Wallpaper is Back!

blue toile bath

Everything that I’m reading indicates that wallpaper is back.  What do YOU think?  I know most of us have spent hours ripping down some ugly wallpaper that we got stuck with or got tired of after putting it up ourselves.  Raising my hand, I sure have! And it’s no fun scraping, peeling, spraying hot water to get off those last tidbits of remaining paste and paper from those walls.  And after all that hard work of scraping, I’ve vowed Never.To. Do. It. Again.

That is, until I see some beautiful  pics like I’m about to show you.  See if any of these change your mind.  I’m on the fence.  I could be tempted to do an accent wall OR a small bathroom, but that might be it, if I fell in love with just the right one.  I’m still a big toile lover and this bathroom above is just so yummy to me in so many ways.  I had toile wallpaper  in my old bathroom in Georgia and loved it.  I’ve learned when it comes to decor, never say never.  Everything old is new again.  Dallas News Photos by Natalie Caudill Styling Katie Kieffer

(Dallas News Photos by Natalie Caudill, Styling Katie Kieffer)

I really love the graphic lime green and black of this one.  This one could tempt me.  Maybe my office space?Domino Toile

(from Domino)

Another toile print and just on one wall.  Very pretty.


(from Domino)

How about a bold stripe on the ceiling.  Now, that’s eye-catching!

Evan Sklar via SoAccents

(Evan Sklar via Southern Accents)

Another pretty blue and white toile, always a classic.

Michel Arnaud via SoAccents

(Michel Arnaud via Southern Accents)

A restful and classic bedroom with a beautiful damask paper.

Ophelia Graham Brown

(Ophelia from Graham Brown)

Something about this pic just makes me smile.  I love the happy green chest in front of the golden floral wallpaper.  It’s just fun to look at.


Oh, how I love this little bathroom with the map on the walls and even the valance is in the same print.  So pretty and cozy, this space speaks to my Traditional side.   (don’t know the source on the above pic)The World of Interiors Dec. 06 via All the Best blog

(The World of Interiors Dec. 06)

More toile, this one in a luscious green. Tria Giovan via SoAccents

(Tria Giovan via Southern Accents)

And how about this funky lime green paper in the foyer of a Traditional home. Love this! Probably wouldn’t have the nerve to actually do it, but I like the way it looks. Turquoise Brown Graham Brown

(From Graham Brown)

Love this fun turquoise and brown pattern.  It would take a brave soul to do that one though. via alkemieblogspot

(From Ideal Home Magazine)

A great way to add some impact is by putting wallpaper on the back of built-ins. I’ve used scrapbook paper for that, but actually matching the pattern of wallpaper would be a great look too, since it’s bigger than scrapbook paper.  Lot of visual interest here!  You could even add it to a thin piece of luan if you didn’t want add it permanently to a built-in.viaalkemie

(From Ideal Home Magazine)

Love this idea of adding this jolt of color with wallpaper behind the sofa table. You could also add some small molding on either side to really dress it up.  Are your thinking caps on yet? via sugarblushstuffblogspot

(via sugarblushstuff.blogspot.com)

This turquoise paper is so pretty and the whole room just has a nice and serene feel, even though the paper is a little busy.


(From Southern Accents)

This traditional dining room really feels warm and inviting with what looks to be metallic botanical wallpaper added to dress up the walls. Such an elegant space.


(from CanadianHouseandHome.com)

Even though this is a bold pattern, it totally works in this bathroom with the traditional vanity and simple sconces and mirror.  I adore this!

58.Michael-Graydon Canadian H&H

(from CanadianHouseandHome.com)

One more beautiful blue and white toile print, another gorgeous diningroom.CanadianH&H

(from CanadianHouseandHome.com)

And there’s always grasscloth for added texture, which itself is making a comeback. I remember this was really hot in office spaces back in the 70’s and 80’s and it has a fresh appeal here in 2010.

So, are you ready to buy some wallpaper yet?  or are you scarred for life from long ago or recent removal woes?  (been there, done that!)

I’m not sure I am either, but I’m really getting excited about the new possibilities that I’m seeing out there.  I think in small doses, wallpaper is so fun.  I just have to get the nerve to actually do something with it now.

I’ll be thinking on this subject too and will let you know if I come up with a space and a plan!

