Woodsy Walk & DIY Mossy Wreath


Our neighborhood is literally surrounded by woods.  Deep and forestlike, those woods hold a lot of interesting views and nature scenes.  Me and the hubby enjoy walking in the woods and there are trails all over the place, so we could literally walk for hours, up and down the hills and valleys nestled back in those woods.  This one we drive to, even though it’s right next to our ‘hood, it’s easier to get to with a car.IMG_7500

This trail meanders right beside a pretty stream of water and with all the leaves changing colors for fall, made a wonderful place to walk. IMG_7501

I started noticing all this pretty green moss growing everywhere while we were walking, especially on the large granite rocks that were in abundance.  Take note of this, we’ll come back to it. IMG_7504

That pretty stream.IMG_7515

Now, this trail is straight into the woods literally at the end of our street.  We walk down the street, through a neighbor’s yard and into the woods and this is one of the big trails that is back here.  It’s all owned by a large corporation and hasn’t been developed, much to our delight.  We are technically trespassing, but that has never stopped us yet since we are surrounded by beauty, a big open sky, and mountains. IMG_7517

See our mountains?!  In case you didn’t realize this, Birmingham is at the foot of the Appalachian mountain range and our little mountains are quite impressive.  I had no idea until we moved over here that the terrain was this hilly at all and that was a pleasant surprise.  Alabama the beautiful! IMG_7518

The view from the top is amazing.  We sat up there and talked and rested a bit, me perched out on a BIG rock to take these pics.


And a little self-portrait since we climbed up so high to get here.  It was a warm semi-sunny fall day and I got so hot I had to take my sweatshirt off and cool off a bit.


I should have pointed the camera straight down, so you could see just what a drop-off this was where I was sitting.  Lots of granite rock formations are up  here too.

Anyway, this little walk in the woods was a sidenote, now let’s get on to the main thing I wanted to talk about…that MOSS!


Yep, that pretty moss caught my eye and I decided it was too special not to use, so I went back and dug up enough to make myself 2 wreaths.


OK, stop laughing, I know I could have gone to the craft store and bought a couple of bags and accomplished the same thing.  But, this was so much more fun!  How neat to gather your own moss! 🙂  I bought 2 of these smallish straw wreaths last year during the holidays on sale, with plans of doing something with them.  So, now I had my big plan.

I laid the moss out for several days and let it dry out well.  Yes, there is dirt on the back, but a lot of it will come off once it dries out, so let it dry for several days.  The best moss I gathered was growing right on top of the big rocks and came off in nice sheets without a lot of dirt.  But, yes, there is dirt.  And maybe a few bugs.  That’s why it’s a good idea to leave it out in the garage for several days, just in case some bugs come out. 🙂  I’m just sayin’.


I got out the hot glue gun and starting gluing away.  It really stayed on well.  It’s like filling in a puzzle, just keep adding bits and pieces all the way around the wreath until it is completely covered. IMG_7578

On the right, you’ll see the backside of the moss, lots of dirt.  I’m hoping that most of this will stay put after I glue it all down.   Some of it, I knocked off before I started gluing.IMG_7580

And here they are all finished.  I just love how natural and woodsy they look with the special moss from my nearby woods.



I think I’ll wrap some pretty green ribbon around them and keep them really natural and simple and find a special place to hang them.

So, do you think you’d ever try this too?  I know, it’s pretty crazy to dig up moss, but it was right there for the taking and I loved the texture and color of it.  If you’re out in the woods, take a look around and see what you can find, there’s so much beauty out there if you just look for it. The Lord is such a masterful Creator.

Joining Kimba’s DIY Day.

