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Back in 2007, when I started blogging, we all had to learn some technical things along the way.  It was all brand new to me and I stumbled through it, learning as I went.  Fast forward to today, 2016, and needless to say, everything has changed since then.  I never did learn a lot about html.  Only enough to make me dangerous, but I never really had the time or interest in delving into all things technical in blogging.  If something breaks on my blog, then I hire a technical person with the know-how to fix it.  I certainly don’t rely on my skills.  And I really don’t want to learn all of that.  I’d rather concentrate on the more fun and creative aspects of blogging.


But, learning about technical issues is certainly a good thing if you are a new blogger and want to know more about html, setting up a WordPress blog, coding, plugins, and more.  My friend, Lesley, with Chaotically Creative has written an in-depth ebook about working on the technical side, called What the Tech.  It’s a comprehensive look at behind the scenes of blogging and if you are new to this world,  you may want to order this book, just to get an idea of what all blogging entails.

Lesley has it all covered in this 281 page ebook.  I went through the book, all the way to the bottom, with much of it totally over my head.  As I said, I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to fix things.  And my ole’ brain really doesn’t want to learn all this stuff, although it’s great to get into some of it if you are blogging.

I get many questions from folks wanting to start a blog, so I would totally recommend this to someone starting out who knows nothing about setting up a blog, or WordPress, or any of the technical things behind blogging.  You definitely have to have some know-how of technical issues to blog and to run your blog from the backend of WordPress.  I’m not a genius with this stuff, but know enough to do what I need to do to write and run my blog.  The rest….I hire it out!

Lesley is giving away a FREE ebook to one of my readers, so if this is something you’d like to learn more about, this one is for YOU.  It’s for a $75 Master Package of her new ebook, What the Tech?!  

If you’d like to win, just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway and leave a comment below, telling me what you’d like to learn the most from a Technical ebook about blogging.  I know so many new bloggers need something like this, so I’m happy Lesley wrote it.  So many need this!  

If you’d like to go ahead and buy the ebook, go here to purchase (affiliate link). I get a small commission for referring my readers.  It’s definitely something I think is beneficial to all bloggers and wanna be bloggers! 

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- Rhoda


  1. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, but have no idea how to do any of the technical aspects, so I need to learn the very basic and build from there. I would love to win the book to get rid of the “paralysis from fear” mode I am currently in.

  2. I need to know html better.

  3. I, too would like to start blogging, but the technical aspects are holding me back. Maybe with a little expert advice, I could get the ball rolling. Thanks for the offer!

  4. I would also like to know the basics

  5. Hi Rhoda,
    I have a website, but would love to know more about the back end so I won’t have to keep bothering my techie for minor changes. I don’t want to break the code as they say!

  6. I replied early this morning but it didn’t post. Boy do I need help..LOL!!! I have been considering starting a blog so I’m sure this will help and come in handy!

  7. Jean from Georgia says:

    Starting a blog has been a strong interest of mine for several years, although I am not courageous enough to jump in there and make errors for the whole world to see. This is just what I need to get me started. Thanks so much for the offering.

  8. Hi, Rhoda,

    I love your blog but thought you might like to know since this is about a techy post that many of your images on the blog come across blurry. Maybe your techy friend has some ideas about that to help you. Just thought you should know. I’m no techy and can’t imagine how hard it is to run a blog! You do a great job ?.

    • HI, Sharon, I do know that a a lot of my pics are burry, especially when I do fashion post with the tripod or I’m on the go trying to take pics when I’m out. It’s very hard to get crisp shots in low light, so that is something I’m always working on.

  9. I would love to learn how to start a blog. Thank you for the giveaway. Love your blog.

  10. I know nothing about starting a blog, so I’ve been a little intimidated by the idea. This book would help me get over that fear.

  11. Hi Rhoda, I am eager to learn how to start a blog and would enjoy learning all the technical aspects involved. Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. Hi Rhoda,
    I started a blog about 5 years ago and couldn’t get passed the techy stuff. After leaving elementary teaching and moving to two different college campuses to teach I am submerged in technology, like it or not. I’ve picked up a few of Lesley’s freebies on technology and I can recommend her very clear and simplistic directions. I’ve restarted my blog as a result of some of the techy help I get at the University and Lesley’s very explicit instruction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels their ole’ brain just doesn’t want to learn it all!!

