Update on Dad: Upward!

It’s been a week of ups and downs with dad, but I’m happy to say right now we are on an upswing. He’s been here in the rehab center almost 2 weeks, 2 weeks tomorrow in fact, which is also his 90th birthday.  July 14, 1927 was a good day for our family, when this little red headed baby boy was born into the world.

We have all been hanging in there with him getting treatment at the rehab going through speech, occupational, and physical therapy with him.   Some days have been good and some not so good.  Monday, mom and I were here with him and he just had a terrible day.  Sleeping most of the day and really out of it and when they got him up he was in pain. We finally had an X-ray done, but thank goodness nothing is broken and he’s probably just bruised from the original fall in the kitchen.  After such a dismal day on Monday, we had the prayer warriors rallying with my pleas on Facebook and Instagram and mom and dad’s church were all praying too, as well as all of YOU out there who are lifting up my dad to the Lord.

Mom got a wonderful word from the Lord on Tuesday morning from her devotions before she went in to see dad and I can now say, we have a miracle.  Here’s the verse she was directed to:

Isaiah 41:10  Do not fear,  for I am with you.  Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

When mom walked in on Tuesday morning after such a rough Monday, she hardly recognized that dad was the same man. He was sitting up and alert when she got there, talking and interacting, and had a really great day with all his physical therapy.  A complete turnaround from Monday!  I was with him all day Wednesday, giving mom a break and he was very much the same, on an upward track and doing much better overall.

He’s done pretty well on the stationary bike and Tuesday when mom was there, he rode it for 15 minutes and walked over 150 steps down the hall on his walker. Progress!  He did the same thing for me on Wednesday.

Mom called me Tuesday night after he had such a good day and was so joyful and happy over his good day and progress, so we think that the turning point has come. God has been hearing our prayers and he is starting to get stronger every day.  He still gets tired out from the PT, but overall we are seeing positive movement in getting better.  So much better than last week, praise God!

Physical therapy has been challenging, he’s still not able to get up on his own and really doesn’t have a lot of strength in his legs, but as he keeps doing these challenges and exercises, he will get stronger and stronger.

We are trying to feed him food and keep the calories in so that he will gain weight. He’s lost about 20 lbs. though all of this and can’t afford to lose more, so our goal is to keep him eating and drinking liquid supplements that will help him gain weight.  His appetite is just not there, so we are trying to make him eat more than he wants to to get his strength back.  Little by little, I think it’s working. We are getting him on appetite stimulants and hope that starts helping too.

You have all been SO kind, caring, and supportive through all this.  I shared a couple of Get Well cards with him and that boosted him so much.  He is just amazed that so many of you out there know about his health issues and care about him, but I have assured him that y’all are praying for him and that people all over the country are concerned for him.

All the birthday cards that you all have sent in, we will open them Friday on his birthday! He was amazed at this stack!

My family was NOT at all prepared for all of this and as caregivers are finding out all the hoops to jump through and ways of working with the rehab personnel.  We are having to learn this along the way since this is the first time we’ve had a health crisis like this in the family.  I do appreciate all the comments, ideas and suggestions that you all have given, we’ve taken some of them and are implementing them and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s all a learning process, that’s for sure. And I can see he’s making progress.

Friends of the family stopping by to see dad. He enjoys talking to these dear folk!

So, that’s an update for this week. I’ll do another one next week after his birthday and show you all the stack of cards he got and how much fun that will be for him to see and hear these cards from all of you out there.  He’s got a long ways to go, but we see a glimmer of improvement this week and hoping for even  more next week. It would be so great to have him up and walking soon and back home with mom.  That is the ultimate goal, to get him back home where he belongs and eating mom’s home cooking again.  Being in a rehab is tiring for all involved, so I feel for all of you who have gone through this. It’s no fun at all, but it’s a part of life that I knew would be coming sooner or later.  It’s just hard to prepare yourself for it and know what is coming.

Finally got him interested in going outside on Wednesday and he really did like the sunshine and fresh air. We have turned the corner this week!

Again, thank you ALL for the sweet comments, prayers and thoughts about my dad and his recovery.  We know that he is going to continue to get better and will be home before too much longer, we pray!




- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says:

    Dear Friend:

    Special prayers that your Dad will continue to get stronger every day. Prayers for your Mother too! Thank the Lord that he has your wonderful family as his advocate. I am sure that you are learning that you have to manage your Dad’s care for him. Not all health care facilities are the best. Sad to say.

    Much love to all of your family.

    Love You!

  2. G*d bless.

  3. Cheryl Ann says:

    You have been blessed in the power of prayer. Good to see your dad doing better after his fall.

  4. Excellent news! Happy Birthday, Sir!

  5. kathy olson says:

    Thank you, Lord!

  6. Cindy in NC says:

    Wonderful!!! So glad there is improvement.
    Wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Praying he will celebrate more.

  7. Thank you for to update! I wondering how he was doing these past few days. Besides wishing him well and all the best, I wish I could do more for you all. I’ve been in rehab and know how tough it is from both sides. I’ll keep praying for ur dad and the family! All take care and all the best for everyone.

  8. Lifting your Dad and all of the family up in prayer

  9. What a wonderful update. I pray for all of you. Being caregivers is the hardest thing–not only physically, but emotionally and then there is the dealing with the business end, doctors, insurance and everything else that goes along with it. It is a labor of love, but still not easy. Much Love and many prayers and The Happiest Happiest 90th Birthday to your wonderful Dad!!!!

  10. Reading your Mom’s devotion gave me goosebumps. The Lord always knows what we need. It is incredible how many hearts your daddy has touched! Continued prayers for all of you.

  11. This is wonderful news! We will continue to hold him in prayer! Can’t wait to hear about his birthday celebration that I’m sure you will be having tomorrow.

  12. P.S. We all love your daddy! He’s been such a wonderful part of your blog journey. I love it when you post your family gatherings and all the work your daddy has done on your house and love seeing his wonderful garden. Your mother’s devotion gave me chills because it was so powerful! The power of prayer!

  13. Thanking God that your dear Daddy is getting better. I know how hard that has been for you all. This birthday will be the sweetest I am sure! My strawberry haired
    grandson shares the same birthday. He will be three. He is so funny, smart and has the best manners. Take care of yourselves. Care giving is hard work!

  14. I pray for your family and especially for your mom. I hope your dad regains his strength and he and your mom can enjoy more years together. God is good and His strength keeps us going. The hardest thing I have done in my 70 years is watch my parents as they grew old. My dad spent his 90th birthday in the hospital as my mom had surgery for a broken hip. That began the hard road to the end. My Dad never left her side literally. He slept every night in a chair in her room and moved into the nursing home with her. He died at 94 and she at 95.

  15. Praise God for this wonderful report!! Keeping the prayers going for each of you !

  16. Continued prayers for your precious Daddy and his caregivers. Congratulations and many blessings to you and Mark.

  17. AMEN!

  18. oh what a blessed report!!!!! Praise God from whom allllll blessings flow!!!! I know your Mom and all of you are rejoicing !!!!!!

  19. Denise Thompson says:

    I feel like I know your sweet Dad…always enjoy reading about him and all his endeavors..He truly amazes me. You are so blessed to still have him in your life…my prayer is for healing for him and strength for you and your family as you are there for him. I will share a quote that a friend of mine shared with me when my daughter had ovarian cancer (at age 16)…”When we can’t see God’s Hands, we have to trust His Heart”…I am trusting that he will give you and your family the peace and strength you need as you walk through this.

  20. Pam Fulford says:

    Great news!!! Sending hugs and continued prayers to your sweet hardworking Dad and family..hope he has a great birthday!!!! keep us posted!!!

  21. Bonnie E says:

    This is wonderful news, Rhoda ! So happy your Dad is making progress & on his way to getting well. I will keep praying. Give your Dad a big hug for me. Stay well as you have a lot going on 🙂

  22. Leila Case says:

    So glad ?

