WORX Father’s Day Giveaway!

With my newly landscaped yard going in over the weekend (I’ll be showing you all SOON, starting tomorrow with the first post!!), I need all the help I can get with keeping it looking nice and that means the right tools for yardwork.  Today, I’m sharing a couple of products from WORX that are going to help me with the tedious jobs around my  yard.  One of the little things that can make such a difference in keeping a nice yard is the weed eating.  Those little spots where grass and weeds pop up and you can’t get to it with a mower. Those are the spots that need a weed eater.

WORX has a nice one that is powered by a Lithium battery, which means NO cord. Yay for that!  I hate dragging a cord around and this will make the job so much faster when I need to weed eat the grass around my lattice or back porch or mailbox.  There are lots of small areas that need a weed eater.


worx trimmer

This is a battery powered weed eater with a Lithium battery that recharges and goes.  And it edges too! The WORX GT 2.0 is a handy tool for several jobs and it cuts a 12” swath.

using the Worx trimmer

Weighing less than 6 lbs., it’s perfect for a woman like me to handle.


Another product I was sent from WORX to try out is their handy Aerocart.  This cool tool is a dolly, cart and wheelbarrow all in one piece.  It converts into a dolly that can lift up to 300 lbs. so this will not only be handy in the yard, but when I need to move things around the house, I’ll have a helper.

Check out the video on how the AeroCart works!

Now for the fun part!  Just in time for Father’s Day, WORX is giving away to one of my readers BOTH the AeroCart AND the 2.0 Trimmer/Edger.  You’ll get the chance to try out these great tools for yourself and add them to your home arsenal.  I’m happy to share this with my readers and thanks to WORX for giving them away.

All you have to do is sign up on the Rafflecopter widget and answer this question.

What will you use the most, the AeroCart OR the 2.0V Trimmer/Edger?

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Note:  This is a sponsored post/giveaway by WORX.  I received a 2.0 Trimmer/Edger and Aerocart to write about on my blog, but no other compensation.  All opinions are my own.

The giveaways for All Inspired Boutique and Homegoods have both been posted.  You can always go back to the giveaway posts and see the Rafflecopter widget which lists the winners on all my giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- Rhoda


  1. Susan M. says:

    I’d use the trimmer for sure.

  2. My husband would use the Aerocart;he’s been looking for something like this…What a wonderful giveaway…

  3. I like both but I think the trimmer would come in handier.

  4. The aerocart….perfect!

  5. I would love the cart!

  6. pam clark says:

    Big Daddy would LOVE that trimmer and wheelbarrow!! I’d like the dolly feature to move things around too.

  7. Both products would be so helpful to have but w/o a doubt I would be using the cart more…Great giveaway!

  8. Diane K. says:

    The weed eater would get the most use, but the cart would come in handy just when needed!, super giveaway!

  9. Courtney Mary says:

    We just bought a house and we are trying to tidy up the landscaping! The trimmers would really come in handy!

  10. I really need to learn to weed eat since my son moved out to get married! Looks like the inspiration I need.

  11. The Aerocart is awesome!

  12. Patty Morris says:

    I would love the trimmer. I love to do that kinda of stuff

  13. I would use the cart! This could change my life! 🙂

  14. Deb McKathan says:

    Oh my! The aerocart would be something I (I mean, my husband) could use every single day! We have lots of pecan trees in the yard – lovely but limb shedding daily. Oh, and the gardens, and yes, moving furniture in the house. Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. Awesome giveaway! I could use the WORX trimmer the most. I have a BIG yard.


  17. In the market for an edger so the trimmer would be awesome!

  18. I’ve got my eye on that Aerocart!

  19. I would love the trimmer! The one I use now is electrical and the have the cord is a real pain. Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. I love the Aerocart!

  21. Heather Spooner says:

    The cart. My wheelbarrow is broken. Thanks, Rhoda!

  22. I love working in my yard. The weed eater would get used every week and the cart would get a work out in the spring and fall. I currently use a wagon to haul dirt, flowers and fertilizer .

  23. We have just moved into a home we built. The cart would get a workout as we get our landscaping together. But the trimmer would get a workout after we get out yard established. Thank you for the chance to win these two great items.

  24. Roseanna Crawford says:

    Both products look wonderful. I am in need of a weed eater and this without a cord would be great.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Sharon Avinger says:

    That trimmer would get plenty of use in our yard! Love the no-cord feature.

