Upcoming Home Project: Gas Fireplace Logs & Giveaway

One of the things I have wanted to do since I moved in my fixer-upper house, is to get new gas logs for the fireplace.   I can’t wait for that!  I really like my rustic fireplace and knew that once I got settled in here, I wanted to add gas logs to it.  It’s a fully functioning gas fireplace, but I really didn’t want the hassle of burning real wood, I’ve done that before and it’s a messy operation.

So, gas logs it is.


I recently got the opportunity to work with a company on this project and they are sponsoring it.  I’ll be sharing their app and how I used it for this project, YP – Local Search & Gas Prices app.  I downloaded the app and it was easy to find and install on my new iPhone.  Do you have an iPhone yet?  I just got mine last summer (after lots of hounding by my sister and niece, to get one already!) and they were right, it’s a big time saver for someone like me, who works at home, needs to check emails constantly and travels around fairly often.  Everything I need is right on my phone now and it really does save me precious time.  I love my iPhone!

The app is free and you can download it here, or you should be able to find it by doing a search in your App Store, if you have an iPhone (YP-Local Search and Gas Prices). That’s how I found it and it’s available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Palm mobile devices.  Ratings, reviews, videos and even deals across 18 million+ businesses are also included in the app, making it easy to explore and select businesses that offer the products and services you need to make your home project a reality.  For those of us doing home projects, you can find lots of home professionals, including gardeners, organizers, plumbers, contractors etc.

So, there are tons of apps you can download and I’m still getting familiar with how they all work, but so far so good.  I found the app and downloaded it!  Ready to go.

YP ap

Once it was downloaded, I simply typed in fireplace stores to see what was in my area.  I also got recommendations from one of my friends, who has used fireplace companies in the area before.

YP search

One of the ones she had recommended came up right away on the search.  She had used the Fireplace Company on Canton Rd., not far away from my house at all, so I stopped in there to see what they had and to check prices.  Even though they don’t have a lot of stars yet, I feel comfortable working with them from a personal friend’s recommendation.

I’ve got $500 to work with and that should be just about enough to do my project.  Adding gas fire logs will be such a nice addition to my fireplace and even though I won’t be using it now, it will be ready for winter.

Bring it on!

I’ll be back with how I am going to decide which gas logs to go with and how they differ.  There are vented gas logs and non-vented gas logs and I’ll be going with the vented variety.  I’ll be back soon to share pics of the process with you and then show you my newly installed gas logs!

It’s going to be a cozy winter now!

How can YOU win $500 Visa giftcard for a project of your own? 

Here’s more good news!  One of you can win a fantastic giveaway with YP.  All you have to do is download the app, share it on Twitter with a contractor you might pick for a project of your own, share @YP and the #YPFixIt hashtag, along with  my Twitter handle @SouthernRhoda and at the end of this project, I’ll choose a winner and one of you will get to do a project of your own. I love when I can share these things with all of you!  Leave a comment here if you’ve followed these directions to enter. I realize not all of you are on Twitter or have an iPhone, so sorry about that if you can’t enter this one.  There will be other giveaways!

Hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating together as a family!

Disclosure:  I was compensated with a giftcard to do this project. 

- Rhoda


  1. Can’t wait to hear what you decide and see photos. I posted on Twitter under my alias. Haha. No I’m not on the run, just enjoy taking on a new name. Lucy.

  2. Oh, I have been wanting to do gas logs in our house too! Love that you are getting to do this.

    will be following along to see how it all goes.

  3. Great project. We have gas logs in both our fireplaces and never use them. Will you use propane or natural gas? I have no idea about natural gas prices buy propane is crazy expensive here in my area. Maybe it is cheaper in the South.
    Your living room is gorgeous, by the way.

    • HI, Sylvia, I already have natural gas installed, so it’s ready to go. I do look forward to using my gas logs during winter months.

  4. Hi Rhoda,
    You know I’m always looking for a way to support our projects so thanks for this opportunity. I downloaded the app and tweeted. https://twitter.com/janewindham/status/333554487883079681

    I wanted to mention that we had vented gas logs in another house and although they were pretty, they didn’t put out any heat. In this house we installed unvented ones and they put out much more heat! I know that in some areas this is all regulated and you may not have a choice!

    • HI, Jane, thanks for checking it out! I asked about vented vs. unvented too, but since my fireplace is fully vented & log burning, I decided to go ahead with vented. And they were less expensive, so that was a factor too. I think I’ll just use them for ambience in winter anyway and not for a ton of heat. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Rhoda, be sure to get a decent warranty on the logs. The starter on mine broke after one winter, so I had to use matches the second winter. By the end of the second winter, the gas valve broke!

  6. Hi Ronda, I do not have an Iphone yet, (I know, I know) however I do have a kindle Fire. will that work? you can email me at kalbert1@kc.rr.com
    Art by Karena

  7. I’m hoping this year we can finally get gas logs. Our fireplace stone looks just like yours, so I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ve downloaded the app and tweeted. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Melissa Thorpe says:

    Love your blog!! We recently bought a house and the precious homeowners covered the fireplace!! Yikes! Out plans are to uncover and restore it – hopefully with stone!! I downloaded the YP app and shared everything on Twitter!! Love Twitter…and Instagram!

  9. Can’t wait to see! I love my fireplace, but not much heat out of it into the room and it makes a draft, so I’m always considering gas (have none in the house and sort of afraid of it) or an insert.

    $500 bucks seems like a great price for a solution!

  10. What a generous giveaway and gas logs would be a fun way to get more use out of my living room fireplace! Downloaded the app, and here’s my tweet:

    New gas logs for my fireplace, yes please! @lowes @yp #YPFixIt @southernrhoda— S (@wizzer202) May 14, 2013

  11. Kathy :) says:


    We have a wood stove in the family room that hubby adores, I love the heat but so messy !! I would love to put wood logs in the living room fireplace, can’t wait to see yours !

    Yes I have an iPhone don’t know how I lived without it 🙂 and my iPad is awesome too !!! Love gadgets ha ha

    Stay well,
    Kathy 🙂

  12. Toni Fleischmann says:

    I’d love to win this $500 toward a gas log….no mess, still heat and ambience (most important)….. I have the YP app but don’t tweet but I’ll give a shout out on FB.

  13. I retweeted this morning Rhoda! I don’t think I put your handle in my original tweet!

  14. Betty Baez says:
  15. Victoria says:

    Awesome! I could definitely use a $500 gift card to help with all the projects I need to complete around here. Completed installing YP and followed them on Twitter and Tweeted!

    @yp Ready to strip wallpaper and retexture and paint the kitchen and master bath @yp #YPFixIt @southernrhoda with yellowpages.com/arlington-tx/m… …— Victoria (@vaustin08) May 17, 2013

  16. ellen casper says:

    Completed installing YP and followed them on Twitter and Tweeted!

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