  23. I follow your blog daily and have for some time. We have just gone through the same thing with our mother. She had a uti and had to be in hospital for about 3 days and in that amount of time, she lost her ability to get up, walk or even stand alone. We moved her to a rehab facility and went through the same things that your family is going through. My mother is 85 in Oct. and is back at the assisted living facility, walking on her own again after about a month. She is still not back at 100 percent but can walk and manage on her own. It is definitely a learning experience and one that you don’t want to go through many times. I hope your dad continues to get better and congrats on all of your big news.

  24. So glad to hear he is doing better. I sent you an email, thanks for being the postman for us. I am thinking of your mama as well. I know this is very hard on her as well.

  25. Praise God for prayers answered!

  26. Your dad (and your family) has been through a rough patch but he is victorious through prayer. Happy Birthday, Dad!

  27. God is good! He hears our prayers and answers them too! Thank you for the update and good news. I enjoyed the picture of your dad in physical therapy. I was able to work with patients in PT, as an aide to the therapist, and met many wonderful people as they work to regain their strength and heal their bodies. Physical therapist are known as “body mechanics.” Tell your dad he is in good hands with his therapist. Thanks again for the pictures and update. So glad your Dad is loving all the mail he is getting.. Tell him he has many surrogate daughters that love him.

  28. Rhoda,

    Continuing to pray for your Dad and family. I’m glad to read this update! Please do wish him a very Happy 90th Birthday for me! He’s so blessed to have your all as you are to have him!!

  29. So glad to hear that he has turned that corner in his recovery!

    I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

  30. Monica J DuntonMonica says:

    Happy birthday to your dad. I feel your pain….had two parents live into their 90s and back and forth to hospitals and health care facilities all while keeping my own household going. They are both gone now, but just keep hugging and visiting. Love to you and yours.

  31. Happy Birthday to your sweet Dad. Continued prayers for his full recovery. God is faithful.

    Caregivers are angels. It is a very hard job and PT is hard work.

  32. Excellent news, Rhoda! You can really see the look of determination on his face while on the equipment!! Happy birthday to your Dad!!

  33. So happy your Dad is showing progress in his recovery and gaining strength. We will keep our prayers for him, mom, you, and your family. Sending our wishes for Dad to have A Very Happy 90th Birthday!!! What a Special Day…

  34. Continued prayers for you and your family. So glad to see he is progressing!

  35. Melesa Garrison says:

    Oh, I’m so happy that your Sweet Dad is doing better. I will be praying for strength, energy and a full recovery. I know your mama is worn out too, going back and forth, plus the anxiety of wondering about her husband when they are not together. Blessings to you all. Happy Birthday to your Daddy…WOW, 90!!!! That is so cool!!!

  36. Thanks for the update friend. So glad he has finally turned a corner. Continued prayers for all of you.

  37. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Tears in my eyes as I read the scriptures, see the pics and read your words as the powerful testimony of a woman who has learned to trust God implicitly – even when life has handed her some hard days. You are a cherished prize to your parents – and I know they are beyond proud. Praying your dad continues to strengthen – and be aware of his fragile state and that a fall at this stage would be detrimental in many ways. Love to you and your family. 🙂

  38. Rhoda, you and your family are such an inspiration to all of us. Keep the faith and one baby step at a time. Keeping all of your family in my prayers.

  39. Excellent news! Please wish him a Happy Birthday!!! 😉

  40. This wonderful news made my day!!!!!!!

  41. Linda Cole says:

    Such a wonderful update! Will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Don’t let your mom overdo it. She needs her rest. Don’t want her getting sick. Happy birthday to your dad. Hopefully all the cards will help cheer him and give him strength.

  42. Carolekozak says:

    Good morning Rhoda , I’m so pleased to hear that dad is doing better. We have him on the prayer list. You know Rhoda , no matter what the facts say God deals with the truth, and the truth is , is that God still hears and answers prayers and He still performs miricals even in 2017 . One thing I know and that is He is who He says He is , and He can do what He says He can do !!! He will complete the number of our days . So we will continue to lift him up in prayer daily. That his strength will improve to rightness . I loved your fashion yesterday. The walking shorts are very feminine and cute. I believe you two have hit the lotto with each other You two make a precious couple together

  43. Thank you for the update, have been wondering how he was doing. I will continue to have him and all of you in my thoughts and prayers. God is well able, we know that. Your dad and mom are amazing people…..and such a great witness of God’s love and care. Blessings, Linda

  44. so glad to have an update on your sweet family; your trust in the Lord will surely get you through this – here’s to a big old birthday tomorrow for him!! that thought changes my tears to a smile for you – God Bless

  45. Jane Griffin-Dacey says:

    Glad to read this positive update on your dad! I’m sure he’s anxious to get home to some home-cooked veggies from his garden. That should perk him up better than the doc’s pills. Sending good vibes for continued progress!

