Weeks 16 & 17: Why I Chose Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Another exciting week has arrived and that is the beginning of the kitchen cabinet installation. After I got back from BlogHer a week ago, Dad and I jumped into putting the cabinets together.  We thought it was going to be hard, but once we opened each box with a cabinet and instructions and hardware, it quickly became easier with each and every one. They all basically go together the same.  We worked hard the first day and put together 8 cabinets, leaving 6 for the next day and we were pretty proud of ourselves when that job was done.  I’ll tell you a little about the process of choosing Ikea cabinets.

When I originally started looking at cabinets, I got at least 3 estimates:  one from a big box store (Home Depot), one from a local cabinet shop, and another from a cabinet shop up in N. Georgia that I had heard about.  Home Depot came in at well over $8,000, closer to $9K.  The local shop was around $5,500 and the N. GA shop was about the same as Home Depot.  Now, I am sure their cabinets are nice. Most offered plywood sides and wooden doors and dovetailed drawers, all of that.  I am certainly not an expert on kitchen cabinets and have never had high-end cabinets in my life, but I do know there are lots of differences and lots of bells and whistles if you are willing to pay for them.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had $20K sitting around for a kitchen renovation and many are WAY more than that from what I’ve read about.  Not in my world!

I am on a tight budget and don’t have thousands to put towards a kitchen.  Trying to get a new kitchen with cabinets, granite, hardware, sink, and appliances, can cost a bundle.  So, I have to keep those costs as low as I possibly can.  I knew that I could only spend around $4,000 on cabinets with all of the other things that had to go along with  it.  I am so grateful to God that he has brought in the money for this house renovation.  Without the cash flow, I couldn’t do all that I’m doing and I’m SO SO thankful to be able to pay cash for everything as we have moved along on the process.  It’s still a lot of money to spend, so I don’t take it lightly.  I am trying to keep things as cost effective as I possibly can given all that I have to buy.

It became evident pretty fast that I wasn’t going to be able to afford to go with any of the first options.  Ikea cabinets were always in the back of my mind to buy and I had no problem with that.  My new next door neighbors put them in 2 years ago and their kitchen is gorgeous.  Gorgeous!  When I went in the Southern Living Idea house in Senoia and saw those same Adel Ikea cabinets, that really clinched it for me.  I had already gone down to Ikea and done a preliminary estimate on what my cabinets would cost.  That estimate came in at about $3,500 which I was ecstatic about, but then we didn’t get everything added in properly (because I was still figuring things out), so that estimate was low as I would find out when I went back to order.  There are a million little details to add in there,  like toekick, light rails, crown molding, panels and fillers, as well as all the doors and cabinets.

Ikea cabinet shopping

So, I went down there one afternoon to place my order.  This Ikea kitchen sales guy helped me put it all together.  I started online with a their Ikea planning website and you can go in there and draw out your kitchen to scale and then drop in one by one all the upper and lower cabinets and it will tell you if you are planning things correctly to fit your kitchen.  I thought that tool was a little hard to work with and had a girl helping me the first time.  My neighbor came over and helped me tweak my list before I went down there, to be sure I was covering all my bases, so I went off my list instead of the online drawing when it came time to order.  If you have your online drawing done correctly, it should make a list for you to make things easier. They really do streamline the process and help you along the way to get your kitchen right.  The folks at Ikea will help you with your online software plan, but don’t want to take responsibility for it as far as how your kitchen might turn out.

Ikea door styles

These are all the door styles available in white.  I chose the Adel Shaker style fronts and they come in glass and solid, so I have a mix of both.  I really fell hard for the Shaker cabinets and think they are a classic look.

After we went through my order and got everything added up, the order came up to about $4,350.  Wouldn’t you know it, Ikea was having their twice a year sale on kitchens (just in time for my order!!).  Coincidence, NO.  God has been all over the details of my house buying and all the renovation process, so I wasn’t a bit surprised that the cabinets went on sale just when I needed it.  Smile

It works like this:  buy $3,500 in kitchen products, get a 10% discount.  Buy $4,500 and get a 20% discount (sale ends August 19th).  I really thought my order would come in at the 10% level, but it went way over that and when the sales guy told me how close I was to the $4,500 mark to get the 20% discount, I had already figured out what I would do.  I told him to throw in a stainless steel undermount microwave for $249 to boost me over the mark to get my discount.  Done!  Total came in over $4,500, I got my almost $1,000 discount and with tax it came out to $3,900+, right at the $4k mark.  I opted to pay $99 for delivery (best decision on that too) and a delivery service came out and delivered the boxes to my garage and they did all the heavy lifting.  The boxes arrived the day before I left for BlogHer.


So, here we were getting ready to put those cabinets together.  How hard could it be?  Turns out, not so hard at all. Once we got  the hardware out and everything sorted, things flew.


We set up our work station in the living room, complete with saw horses and an old door to work on.  We added some dropcloths on top of the door to keep the pieces from scratching. This was the perfect spot to do them, plenty of room to hold the completed cabinets once finished and they would already be close to the kitchen.