  13. The back side of the blog scares me….I’m terrified to change anything for fear of causing problems. Lesley’s book would be a huge help. Thanks

  14. Count me in. I’ve been debating trying my hand at blogging. I love writing, and even though I do know some basic html, I’m still basically clueless.

  15. I have been thinking about starting a blog but have NO CLUE how to do any of the technical things! I would love to win this!!

  16. Suzanne Drews says:

    ~ My husband has been trying to convince me of starting a blog because I was toying with the idea for awhile but lack the self confidence in the all knowing; feel like I’m chaotically confused. So all of this information would be a wonderful way to get my confidence up. Thank you for the offer and I enjoy yours dearly. ~

  17. I am just getting into blogging so this book would be invaluable to my efforts to start off on the right foot. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Thanks for this opportunity! This is a side I need to learn!

  19. Kim Schwartz says:

    I am a beginner blogger and would love to start with the information I can utilize from your book.

  20. I get so frustrated when something doesn’t work or crashes. I would love to know what to look for when trouble starts before it becomes a problem. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Blogging is on my “bucket list.” This book would provide me with the “ins and outs” for starting my own blog.

  22. I am in the beginning stages of a new blog so this would be awesome! Awesome Giveaway!
    Thanks 🙂

  23. This serms like a game changer for those like me who are intimidated by all the tech!
    I think info on plug ins and other options would be helpful.

  24. Would love to learn something new.

  25. My friends are always encouraging me to start a blog. I have an email group set up with friends and family and when I diy something I always email all the details and pictures. The people in this email group are always encouraging me to start a blog so others can see my handiwork too. I would like to have one but the reason I don’t is because I don’t know anything about the tech side of it. I would love to have this book and surprise my friends and family with my next email to them saying “This is my next project….I finally started a blog!”

  26. I’m surprised when my blog even pops up when I click on it. Heavens knows I haven’t a clue. This ebook would most certainly help.

  27. I tried to start a blog about a year ago and got stuck on the techy stuff. I so want to do this but feel I need lots of help. I really can’t afford to pay for someone to assist me so this book just might be the answer.

  28. I don’t know how to make sure my blog post are being viewed. I started my blog on blogger, then switched to word press with godaddy being my provider (which I pay for) because it was suppose to be promoted because I had a provider. But if anyone just looks up my blog by my name, it goes to someone who talks about marriage or health issues, not Interior Design.

  29. I would love to get back into blogging and the help this ebook would give….could be my push to start again. 🙂 what a great giveaway!!!

  30. My daughter and I have started a blog but we both feel like we are in over our heads. Any help in learning the technical side would be so beneficial. We haven’t posted much lately. Would love to win!

  31. I am where you said you were, I started my blog a couple of years ago and just froze. I loved the fun part and taking the photos, decorating and doing what I do best, but the technical part just stopped me in my tracks. I want to make changes to my blog and need to learn how to do this myself. Thank you for offering such a great give away!

  32. I would like to learn basic blog design elements.

  33. As you know, Sara (my daughter) and I are about a year into this blog adventure. We’re to the point of getting serious about it, and learning the technical side is something we (especially me) need if we’re going to move to the next level. Like you, Rhoda, my old brain absorbs just so much, but I’m trying really hard, and thankfully I have a young, more tech-savvy partner. She would soak up the whole book!

  34. As a teacher, I grab anything that helps me stay on top of technology. I get very frustrated with my co-workers who don’t. We must be where our students are in this manner!!

  35. Just the basics would be such a big help!

  36. I’m reading everything I can just to get my nerve up to start! This may be the impetus I need.
    I just need to rip off the band aid:)

  37. I’m getting ready to start a business and will be including a blog with my website. Would love to win this, not for one thing in particular but all 281 pages of information!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Love to enjoy writing my own blog. There are just amazing ways to share your creative side with the readers.

  39. Since I know nothing I’d need to start at the beginning.

  40. I know absolutely nothing and this sounds like such a great resource. Thank you Rhoda.

  41. It would be great to learn as much as possible,,,,,all above,,no clue.Sure to know this would be a lot help in learning step by step. Thanks

  42. I would like to knowthe basic set up of widgets when starting fresh. I’m having such a hard time with it!

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