  46. Keeping your Dad and the family in prayer. It’s so good to see the progress. Please let him know I (and I’m sure many others) miss his garden updates and am looking forward to the next one. Praise God for the progress and pray for continued strengthening and improved health. Wishing him health and happiness on his special day!

  47. Great news!! Continued prayers for speedy recovery! God bless!

  48. I’m keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I know it has been a tough time, but it truly does seem that things have taken a positive turn. Your family is so strong and loving and I know that is extremely helpful to his recovery.

  49. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    How we thank God for answered prayers! We pray that God will continue to lay His healing hand upon your dear and precious Daddy! We also pray that you, your Mom and family will feel God’s arms of strength as you travel back and forth each day.

    May your Dad be blessed with a Happy Birthday tomorrow!

    Bless you all!

  50. SoCalLynn says:

    Prayers for his continued healing and strength for you all.

  51. Jan Jensen says:

    Can your mom bring some of her food. That may help him eat better.. Prayers for your dad. So happy for you.

  52. Please be sure to arrange for home health physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy before your Dad is discharged from the inpatient facility.

  53. I LOVE that Bible verse that the Lord gave to your Mom! So many wonderful promises in the Word! I continue to pray for your Dad and each of you. Happy Thursday!

  54. Rhoda, what a wonderful praise report on your sweet dad! How do people face life’s challenges without knowing and having a personal relationship with the Lord. He is faithful!!

  55. I don’t know your Daddy but I feel that I do. I will pray for him and for you caregivers. May God bless you all.

  56. Marilyn in Missouri says:

    Great to hear such wonderful news about your sweet Daddy. I’m sure when he gets home to enjoy your Mom’s cooking his appetite will improve. I think I remember you once saying that her cooking was his favorite.

  57. Karen Hamilton says:

    Isaiah 41:10 is the verse the Lord gave me when my first husband was diagnosed with stage 4 brain tumor. We knew it was incurable but he lived
    12 1/2 months . I clung to that promise and even after the Lord took him home.
    It is so good to hear your dad is on an upswing.
    Will continue to pray for him.
    I should have told you this sooner. I kept a notebook and carried it with me everywhere. I wrote down what the docs and nurses told me ( and PT) , wrote down all meds , dosages etc and when I gave them. Also wrote any questions I had and anything I noticed, good or bad. If a question popped in my head even in the middle of night, I wrote it down.
    You learn so much when someone you love gets sick.
    this notebook was invaluable to me because I couldn’t remember everything. you may have a notebook already; if not, hope it helps.

    • HI, Karen, thank you for sharing. A notebook is a good idea, I’ll have to tell mom about that and maybe she can start one, since she is with him most days and we can fill in as well.

  58. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Great news, indeed!!! It takes a special man to battle so hard against such a tough illness. And to think he is is 90+ years old! Amazing. Can only be done with the Glory of God. I’m continuing my prayers for his strength and appetite to return. So, so glad to get the good news.

  59. A most happy birthday to your dad! I’m so glad that he is improving and hope he’s able to go home soon. He is riding the stationary bike a lot longer than I could. Truth!

  60. Patty Lucas says:

    Rhoda I am so happy to hear about your Dad’s progress. I copied the Scripture that your mother read. My hubby goes in for another cancer surgery on 7/28th. and I will be repeating that over and over again. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  61. Barbara Whitaker says:

    Keep him involved in Therapy. My mom had a shoulder injury do to a fall when she was 72. The Doctor did not insist on therapy…and would have improved her physical impairments at time went on. My mom would be a year older than your dad, had she not passed away 14 years ago. She had dementia/Alzheimers kept asking them to give her B12 shots. But the doctors would not give her the shots, and then her memory became affected. My father passed away 25 years ago at age 70; and never had to see her physical and mental decline. Aging gracefully (as your father & mother appear to have experienced) is a great gift to the rest of the family. Prayers to all.

