Window Covering Choices: Roman Bamboo Blinds

I  haven’t talked much at all about what I’m doing with my new house windows, but I’ve made the decision to add bamboo Roman blinds to all my windows, along with privacy liners.  These textured shades add so much to the look of a room and I want casual elegance and not fancy window shades, so the bamboo blinds will be perfect for my spaces and will look great with my rustic floors.

I’m getting blinds that are toned in color to my floors and I can’t wait to get them up. Let me show you a few examples of beautiful rooms with bamboo Roman blinds.

I found all these pics on

What I love about bamboo shades is the fact that they can be used in so many settings.  From casual, to more formal settings, they add texture and an organic feel to the windows that you don’t get with plain white blinds.  Here’s a good example of using them in a large bank of windows.
And in this bathroom, they are a beautiful backdrop to the pretty tub, without any extra fabrics.
With lots of color in this room, the earthy bamboo shades are a pleasing way to shield the windows.  You could easily add some fabric panels with them too.
Here’s a great example of hanging the shades higher than the windows.  I love this look too when paired with drapery panels that go to the ceiling.
Here’s another example of taking them to the ceiling with panels.  Beautiful look!   I ordered my blinds already for my bedroom and wish I had gone ahead and measured up higher, but I am doing them inside mount and hopefully they’ll still be beautiful.
Another bedroom with pretty bamboo shades and soft cream fabric.
This bathroom window is covered in a half shade and it looks great as well.
These are outside mount and look great with the fabric panels.
Are you getting the picture of how pretty these bamboo Roman shades can be in all settings?
This one big window looks great covered in one large bamboo shade, even without the addition of fabric panels.
So, that’s a little about my plans for my house.  I’ll be adding these textured bamboo Roman blinds in every room of my house, starting with the living room and kitchen.
And I want to introduce you to the online window covering company that I’ll be working with in the next few months.  Payless Decor right here in Atlanta contacted me about working with them and trying out their products.  I met with them in their Norcross facility a few months ago and was really impressed with how they do things.  They keep their costs low by offering products online only and don’t operate a storefront and they have so many products to choose from.
This one, Tibet, is what I’m using in the living room.  All 4 of my big windows will have these mounted inside.
And this one, Java Vintage will be in the kitchen.  These are both from the Premium collection, which is the most cost effective of all their offerings.
I’ll probably use both of these throughout the house in the rest of the windows too.  I love the texture and color of these blinds and know that they’ll add so much to my house.   Payless Decor also has lots of other window coverings too, such as cellular and traditional wood blinds.  I think if you check them out, you’ll find their prices are very reasonable.
October is Cordless Safety month in the window covering industry and this is a good option with kids.   Payless has lots of options for cordless window coverings.
I’ll be getting my new blinds very soon and can’t wait to get them  up and share them with you!

- Rhoda


  1. These blinds will be fabulous in your new house!
    One thing you might consider is getting top down, bottom up shades for a room, if they offer them in these blinds. I have plain, vanilla TDBU shades on every window and love that I can lower the top and still have complete privacy. Of course now, I wish I had gotten bamboo!

  2. Oh, I just love these, Rhoda. They will look so great. Thanks for sharing all your inspiration pictures, and your supplier. This is all going into my inspiration wish list, too!

  3. Thanks for the info on Payless Decor; adding it to my supplier list. I love the texture of these blinds; it’s great to see how adaptable they are to almost every decor. Good choices for your new home!

  4. Oh I just love that look Rhoda! The blinds give it so much texture. I think it will be beautiful. Thanks for the insight into another great company in Atl. I’ll definitely check them out!

  5. Rhoda – Watching your house has been such a pleasure. I have had the Payless Decor Roman bamboo shades in my living room for almost 3 years. I still love the look of them and they are in perfevt condition. I am sure you will be happy with them.

  6. Thanks so much! I’m about to order woven naturals for my living room and den. Your suggestions made this the day to move on it and I appreciate the Payless Decor recommendation.

  7. Can’t believe it! We had those blinds made for our house when we moved here in 1979. They were called woven woods then. As time went by, as with all things, they were not the trend anymore and everyone got rid of them. Now they are back. As my Mom told me when I put up border paper in our house, thinking it was a new idea, we did that back in the 40’s. As they say what goes around comes back around. They do look great in these photos and will look lovely in your home. I am so excited to see your home decorated, I can hardly wait!

    • Hi, Sheila, I know I’ve had bamboo shades back in the 70’s & it’s funny how things go right back around again. Back then, there seemed to be only one style and color and not nearly as many choices as there are today.

  8. A perfect choice! They have such great texture and stand out so well. I love them too and have contemplated putting them on our wall of windows to help shade that bright morning sun in our great room – but we have a great view, and no neighbors, so I have left our windows bare. Hmmm….what to do. Maybe once yours are installed, your pictures will inspire me to make a decision! Have a great weekend!

  9. GM Rhoda! I love the bamboo blinds. How exciting for you. I have been on a trip to Paris so I am trying to catch up. You have been one busy lady.
    I have a light -washed matchstick blind with a liner in my master bedroom and I love the look, I am sure you will love yours,
    xo Kathysue

  10. You will love these!!! I have them on 36 windows and they are perfect. They make such a difference in controlling the hot sun and the privacy during the day. Now at night you really need the privacey liner or curtains that can be closed, on any of them that face a street or a window that you need privacey at night, the reason is at night with lights on you can see through the shade just like there is nothing on your windows!!! Some of my rooms are casual some are more formal and these shades go with all of them. Also they are very easy to install, I have installed all of mine. I can’t wait to see them up. Go Rhoda!!!!