  26. Rory Reding says:

    I would definitely use both! I am going through a divorce and I seriously doubt I’ll get many tools in the division! That weed eater looks really easy to use and lightweight, perfect for me!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I knew I liked you for some reason– we have the same car! YAY.

    Also, I’d use the edger. Or rather, I’d let husband use the edger.

  28. Paulette Smith says:

    I would definitely use the aero art and my husband would use both!! We have 10 acres and there is a never ending number of chores!

  29. I would use the trimmer the most.

  30. I’d definitely use the cart the most! What a great giveaway! 🙂

  31. Teresa Stout says:

    Love the cart. Both would be used at my house.

  32. We need a weed eater in the worst way around here since our old one bit the dust!! I love the fact that this one is cordless. Great giveaway!

  33. Debra Schramm says:

    I’d definitely use the AeroCart the most!

  34. The Aerocart! We have almost 2 acres and lots of branches that have fallen and need to be cleaned up. Would LOVE to have this!

  35. Aerocart

  36. Samantha G. says:

    My husband would say the trimmer…but I say definitely the AeroCart! I would be able to move gardening supplies outside and move things around the home inside without needing help.

  37. I’d use the trimmer and Aerocart all over my yard. Trimming, weeding and hauling mulch. I’m giddy thinking I could win these (for my Dad, of course!) um – not. sorry, Dad.

  38. I definitely would say the trimmer…nothing like having a perfectly edged yard and no tall weeds!

  39. I would use both the trimmer and the AeroCart.

  40. I would use the aerocart the most. What a great product!

  41. The trimmer would come in very handy all summer!

  42. My husband and I are older & these lightweight tools would be perfect for us around the house. We live in the mountains & there are many large rocks we need to move & patches of weeds along the walkways & garden areas which are difficult to get rid of with a mower. We would use both but I think the Aerocart would be used more to remove the large rocks and to move heavy items like bags of mulch & fertilizer.

  43. Barbara H. says:

    Right now the trimmer would be my go to tool, but I can see many uses for the cart in my future.

  44. Love WORX tools. I definitely need the cart for my gardening! Thanks, Rhoda!

  45. I would use the trimmer/edger more. I currently have a gas powered one that my son uses for our yard. It is too big and heavy for me to use. I would love to have this one because then I could trim/edge anytime I wanted to. I would also use the cart to haul around bales of pinestraw, plants, etc. I have a lot of work to keep my lawn and gardens up!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  46. Definitely the AEROCART! Would love it!

  47. Laurali Manieri says:

    Over the long haul, probably the Worx will be used more, having said that, with 36 yards of fill dirt to spread over our rather large lot, the Aerocart would seriously get put through it’s paces.

  48. kathy cassinelli says:

    I would use the aerocart the most. It would get used all the time!

  49. Becky B. says:

    These look and sound like a perfect way for me to be helpful to my hubby in the yard.

  50. I need the edger but the wheel barrow is awesome too! Mine has wooden handles that give me splinters so we are due an upgrade soon! Great giveaway!

  51. Well, both would be wonderful to have but I think the Aerocart would get the most use! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. I have new mulch to put down-I think the Aerocart!

  53. The Aerocart would come in handy:-)))

  54. The aerocart would be awesome!

  55. Angelia W. says:

    I would use the edger and my husband would put the AeroCart to good use! Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. katherine says:

    I would use them both! I love playing in the dirt.

  57. Brande Vaughn says:

    I would use the edger/weeder! So neat!

  58. I imagine I would use the trimmer more, but that cart is amazingly cool!

  59. OH I could so use the AeroCart OR. I have a small yard but a ton of landscaping and have mulch to cart all over the place but my wheelbarrow gave up this spring.

  60. We’d use the trimmer more…just trying to keep that jungle outside under control!

  61. Kim Nations says:

    Definitely the cart.. I can learn to use the weed eater.. Thanks for the giveaway.

  62. I think the trimmer would be great–no cord!

  63. Sherri Howell says:

    I think I would use both equally. I have almost 2 acres and need a lot of clean-up work around here. What great products!!

  64. Catherine says:

    I’d love the aerocart! Dollies and wheelbarrows take up so much space to store, so to have them combined would be great!