We took each cabinet out of their box and sorted out the hardware, reading the instructions as we got started.  At first it was a little confusing, but once we did one, it all came together easy.  Each one had the same hardware and basically the same instructions for assembly.


Screw in these pegs and tap in dowels, over and over again.  We got the rhythm going on this and each worked on an end of the cabinet.


Dad read the instructions and I looked over his shoulder and together we conquered those Ikea cabinets.  They really weren’t hard once we got going.  If we can do it, anyone can do it!  I think I could put together any Ikea pieces now.


Build a box


The Ikea instructions are really clever, made for people (like me) who are visual and don’t like a lot of words.  They draw things so you can see (for the most part) what you are supposed to be looking at and which holes get screws and which get dowels.


Box of parts from one of the cabinets.  They all had this same hardware so we got very familiar with it all.  A power screw gun comes in handy.


Before we knew it, we had built 8 cabinet that first day.  Hooray!


All the way down to the BIG pantry that will go in my kitchen.  I love this thing!  Wait til you see the drawers that comes with it.


After all the cabinets were assembled, we started on the door hinges.  This part was a little tricky for us at first. There was a big box of hardware in plastic, very intimidating at first, but my neighbor came over and gave us a quick lesson on hardware assembly and after that, the lightbulb went on and we were in business.  He was right, it really isn’t hard.


The doors have hinges and hardware that fits inside the cabinets for the hinges to clamp to.  All of these go on really easy. See those predrilled holes in the doors?  The hinges clamp in there with no screws.  Put them in the right spot and clamp down, that’s it.  Done!

Ikea door hinges

Here’s the hinges and hardware up close. Once we got instructions on how they went in, we flew through them.


Clamping down the hinges.


Then, before we knew it, we had most of the doors ready to install.  The hinges fit right over the hardware inside the cabinets and click into place.  Easy!

adding back to Ikea cabinets

The last step on the cabinets was tacking in the backs.  White sides in and brown sides out, they include a nice pack of small nails and we went around tacking the backs into place to finish them off. We both worked on this together too.

Cam lock Ikea cabinets

Here’s a look at the cam lock that locks the screws in place once assembled.  I’m amazed at the brains behind the Ikea engineers and how they figure all this stuff out.  Everything goes together precisely and all the holes are predrilled and ready to go.  So, the guesswork is taken out and you can fly along on putting these together, once you have a grasp of the hardware and process.


Here’s a peek at the back of an Ikea cabinet.  You can see that the sides are made of particle board.  It doesn’t have the best reputation as far as product material goes, but it is strong and durable. That’s what makes these cabinets affordable.  The doors are all wood and they have a heat bonded treatment on them that makes them very durable as well.  They aren’t just painted, but they have a protective coating too.  I love the doors!  Those round holes are how they are mounted on the wall on a rail system that I’ll show you.

Ikea cabinets 101

Taking a break after most are assembled.

Ikea cabinets together

Boxes waiting to be installed.  At this point, this is when I found my installer.  My neighbor was friends with him and used to work with Victor.  He lives in the Atlanta area and works at a cabinet shop, so knows everything there is to know about installing cabinets.  He came by and gave me an estimate and I was happy to hire him to do the install (for around $900).  That was peace of mind for me and I knew that my dad didn’t want to tackle the job and I sure didn’t either.  Cabinets need to go in properly and this was too important a job to do on our own.  Another smart decision to hire this installer too.   So glad I did!

Mom and dad on porch

In between days working on the cabinets, mom, dad and I sat on the porch at home talking about our progress.  Things were moving forward!


On Saturday, Victor showed up bright and early and we were all ready for him to begin.


The cabinets were all together and waiting for installation in the dining room.


My beautiful cabinets and you can see one of the glass fronts.


Doors and drawer fronts ready to go.


One 30” cabinet by the sink has these 2 glass fronts.


We moved in the corner cabinet as it wouldn’t go through the door without taking it apart in 2 pieces.  This is the corner base cabinet.  Oh, and you can see what color I’m doing in here, it’s the same Fennel color that I’m using in my office. Fennel is a Pratt & Lambert color, but Sherwin Williams has the formula too.   What can I say, I love green and this fresh green makes me happy.  There’s not a lot of wall space in here for color, but the green will be a nice contrast to my dark floors and white cabinets.


First thing that Victor did was set the rails in place to hang the upper cabinets. I did have to go back and paint my ceiling with ceiling paint after the top cabinets were up.  I forgot that the cabinets wouldn’t be going all the way to the top. There is a little gap up top and this had to be painted out in ceiling paint.  Oops!  Here they are not painted yet, but they will be.


Victor Marti, my fantastic installer.  Yes, I only hire handsome contractors.  We were so glad he was in charge and we could sit back and let him do his thing.  If you need a kitchen installer, I’d definitely recommend Vic.  He knows his stuff and he does lot of other projects around the house too.  If you are in the Atlanta area, you can reach him at 678-983-5550.


He got all the top cabinets in first and everything leveled out, which is really important in a kitchen.


I tried to stay out of his way and let him work, but had to sneak in a few pics.  I did tell him he would be on my blog and he was fine with that and fine with me sharing his company contact information, if you are interested in hiring him.  He’s a pro and does all sorts of carpentry things.


