Updating a Room with 3D Design

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Hi friends!  We all love decorating our homes, don’t we?  It’s fun to imagine new looks and styles as we browse the never ending inspiration on the internet.  But, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your style to figure out just what you want to do in a space.

Or maybe you have existing furniture you want to keep and you’re trying to figure out what to do with them.  How can you change up a room either starting from scratch or keeping some key furniture pieces you already have?  I know many of you sometimes get bogged down in the decision making process and it’s hard for you to visualize a new room and how it will look with everything in there.

Am I right?

I’m partnering with an online design service today to introduce you to another way to decorate your spaces.  Modsy is a personalized home design solution that utlizes 3D technology so that you can visualize furniture before you buy.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

I am definitely a visual person and it’s hard for me to look at a room space on graph paper and picture how it’s all going to look.  But Modsy’s 3D technology makes it easy to see if you’ll like something or not.

I thought it would be fun to visualize my guest room with different furniture and looks, so I uploaded pics of that room for Modsy to look at.

One of their designers took my space and completely made it over, giving me 2 looks to see.  It was really fun to see how someone else would visualize my room using all different furniture and accessories.

It’s an easy process!  All you do is upload your room photos as well as room measurements, take a design quiz, which then shows which styles speak to you and then they are able to take your preferences and make over your space.

In a few days, you get back 2 design ideas showing furniture and accessories which fit into a budget that you are working with.  They may add some extra items in there too so that the room will be filled out.

Design 1

I got 2 designs back and this was the first one.  It’s a little more neutral and eclectic than my normal traditional style, but it was fun to see my room with different eyes.

Seeing the room in a 3D model helps a lot to visualize how other pieces will fit in my space if I ever decide to redo this room. They also used a Queen sized bed as opposed to the King that’s currently in my guest room.  A Queen definitely fits better, but I’m going to keep the King for now.


Modsy shows the room from above and also you can click the 3D view which takes you completely around the room to view all the walls in your space.

There are my painted doors and the wall color stayed the same, but all the furniture and accessories are changed out.  I like this look!

It’s very fun to see the room come together with a different style and palette.

All the items that are used in your space show up below in Products below and you can click on each one for price and details.

Design 2

This 2nd design wasn’t as appealing to me, so I got on the phone with the designer and we tweaked the space to make it feel more like me. You can definitely do that too.  She “shopped” as we were on the phone together and when I saw things that looked good, she pulled them into my design and then showed a final rendering of the space.

I explained to her that I really love color and would like to see more color in the space, so we changed out the nightstands, rug, pillows, and chest of drawers, although I could have kept the above chest in my design and it would have been nice too.

Doing a little shopping online, we came up with different nightstands and artwork above the bed, as well as a more vibrant pillow in the middle of the bed.


From above, the rug also changed to more color too with blue being more prominent.

I really liked the new artwork and pillow, it just felt overall more like my style.

Isn’t this a restful and pretty room?  Even though I’m not planning to change out my guest room anytime soon, it definitely gave me some great ideas to ponder.

We added in a white chest of drawers, but I’d actually probably go with the first one after all if I was changing things out.

I love the artwork and the mirror above, along with those simple accessories.

It was very fun to visualize my guest room in a different way using Modsy’s 3D technology.  My designer, Karina, did a great job styling my space using different items than I would normal choose.

They have hundreds of partners from which to shop and they can help you choose so many things online that you wouldn’t normally find.  Their 3D technology takes the guess work out of the process too as they know exactly what will fit in your room since the dimensions are given to them before the design process begins.

I thought it was a great way to get design help if you’re unsure of the process or what you want a room to look like. The design quiz helps them to narrow down what your style is and the Modsy designer can better help you get the room of your dreams!

If you’re interested in redoing a room of your own, use this coupon code (RHODA20) for 20% off, to try Modsy for yourself. I think you all would enjoy the process as much as I did!  It was fun to open up the files on my computer and see my room with new eyes.