- Rhoda


  1. Becky in SC says:

    Oooo…I don’t know…some of those prints were pretty hard on the eyes. But it’s like you said, I just had a horriffic fight with removing paper and tee-tiny strips of the paper backing from a bathroom wall…soooo…I’m not quite ready for wallpaper just yet….don’t think I will be for a while. I’m just really in love with some pretty paint colors right now. 🙂

  2. Linda Fyke says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months now but haven’t ever said hello. Just thought I’d mention what I think is a great alternative to the big wallpaper commitment. I favor doing a wall or a room in fabric instead. It’s much easier to remove than w/p and can actually add an interesting depth along with insulation value when applied over light batting. I did a wall in simple canvas, then primed and painted large cream and taupe halequin diamonds over it. To top it off I hammered antique brass nailheads into the points where the diamonds intersected. I’ve had loads of compliments on that bedroom. Anyway, here’s to rethinking the wallpaper quandry! Blessings, Linda

  3. Here in the UK wallpaper is big, most people just have it on one wall and paint the other walls in a complementary shade or white. I really love this wallpaper seen on Dottie Angels blog and hope to have it on the long wall in my hallway. It is quite bold though!http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3648/3350426696_d207d80d58.jpg

  4. I love wallpaper, but I have textured walls (sigh). I’m not even sure how I can paint the walls without painting the ceiling as well….not sure how it would look with crown molding either….
    I can remember happily pouring over wallpaper books in years gone by 🙂

  5. Morning, Rhoda! Oh, I have to admit, I love wallpaper too! I only have it in my little downstairs powder room – I love it! I’m rather glad it’s making it’s tiny way back. I adore that pretty toile on the bathroom wall in your first photo! It’s hard for me to think about wallpaper when I’m still trying to get all my Christmas decorations down! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  6. I do love wallpaper in the right place. I think it can cozy up a small bath or as an accent behind shelves. I don’t have any up in this house, though – maybe I’ll consider it.

  7. Hi Rhoda … great post and food for thought … wonderful pics, too !! I’ve never been a ha-uge wallpaper fan, simply because I change my mind so darned much as far as painting and re-painting and wallpaper is just too much of a commitment (expense and labor-wise). I did end up papering my guest bath and mudroom with beautiful paper, but, alas, am already tiring of the monkey wallpaper in the mudroom. LOL . Take care, Becca

  8. I have always liked wallpaper in a small bathroom or powder room. I am deciding when to update my powder room that has wallpaper right now. Truthfully I still like it! But I am feeling pressure to change it because I don’t want it to look dated. So now the question is new wallpaper or what color paint?!! My favorite was the bathroom with the map wall paper!!

  9. i think the problem with wallpaper is that depending on the pattern, it can REALLY date a room. My grandpa was a professional paper-hanger – I don’t think there was a lick of paint in his house. The living room had an orange floral on navy, the kitchen had a citrus floral on white, the basement had a multicolored stripe, etc.

    I like the classic old-world prints the best. If you choose a bolder pattern, you just have to prepare yourself for putting in the work at some point to change it out.

  10. Don’t overlook what can be done with paint! There are many great stencils that can replicate damask and other designs and many new products that are much easier to deal with than stripping paper!

  11. I’ve never stopped liking wallpaper. Only went to paint because it was “the thing to do”. I still have one bathroom that’s papered and simply can’t imagine it any other way. Also a room with embossed paper that’s painted. But I don’t *think* we’ll ever go wild with it again like we did in the ’80’s. Although, some of those patterns and some others I’ve seen make me want to build extra rooms just so I can use all the beautiful wallpaper out there! LOL

  12. I just don’t think I could do it! It’s true…I’m scarred from wallpapers past. But, I do have to say, that I love the panel of wallpaper behind the table in one of the last photos.

  13. I love the picture with the grasscloth! I have seen a lot of wallpaper lately. Yes, I tore a lot off my walls at my old house, but I wouldn’t mind having it in my guest bathroom, which is really small. When I saw your post about the beadboard wallpaper, I really liked that!!! So, there may be some wallpaper in my future!

  14. I bore easily so vowed long ago to never be stuck with wallpaper again no matter how attractive the pattern. Plus, the removal is enough to send me screaming into the streets. Never again!