Meanwhile, Dad and I tackled putting the drawers together. I’ve got some big drawers that will go in my pantry and also some big base cabinet drawers.  Ikea drawers and hardware is very heavy duty and I’ve heard works great.  This will be my first time to have big pull-out drawers like this and I know I’m going to love them.


I forgot to take pics of how the sides of the drawers go together, but they just snap into place and then the bottom part slides in and you’re done.  Then the drawer front has hardware and clicks into place.  Their drawer design is genius too.


Drawers all put together.


More drawers.  Dad and I will be working on getting the drawers installed this week, now that the base cabinets are in place.


Victor started in this corner and worked around the room, putting my pantry in last.


Right side of kitchen, looking good!  The microwave will go over the stove.  I haven’t found a stove yet, so will have to go out searching out a deal on a stainless smoothtop electric range.


To the left of the stove are two 36” base cabinets and these will have the big drawers that pull-out.  Love them.  Right above them, I have more than 4’ of wall space which will house my 2 rustic shelves that will sit on black iron brackets. I can’t wait to see these up, but first we have to tile that wall all the way from the countertop to the ceiling.


Looking towards dining room.  You can see how big my pantry will be, excited about that too.


Still have to remove the old light relic that is hanging up there, we’ll get it down soon and my Ballard’s pendant light will go up above the sink.

cabinets up

And that’s the kitchen well on it’s way to being done.

We did have a few glitches on the 2nd day of working on the kitchen on Monday.  We discovered the cabinet above the fridge was too tall, so back to Ikea I went, where I thought I ordered the correct one the second time.  When I got back to my house and we unloaded the box, it still wasn’t the right size.  Back to Ikea I go this week to try to return both of those fridge cabinets.  I will make sure before I leave next time that I have the right one.  I’ve been back down there twice in the last 3 days, so I hope this is my last trip for awhile.  Because of the glitch, we are not quite done yet.  My installer is a busy guy and has several projects going and I’m going out of town this weekend, so it will be over a week before he can come back and totally finish up.  But, that’s the way it goes with home renovations, especially kitchens.  We haven’t had a lot of glitches so far, so I guess we are due.

In spite of a few missteps, I’m absolutely ecstatic with my new Ikea kitchen and really think that I’ll enjoy it for years to come.  My neighbors that I was telling you about, they installed theirs 2 years ago.  He used to install high-end kitchen cabinets and with all he knows about cabinets, chose Ikea for his own home, so that tells me a lot. He feels that for value and quality that you can’t beat Ikea.

I’m sold too!  And that’s why I chose Ikea cabinets.  They don’t know me from Adam, but I am really happy so far with what I’m seeing and how my cabinets are looking in my space.  I am so thrilled to get this kitchen together and of course, I’ll show you all the details as they unfold.  Still have to get granite, sink, install faucet and backsplash tile, trim out the window and replace the light fixtures.  That will be another few weeks of work.

And soon, the next project that Dad and I will tackle is this one:

brown painted stairs

Now, you get a peek at my vision for the stairs.  Picture white risers with these deep brown painted stairs.  Beautiful, yes?!  I am so excited to get this project done too. I have all the stairs painted with 3 coats of porch paint and they will be nice and cured by the time I get them in. I’ll have to caulk, touch up paint and then install my runner later.  They will be gorgeous when I’m done.  Of course, I’ll do a whole post on this process too. These are painted pine stairs, very cost effective and they will go right over the old stairs.

That’s it for this week!  Big week for sure.

Linking up to Beth’s Tutorials and Tips not to miss this week!

- Rhoda


  1. Karen McCullough says:

    So glad to see the house renovations post !! Kitchen cabinets – so exicting ! Love them !! Cant wait to see the kitchen completed pic !!

    Hope you have a great day !
    Karen in Texas

  2. I am loving seeing your progress and have been following you for a long time, since before your move. I clicked on your website today and for the first time, I got an audio add. I’m going to have to stop viewing you at work now 🙁 as I cannot disturb other folks in my office. I will check you out from home (where I guess I should be checking you out instead of work, right?).

    I cannot wait to see you MOVE in…. God is good!

    ~ Lisa ~

    • HI, Lisa, I don’t ever choose audio ads, so this one must have sneaked through on an ad network. Sorry about that! You could mute your sound & that wouldn’t happen. Thanks for reading!

    • I always try to hit mute before I start joy surfing at work. I don’t really need sound at work anyway. Some of the night folks turn the sound 100% up and there is no telling what’s going to burst out of some of these news and blog sites.

  3. Your parents are amazing, bless them!


  4. I always look forward to your house posts, and who doesn’t love a good kitchen post? This was great!!!

  5. Yay!!! This looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Funny, for our planned kitchen remodel, we are hoping to use Ikea Adel as well- so nice to see the assembly and installation process on the exact cabinets we plan on using! Oh, and what a great price, too. Funny, in our last house we had a Lowe’s kitchen and had half of the cabinets for twice the cost, with only a five year warranty. Ikea’s is 25 years on any piece or part of their cabinets!!