- Rhoda


  1. http://bonniee says

    Love the designs! Sounds great & might need to give it a try in my future. 🙂 thanks!

  2. how fun is that to see the space a few different ways.

  3. http://Dian%20Owens says

    Rhoda, I like you bed and chest of drawers better. What about placing your three leaf prints over the bed and the painting over your chest of drawers? Have you thought about wall-mounted swing-arm lamps? I did like Modsy’s white curtain idea? Your peacock blue grasscloth wallpaper has inspired me to paint a peacock or medium navy accent wall behind a natural linen colored upholstered bed. I do love an accent wall and tall white indicating, and you and Mark have done both!

    • http://Dian%20Owens says

      White wainscoating (not indicating). Do not like auto-correct!

    • http://Rhoda says

      HI, Dian, thank you for stopping by. You’re right, I could probably switch those out and keep the 3 botanicals together over the bed. I’ll have to try it out and see how it looks. As far a swing arm lamps, those are pretty, but I still love the blue and white lamps I have in there, so I’m trying to use what I have. Good for you on painting your wall blue. We are sure enjoying all the changes around here.

    • http://Becky%20in%20'Bama says

      Funny: like Dian – I was going to suggest using those botanicals (in threes of course) over the headboard. I like the painting – but because it is large – the top of the frame draws the eye up to the ceiling – whereas, the frames on the botanicals are darker like the headboard and the green of the coverlet would complement the prints. Likewise, I think the painting would look nice hung low over the chest. AND I love those table lamps!! Once upon a time I had the wall mounted bedside lamps; nice until you want to rearrange furniture, then – oops – more holes in the wall. Thanks for sharing the 3-D ideas.

  4. http://teresa says

    What great concept. Will they use furniture one actually has? I too think the botanicals would look goo switched with the larger painting, although I do like your current drapes as they seem to tie the greens together. I think the reason the Queen beds look smaller (besides the fact that they are!) is that they don’t have a footboard, especially a dark one. Still, I really love this space as is and I’m sure any guest staying in it would feel comfy in that bed and very welcomed by the room.

    • http://Rhoda says

      HI, Teresa, they do have the opportunity to use furniture you already have. I think they have to do a mock-up somehow to get a piece you have in the 3D feature & there might be a little upcharge for that.

  5. http://Jan says

    I love Modsy. I used them in my last house. It was so big and open and I just didn’t know how to make my furniture fit. They helped me to use my space to the fullest and they helped us pick colors for painting. It was such an open plan and I just didn’t have a clue. They were great. I might have to use them again, with the discount.

    • http://Rhoda says

      HI, Jan, that’s great to hear your experience. I think it’s a wonderful option for many people who really don’t know how to plan and get their house together.

  6. I’m sure they do a fabulous job but I really like your furniture and style a whole lot better!

    • http://Rhoda says

      THank you, Nita, I love our guestroom as it is too, but it was fun to see a different look in there from another eye.

  7. http://Nanci says

    What a great service! I like both rooms, but there’s something so serene about blue and white, and that’s the feeling you want guests to have. And you’ve already got a nice collection of the blue and white ceramic pieces, so you could do some swapping out and have an excuse to buy more! : ) Some pops of yellow would look pretty with the blue and white, too. I’ve not seen a whole lot of yellow in your previous homes, but it’s such a pretty and happy accent color with blue and white. BTW, loving your color choices in your new home!

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thank you, Nanci, I do love lots of blue and white these days. I actually used a yellow gold in my very first house when I was blogging in Birmingham, the master bedroom was blue, white and yellow. But I’m with you, I’m loving all the colors in our new house, they just feel so good.

  8. http://Eleanor%20W.%20Craig says

    This is a fantastic tool, thanks for sharing! For whatever it is worth, I like your actual room better than either model!

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thank you, Eleanor, my style tends towards more traditional and I think my readers feel that way too, so yep, I’m with you!

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