  15. Mmmmmmmm….I don’t think so! I had a time removing the wallpaper in this house. I honestly have never been a fan of wallpaper even back in the day when it was really popular. I always like painted walls. I do have one remaining room that has wallpaper. It’s the half bath off the kitchen. I plan to remove the wallpaper and paint in there eventually. It has wallpaper on top and beadboard on the bottom. I *suppose* it would be easier to put new wallpaper on top. 😉 I do really love the toile paper. Funny that Lowe’s just got rid of their wallpaper section last year.

  16. Rhoda-One of the nice things about being a “mature woman 🙂 is that I don’t feel compelled to chase trends–I am more comfortable with doing what suits me. I have wall paper I never took down and am looking at new wall paper for my powder room. Love all the pictures!

  17. I don’t think I’m ready yet. I made a promise or together J and I made a pact about never having wallpaper again. Even after hanging paper, following all the “rules” of preparation and procedure…we had a mess when it was time to take it down. I believe it can make a beautiful impact on a room, but I’m not ready to take that path, at this time.

    Penny, of Lavender Hill Studio/The Comforts of Home, recently finished a powder room, in the new home she and her husband purchased over the summer. She used black and white toile. The room is stunning. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend a visit.
    This is the link:

    Sorry don’t know how to make a live link.

    Great post, Rhoda!!

  18. Lovely to look at! The wallpaper designs seem to be mirroring the large scale prints in the fabric industry right now. I think I would rather use liquid starch and fabric to adorn a wall than paste and paper. Easier to remove….same look! Love your blog!

  19. Oh wow! Looks like the link is live! 🙂

  20. I have seen the trend of wallpaper coming back too, and like you after removing TONS of it I vowed to NEVER put it up again…however…I did LOVE the wallpaper I had in my kitchen in my old house and still have 3 rolls…so I have toyed with the idea of putting it on one wall in my kitchen….

    Anaglypta paper is also good, cos you can paint it different colors as your decor changes!

    Great post!

    Lou Cinda

  21. Oooh, I’ve been burned by wallpaper before. I think the photos were beautiful, but I don’t want to set myself up for another mass wallpaper removal. I think I’d rather paint or use fun accents or fabrics instead. So, I don’t think I’ll be wallpapering anytime in my near future!

  22. Rhoda – our master bath still has blue/pink little flowered wallpaper from the 90’s…I know, I know…love me anyhow. I just can’t get myself to strip it all and since no one runs screaming from that room except me, it’s there for a while.

  23. Patti Gencarelli says:

    I have been lovin the shelving area background wallpaper idea. I have heard, but not tried, covering foam board or
    poster board cut to size of your specific area then covered
    with fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, or your scrapbook paper idea. Love it – changes quickly and inexpensively.
    also seasonally!

  24. Hi Rhoda~
    I vowed never to put wallpaper up after removing a whole houseful, but look, we’ve done beadboard wallpaper already! I love the seagrass wallpaper, and I might do an accent wall, or behind a bookshelf with a fun pattern? I have learned to never say never in decorating 🙂

  25. Thanks for showing us some great images, Rhoda! There were very few patterns I didn’t like.

    I still have wallpaper from almost 25 years ago (that I put up in this ‘old house’) and I am glad I have saved it because the patterns have come back around. And I did above or below chair rails so it wasn’t overpowering. So I am happy wallpaper is making a comeback. Would I put up more? Yep!!


  26. I love the use of wallpaper to accent, and that lime green and black would look great in your office! I have also sworn off ever using it again, after stripping it from many a room, but I love some of the pictures above…the one with the striped ceiling was great!! I think I could be persuaded also, if I saw the right paper!!

  27. I am one of those people who has always been faithfully true to wallpaper. I can’t get enough of it. Woooowho! Bring it on!

  28. I really love that map wallpaper! It would be perfect for my guest bath. If anyone finds it, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

  29. I do love that first picture! I’d still be hesitant to do wallpaper again. About a year ago I took down the last of our wallpaper {in our powder room}.