  6. Looking fab. You’ve been one busy gal, but I’ve been watching the transformation and it’s going to be dreamy. I’m itching to see what you do on your stairs.

  7. Love how the cabinets look in your space. I am really looking forward to the stair tread info. I think it is a project I can afford to do and I can do by myself!

  8. Waiting for your updates is like waiting for Christmas! What joy to read another chapter. Everything is looking good.

  9. I love the cabinets! Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous.

    I’m so enjoying watching the progress on your house. Can’t wait til you start getting to the pretty!

  10. Elizabeth H says:

    Love those cabinets and your kitchen is going to be beautiful, just like the other parts of your home.

  11. Linden Townhouse says:

    As I write this, we are installing our new IKEA kitchen too. We are using the white Lidingo cabinets, and they are fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about doing an IKEA kitchen. If one reads the reviews out there, they are almost all good, and it is affordable. I feel that there is a point of diminishing returns on what you spend on a kitchen, so why spend big bucks on a kitchen when you can get a beautiful one for much less? And like you, it is such a good feeling to pay cash all the way!

  12. You and your dad did a great job on assembly!! I am like you, I have to SEE something done in order to do it so I think IKEA has the right idea in showing pictures for us visual learners. LOVE the kitchen color. I had seen that color on another blog and wrote down the name because I thought it looked so fresh and clean, perfect for a kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!!

  13. Your new home is going to be amazing! I love everything you have chosen….cabinets, floors, paint colors…. I think we must have been separated at birth….I could easily move right in 🙂

  14. Rhoda, I love your pics of your new house but I just love love love your Daddy.Your parents are such a treasure and I think you are one of the most Blessed ladies I know. It looks like he can do anything and I know he loves helping you get into your new place. May God Bless you and your sweet parents.

  15. I grew up with antiques in the house in Germany, but also Ikea pieces. In L.A., I only lived 10 minutes from Ikea and I’ve bought many furniture pieces and other items from there over the years. Love them!

    Have I told you that we are working on a kitchen as well? I don’t want to say too much yet, but it most likely will also be white, definitely dark wood floors. You mentioned granite, are you also getting that from Ikea? I’m torn between butcher block and the fake stone look. I’m not a fan of granite or the cost 🙂 Don want to make his own concrete countertop, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

    Can’t wait to see what you chose for the backsplash!

    • Hi, Dagmar, I’m getting granite, but not from Ikea. I can source it locally for less money. Going granite shopping later this week! Concrete counters are beautiful, but I am not sure they are less expensive. I love the butcher block too, but really like granite and will enjoy it again. Congrats on your kitchen reno too!

  16. I love the kitchen! So fresh and crisp…such a difference from where it started! I know you are thrilled. Your Dad is such a doll! Thanks for sharing this journey from sad house to cozy home with such detail. I love each installment!

  17. Looking good! Try to hold off until Labor Day weekend to buy those appliances.

  18. Love your cabinets…can’t wait to see the FINAL results…with the decorations, etc.! I did keep thinking “poor man” when I saw the pics of your dad working so hard putting the cabinets together 🙂 I know you helped too tho. 🙂 The stairs are gonna look fantastic too!!! Keep us “posted!”

  19. So exciting to see your new kitchen being born! The difference between what is was and what it’s going to be is astounding!
    I’m patiently waiting to see how your stairs come together because I’m getting ready to rip old carpet off mine. ANYTHING would look better than this carpet…ugh.

  20. Peggy in TN says:

    Love your white cabinets! White is always my first choice if I get to choose the cabinets. My husband and I have renovated four kitchens in homes we have owned and in two of them I was able to get white cabinets–loved them! One set was a lot like Ikea, but I believe they were Merilatte. They had to be assembled like yours, and we found it very easy too once we got started. You have made such nice choices and I am sure your kitchen will be amazing.

  21. Gina in S FL says:

    We know what a blessing your parents are, but you are such a blessing to them, too. I can picture them both in the very near future being hosted by you to a beautiful dinner in your new home! You will fill them with good food and their joy will overflow as they see you so happy in your beautiful home! I am so happy for all of you!

  22. Hi Rhoda,
    Thanks for the piece on the Ikea cabinets! I’m planning to reno my 60’s kitchen and have decided to use Ikea products. Your helpful photos and detailed info will be helpful as I make decisions.

  23. Linda Bright says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    It’s me again! Loving this blog!
    What company is the fennel color from. I love green also and was wondering where to purchase this,it would look great in any room.
    Can’t wait to see the finished rooms!
    Blessings on your new home!


    • Hi, Linda, I went back and added it, but Fennel is a Pratt & Lambert color and Sherwin Williams also has the formula, so you should be able to ask for it there. I got mine at Sherwin Williams.

  24. My favorite TV designer, Sarah Richardson, uses IKEA cabinets all the time–she often has them painted. And since my kids went to college, I’ve put together so much of that stuff I can almost do it without looking at the instructions. It’s a great choice and I can’t wait to see it!

  25. LOVE how your kitchen is coming along. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now and I’m so impressed with your DIY vision and skills! Your home is going to be just like you…Beautiful! And I just love your parents. I see where you get your talent and stamina! Keep up the great work and keep those pictures and posts coming!


