrellas. It was definitely my lucky day, except I don’t believe in luck, so I’ll say blessed day!  They also carry a lot of other unique outdoor items that can beautify your exterior spaces. I’ll be sharing some of my other favorites with you later in this blog.

outdoor patio space with umbrella012

The umbrella FIM C-Series Cantilever Umbrella was shipped to me in two boxes and Mark helped me put it together. I don’t know what I’d do without his help, since following instructions and putting things together like this is sometimes hard for me. Plus, this is one substantial umbrella! It’s very heavy with a graphite coated aluminum frame and base.

outdoor patio space with umbrella013

The umbrella spans 10 and 1/2 feet and really covers my entire sectional sofa, which is so very nice.

outdoor patio space with umbrella005

I love the presence it has on my patio.  I took a lot of pics, so please bear with me. It’s really exciting to get this patio completely finished. There’s only one more little project I want to do back here.

outdoor patio space with umbrella001

I took these pics in the early morning, when the sun was dappling through the trees, so you can see how it looks during different lighting.  I also took more late afternoon when the sun moved across the house and it was shady.

outdoor patio space with umbrella002

This picture shows how large and substantial the umbrella is– it covers such a big area!

outdoor patio space with umbrella006

A shot from the steps coming out of my screened porch.  It’s such a pretty view from here.

outdoor patio space with umbrella007

And the far side of the patio with more seating areas.

You’ll see my fire pit in quite a few of these photos. While I didn’t purchase mine from Starfire Direct, they do offer a really great selection of fire pits if that’s something that’s been on your list! They’re great additions to any outside patio area, especially during the upcoming months!

outdoor patio space with umbrella004

I wanted everything to be pretty for pictures, so I added plenty of plants back here.

outdoor patio space with umbrella009

Yum alert!  Birch Beer was introduced to me by Mark and has become a favorite of mine. It’s a soft drink by the way, with cane sugar.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s a deep red cherry color and sort of has a cherry flavor to me.  It’s so good, have you heard of it?

outdoor patio space with umbrella014

My other flowers were spent from the summer heat, so I picked up these colorful orange and white zinnias for extra color back here and they should last until the first frost.

outdoor patio space with umbrella011

This butterfly, a Monarch I think, found the flowers as soon as I put them back here and I was able to capture that beauty.

outdoor patio space with umbrella015

Here you can see the substantial base of the umbrella, this is called the Freestanding Offset Base. In total, the entire base has a footprint of 26” by 50” and it requires 2 large paver stones (of your choice) on either side, each 24” x 24″ in size.  The paver stones I chose weigh probably 75 lbs. each so they should have no problem holding the umbrella down, as the suggested weight is 220 lbs. for keeping the umbrella in its place.

If a free-standing base doesn’t fit well with your outside area, the umbrella can be purchased with a wide variety of bases, including some that allow you to secure the umbrella to your deck or insert it into the ground.

outdoor patio space with umbrella017

The patio is now complete and ready to enjoy.  I can’t wait to use it more.

outdoor patio space with umbrella018

It will be nice in the middle of the day when the weather cools off a bit to sit out here and enjoy the fall temps.

outdoor patio space with umbrella019

outdoor patio space with umbrella020

I can also see a nap or two in my future… plus, this will be a great place to read!

outdoor patio space with umbrella021

The only other thing I want to do in this area is add a privacy fence.  My dad and I have already talked about it. I’m going to add a white vinyl fence right behind these chairs, which will be 6′ tall to shield the patio from the neighbors.  There’s nothing there now for privacy so that will be a nice addition. I don’t want to be in a fishbowl with the nearby neighbors!

outdoor patio space with umbrella022

outdoor patio space with umbrella023

outdoor patio space with umbrella025

outdoor patio space with umbrella026

This umbrella totally completes my space and makes it so much more enjoyable. The color is a perfect match– Echo Limelight!

outdoor patio space with umbrella027

Here is a shot of the umbrella from underneath.  I’ll be using a specific cover for the umbrella to keep it in pristine condition. Even though the umbrella is sturdy and the pavers are heavy, just to be safe – I won’t be leaving the umbrella up when I’m not out there. You never know with these storms we have sometimes!

outdoor patio space with umbrella016

And during the winter months, I can easily snap off the umbrella from the base, cover it with the cover and take it inside to store.  Last year when winter came, I rolled up my rug, took all my cushions inside the screened porch and covered them with sheets to protect them. It seems to be the best thing to do in the winter months to protect and keep everything looking nice and new! I also cover my sectional sofa with a big tarp to protect it during winter months, even though it’s vinyl. Better to be safe than sorry!  I want my patio furniture and umbrella to last me years and years.

outdoor patio space with umbrella010

I’m absolutely thrilled with my patio and the addition of the new umbrella from Starfire Direct. They have a lot of unique outdoor products that can really help you take your outdoor spaces up a notch.  I can definitely vouch for this cantilever umbrella, made of Sunbrella fabric.

Here’s a look at a few other things that caught my eye on the site. I hope you’ll take a look!


1) Treasure Garden Charleston Spa Rug

2) Uniflame Deluxe Charcoal Grill

3) Moroccan Temara Terra Flame Small Lantern (w/o lid)

4) Empire Anywhere Fireplace

5) Galtech International 232 9′ 2 Pulley Lift Dark Wood Umbrella

6) Asbury Club Chair

7) Starfire Direct Azuria Reflective Fire Glass

8) Agio Haywood Gas Fire Pit

9) Real Flame Glacier Gray Baltic Fire Column

My readers get a 10% discount on their first purchase, so make sure to use code Southern10 for 10% off.  Thanks for stopping by today and following along on my house progress.  I love crossing things off the list and this is a major improvement for my patio space.

Hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer!

Note: This is a sponsored post from Starfire Direct, but all opinions and words are my own. 

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda, the addition of the umbrella is so perfect! You will definitely enjoy your lovely patio this fall when the temps go down! A cup of coffee and a good book and you can spend many beautiful mornings out there. Then with your fire pit the autumn evenings will be so enjoyable! Happy Thursday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. Rhoda, this is perfect! Now with the addition of the umbrella you will get so much more use of your beautiful patio area. And it looks like a good sturdy umbrella that will last a long time. You are so fortunate to receive this for your patio. You can start your parties early while the sun is shining and then go into night with that fire pit area ☺ I wanted to ask you if you know the name of the green plant you have planted in the round container in front of your sectional sofa? My Mothers Sunday School teacher gave her a cutting of it years ago and now I have it and I would love to know what it is.

    • Lynne, thank you so much, I will definitely be enjoying this patio more now, especially with Fall weather coming. I think you might mean the Purslane planted in the round container? The one right beside the sofa is zinnias and the other one is purslane. I just went back and looked at the pics again and you probably mean the round pottery planter on my coffee table? I do not remember what that middle plant is, I did that planter over a year ago with some plants from Lowes.

    • Yes, the round one on the coffee table. I would give anything to know what that was. Maybe one of your readers will know.

    • I wish I knew! I bought it last year and have no idea.

    • Hi Lynne, I’m not sure if you ever got an answer about the plant on the table, but my Mom gave me one also and she called it a Devil’s backbone.

  3. Sandra Martin says

    I have a friend who raves about “birch beer”, but has been able to find it in years. Please share where it can be purchased. Thank you

    • Sandra, Mark finds it at Ingles here locally. Not sure if you have them or not, but that’s the only grocery chain that we know of who carries it. It’s SO good!

  4. I love that you said you were blessed with the partnership with Starfire Direct… work hard to present vendor products in a fair and friendly manner and they are all blessed to work with you. I have purchased several of the items you have featured starting with Frog Tape way back when!! And I have never been disappointed….thanks for sharing so many great ideas!

    • Thank you so much, I do truly feel blessed to get to do this blog thing and work with so many wonderful brands in my home renovations. Thank you for taking time to tell me that. I still use Frog Tape too!

  5. You have plenty of room for a 2nd umbrella, set in lawn behind the pair of chairs. Totally, a great look too, form/function. Love the YELLOW !

    Tell your sponsor you’ve earned it.

    I know, that needing manly help stuff. My new landscape it totally in that phase. Cannot wait for my labors to begin, joy of living.

    And, Birch Beer, new to me.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    • Thank you Tara! I think that privacy wall will be a much better fit for that area and screen the neighbors too, so that’s what I’m going for. Dad is going to help me with that one. Get yourself some Birch Beer!

  6. Robin from "Haven" says

    Hi, Rhoda!! Your patio is so lovely, and the new umbrella is the perfect final touch! You are such a talented designer/decorator! I love your new headshot photo, too! So, so pretty!

  7. Brenda Swindall says

    Love love your outdoor space. The cantilever umbrella is just what you needed. Love the yellow color, same color I choose. The complete look is beautiful. Good job Rhoda.

  8. Just Beautiful !!! Looks like a perfect spot to relax!!!

  9. What a lovely compliment to your patio. The color is perfect.

  10. That umbrella is beautiful! So great that you can use it anywhere, so much more useful than the hole in the table type. I am really interested in some vinyl lattice and fencing but it always looks so new. I keep thinking if I install it, I’m going to spray it with moss and buttermilk blended up, Martha Stewart idea, of course 😉

  11. Yep, that’s what was missing and it all looks so fabulous. Enjoy!

  12. Love your patio and yes it’s even nicer with the umbrella! Love your blog! I have been following you for 4 years. One of my first blogs to read! Keep up the hard work you are an amazing women that inspires me and other baby boomers!

    • Hi, Neana, thank you so much for following along so long. I’m happy that you are all out there with me!

  13. Just lovely…you have done an amazing job with your home Rhoda. It just keeps getting better & better!

  14. Your area is so lovely and inviting….well done!

  15. That patio is one special place, Rhoda. The umbrella is perfect for shade and goes with your furniture great!

    I love all that you’ve done outdoors to your house and so does your Fritillary butterfly. 🙂

  16. Your patio/yard is lovely.

  17. Karen Hamilton says

    Oh Rhoda, I am sure you are watching the weather channel…those beautiful areas you just visited.
    I just saw the restaurant where we would eat at Cedar Key. The waves, winds and storm surge and it hasn’t made landfall yet.
    Sure am praying for all those people!!


    • Yes, I’m hearing that the storm is heading that way, so sad. Hoping it’s a minor problem and heads on over.

  18. What a pretty outdoor space! I love the option of securing the umbrella in the ground. That would work well for our set up over our outdoor dining table!

  19. Love your Patio! So pretty! Where did you get the outdoor rug? Also, how do you clean it? Sweep? Blower? You will love it more with the privacy fence! Thanks Karen

    • HI Karen, thank you! The rug came from Overstock, but I’ve seen it other places too. I usually use my blower to blow off leaves and debris from the path. I could also vacuum with my shop vac. I just got a cordless blower so it’s going to come in handy for the patio.

  20. Hi Rhoda! You cease to amaze me! This back patio is fabulous! Love everything!

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