  30. Hi Rhoda, I use to work in a design studio selling wallpaper in its hay day! I still love a beautifully made wallpaper. I have always had it in my dining room and entry and guest bath. Most people try it first in the bathrooms,since they are usually the smallest room in the house. I love it!! You are right about the toile, never get tired of that one. Your home would look wonderful in a toile’ somewhere. I think the 80’s was bad in design and in wallpaper. It seemed as if everyone was doing a patchwork quilt in their homes , but on their walls. Can’t wait to hear what you decide. Hugs Kathysue

  31. I have an older home and still have the original wallpaper in most rooms. I like wallpaper. Thanks for showing some ideas.

  32. Great inspirational photos (as always!) I am not one to follow trends; i.e.; “what’s currently in” because just as you are pasting that last strip of wall paper or painting that last spot of turquoise it will be “out”. So, I decorate my home with pieces that speak to me or serve a specific function. That being said, I am a wall paper warrior and have had more steamy nights (peeling it off walls) than I care to remember. The problem for me is I grow too soon tired of these walls and find patterns on walls much too busy and distracting.
    As always, thanks for sharing.
    – Deborah

  33. Oh no Rhonda! I just got rid of all my wall paper. Are you kidding me?

  34. I’ve been saying for several years that wallpaper would be back! But only in either small spaces (like a bathroom) or in a dramatic space (entry, focal wall, etc.). I say it’s time we stop being lazy and just go for it! 🙂 LOL!! I’m definitely using wallpaper in our powder room when we re-do that space.

  35. Really? Some of those prints made me cringe – too bold for my blood. Growing up we had some rooms wallpapered, and after a few years the edges would lift slightly which drove me MAD. So no wallpaper ever in my future.

  36. Some of the wallpapers are nice, and classic toiles are always beautiful. But some of those wild patterns – I’m afraid they would become “dated” very quickly. I’m a fan of HGTV, and one of my favorite shows is House Hunters. Sometimes I gasp and shudder right along with the potential home buyers when they view a bathroom covered in a purple and pink metallic floral paper, or a yellow, orange, and brown kitchen paper featuring teapots and coffee mills. When someone exclaims, “This wallpaper’s got to GO!” I agree, 100%.

    Are wallpaper borders “out” now? I don’t care for borders, but my guest bath is papered in a simple, textured ivory paper. There’s an ivy leaf border, and I like it. The bath is done in green and ivory. It’s been that way for a number of years, and I have no plans to change it anytime soon. But someday, someone may look at it and gasp, “This wallpaper’s got to GO!”

    If I had plenty of money and someone to change out the paper for me, I might try something different in a bathroom or hallway. But I have to pay to have wallpapering done, and my budget is zilch right now!

  37. I just recently saw the comment in House Beautiful that wp is back…o/w I might have skipped reading your post. I personally don’t have wp-PTSD, but my DH does. He has told me no more wp-ever. I can’t even get around it by tackling the job myself. There’s something about wp that he has to be involved in it, and he doesn’t want to be involved, so no wp projects allowed in the house!
    Now having said that, I liked all the wps. Not that all of them would work in my home, but many of them would. You have great taste. (Or maybe I am easily pleased, probably a bit of both.) But I guess that’s obvious, given how popular you are! 🙂

  38. J’adore the wallpaper ! Especially these modern botanicals and damasks by York and Graham & Brown. They are simply gorgeous !!!

  39. …. and you KNOW I love me some grasscloth. 🙂

  40. Hi Rhoda 🙂

    Wallpaper is back.. Words to make my husband cringe LOL He has had to remove scores of it before and he hates it. Me? In the right room and in the right pattern I think it’s wonderful.

    I love toile and some of the subtle patterns, but if it’s too bold I get hives… like for instance the stuff I just took down in our breakfast room. We have one last room with wallpaper and it’s in the powder room. I love the light green and cream plaid, but it’s coming off in the corners and ripped in spots, so it’ll have to go soon. I have no idea what will go in it’s place, but I have a feeling if it’s wallpaper I’ll have to sneak it in 😉


  41. Oh and by the way, that grasscloth wallpaper was in my grandfather’s office during the late 70s. I’ve always liked it and I’m glad to see it used again 🙂

  42. See Rho this just goes to prove that everything old is new again and why we should just do what we love….I had this whole house wallpapered at one point, in the last few years we changed over to paint and like everyone else feels…”man what a job to remove & swore to never do it again”….BUT….. for the bathrooms where I just love paper…..and that bathroom with the map wallpaper must BE MINE !!!! LOVE it…..