  26. For the value I’d say you made a great choice! I’ve seen these cabinets around the blogosphere and they look great : o ) Can’t wait to see the finishing touches on your kitchen!

  27. you got the cabinets i wanted! i did my entire kitchen (well, we kept the back door) for about $4200, so i couldn’t even afford ikea – i found some lightly used woodmode cabinets that were all full of bells and whistles and for a truly enormous kitchen for $1800, so i was able to do exactly what i wanted to do space planning-wise, but i do not really like the finish and my husband would have a heart attack if i painted the wood! and i had to laugh, you do only hire handsome contractors!

  28. Rhoda,
    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now (LOVE it!!) I’m so happy you’ve found a home, I’m following the progress every week! I must say I get so giddy reading about all the new things-God is good!!

    Your parents are AMAZING, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how lucky you are to have them 🙂

    Good luck and God Bless!

  29. Oh Rhoda…how beautiful. I have to tell you I get tears in my eyes seeing your sweet Daddy pouring so much love into your home. What a treasure of a man he is. I know the Lord has a BIG crown waiting him with lots of jewels when they meet face to face (a long time from now!) I know your Mama is more of a ‘behind the scenes’ lady, what a wonderful blessing to have such lovely parents.

    Your vision is great and you are going to love living in your new place.


  30. I’m sooo excited for you! After recently going through a kitchen renovation, you are so smart to do this before you move in. I really felt like we could have saved $$ if we had done it ourselves but it’s so hard to live in the mess. We needed the pros to get it done quickly. I think you need to showcase your neighbor’s Ikea kitchen. I’d love to see it. And don’t you love a good handyman…he’s pretty cute too.

  31. Judy Clark says:

    Hey Rho:

    Those cabinets look marvelous…I knew that they would. I know that you will be so excited to get that kitchen put together. Your Daddy is amazing. What a blessing!

  32. Rhoda, it is looking wonderful!! I’m so happy things are all falling into place for you and God is indeed wonderful.

    I wanted to throw out an idea for you for the top of the cabinets. You could cover the gap with molding at the top. Use some construction glue to add a 2×4 on top of the cabinets set back a little to allow the next piece to be flush with the doors or cabinet frame (depends on preference), then attach a 1×4 pine trim board on top to cover the whole and then a simple crown molding (in style with cabinets) to fill the ceiling to trim board gap. Color match paint to the cabinets and paint. Then you won’t have to worry about painting behind there and keeping up on any dust on top of the cabinets.

  33. What a sweet Dad! I was in the Atlanta Ikea last week (dorm shopping for my daughter) and looked at the kitchen cabinets. I have a door picked out. I wonder if you can easily paint Ikea cabinets? I am going to show my husband this blog post. I think we can do this! We have put our kitchen on ‘hold’ for 12 years, while we save up the money – HA! now we are paying for college.

  34. I am so happy for you, your kitchen is going to be so beautiful. I look forward each week to the progress you and your dad are making on the house. Looking forward to seeing everything completed and then on to the “pretty things” coming in.

  35. Rhoda –
    love your site, and love following your house improvements, BUT – those BlogHerTV ads have got to go. They pop up not once, but usually twice while your page is loading. They are so annoying that I’m not even reading some of your posts, but clicking away. Why do they pop up even though I have a pop up blocker?

    • Hi, Karen, sorry about that, I’m trying to get that stopped and am asking some questions about that pop-up on the TV ad. I think it happens when anyone rolls over that bar up there, it opens up a big window, so the pop up shouldn’t happen unless you roll over that with your mouse. But, I am finding out what I can do to disable it. I don’t want readers not coming back because of ads.

  36. Wow, your home is coming along nicely, and I’m with you, I think you can’t beat Ikea for kitchen cabinets. If I had to redo my kitchen like you, I would buy from Ikea in a heartbeat! I just recently did my countertops, and had to get a new faucet and sink. I highly recommend Overstock.com for sinks, they have a great selection at very low prices. I also recommend faucets.com for any faucet purchase. I can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out, your dad is a saint.

  37. Rhoda…no wonder you are so skinny…you have been working your tail off!!

    You do have a way of getting the bargains and finding the cute installers! But my very favorite worker at your house is your dad. What a guy!!! You could put him on a Christmas calendar right up there with all the cute UPS guys, etc. It’d sell!! Your blog buddies love him!

    We’re following you and cheering for you and you are right…God has had a hand in this. He’s using you to tell a powerful story. Where are those Life Time movie people?????

  38. It’s beautiful Rhoda! I am so excited for you. God has definitely been providing for you.
    My husband and I have played around with the IKEA kitchen design software and it is a little confusing. Did you have any trouble working within their custom cabinet sizes? Our kitchen is so small that to replace our existing cabinets we would actually lose storage space because they don’t make the size cabinets we currently have.