  65. Hi Rhoda. The Aerocart would be perfect for an old man like me in my garden.

  66. Those look awesome

  67. Patricia says:

    The weed eater would be used more…

  68. The trimmer is what I would use the most – we have a big awkward one that my husband uses, but it is hard for me! so the light weight trimmer would be awesome! But, my husband would totally use that cart more! That think looks like the bomb! He is always moving stuff from the garage to the back yard/basement and back again so I know we would get tons of use out of both of those products! Thanks so much for the opportunity Rhoda!! Can’t wait to see ya at Haven 🙂

  69. P. C. Scott says:

    I could use both – love the battery trimmer

  70. Cindy Lynn E. says:

    Definitely the Aerocart! It’s so versatile!! It would definitely come in handy in both the yard & like you said, moving items too heavy to lift. Thank you!! Cindy Lynn

  71. Laura Flores says:

    We recently started re-doing the front and back yard. Building a flower bed planting flowers. Will be taking out the old patched grass we have and replacing it with new one in rolls. And still have some trees to plant and a lot more. This would make the job a whole lot more easy!! Thank you for a chance to win for my awesome husband!

  72. Pamela bartholomew says:

    Such a great blog and informative post! Never heard of this brand of equipment before. My dad is a farmer and either one of the giveaways would be perfect! Maybe he will let me use them in my garden 🙂

  73. I would use the cart and hubby would use the trimmer!

  74. Manette Gutterman says:

    I would use the trimmer around my garden and fence line.

  75. I want to build a rock wall in front of a flower bed. This cart would be a godsend. I have been wondering how I would lift the rocks. In my garden I am always moving something around, potting soil, rocks, pots, pavers, path stones, relocated shrubs and plants oh it would be in constant use, the trimmer edger would find use too.

  76. I’m the yard person at my house and would definitely use the weedeater the most!!

  77. I would sure love to win this to give to our son. He is getting married next month, and they will be buying a home soon.

  78. I’d definitely use the weed eater the most! My awesome dad and I removed 2 giant boxwood bushes from the backyard, but the stumps are still there. I obviously can’t risk hitting them with the mower, so I need the weed eater to clean up around them. This one looks fantastic!

  79. Valerie Nite says:


  80. We will use both, but the trimmer will probably be used more often.

  81. The trimmer would be just the thing my husband would love!!!

  82. Deb Young says:

    Definitely the AeroCart! Trimmer would get used quite often too!

  83. I think this is the perfect Father’s Day gift – especially since it’s battery powered.

  84. The trimmer! Exactly what my husband needs for Father’s Day!

  85. My husband would use the trimmer more . We have a stone wall that we weed and a lot of poison ivy that just keeps coming back no matter what we do .

  86. Definitely the trimmer! But I’m sure my kids would get a kick out of pushing each other around in the cart.

  87. I think we would use the trimmer the most, but finding out that we can get a better deal on mulch by having it delivered by dump truck instead of buying it by the bag means the cart would definitely help with that project!

  88. The aerocart, for sure. But I’d get my husband to use the trimmer more often!!!

  89. The AeorCart…my husband would love this.

  90. Oh goodness I know this would be great for Chuck but I would so enjoy his new toys too! Great Giveaway! Thanks!

  91. jennifer barbour says:

    We would use the cart alot! Maybe just hauling the kids around the yard 😉

  92. Love love love the Aerocart

  93. Barbara Barnes says:

    I would love the trimmer. I have had a Worx before and they are great.

  94. Super Cool Tools for Dad!

  95. Jenny Ross says:

    How neat! I’d love to have the Aerocart!

  96. Carol Tauber says:

    I know he would love the trimmer, his just died of old age!

  97. The trimmer looks interesting. Love the wheel!

  98. Susan M. says:

    I’d use them both, but the trimmer would get the most use. The cart would make the upcoming mulch hauling job a ton easier, though!

  99. mikyung lim says:

    My yard is in need of Aerocart desperately. Both of them would be very useful.

  100. Susan Best says:

    I’d use the AeroCart!

  101. I have a good size yard with many flower beds. Anything to make my job easier would be a blessing!

  102. Definitely the AeroCart!

  103. My dad is a master gardener here in Texas. He always uses old equipment that he buys at the pawn shop and places like that – he’s a thrifty man. I’d love for him to have some new goodies.

