Walking in Mountain Brook


Tucked over behind Red Mountain just outside downtown Birmingham, is an area known as Mountain Brook. It’s a prestigious place to live, with stately old homes and an ambience like no other in this city. This real estate is probably the priciest in the city. There is old money and new in Mountain Brook and it’s a beautiful place to take a walk on a fair Sunday afternoon. I’ve wanted to do a post for awhile on Mountain Brook and we were just there last weekend, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the views, so I thought it was a good time to show you at least a glimpse of Mountain Brook.


Jemison Park is there on the main road going into Mountain Brook and it’s a beautiful area with a winding creek and lots of woods and trees. You’ll always see dog owners out at any given time in this lovely park, taking advantage of the beauty surrounding them.


The homes are so lovely too and there is an assortment of styles and architecture sprinkled throughout Mountain Brook. It’s one of the most desirable places to live in Birmingham and I’m sure you can understand why from these pics.


Some of the trees are labeled for identification on the walking trail lining the creek.


It’s winter, but still the creek is a peaceful place to be.


A very fuzzy shot of one of the stately homes flanking this main road.


A stone bridge crosses over the creek.


Looking up the brick driveway of another gorgeous old home.


I can just imagine the inside is just as pretty as the outside.



Not sure what this water wheel is all about, but my hubby remembers it was here when he was growing up as a child in another area of Mountain Brook. They lived in a small cottage home here when he was just a small boy and he remembers it all fondly. Happily, this area has not changed much in 40 years.






A unique set up for foot traffic crossing the creek, this takes me back to growing up and spending time walking across rocks whenever I got the chance to play in any creek.




The daffodils are peeking out now, announcing that Spring is just around the corner.


And some of my favorite flowers, Lenton Rose always are sure bloomers this time of year.



These nandina berries stood out against the brown of the trees.










And that’s a stroll through Mountain Brook. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of this highly treasured area of Birmingham. There are 3 villages in Mountain Brook, which is a whole other post, but they are quaint and charming places to shop and eat, very much like you would imagine in England. In fact, Mountain Brook, is modeled after English villages, which I found out after we moved here.

- Rhoda


  1. thanks for the tour, i loved it and i LOVE your blog……a west tn 60 year old grandmother!!!

  2. Daisy Cottage says

    Gorgeous Rhoda!!
    Absolutely beautiful!
    You know how much I love B’ham!


  3. justabeachkat says

    Stop by…I’ve tagged you with an award/meme.


  4. Carolina Mama says

    Rhonda thanks for sharing Mountain Brook’s beauty and your Valentine’s Dinner. So fun.

  5. Gosh that was beautiful!! Thanks, I seriously feel better now, I’ve been feeling isolated out here in the Arizona desert. I need to travel more, my time will come when the kids are older I guess. you are one lucky lady to have such gorgeous surroundings. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for this lovely tour … it’s always a treat to visit a part of our country I haven’t seen before ~ and such a pretty place I might add.

  7. Omah's Helping Hands says

    Thanks for the stroll! Loved the atmosphere. What a beautiful place and the homes, wow! I love the country and all the trees. It seems that even though there are many stately homes, they still take good care in preserving the wilderness. So peaceful looking. Will have to make sure we go there when we travel out that way.

  8. Wow! That’s quite nice. I especially love the water wheel and the foot “path” across the creek.

  9. Such a wonderful group of homes in a country type setting…so lucky to live there…among nature.


  10. Very nice piece! I live in Mt. Brook and you focused on the main trail in our trail system, but we have an oft overlooked trail with real Civil War history as well.

    Off of Stone River Road, it’s a half mile trail that connects to the back side of the golf course from the Stone River entrance.

    On this trail are the remains of the old Irondale Furnace which was destroyed by the Union army in 1864. The furnace was designed and built by W.S. McElwain…the namesake for McElwain School, Church, etc. Thanks for featuring our beautiful neighborhood on your site!


  11. I meant to include that the Irondale Furnace trail follows directly along Furnace Creek until it connects to Shades Creek. A very beautiful, quiet and peaceful walk. If you go, make sure you keep on the trail past the furnace ruins. It gets smaller but is very pretty as it winds along the creek and through the woods. Enjoy!

  12. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Thank you B.R. for that handy information. We’ll have to check out the other trail sometime. You sure live in a beautiful neighorhood! Thank you for stopping by.


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