  39. I love your Shaker white kitchen IKEA cabinets! It’s just amazing how beautiful your new home is coming together. Of course, I know it’s after lots of elbow grease and long hours of hard work. I’ve been thinking of adding IKEA cabinets to one wall in our kitchen and now that I’ve seen you and your Dad in action, I think Hubby and I could do our small wall. You must be so proud of your new home and before you know it you will be able to move in and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  40. Amy Davis says:

    Thank you for all of this detailed information. This is very informative.

  41. It is gorgeous! And I love the pictures of your dad. You are so blessed to have him around to help you. I think my favorite picture is the close up of his aged hands. There is so much love in that picture. Maybe it is because I am missing my Daddy.

  42. I love the look of the kitchen so far. Especially looking into the dining room…gorgeous!

    Thanks for looking into silencing the ad for it is annoying.

  43. Each week I find myself running out of adjectives to describe your next “best” post! Love how your kitchen is coming together. You write great tutorials…they inspire and empower us…so much that you make us feel like “Yes we can!”…. we can do this thing called renovation and improving our own “Havens”! You’re a trend setter Rhoda and definitely keeping all your readers (old and new) on the each of our seats wanting more! So proud of you and your family and what you are accomplishing each week! Those stairs…can’t wait to see that come together too! Definitely want to see the step by step on the subway tile and those rustic shelves go up. Good luck on finding just the right stove! You leave us breathless and give us a never seen before view from “behind the scenes”! This is the stuff people buy “How To” books for and your bringing it to us weekly “Live” from Georgia! We thank you so much for giving us a peek into your world and into the windows of your home. Step by Step! You’re getting there!

  44. WOW!! they look awesome..I was just wondering yesterday how your kitchen was coming along and it is looking incredible…I know you are over the moon excited!!! I especially enjoy the pics. of your Daddy’s hands…so precious that yall are doing this together!!

  45. I can imagine how excited you are with your new house! How do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. You and your parents have done an amazing job:) Aloha Ral

  46. Rhoda,

    It seems each post gets more exciting than the last! What fun to see this, and I too, am blessed by the photo’s of your parents and their sweet hands as they share in the process of work with you… this home will always be the most special!
    Anxiously waiting the tiling part, and the grand finale to the kitchen- then of course the GRAND TOUR!
    Agree, your neighbors kitchen would be fun to see, and so good to hear an expert cabinet man say he used it in his own home-that speaks volumes!
    Just FYI, no problems with the pop up or ad audios… yours was my first blog, and is still my favorite!

  47. Looks so good! I can’t wait to see the end result =) And I love Ikea!

  48. I love Ikea directions, too! The pictures make it so easy to put stuff together that I am no longer intimidated to do it. 🙂 Your kitchen is coming together nicely….good call to hire an installer. The wall color is beautiful, too. Nice choice!

    Hugs, Angie

  49. Looking great so far! What blessings in having your neighbor’s expert advice, your dad, and a great installer.
    How did you know I am desperate to paint my stairs? I can’t wait for you to tackle that project so I can see and learn!

  50. Looks great! So proud for you!

  51. Beautiful progress and great how-to details. I think Ikea is going to get some business because of you! I have a 13 foot wide wall niche where I was going to place custom bookcases. I am going to have to look into Ikea now. Thanks for the great tips.

  52. Paula Lusk says:

    Rhoda- So very excited for you. The cabinets mimic the batten board in the dining room. Everything looks great! You are truly Blessed.
    Paula Lusk

  53. Thank goodness for your sweet daddy! I can see where you got your determination and strength.

  54. Delores LeBoeuf says:

    They look awesome…we do not have an IKEA in Fresno, California; so I know that I am missing out on visiting their store, boo hoo. I have heard many great things about their items. Your home is coming together so very nicely, lots of hard work that’s for sure and to know that God is working their too, is doubly awesome. Love & Blessings, Lady Delores.

  55. WEll done Rhoda! I believe you’ve made the right decision to hire a professional installer, you and your lovely Dad did all the hard work assembling the cabinets and drawers, which was cost effective.
    Sometimes, you just have to let an expert take over! It was a good call!
    Love reading how happy you are!

  56. Oh my goodness I am sooooo exciteddddd for you! LOL I had chills when you told about your good 20% discount! I LOVE to see HOW God works!!! Just totally awesome! Yep you’re right, no coincident.
    I also LOVE those hands of your Dads! I just love how you do the close ups of them. They are just so precious to be helping you with this project. What WILL they and you do when this is done? You all will be lost needing another project. lol I know they feel really good about helping you and feel really needed. Again I just love it and look soooo forward to all your updates on your house!

  57. You sure have a sweet daddy to help you with all of this work. I know you appreciate him so much. Let him know how much we enjoy seeing his work.

  58. Just wanted you to know that I just finished painting the inside of my front door fired earth, and I love it. Tomorrow I’ll paint the bannisters on the stairs. Thank you for the inspiration! I am enjoying watching the progress on your house and loving the kitchen cabinets. I so admire your mama and daddy. They are so precious, but I know that you know that. Love, Dorinda from Roswell

  59. Hi Rhoda! I’m so happy about your kitchen cabinets and they look great. Love your pretty wll color too. I’ll bet your little Daddy is loving helping his baby with her house.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  60. Patty Lucas says:

    Please lend me your Dad and Victor just for a few weeks. I promise I will take good care of them and feed them and everything. Just let me know and I will even come down and bring them back to Connecticut.