  104. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Wow, just watched the video for the Aerocart, that is awesome! I’d love to have one of those to replace the 15 yr old cart I’ve hauled yard stuff with, mixed soils in, etc…… the wheels are showing signs of stress! The Aerocart is so versatile, I feel certain that of the two it’s the one that I would use the most. I’m sure the hubs wouldn’t mind a trimmer with a lithium battery bc they hold a charge so much longer than the older type we have. Thanks for introducing me to the Aerocart Rhoda!

  105. Definitely the Aerocart!!

  106. Dianne Stavropoulos says:

    I would love the cart. It would certainly be helpful in moving things around both inside and outside!

  107. The aerocart looks amazing. My husband and I use our wheelbarrow all the time and it is so hard to manage with one wheel infront. I especially like the feature that allows you to move items easier

  108. I love WORX! I have the weedeater, so light weight and easy to use.

  109. Aubree Heslop says:

    Right now with building our house ourselves definitely the eurocart!

  110. Oh, my goodness! If I received that Aerocart I would be one happy gardener! And heavy item carrier, too?! What could be better?! Oh, the Weed Eater! I have so many areas where I could eat away at those rings of tall weeds without having to hand-cut. I love both of these products, but would most likely use the Aerocart the most! Hubby would use the Weed Eater the most.

  111. The cart! I am always lugging stuff around the yard.

  112. Sandy Rinks says:

    After watching the video for the AeroCart I know that is the item I would get the most use of. We are getting ready to redo our front and rear yards. We are adding some rock, new plants and taking out the grass due to the drought here in California. That AeroCart would sure help alot!

  113. katharyn houk says:

    The aero cart!!!!

  114. Def the AeroCart. Thanks!

  115. The Aerocart would be my choice. I am constantly digging and rearranging plants in my yard and would love to have a little help with transporting. The pups would probably love rides in the Aerocart!!

  116. Aerocart

  117. When I edge the line don’t look so good. So I would use the 2.0 trimmer/edger most. That would be the perfect Father’s day gift, not only the tool, a helper!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Jessica Wilson says:

    We live on 42 acres with 10 being yard and flowers beds, lots of flower beds. Definitely the Aerocart to haul all the mulch, compost and of course more plants to those beds.

  119. Helena Dias says:

    I would love the AeroCart. Perfect for lugging stuff around the garden. Thanks.

  120. We would use the weed eater the most but that cart looks nice too!

  121. Definitely the trimmer, as I don’t have one!! Thank you.

  122. I would use the weed eater the most I have lots of areas that we have to get rid of weeds my daughter is very short and doesn’t weigh a whole lot so this one weighing so little would be perfect (she does all my yard work with supervision) I am disabled
    Thank You for the giveaway it is awesome!

  123. Sarah Martin says:


  124. Would definitely use both, but really like the Aerocart!!

  125. Aero cart all the way!

  126. Sandi Allen says:

    Definitely the trimmer/ edger.
    Thank You for the chance!

  127. Cheri Murphy says:

    Would use the trimmer tons!

  128. I love that Aerocart! I could certainly put this to use. I have a bad back and usually have to wait for someone to help me move heavier things, but I think I could handle most jobs with this cart! Thanks for sharing the info on these items. I’d love to win!

  129. I would use the edger/weed eater a lot, but the cart would come in handy too.

  130. I would most likely use the trimmer/edger the most. I would put hubby to work with that nifty cart!

  131. Love these! I need a trimmer so badly.

  132. What a great cart!

  133. Rhoda,
    Oh my! This giveaway is just in time for us here at Coastal Charm…our trimmer/weed eater has just stopped working and the hubs has done several things to it, to try to get it working, but it is giving him fits. So, to answer the question…the trimmer/weed eater would be used a lot around here.


  134. Charlotte says:

    I would pick the trimmer. Could use the cart to carry the trimmer in. 🙂

  135. I think the cart would work perfect for our big yard here in California! Lots to pick up and cart around!

  136. The weedeater would be a lifesaver! I have been looking and pricing them.

  137. Mahdi Martin says:

    My man would be the one mostly using the 2.0V Trimmer/Edger. He loves doing yard work, and we have plenty of yard. It’s seems he’s always mowing or trimming.

  138. The aerocart is very useful.

  139. I would love to have the cart/dolly. There are so many times I am trying to move something and don’t have the right tools. This would solve a multitude of problems!