    Great post,
    Kathy 🙂

  43. I’m with you, Rhoda. I’ve had the job of trying to scrape off two layers of it on top of each other and then painted over in the house where we are now. But I love so many of the new (and old) designs in wallpaper so much, that I am hankering to do some around here. My husband, on the other hand, hates it so much after his having to deal with it in previous homes and this one that when I mention it or show him fabulous looks with wallpaper he thinks I’m crazy. I read someone’s comments recently that said that wallpaper dates a room more quickly. But I think it depends on the wallpaper design. Some of them are timeless, like the toile. If you freshen up the look with new accessories, etc. Most of the designers I love use wallpaper — look at some of Sarah Richardson’s use of wallpaper. I’m contemplating recreating this guest room and dinging room in my home: http://www.sarahrichardsondesign.com/portfolio/project/sarahs-house2/guest-suite1
    And I love Tobi Fairley’s use of it here, and so many others. http://tobifairley.com/portfolio/inverness-circle/

    I am in lust with that Beadazzled Glass Bead wallpaper by Maya Romanoff for my master bath. http://www.mayaromanoff.com/

    And look at the wonderful wallpaper Lime In a Coconut just posted recently that she is considering for her bathroom. http://coconutsandlimes.blogspot.com/ I love it. And if you put it on correctly, it can be removed more easily. I’m tempted. Very, very tempted!

  44. Nooooooo…….. they really are so beautiful. Who wouldn’t be tempted to wallpaper again. Anyone who has wallpapered has definately sworn to never do it again. Lawyers better be getting ready too. Wallpapering with a spouse will lead to divorce or murder.

  45. Some of those pictures really were beautiful, and some were a little bit too busy for me. I am too lazy to put it up, and too lazy to pull it down. 😉 I think I’ll just enjoy it on other people’s walls for now. 🙂

  46. Elizabeth Hunt says:

    I love some of the pictures you posted. Beautiful wllpaper but I have taken down so much. Never again will it go on any of my walls.

  47. Funny you did a post on wallpaper. I was just getting ready to purchase a double roll to hang in my laundry room. I love wallpaper…it is a beast to remove…but oh so worth it. If your a little apprehensive, you could always cover a large artist canvas with a vibrant pattern. When you get tired of it you could change it out…easy peasy. Wonderful post!

  48. Eeek! I don’t know! But some of those patterns ARE really pretty. . . .

    I like the ideas of backing shelves. And the idea of doing one panel where you need a pop of color. Or maybe a powder room. But I’m still feeling a bit chicken!

  49. You know what caught my eye? The striped carpet on the stairs in the photo with the grasscloth wallpaper. I swear, we have that exact same carpet on our basement stairs AND WALLS. It’s next on the list for our remodel of this ’80s house! Don’t tell me it’s coming back in style….

  50. OK, so as we are redoing each room in our house, I am seriously thinking of changing some already laid out plans. I have not looked at wallpaper in years (since we begged mom to take hers down in the 90’s), but I really like these styles. Hmmmm….thank you for giving me something to think about!


  51. i love wallpaper. as long as its a good design. the ones that were installed to new homes back in the 90s were alll ugly. but i am so excited for all the new fresh designs they have now. or we can say the designs that are coming back onto the shelves… i love the damask ones!

  52. I’m seeing wallpaper everywhere too, Rhoda! But I have to say, it’s mostly in magazines where people have more of…shall we say…a budget to work with? I have yet to see it in any of the actual homes of people that I know, because we all have our (bad) memories of dealing with it. For me, it’s a budget issue both ways…it’s expensive to purchase…and a bear to take down yourself…and expensive to hire someone else to take it down for you. So I’m finding that as much as I may like the look of it – it’s just not worth it to me. Yet. I agree that we should never say never!

    By the way, I just launched my new Etsy shop, if you’d like to check it out! http://www.nestink.etsy.com Let me know what you think (if you have a moment)!


  53. Hi Rhoda – Actualy I’ve just purchase wallpaper for a guest BR and bath…… So…. guess it’s good to know that I’ll be in style – although I would not have worried if I wasn’t.

    Love the photos you’ve shared….. I’ll have to send you photos of what I chose….