  61. Rhoda,
    I am giddy with excitement for you! I am so happy that it is coming together so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! You are a blessing! Those sweet parents are too!

  62. Thanks for sharing all you do. It gives me great hope for mine!

  63. Great choice Rhoda! My architect neighbor put in Ikea cabinets and they look amazing! Great that you got the discount too.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product – I’m sure you’ll be mixing up some sweet tea once it’s done!

  64. Love the kitchen!! I love feeling like I’m right there shopping with you. I truly enjoy your blog, check it everyday. Thank you for sharing all the tricks and tips!

  65. Rhoda….I am so excited for you….your kitchen is going to be beautiful…..it has been so fun seeing the progress on your new home….thanks so much for taking us along on this journey….


  66. Good evening! I have been following you for awhile now. I am so happy to see the progress you have made on your home. I too choose IKEA cabinets and I LOVE them. I agree with you on the pricing of cabinets from different companies. When IKEA had their last sale 3-4 months ago I bought them then. Thank goodness they had the sale because I was able to get the Cambria Quartz from IKEA with the money I saved.

    You can see some of my progress here. The pictures are not the best but I choose the Lidingo fronts. I love white kitchens!! 🙂


  67. Wow, your kitchen it looking great! Can’t wait for you to get the stairs done so I can show my husband we can do ours!

  68. Hi Rhoda,
    Wow, have y’all been busy!! We have used Ikea cabinets in all 3 of our houses. In the first house, we put them in the laundry room. In our second house I used them to make a built-in desk. In this house I used them to make a china cabinet/butler pantry. I did it myself and I think that was one of the first things that gave me the confidence to tackle other projects. I have loved all of our cabinets!! I am thinking about a pantry somewhere because we don’t really have one.

    We finally have an Ikea now too! So I don’t have to wait for a trip to Atlanta and hope that we can squeeze the stuff in the car with luggage.

  69. Rhoda, It already looks amazing! I’ve been loving following your progress as you’ve been remodeling the house. It’s more fun than the one in Birmingham because I get to be here from the beginning this time! Looking forward to hearing about the next pieces as they fall into place.

  70. I purchased idea cabinets 2 years ago….I am still totally in love with them. I also,purchased the white with glass doors. I chose then absolute black granite countertop. They are by far so well worth the money. I have a small galley kitchen and it only cost me 2,700 all other estimates were in the 9,000 and above range. They look absolutley stunning. I would highly recommend them. I truly believe you made a wonderful choice. The best thing is I designed my kitchen myself with no help at all. I Never would have thought that possible. When they were assembled and hung, they fit like a glove. I felt proud of myself. Enjoy yours!

  71. This is coming together sooooo beautifully! Just to further plug Ikea, I bought two dressers from them waaaayyyy back in 1989 when they had only a handful of US stores. Those dressers have been from apartment to house to house, to nurseries, to children’s rooms, to guest room, and now to dorm room!! You will enjoy those cabinets for years to come. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  72. You can see my kitchen on Sandys blog. The delightful eclectic abode

  73. Hi Rhoda,
    Everything is really starting to move along. It is getting so exciting to see everything coming together. Love the cabinets you chose.

  74. First, I love when you have pictures of your dad. I really miss mine–he would have been 85. Second, my husband and I own a rental condo and we are looking for a second one. We had already decided it would include an Ikea kitchen, and seeing this solidifies that choice! Thanks!

  75. Ooh, I know you’re excited about those cabinets! Everything looks so fresh and clean! Can’t wait to see more!

  76. Whew!! I am worn out just from reading all of this! The cabinets look WONDERFUL, and I cannot wait to see the finished product. Your blog, with all these photos and step-by-step stories, is so interesting and inspiring. It is a joy to watch all of this unfold. The kitchen looks so different from when you started! No more yucky cockroach droppings and filthy grease splatters. Cannot wait to see the finished product. Love it! 🙂

  77. Janet Cole says:

    Your cabinets are stunning and your kitchen will be such a beautiful place filled with joy (and great food)!

  78. Wow, your kitchen is really looking amazing. Once again I totally love your parents, I know in the end your new home is going to be fabulous.

  79. Your kitchen is really coming together nicely!

    What are your plans for the space between the cabinets and the ceiling? My kitchen has a taller space than yours and next time I’m going to have the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. It’s just too difficult of an area to keep clean.

    Looking forward to the tile.

  80. Samantha in TN says:

    I love watching the transformation in your new home! I hope you can put all the “Home Renovation” posts on one page so it will be easy for others to see the steps you took in making this house your home. **The close up of your Daddy’s hands at work on the cabinets made tears come to my eyes. I hope you take some pictures like that and frame them for your new home. Made me think of Deuteronomy 15:10
    “Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.”(NIV)

  81. Your kitchen is looking great!!! What a deal on your cabinets too.I think I would have had to hire someone to put all those together LOL.But you save a ton of money! I love that color on your step!! Can’t wait to see that finished!