  140. Wow. That’s a tough question. Having a weed eater light enough that I could handle it would be a huge help. But I really think the dolly / cart would be my favorite. I’m constantly carrying weeds, limbs, pine cones, etc to the green waste. 🙂

  141. I’d love to get away from the tether (cord) on my current weed eater, but the AeroCart would actually improve our quality of life here at the B&B! It would be useful in every season and I can think of three ways I could use it TODAY!

  142. I would use that weed eater for trimming our ditch/culvert out front–the lawnmower never seems to do the job. 🙂

  143. I would love a weed eater that I could handle easier myself! Thanks for the chance to win!

  144. while my neighbors might say I really need the strimmer, I would love to have the 3-in-one Aerocart. That is a fabulous idea. I’m constantly using one of those thring things around the house and it would be nice to consolidate. Thanks for the chance! CTD

  145. Jessica sievers says:

    Definitely the edger!!

  146. Susan Graben says:

    The AeroCart…..don’t like flying grass.

  147. Anna Starner says:

    I believe I would use the cart for so many things. Love the new Jaw saws they have out.

  148. Ooooo that cart would be awesome. Wouldn’t turn down the trimmer, either. 6#…I could actually use it. The one we have is just too heavy for me.

  149. That AeroCart would get a workout at my house!

  150. Robin White says:

    For the life of I can’t figure which I’d use more, but I guess I’d say the cart because in addition to the gardening season, it has year-round potential for firewood and chicken coop chores.

  151. The aero cart for sure !

  152. That Aerocart looks amazing! I need one of those!!

  153. Looks like a wonderful tool. We just moved from a townhome to a home with a backyard. This would be wonderful!

  154. Both are great products! I think I would probably use the Aero-cart the most of the two!

  155. Would definitely use the Aero Cart the most – cool tool!

  156. Though my son is still doing most of the yardwork, I think I’d love that little trimmer! d The aerocart looks brilliant, and I’m sure it would get its fair share of workouts, too! Thanks for the give away.

  157. I would use them both a TON. Both a trimmer/edger and garden cart/wheelbarrow are on my “need desperately to get” list!

  158. I think the trimmer would get used more at our house because I do most of the yard work and I hate hate hate our big gasoline weedeater. The line stops feeding on me all time. I think the Aerocart would get used a lot, too, though!

  159. Becca Hill says:

    Definitely the cart. We are going to be removing bushes in one area of our backyard and removing dirt in another. That would be a lot of little trips made super easy!

  160. I need the Aerocart today!!!

  161. Jennifer Jackson says:

    I would be delighted to have either but could probably get more use from the cart.

  162. That’s a hard call, because both are great. I’m thinking the trimmer would be used more for me.

  163. beverly e says:

    I would use both of them! The weedeater trimmer would be perfect for me because it’s on wheels and the cart would be so handy. I’m still using a wheelbarrow that was my fathers!

  164. Aerocart! For mulch! 🙂

  165. Debbie O. says:

    The Aerocart would help me all the season’s of the year! I wish I had One!

  166. Kim Johnson says:

    I would definitely use the trimmer more, but would love both!

    Kim J

  167. April was in CT now CA says:

    Definitely the cart!!! My husband and I were just discussing what to replace our broken yard cart with and this would be awesome to give to him!!! Perfect.

  168. Tammy Keel says:

    With our home renovations the aerocart would come in handy and make for a special Father’s Day for my husband

  169. Definitely the Aerocart! I have a quarter acre yard that is in constant flux. The cart will be put to use hauling plants, tools, fertilizer, soil, tree trimmings, etc. etc. My old cheap wheelbarrow is rusted out and the front tire keeps going flat. Thank you.

  170. Debbie O. says:

    The Aerocart, I could haul my firewood with ease!

  171. Christine says:

    I would probably use the trimmer more, but both would be used frequently at my house. 🙂

  172. The cart hands down!!!

  173. Wow, I would love the weedeater.

  174. We have been needing a trimmer/edger since we moved into our house. We would definitely use that!

  175. Just saw the aero cart on TV a couple of days ago. It is sharp! Would definitely use it a lot and more than the trimmer.