  54. You know, I never did tire of wallpaper and I was a bit irritated when everyone was against it, especially good looking stuff like what you are showing! I am so in the mood now, thanks for sharing. Cindy

    • Me either Cindy- I had my husbands office done a year ago. It is a small space 10×10 and too give it more drama we paneled it and wallpapered 1/3 of the wall and the ceiling. Very cozy and manly.


  55. Very pretty pictures, but no wallpaper for me.

  56. Having had to wrestle with taking down very dated wallpaper in nearly every room of my house (including closets & ceiling), I’d never do wallpaper. Using liquid starch & fabric you can get the same look minus the hassle of hanging & removal frustration.

  57. I was just thinking our bedroom was looking a little dated because of the wallpaper and I should remove it and paint instead. But maybe I waited so long it is back in! Decisions, decisions.

  58. I love wallpaper in bathrooms and entry ways. I don’t care if “they” say it’s out or in, I put it in my guest bath and my entryway when I bought this home 6 years ago and still love it. It adds interest and texture. I think the issue is when people put it up and never replace it (like my dad) and it’s a style that is so dated! He still has the dreaded mini print in his den and dining room. He finally took it down in his kitchen and painted. But still has it in two of his bedrooms. Boy will that be fun to remove before we sell that house after he passes. (he’s 89, so I cut him slack though – grin)

  59. I love the photos of wallpapered rooms, they look so pretty, but I am not a wallpaper person. I think it dates a room way too quickly. I also think it overpowers a room. I like to see the occupants personality come through in their decorating, by how they mix and match furnishings and accessories or have a favorite collection displayed. So much more interesting and timeless.

  60. No, no, and NO!
    I will not do wallpaper for all the reasons you mentioned.
    If I want color and pattern, fabric is so much easier to change out.
    I do like looking at the photos though. 🙂

  61. NEVER !!!!

  62. Casey Beaty says:

    No, no wallpaper for me! I will say I’ve seen some nice rooms that have wallpaper, but I like change too often to be stuck stripping wall paper!

  63. Some of the rooms are gorgeous. But, these designs will also become dated. No one hanging wallpaper in decades past considered the paper to be ugly, yet when we see it now…. YIKES. I love the idea of an accent wall or the back of a built in, even covering luan to place on a wall, but I won’t do entire rooms again. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago everyone was hanging wallpaper borders.

  64. No. Just no.

    Not one photo, not one room.

    Every photo reminded me of the tackiness of prior decades.

    Grasscloth on walls? Again? Really? Get out the Hi-Fi and the LPs.

    Blue and Silver foil wallpaper? How ’80s bathroomy.

    Maybe the powder room with the map walls. Maybe. Then, again, maybe not.

  65. A big NO here! The rooms you showed were incredible and a joy to look at! However, I like to paint and change rooms way to much to commit to wallpaper. I remember growing up in the 80’s and watching my mom wallpaper our entire house!

  66. I love all of the wallpaper designs lately too. But, I have to say that I’ve had enough wallpaper scraping/removal to last me a lifetime (including 3 layers on a ceiling!). I am considering wallpapering some closets though. 🙂

  67. Rhoda,
    I was at a ‘trade’ meeting last night and wallpaper was all the talk. I still cannot wrap myself around it wholly, but I know bit by bit I will come over to the paper side!

  68. hello. I am never to blogging and I hear you are the lady to talk to. Your site is Fantastic! any words of advice?

  69. sorry…new to blogging

  70. I love wallpaper, but in someone else’s home!

  71. I love the damask one in that gorgeous bedroom!!! I don’t know if I could put wallpaper in my home though. I change my mind to frequently and the thought of removing wallpaper is dreadful. It sure is nice to admire in other peoples homes though.

  72. I have a buttery jute paper in my kitchen that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  73. Wow – some really inspirational rooms. Most of them would take a fairly bold person to really enjoy them but I love those oversize damask patterns that are so popular right now – they work equally well in modern or traditional homes.

    Personally, I’ve had wallpaper & I’m not sure if I’d go there again, but it’s really tempting. One of the early comments was about people with money being more likely to use wallpaper and I agree. As a designer I love showing that option to people who don’t have to put it up or take it down themselves. And they almost always go for it!

    Great minds think alike – my post today is about pros & cons of using wallpaper too! Check it out.

