Window Boxes, Doors, & Gates of Charleston

Happy Sunday to you all!  Today is our 1st anniversary, Mark and I!  We celebrated with a delicous brunch at a local place here in Acworth, Dogwood Terrace. If you haven’t been they really do have a great brunch selection and everything is so tasty.  Warning, you’ll eat too much. The berry blitzes are out of this world delish!  Thank you for following our journey in life, we have so much more we want to do and can’t wait for the next adventure.  If you miss our Love Story and our wedding last year, catch up on those links.  It’s a good read! We have been so blessed to have found each other at this late stage in life.

Today, I’m back sharing another pretty glimpse of Charleston life.  I snapped so many pics of window boxes, doors and gates while I was there and couldn’t possibly put them all in one post, so I’m breaking it down and I’ll have one more sharing the houses of Charleston.  Charleston is so charming and quaint and it’s a picture opportunity at every turn in the road.

I shared a few of these in my earlier post, but it’s worth sharing again. This vivid blue house on rainbow row takes full advantage of their window boxes and ironwork in the windows.  Could this be any more Charleston?

I also love the gates and entry ways of the houses, so snapped many of those too.  Ironwork is prolific in Charleston and they do it better than any place I’ve been except Savannah.

The old Charleston red brick sure creates a wonderful backdrop for window boxes.

Doorway after doorway of beautiful entries and charming stairs.

Of course, I love the color of these aqua shutters and that window box is spilling over with pretty flowers.

There must be window box competitions in Charleston, because they are everywhere.  I wonder if they are all hand watered or if there is irrigation in them, because they have to have a lot of water.

I also loved how the porches had their own doors with beautiful steps leading up.

Blue shutters and ochre walls make a pleasing window box display.

Even the restaurants are all fancied up with window boxes, like Magnolias, where we had dinner one night.

Here’s that same doorway above at dusk one night.

Another one with blue shutters and window box.

Black shutters and window box filled with plants.

So many pretty ones to see all over Charleston.

Here’s another gated entry that caught my eye. So majestic and stately, you wonder what’s beyond.

The gated courtyards with ironwork is so magnificent.  Can’t get enough of this beauty. That’s a manicured yard.

Another gate with brick pillars.

And one last charming house with black window boxes and shutters.

Charleston truly is one of the most charming historic areas I’ve ever visited and you can get lost on all the pretty downtown streets, walking and strolling along taking it all in.  I’ll be back again with many houses that I took pics of as well. There was so much beauty to see and take in and that kind of pretty never gets old!  Historic houses are the keepers of memories and I’m glad we get to treasure them in our country.

- Rhoda


  1. Good things come to those who wait…..Happy Anniversary! Many more!

  2. Beautiful! We went to Savannah a few years ago and these features really stood out to me there too. They add such character!

  3. VintageBeachgirl says

    my favorite blog couple! I’ve so enjoyed following the first year of your happy marriage and your first joint home renovation project. It’s been so much fun and so very interesting to watch such a talented, creative couple execute the tasteful rebirth of a builder grade house into a lovely classic home.
    I wish you only the best for your long and happy marriage! Hugs to you both!

    • Thank you so much! You have been such a supporter over the years and I so appreciate that. We have had a wonderful first year and gotten so much done, but we aren’t through yet, lots more to accomplish around here.

  4. Some of them seem to have ‘hoses’ leading out from the bottoms of them. I assume those are irrigated but the look is not great. Overall a gorgeous city!

  5. Happy Anniversary Rhoda and Mark! 💕💕💕 Wow, the year has flown! Stop saying “late in life”! You are in your PRIME!!!

    There is a company run by a group of women that take care of most of the window boxes downtown. Did you notice some are at the 2nd and 3rd stories? One of the ladies said she was high on a ladder and stuck her hand in the flowers to pull out a rat! I would have fainted!

    • Thank you, Roxanne! Well, it does feel late in life when I look back at all I’ve already lived. I just wish we had met sooner, but I’ll take what we have. Ewwww, I would have died as well, a rat! I knew they had to have a method for watering those window boxes. Those things dry out so fast in the heat and I’m having to water many of my outside containers every day.

  6. Elizabeth Meinholdt says

    Happy Anniversary. Loving the pictures. My granddaughter recently went there on a trip and took some of the same pictures you did. I love the window boxes. Can’t do them on my house in Texas but I did one on my husband’s outdoor building. Too cute. Love changing out the décor for the seasons.

  7. Audra Taliaferro says

    Happy Anniversary! Would love to go explore the charm of Charleston someday!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Glad you have a wonderful person in your life. Charleston has to be one of the most beautiful Southern cities, especially in the summer, despite the humidity!
    I wonder if the shutters and trim in the last photo might be Charleston green instead of black. As you probably know, after the Civil War the north sent black paint to help in restoration, and the Charlestonians added a little yellow to it so it wouldnt be “Yankee black” paint! The blackish green is still found all over Charleston….beautiful color!

    • Hi, Jae, thank you! not sure about those shutters, but I do remember hearing about Charleston green over the years, but didn’t know the back story. Makes sense!

  9. Susan B. Jones says

    Wow that was a fast year! Happy Anniversary! Love, love, love looking at window boxes!

  10. A very happy anniversary to you and Mark. Those window boxes are sumptuous.

  11. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Happy Anniversary, Rhoda and Mark! May you be blessed with many more wonderful years together! So happy for you!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us! We want to plan a trip there! Have a great week!

  12. Happy Anniversary, Rhoda and Mark! And thanks for all the gorgeous pics of Charleston, Rhoda. I love our beautiful Southern cities.

  13. Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Hope you have an exciting blessed year!!! enjoyed the pictures too.

  14. Rhonda Tillman says

    Happy anniversary : )))

  15. Suzanne Oakes says

    Congratulations on your special day. My husband, Fred, and I married later in life. We had a many fabulous days in our ten years together…too little too late was our mantra…..make every day a special event. Enjoy your blog. Wonderful inspiration….

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