  176. Aerocart for sure! I won’t need to wait for my husband to move everything! He would love to use it and might fight me for it. 😉

  177. The cart looks amazing! Would be wonderful to use it in the yard and to move things in the house.

  178. I would use the trimmer/edger the most. The one I have now is electric and it is a pain to lug around the extension cords while edging.

  179. My husband uses my son’s wagon to transport our yard waste/compost. Hoping this is helpful so he can have his wagon back.

  180. I would love to have the edger/trimmer for my yard work. Currently use an old electric one, this battery operated would be so much easier to use for edging and trimming. Thanks to you and the company for this great offer. I can not wait to see your yard, have been trying to figure out how you will change this area. You always have great ideas for decorating, and decorating carries over into yard. Have a great day, although it is hot in Georgia.

  181. I would use the trimmer/edger the most! It makes a lawn look manicured and at it’s best! Thanks for the chance to win! And yes, this southern girl does her own yard work including mowing/edging!

  182. It would be a tough race, but I can haul more than I can trim! The cart would get dirty first!

  183. The trimmer/edger, but it will definitely be a close race, lol. Thanks : )

  184. Laura La. says:

    I would love to have an edger! I always have to borrow one from my father-in-law!

  185. I would love the edger!

  186. The cart would get the most use around here. Every weekend it would be used. Seems much more versatile than my current 15 year old wheel barrow that I’m still surprised it is hanging together.

  187. Susan Foster says:

    I would probably use the edger the most but they are both awesome!

  188. I would probably use the cart more, but both of these would be ideal tools to own!

  189. I would use the AeroCart more!

  190. The trimmer! I have a fence line and brick pavers that I need to trim around and currently don’t have a trimmer at the moment so this would be great!

  191. Pat Ledford says:

    I would use the Aerocart; My husband would probably use the trimmer most.

  192. LOVE our WORX blower! Would love to have the edger since we have a circular drive and lots of paver walks to keep edged. Actually we could really use a workhorse wheelbarrow too. We are very impressed by the quality of WORX products.

  193. jennifer says:

    I would use the trimmer more often

  194. I feel like I’m always hauling stuff around while gardening, so I’d probably get a lot of use from the AeroCart! But a cordless trimmer would be great, too!

  195. perfect timing! I am starting a back yard project and need all the help I can get.

  196. happy father’s day!

  197. At first the aerocart would be used the most. Later, once we get the jungle in the yard at our new house under control, probably the trimmer would get the most use.

  198. I SO would love the cart! We make a lot of trip back and forth with our arms full of tree limbs taking them to the woods.

  199. Katrina J. says:

    Hands down it would be the AeroCart I would use. My Hubby has a bad back and I am the delegated heavy stuff carrier. Can you say, hello..I die! This would make carrying loads a lot easier for me!

    What a awesome giveaway!

  200. Rosie from Raymore says:

    Both would be used a LOT, but if I had to choose, it would be the cart because right now I’m pulling around a little kids wagon and that doesn’t work so well sometimes! Thanks for the chance!

  201. Both the AeroCart and trimmer are wonderful! I think I would use the trimmer more often as grass never stops growing!

    • Pamela Vansickle Bendall says:

      Would use the cart most. Need something to put my other Works tool in, to help the neighbor.

  202. The AeroCart! We live on a farm and are always moving or hauling something. This looks like a great 2 in 1 product! Of course the trimmer would be used a plenty too…

  203. These are very nice tools and would come in handy. Thanks again for the offer.

  204. Awesome products, these would be so very handy to have. Great giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity to win these.

  205. Both are just wonderful–I think I would use the cart a little more…

  206. I can see me using the cart more removing limbs & pinecones !!!!!!!!!!!!! TY

  207. I would use the weed eater more

  208. Heather Taylor says:

    This would be fantastic for my hubby with lots of back problems! My fingers are crossed!

  209. Carol S. says:

    The Aerocart would be my tool. The trimmer would be my husbands! Thanks for the chance to win!

  210. The 2.0 trimmer/edger! Fabulous giveaway!

  211. Sandra McCluskey says:

    I would love to own the Areocart. I have a large yard that makes it difficult for me to move things to the different areas I am working in.

  212. I know that I’d use the cart more because I generally do the weeding & some of the pruning but my hubs would use the trimmer/edger because he handles all the grass cutting!