  74. I love wallpaper — when it’s in other people’s houses! I’m done with it after scraping it off the walls of two rooms in my last house. I’ll just be happy drooling over it in magazine pics.

  75. Those pictures may have tempted me to consider wallpaper again. We struggled to remove badly applied wallpaper in our first house and I said never again. But, if you put it on properly (I think you put size on the walls first) it is not that difficult to remove.
    I was wondering where you find all this wonderful wallpaper? My mom loves wallpaper, and all her favorite wallpaper stores have shut down. I don’t think you can even get it at Lowe’s anymore.

  76. Please say it isn’t so. I just redid the last room in my house that had wallpaper and I said NEVER AGAIN. Please don’t make me do it again! (I do love your beadboard wallpaper and thought about putting it on the back wall of a built-in next to the fireplace. I like the idea of putting it on luann so then I won’t have to scrape it off when I get tired of it!) The photos are tempting, I must admit, but NEVER AGAIN.

  77. NO WAY JOSE! I still like clean lines and it is way too busy for me. I REMEMBER HOW HARD IT WAS TO TAKE DOWN!!!

  78. I loved the wallpaper in my old house. But it is a pain to take off. I may stick to neutrals for a bit. I guess I am plain & boring instead of daring & liberated!

  79. When did wallpaper leave??? Glad to know that I kept mine up since it is making a comeback! 🙂 I have 2 different toile patterns in small areas in our home and a antique floral pattern in our upstairs bathroom. I adore the antique pattern!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  80. I’ve always loved wallpaper, but then I grew up with some really beautiful patterns. We still have a Laura Ashley tiny rosebud pattern on the ceiling in our library, and a Sanderson print in the den. I recently picked up two rolls of an Osborne & Little gold/cream damask paper at the thrift store for $10. each. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet… but it was too good a bargain to pass up. 🙂

  81. Love Love Love Love Love Love these pictures, your right wall paper is back!

  82. No wallpaper for me. In my opinion, the wallpaper in these pictures looks just like the ugly wallpapers of the past that I hate, hate, hate!

  83. Hi Rhoda…I’m still a huge wallpaper lover…but I have to admit, I’ve stripped it from everywhere, except the baths. And boy, was it a lot of work! I could be tempted by the right one, though. I’ve been thinking of doing a subtle damask, tone on tone in my entry and up my stairway…always love that look when I see it in decor mags. I love a bold paper in dining rooms…but probably too chicken to try it since the memories of scraping the last paper off are still too vivid. LOL
    Love the toile bath you showed in the first pic!

  84. I do love seeing rooms like these with beautiful wallpaper patterns in them! I’m not ready to put them in my own house yet because I, like so many others, can’t forget what I went through peeling old paper off. Plus, I worked at a wallpaper store for a year and it might give me flashbacks. Ha. But gorgeous rooms like these are fun to look at!

  85. Rhoda I love the beadboard paper, now I think you did a post on a kitchen backsplash done with beadboard w.p. or maybe i am thinking someone else..anyway, how do you think that would look???
    Also, would love to use it also on the one wall in my bathroom, how sharp that would be as it is being done in lighthouse/coastal..

  86. Hm. Pretty pictures – some my style, some not. But. We just bought our first house – entirely papered not to my taste. Two rooms down and a *few* more to go! I do like the upstairs hallway which an antique pinkish and cream damask that I LOVE! I’m leaving that, but probably nothing else because it’s just too busy for this gorgeous house of which my favorite part is the 100-year-old molding – which you can’t see around the flowers! So down it comes. But maybe in a different house that needed more “interest” – who knows. I’ve already said “never” to too many things!

  87. Wallpaper has its place. The occasional bath, a discrete wall in a guest room. But like you I removed so much wallpaper, that I am not sure I want to tackle it again.

    Also, keep in mind in 10 years we will be tearing down the “new” stuff again in disgust.

  88. Hi Rhoda, It is Sue…Long time no see. I haven’t been around blog land much…..It looks like you are running a booming shop around here. Good for you, I know you put a lot of love and effort into your blog and it shows. Anyway, the reason I am writing is it see if you by any chance have the original source of the first picture in this lovely post. I am doing a bathroom and have to have 😉 that ballon wallpaper. If you don’t have the original source, perhaps you know where that paper is from???


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