The finishing touches around a house are definitely in the details and I love adding meaningful things to the tables and shelves in my home.   Here are a few ways to add color and interesting details to those side tables, consoles, and end tables that we all have and use.

Collecting books and other vintage items are always useful around the house and I’ve collected my share of them over the years.

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I wanted to first share this special pic of my dad and me, taken by the AJC Photographer, Christopher Oquendo and featured in the local paper on Super Bowl Sunday.  I love it and it really captures our journey on renovating this house going on 3 years ago. Can you believe it’s been that long?

side table vignette

Adding color and textures around your home is such a great way to personalize your space.

What colors speak to you the most?

As you can see, I love the aqua shades and have added this lovely color in different areas of my living room.  That pretty brass and aqua armillary is one of my best yardsale finds ever.  The sign is from Scripted Simplicity.

shells vignette (2)

Spray paint a piece if you are tired of the current color. I used spray paint on this chunky corbel and it gave a nice punch of blue on the wall going up my stairs.

I’m getting ready to do a few changes in my living room, including finding a new console table and replacing my chair of many fabrics that I’ve had over 10 years.  I’m thinking of bringing some navy blues into my living room too and adding more colorful throw pillows.  It’s going to be evolving soon, I hope, when I find the right pieces to bring in.  After over 10 years with the same pieces, I’m ready to mix it up a bit.

console table vignette

Using things you already have can be an easy way to change things up too.  Just by moving things from one room to another can wake up a space.  Color in books is another easy way to add some interesting hues that pick up your home decor.  I have collected many books over the years and do look for added color now when I’m browsing around.

end table vignette

Groups of 3 are always interesting too and this side table in my den features collected white pottery that I’ve picked up over the years.  I’ve really enjoyed my white pottery collection and use it constantly in decorating.

shells vignette (1)

I really enjoy all shades of blues these days and have added blues to  my rustic master bath cabinet.  Seashells have been collected for years too, along with driftwood, making a pleasing vignette that I enjoy seeing every day. That royal blue glass ball was a yardsale find.  Mixing things you love around the house is the best way to get a home you enjoy living in and those collected pieces add such charm.

kitchen vignette

In my kitchen, I picked up a green handled rolling pin.  About the only thing I use this for is rolling out pizza dough, but it sure looks cute on my kitchen shelves.  Those salt and pepper shakers are vintage too and I think I found them at an antiques store.  I love their shape and green and white color.

Collecting vintage things and using them around your house gives your home a unique look that you won’t see in everyone else’s home and isn’t that what we want in our homes?  A place that showcases what we enjoy and love to surround ourselves with.  Vignettes are especially enjoyable to change up with the seasons to make your home feel fresh.

What can you change up in 10 minutes to create a pretty focal point in your home?


I’m joining my 3 blog friends again today with more ideas on 10 minute decorating. Hope you’ll check them all out too for more decor inspiration.






- Rhoda


  1. Granny Annie says

    Really enjoy your blog. Think the blue glass ball in your bathroom is a witch ball because it looks as though there are strands of glass inside the ball. It is most interesting to look up the folk lore on witch balls. Keep entertaining us with your photos and fun ideas!

  2. LOVE that pic of you and your dad, Rhoda! Hope you’re well — would love to see you soon!
    xo Heidi

  3. I enjoy your blog and love seeing pictures of your family. Your dad looks great!

  4. Rhoda, the picture of you and your father is priceless! You are one lucky girl! Love your post,too, my mind is overflowing with ideas! Thanks!

  5. Thanks Rhoda. I have trouble with vignette’s and you have given me some things to think about!

  6. I am glad to see color coming back to decor…I was bored with all the neutrals. Like you, Rhoda, I enjoy turquoise, in fact I have a little side table that I came upon years ago that is turquoise and I always get complements on it. I also like the traditional blue and white and I use a lot of it in my kitchen to offset the white cabinets and black appliances. Another color pop I enjoy is bright apple green. And I cannot end my comment without telling you how I LOVE that picture of you and your daddy. You can just see the love between the two of you!

  7. Love the picture of you and your precious Dad! What a treasure! Definitely frame worthy!

  8. Love the picture of you and your dad. What a treasure!

  9. I hope you have the picture of you and your Dad in a frame! I enjoy using pretty trays in my vignettes. I recently did a coffee vignette in my kitchen. It added that little extra “ump” that I needed. We’re redecorating our family room soon and I’m thinking about neutrals with aqua and pops of orange. I love this color combo! Not only do you have great taste in fashion, but home decor as well! I think these two go hand and hand.

    P.S. Books are a decorators best friend! I have quiet a few of the Reader’s Digest in my home. Goodwill is the best place to find them!!

  10. You have such pretty collections….your vignettes always look great!

  11. Thanks Rhoda. Your style is exactly what I like. You gave me a couple of ideas today for changing a few things in my house.

  12. I’m adding the finishing touches to my home right now to have it ready to put up on the market next month. I like the beach theme. Recently I placed a medium sized 3-D picture of a blue ball/vase with a starfish & shells in my all white main bathroom. With teal quartz rugs & shower curtain it brightened the room up. I have to tell you again, Rhoda, how well I like the bead board wallpaper you recommended. It really enhances the look of the bathrooms. Thanks for all your good tips.

  13. Hi Rhoda! Stunning photos! And well needed! Makes me feel better already ,calming beautiful and inspiring. It is -5 here and that’s exactly what I’m doing today , painting 2 tables and moving my stuff around! I just got the coolest bistro set from my daughter ,she was pitching it . It is vintage green and yup I snatched it up! So thanks again… I have work to do, I think it is called ” crazy creative” ! Becky

  14. Rhoda, someone commented a post or two in your fashion 50+ about sharing your dad as a model. Your first photo today definitely filled the bill. What a great photo to frame. My dad is ninety-four, and every time I get a chance, I snap a picture of him with our family members.

  15. Segreto secrets says

    Such a sweet picture of you and your Dad! I love all of your little colorful touches, together they make a home!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  16. love it

  17. Nancy from RI says

    That’s an exceptional picture of you and your Dad. Perfection.

  18. Your precious daddy is a wonderful finishing touch!

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