White Rabbit Cottage

There’s an adorable little cottage in West Cobb that is not too far from Kennesaw Mountain, not far from my new home, that I’ve visited a few times in the past. They always have a lot of inspiring home décor items and it’s a pleasure to stroll through and see it all. I knew with Fall being here, it would be decked out for the season and it was.

I met up with blog friend, Heather from the very fun blog At the Picket Fence, who was in town with her hubby house hunting. They are moving to the Atlanta area from Kentucky and Heather had let me know that she would be in town for the week, so she came out to see my house, we had lunch and I took her to White Rabbit.  It was fun!  Come along with us to see what they have for the autumn season.

By the way, these pics were all taken with my new iphone.  Do you have one? I just got my iphone about 4 months ago and of course, now I’m hooked just  like everyone else.  I find myself playing with it all the time.  The good thing is I can snap pics on the fly and not have to carry my big camera with me.  The pics aren’t bad!  I’m also in Instagram and it’s my fave app right now.  Have you heard of it?  If you have an iphone, download it and play around. It’s fun to share fast pics of day to day events and everyone following you can see what you’re up to.  I’m SouthernRhoda on there, so look me up if you’re on there too!

white Rabbit Cottage

White Rabbit Cottage is really cute and of course, they have tons of rabbits, which are near and dear to my heart.

Outdoors White Rabbit

It’s a cute white cottage with all sorts of garden stuff outside too.  If you haven’t been there, you must go if you live in the area.

White Rabbit front

Going in the main cottage.  There’s also a 2nd building.


This book looks good!


Love these botanicals.

bunnies displayed

And of course, I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of rabbits.

chair vignette

Pretty vignettes

Chairs and print

Love these chairs and pillows.

Fall Wreath

A pretty Fall wreath.


Lots going on for Halloween and autumn hues.

framed rabbit

Cute, cute!

Jump in the Lake

Yes, let’s go jump in the lake.

Moss balls

Love this bowl of moss balls, so textural and organic.

Rhoda and Heather

Heather and I in the mirror.


A pretty sofa with pillows.


Tom Turkey

White Rabbit outside

And a pretty porch filled with goodies.

wire basket light fixture

Love this vintage style light.

Bunny painting

And one more bunny painting for good measure.

Hope you enjoyed the White Rabbit Cottage and if you get a chance, stop in and check it out in person, those of you in the Atlanta area.

- Rhoda


  1. I love this shop! A great place to find a gift or just browse

    Rhoda your house is looking great – hope you are making progress on your unpacking. I’m sure by now it seems like an endless task! Unpacking makes us aware that we have too much stuff……

  2. Having lunch then going to a cute store like this with a gf is one of my fav ways to spend a day. This little place looks adorable Rhoda (and so do you two!).

  3. Hey rhody – the picture on that book is of oak alley plantation. Philip took me there after I took the bar!

  4. Looooveee this store. It’s near my home, too. Recently went with my daughter for the holiday open house….I could put a cot there and live happily ever after! Thanks for the post….great spot for a rainy day trip…like today:)

  5. West Cobb is so beautiful. So many trees and beautiful neighborhoods full of old houses. Next time I’m there, I’ll check out White Rabbit Cottage!

  6. Liz VanKirk says:

    Your lucky to have a special little shop like that nearby. Wish we had more like those here in MI. The white plantation house on the cover of that book is Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. We visited it the Spring before Hurricane Katrina hit. The view in person is stunning & the old live oak trees are unbelieveably huge!

  7. Lovely Shop. How nice for Heather to have someone to show her around to all the fun places. Thanks for sharing the White Rabbit with us!

  8. What a wonderful stopping and shopping experience! They have so many creative and beautiful pieces! Love the photo of you and Heather! I love virtual field trips… I can window shop in my pj’s!

  9. Connie McCallum says:

    Love the iphone too cause you always have it with you, never miss a picture. Started following you on instagram am obsessed with it too!

  10. Wow, What a great store I would love to visit.

  11. Oh! I LOVE that last bunny pic you posted!

  12. WOW would I LOVE to shop there!!

  13. Rhoda, I LOVE that shop. It is around the corner from my former house. I live about 2 hours away now and really miss meandering through it. Now, after your pics….I’m going to have to make a road trip! 🙂

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