- Rhoda


  1. I always dig up moss to line my wire hanging baskets in the summer. If you keep it misted, it will stay green a long time. Next year, I’ll try a wreath. Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Rhoda,
    Your quite a brave gal to be sitting out on a rock ledge that high because it certainly isn’t anything I would try! I love how your wreaths look and I think your idea of using real moss is quite clever. Your wreaths would look so pretty sitting on a gate or along the fence somewhere in the yard but I wouldn’t bring them indoors just incase some of those bugs & insects were still hanging around. I chuckled when you mentioned how hot you got from your trek up the trail. Isn’t it funny how hot we get when we’re in our 50’s. TFS! Sheila

  3. Rhoda, What full and pretty wreaths you made! Gotta find me some moss somewhere. I have seen a little patch in the woods behind me, but nowhere near the amount I’d need for a wreath. Wow, what a view you had while climbing around that ledge. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas.
    hugs, Sue

  4. What a neat idea, I love how natural they are! Now you’ll have everyone in blogland on a moss hunt!

    Keep us posted on how they hold up.

  5. I’d have loved to use real moss when I made my moss wreath, except that um, it’s illegal in my state to cut anything not in your own yard. 😉

  6. jeanne zemanek says:



  7. Hi Rhoda,
    I never thought of using moss like that….There is lots growing in my yard in places that don’t get sun and I have used that in my indoor plants, it looks so much better than dirt!

    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year!
    Hugs, Debra

  8. I love a girl that gathers her own moss! 🙂 I would probably just head to Michael’s but what’s the fun in that, really?

    The wreaths look great! Hope you’ll show us a pic once they’re displayed. Merry Christmas!

  9. Gorgeous wreaths…hope you can keep it green. A simple red bow would be beautiful this time of year.

  10. Alabama is beautiful isn’t it?
    I would camp out by that stream! Who needs Gatlinbug???

    Lovin’ the moss wreaths. Green ribbons would dress them up nicely!
    Merry Christmas

  11. Becky in SC says:

    Hey Rhoda!! Beautiful wreaths! But I also love your comment about the wondrous creations of our Lord. So much beauty and wonderment…and all we have to do is just stop and enjoy. I think alot of times of tiny little intricate details of petals on a flower…(Pansy being my most favorite to admire…all those colors!) And each time I witness a gorgeous sunset…I always whisper “Thank You for creating such beauty”
    Well, enough about that. I hope you and yours has the Merriest CHRISTmas ever!!

  12. Well, I wouldn’t say I would never do it! ; ) They turned out beautifully, Rhoda, and I’ll bet you could dress them up all year.

  13. Wow, you are one lucky girl living in such beauty! Lovely wreaths.

  14. We live on 5 acres of woods. I dug up some moss to make a moss ball. You aren’t crazy at all!


  15. Great job!! Just where were you at where you could wear a tank top!!!

  16. I actually tried this last year and my moss just would not stay on the wreath! How did yours hold up? Maybe my moss was old! : ) They look awesome!

  17. Ohhhh I have some just like it in my backyard and love i t soooo much! Your wreaths look so pretty.

  18. GORGEOUS! I too am curious how they’ll hold up. I’m so not a green thumb so if they stay green, that would be incredibly amazing in my book!

    Can’t wait to see where you put them. I loves seeing how you display.


  19. I love that you used the word meander. Your English teacher would be so proud!!

  20. What wonderful wreaths. And, better yet, what a great place to live. Lucky girl. You could hang these year-round and enjoy continuously, don’t you think? cheers, -susan

  21. I did the exact same thing! I bought moss from the store and it fell apart. Finally, I drove over to where I knew a lot of moss was growing by the woods on our Marine base and my daughter plucked it up. It was so easy to use!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  22. I hope they will hold up, we will see. I think I might wrap some thin twine around them to help keep the moss on there. I haven’t hung them anywhere yet, but I need to find a good spot. Maybe one in each guestroom, they could stay all year long.

    I actually took this hike to the top of the mountain back in mid-Nov. and gathered my moss around that time. We get lots of warm days this time of year, thank goodness.

  23. You’ve inspired me to take action! I have a very wooded yard and lots of moss – different kinds even. I have thought this would be a really good idea – using it to cover things like boxes, wreaths, even styrofoam balls. The moss you can gather locally is so much better (fresher, greener and more supple and lush) than what you can find at craft stores. Thanks!