  11. I’ve always liked the look of woven blinds, even ‘back in the day’ as was mentioned. I had them in my first apt. The ones that are being made today are certainly nicer and they have so many more choices of color and patterns! The top down bottom up is an option that I really appreciate having. In fact, it’s the only way I use the shades I have and it’s super convenient and practical.

    These are foing to look lovely against your white trim Rhoda! Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  12. I have those blinds in my kitchen( 4 windows) and bath.
    I love the way the warm up the space and are not fussy.

    I also had woven bamboo in my FIRST apartment, back in 1975!

    Your house is really coming together. Hope you get to make your deadline 🙂

  13. I have had bamboo blinds in my living room forever, alone, with valances and now with curtains. They are beautiful and durable. You are going to love them!


  14. Love the look of bamboo roman blinds layered with fabric panels. Added them to my family room windows last year and love the way it adds so much texture and style to the space. Looking forward to seeing your “dressed” windows!

  15. LOVE this look!!

  16. Rhoda, great choices!! I’ve been contemplating these for my family room and now I’m thoroughly inspired! Hope you’re doing well — exciting days ahead. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  17. I love these blinds so much so that I was never aware they went “out”. They add so much warmth and texture to a room and look great in almost all setting, from very modern to traditional. My old house had the original custom wooden drapes (they were called the Summer drapes), and linen Holland cloth blinds and 2″ wooden Venetians, so I unfortunately have never had a need or want for anything else. However, my BF needs two more and the ones in the Big Box stores are now PLASTIC!
    If you don’t plan on lowering the blinds all the time for the privacy/light factor, you could just go ahead and hang them higher if you decide on panels. They certainly look beautiful that way. Also, If they are longer they look just fine pulled up a bit.
    Beautiful choice! CTD
    Thanks for the link.

  18. Very nice. They look so clean looking.
    I just had a flashback to my country curtain ruffled days. What was I thinking? Why weren’t these around then!

  19. I LOVE these. Have been wanting to put them on many of our windows, but could never decide on color or texture. Can hardly wait to see yours. You are a terrific inspiration.


  20. Very pretty. Privacy plus beauty, you can’t ask for anything better!

  21. Connie McCallum says:

    Rhoda they will be great, I have hung them both ways and they look awesome either way. I really like the warmth they bring and the texture. Can’t wait to see them up in your windows.

  22. I like the blinds, the texture on the windows will be awsome.

  23. You are going to love these! I’ve had the Tibet in the back half of our house for about 6 years and I still love em!

  24. Boy at all the great rooms you found! These will look great in your home. I need to do them in my boys’ bedroom, but I have not gotten around to it yet. Don’t they just add so much to the window treatments?!

  25. I have bamboo blinds in my house and love them. They add the organic / Pottery Barn that I love.

  26. thanks for the info…ordered a shade for french door. i wanted to makes sure u got credit and darn it i put in the wrong name…savvy southern style instead of southern hospitality…

  27. I had those in my last house and loved them! I paired them with panels and even used them on two really large windows like you showed in one of your pics. I used some matchstick ones as well as the “Java” one you are using in your kitchen. I currently have that one on my front door since it has beveled glass and I wanted some privacy. I also matched the color of my foyer hardwood flooring. I purchased mine at Lowe’s.

  28. As always you picked the right thing. Your windows will be beautiful!

  29. Did you order the pull up or the roll up. Does it make a difference in the look.

  30. Sumaya Warwick says:

    Hi Rhoda,

    I have been following you for a while now (I live in South Africa) and look forward to every post. The bamboo blinds look stunning. We just moved into a new/old (lots to do still) house and I am also looking at window coverings. Bamboo blinds is definitely more affordable than wooden blinds or shutters. I am just worried about keeping them dust free. Any advice?

    Thanks for a beautiful blog.

  31. Rhoda – another great choice for your house. Thanks for providing the supplier info. I’m going to order one now for my front entry side light panels next to my front door. Every decision you are making about selections for your house are terrific! You think of everything – top to bottom. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your living room with these on the windows. A perfect companion to your fireplace in that room and your new Shaw flooring! It’s looking great! Happy October – you’re move in month!

  32. The woven blinds are a great choice for your home! The woven blinds are not “your mother’s old woven blinds” frm the 70’s. There’s a lot more choices and options with them today. I love mine! I started switching my old mini-blinds out to the woven blinds several years ago. I love the warmth and texture it adds to the overall look of the window treatments as well as my home. Keep us posted!

  33. Just for thought ,,How do they look on the outside of the house? Will you see brown?

  34. These are all so beautiful! I too love the bamboo, we have them in the 3 windows along the wall in the spare room. Can’t wait to see yours finished…love the Java Vintage one!
    Debbie 🙂

  35. the 4th picture actually reminds me of your living room. it kind of looks like it. you will love your blinds – they will look so fabulous. I have them in my family room. I can’t wait to see! hurry!!!! haha

  36. Joyce Harris says:

    Do you have someone who can come to my house with samples of bamboo shades. Also I would like to have someone take the measurements. My telephone number is 770. 554-0814. My e-mail is Joy underscore lane not dash but I do not have that option on my keyboard.

  37. Ragne Abrahamsen, says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    What a beatiful home!



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