  82. Cant wait to see you start decorating, and your Dad is awesome.

  83. Mary Ruth says:

    Your kitchen is coming along beautifully! I am familiar with the cam system for putting cabinets together, they hold up well for particle board parts. This kitchen will last you a long time because you care for your home. Loving the white! We are also beginning to remodel our kitchen and are doing all the work ourselves, so much more rewards when finished. Your parents are amazing, so happy for you that you still have them in your life and they are so close.

  84. I think I’m in love…. with the kitchen and with your dad 😉 What a wonderful help he must have been. And the cabinets look great!!

  85. Beautiful! I would have never thought I would like the look of IKEA cabinets so much. They are stunning and classic just like the rest of your home. Oh, I miss Atlanta home styling so much, Texas has it own style but the southern charm and lay out of Atlanta homes still speak to me. Great blog and I am happy to have found you from Hometalk!

    ~Melyssa G.

  86. How exciting! I think you made a fabulous choice. CANNOT wait to see it all come together!

  87. Stephanie says:

    Love your kitchen so far! I am a huge ikea fan. This will be beautiful. One problem – please stop the pop ads on your blog! Blog her and today something for Ally Bank. They actually jump around so when you try to close them out, you end up opening the ad info. Help!

  88. Rhoda, this is great! I loved reading all of your descriptions of the process. Thanks for sharing why you chose Ikea and all of the details. I also wanted to say that your photos are really looking good these days!!

  89. I haven’t even read through your whole post–I had to stop at the first picture of your sweet father’s hands. I think it is just so precious that he helped you with this project. My dad is 72 and is still the hardest working, smartest, wisest man I have ever known. He loves helping me with all my house projects and I couldn’t imagine being able to have taken those projects on without his input. This post is a good reminder to me to make sure I tell my own dad how much I love him! Thank you!!!

  90. I just came across your blog and enjoyed my morning coffee while reading all about your Ikea Kitchen. I LOVE how its coming together and what I love more is that your Dad is helping you! Now that’s priceless!!! Can’t wait to see more pics and I think I may just make another cup of coffee so I can keep reading your blog!

  91. Hi Rhoda, the cabinets look great. You must be so excited as your new home takes shape. And thank you for the info on the IKEA cabinets.

  92. Looking good girlfriend! I’m so proud of all you’re doing. I hope one day to get to see it in person. Would love that!

    Miss you.

    Big hugs,

  93. Looking great so far. All very exciting stuff. You can’t beat a good interior design makeover.

  94. I love how everything is coming together! Was wondering what the extras were your neighbor helped you figure out with your cabinets?

    • HI, Lisa, oh there were so many little parts, like hinges and hardware that goes on all the drawers. Putting the drawers together and hinges on the doors was challenging at first until we figured out how everything goes together. It’s all in parts and pieces and has to all be assembled, so that is a little overwhelming at first. Now that it’s almost done, it’s not so hard, but when you are looking at a pile of hardware and drawer slides, it’s not so easy.

  95. Wow thanks for all that! I found some great handmade cabinet knobs too that i thought I might share.

  96. White is my favorite color for kitchen cabinets (I also got a snow-white one from BauformatUSA), the design also looks great, seems that beauty and comfort are guaranteed, enjoy!

  97. Hi,

    What size kitchen were you working with? 10×10?

    I see IKEA adverstises kitchens “starting at $xxxx” based on cabinet selection and kitchen size.

    • HI, measuring my floor space now (with cabinets installed), my kitchen is 7′ x 12 1/2′, not not huge at all. I utilized every square inch!

  98. Jodi Rouse says:

    Also looking into getting the adel cabinets in white but still indecisive on thos lindigo or ramsjo because not sure which will be most durable finish…im talking about the white ones. Also pondering different lowers such as the new grey or the black brown ones since those tend to get more dirty than uppers..I see alot of mixing of color in design books thes days. Any view on this? Cant wait to see your finished kitchen..may help me decide!

    • HI, Jodi, I do like the mix of colors in cabinetry, but I chose to go all white. I think that is timeless and classic and since these are not meant to be painted, I wanted to keep it all simple and classic. I love my kitchen! You can see the finished kitchen by clicking My Home at the top of my page and there are 2 final kitchen posts on there.

  99. Brett, Toronto, ON, Canada says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, and the tip about the sale at IKEA.

  100. I love your kitchen! I stumbled upon your site when googling “what color to paint the ceiling for adel off white cabinets” Is your ceiling a different color than the cabinets? I was planning on painting mine to match the rest of the ceilings in my house, but i think it’s a brighter white than the cabinets.

  101. Hi Rhoda,
    Nice article. It’s just what I was looking for as it is well written and has all the right information. In looking a the different cabinet selections and looking at the different reviews, we are going to look at Ikea to remodel the kitchen. Your installer knows his stuff, assuring everything is level.
    Now the question I have is it has been several years, how are the cabinets holding up?
    Thanks again for your article.

    • HI, Steve, hope you get back here to see this. Four years later, my cabinets still look brand new! I’m very happy with my Ikea kitchen and would totally do it again in a house remodel. Everything works so well in these cabinets and I love them.


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