  24. I love your blog! You have great ideas. Such an inspiration!

  25. Patti Gencarelli says:

    I am lovin that mossy wreath – have loved moss, nests, birds, eggs, twigs, shells for a long time. Guess thats why we are friends!
    Love the line from “You’ve Got Mail” when the guy from the
    bookstore said his apartment smells “mossy” – okay – its the
    simple things that make my day 🙂
    Merry Christmas sweet friend! patti

  26. Your DIY is DE liciously lovely!

    Have a merry and bright Christmas.

  27. Beautiful and breathe taking place. Love the wreaths.
    Do they have a smell to them?

  28. Fab idea Rhoda. I love them, and if the ground wasn’t covered in snow, I’d be all over digging up my own moss! (I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Current temp -20°!

  29. Are you sure that is not shag carpeting? Sure looks like it doesn’t it? You sure live in a neat area. wish i lived in some woods.

  30. Oh Rhoda these are so pretty! And CHEAP!! I will try this! I need to go look for me some mossy rocks!!

    I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  31. Merry Christmas to you and your’s, Miss Rhoda!

  32. Rhoda,

    Thank you for sharing your walk in the woods. Though ‘only a side note’ it allowed me a peek into your’s and the Lettered Couple’s Sweet Home (Alabama). I’ve never been.
    Have I ever done that? Yes! I had an entire garden of wild perennials that I dug up while walking — and that was when I lived in the burbs. Okay maybe they weren’t wild. But the homeowners never mowed their lawn! Seriously, it was during walks as you described here, nature abound. And others laughed at my “weeds” until the next year when they were all in bloom!

  33. Hey Rhonda . What a beautiful peace place for a walk. Thank you for letting us see it as well. I love your moss wreath.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family….Tracy 🙂

  34. I saw some comments regarding if the moss will stay in place.
    I did not use glue or twine. I used florist pins (similar to bobbie pins); I’ve also used them when creating live topiaries and they work splendidly!

    Your wreaths are beautiful.

  35. I really enjoyed your pictures, and you are so lucky to have such wonderful views so close. I must say, I haven’t seen any moss around when my hubby and I go walking, but now I will keep my eyes open.

  36. I absolutely ♥ FALL and these pictures are AMAZING! I wish fall did not go by so quickly but, then again, I guess it wouldn’t be quite so special if it didn’t, huh? Your wreaths are really pretty. Of course, that does not surprise me one bit! Everything you do always is! :0)

    Well, I hope Santa is good to you and that you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas together. Take care, my friend.


    Teresa <

  37. Ok, you are making me want to move to Alabama! I’m in Texas where it is flat, brown and humid! I’d love to be able to walk out my neighborhood and take a hike through the woods! Heaven! Merry Christmas!

  38. Rhoda, I love those wreaths with the moss! They look super!

    Thanks so much for your well wishes. I didn’t have my Christmas post when you dropped by, and now that I think about it, I probably should have wished everyone a Merry Christmas on my PS post. LOL! Still, I couldn’t let the day slip past without wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

    Love ya…


    Sheila 🙂

  39. HI Rhoda,
    Your wreaths turned out great,and they have a story behind them, which makes them even more special. Your woods sure are pretty, we live in the woods too, in and about the coastal redwoods in CA. , very different from yours, but still…it’s sure fun to go out exploring, isn’t it?
    Have a wonderful Christmas, and all the best to you and your family for love, peace and happiness in the new year. Thank you for all the creative inspiration and the fun stuff you’ve shared. Blogging these past few months has become sort of an “addiction” with me, helped me through some personal rough spots – because of you and some others I’ve “met” online, so I thank you very much for that.
    Lots of love,
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  40. I love the view. I am a GA girls and look at those same mountains. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  41. I love your moss wreath. And I love seeing the pictures from your hike. They’re just beautiful.

    Merry Christmas!


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