  62. Angie (Beyer) Jones says:

    Great news on your Dad! I have always loved that scripture that the Lord gave your dear Mom! Tomorrow (July 14th) will be one of my granddaughters 8th birthday, too! Happy Birthday to your precious Dad!!!

  63. Sandy Johnston says:

    What a wonderful report Rhoda!! Thanking God with you! God bless you and your family

  64. Melissa S says:

    Happy early Birthday to your sweet Dad! Glad he is feeling better!

  65. Nancy Griffiths says:

    Keeping you all in my prayers…

  66. Rhonda,
    What a powerful verse that is! Continued prayers for your Dads recovery. I am also praying for your Mom as I know this is draining on her too. Please give him a birthday hug tomorrow from all of your readers.

  67. God bless you Daddy…and you and all of your family too. Lots of prayers coming. ❌⭕️❤️

  68. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Prayers that his health continues to improve, and here’s hoping things get back to normal soon!

  69. Prayers for continued improvement for your daddy!

  70. Oh, thank God! Your dad has been very much in my prayers. Thank you for asking so clearly for what you needed. I believe it makes a difference when many of us agree in prayer.

    I am grateful that you and your mom are encouraged. It’s hard to keep up day after day when you’re feeling discouraged. Bless you all!

  71. Bless his heart. Thank the Lord, he’s doing better! Wish I could meet your mom and dad. They sound like my kind of people! Happy birthday to him!

  72. Jamie Szalabawka says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Looking forward to seeing you back at home. Hope are feeling better every day!

    Enjoy your day with friends & family. We all are thinking about you and love you.

    Get well soon,

    Jamie from Ohio 🙂 🙂 🙂

  73. Iris McCloud says:

    The photo of the therapist working with your dad reminded me of how truly special the people are who do these jobs. They work with people at such a low point in their lives and have to be their taskmasters as well as their cheerleaders . They do this all day long every day. It is not something I could ever do but their hard work makes all of the difference in the lives of our loved ones. Good luck to your dad in his get well journey.

  74. Diane Taylor says:

    Hi Rhonda – another faithful reader here, sorry I don’t comment very often but this post about your dad just hit home for me. I just lost my dad one month ago, after a 17 year battle with Parkinson’s disease. My mom cared for him at home for as long as possible. I have spent so much time in rehab facilities, hoping and praying for a miracle. God is so faithful – he gave us miracle after miracle but sadly, his strength finally gave out. I was able to spend 3 wonderful days with him in the hospital, talking about God and how happy he would be to see his mother and father and all 10 of his brothers and sisters in heaven (he was the last one left). He was ready to go, as hard as that is to accept. He also talked to me about my son, Jonathan who I lost 5 years ago at age 24 (his apartment caught fire, it was devastating and beyond anything I ever imagined could happen to me). He promised me he would give Jonathan the biggest hug from me, and how much we all miss him. He left us on June 5 – I can only imagine that glorious reunion going on in heaven that day.

    Ok, now that I am in tears typing this…..all this to say I am praying for your dad. He is a sweet man and loved by so many!!! We serve a loving and faithful God. I pray for strength for him and for your mom and all your family. It is SO HARD to watch this happen. But I know it will all be ok.

    Sending you love,
    Diane Taylor

    ps – VERY EXCITED about your upcoming marriage and the new house!!!!!!!!!

    • OH, Diane, I’m in tears now too reading your story. Life is so hard sometimes and we don’t see how we are going to make it, but somehow we make it through. Thank you for taking the time to share that with me. We do think dad will recover, although he might not fully recover, we just don’t know yet. It is so very hard to see them lose their strength and vitality that we saw all those years growing up. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your son, but you are so right, lots of happy reunions will be happening in heaven one day!

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