  213. Jana Hatton says:

    I’ll use the weedeater because my husband DESPISES that job and string on ours breaks if you look at it wrong!

  214. I have a lot of trees in my yard and I would use the cart to help getting leaves up and I have a weed wacker now but it’s heavy , I sure could use one that is light weight.

  215. I think the Aerocart would come in so handy for hauling stuff from the garden and garage…..my husband would love!

  216. The trimmer would be an awesome helpers for me when trimming weeds around my parents yard. They are elderly and don’t do much yard work anymore. So, any help would be greatly appreciated. My husband would love the cart for hauling around all the heavy items aournd the yard and house.

  217. I would use the cart more. Such a great innovation that it is a cart, wheelbarrow AND dolly all in one!! Awesome giveaway!

  218. Kellee Reilly says:

    tough choice but we’d probably use trimmer more often

  219. Debbie w says:

    I do not like cords either…definitely the trimmer!

  220. Hi Rhoda,
    I personally would use the cart, and ask nicely that my husband to use the weed eater/edger. I wouldn’t use that cart for just lawn maintenance but also to transport my groceries up to my home. Connie B.

  221. Lelia Logan says:

    That cart is amazing. I have to have one of those. thank you for the information. I can’t wait to see your new yard. Happy planting

  222. Deb Jackson says:

    I would use both. I need the edger and trimmer and then a way to cart it away. LOL

  223. Charlotte says:

    The edger and trimmer would be most useful for me….but, I sure love the cart too. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  224. I have the blower/ mulcher and love it but it is tied to the electric cord. The trimmer would be so helpful to me in the yard, I can not use my husbands heavy gas powered item and I know the WORX products are light weight. I have been wanting one for some time now.

  225. That cart would come in handy helping carrying loads from the front yard to back!

  226. I desperately need a weedeater. HELP!

  227. Naomi M. says:

    I could use them both — but the cart looks wonderful — so would have to go with that first…

  228. Let’s be honest…>I probably wouldn’t use either of there….but my husband would give both a work out…..nearly daily. That guy is out working in our yard (over an acre) daily and loves it. This is for him! my fingers and toes are crossed…I would love to make his life easier!

  229. Rachel F says:

    The edger!

  230. Honestly, I wouldn’t use either but my husband would love either one! His gardens and yard are his pride and joy! Thank you!

  231. I would use the trim to edge my long driveway and also the weed eater function. Sounds like two great products!

  232. I would use the trimmer/edger most I think because I have a lot of fence to trim around now. But I am ga-ga over that cart! I wore out my wheelbarrow about four years ago and have struggle with my gardening chores ever since! What a great giveaway!!

    PS…your new garden looks wonderful, Rhoda!

  233. Thank you for this opportunity for all your followers to enter this contest. Either one would be a blessing. My wheelbarrow is falling apart and I don’t have a weed eater. I like the idea of a lighter weed eater as arthritis has developed in my hands.

  234. christine jessamine says:

    these both look extremely useful. I would probably use the trimmer just a little more often

  235. The husband would get tons of use out of the edger!!

  236. I will use the AeroCart the most, I am always needing something like this.

  237. I would use the edger/trimmer….weekly!!

  238. Nikki C. says:

    We would definitely use the edger more!

  239. Nataly Carbonell says:

    I’d mostly use the trimmer

  240. Lee in KY says:

    I’d use them both, but more than likely the trimmer at least weekly. Thanks for sharing!

  241. I would use the aero art and let hubs use the trimmer!

  242. I would use the trimmer/edger most. Great give-away!

  243. I’d live either tool but would use the trimmer more – I’d move to replace our 15 year old

  244. cathy johnson says:

    I will definitely use the aerocart more often. It has so many different uses and when I need help the most no one seems to be available!

  245. Would use both for sure, but that trimmer will get the more constant, bigger workouts!

  246. Elizabeth H says:

    Right now I guess I would use the trimmer more (you look good using it) but really love the cart. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  247. That AeroCart looks like a winner! I could move all of the stuff hubby doesn’t have time to do. Thanks for the give away!

  248. Betty Anne says:

    I need the cart, please.

  249. The AeroCart! I really could have used it this past weekend while moving landscaping stones from the front yard to the back yard!

  250. I would use the edger/trimmer the most. I love your blog. Thank you for the giveaway.

  251. I can definitely use both of them, but would probably use the trimmer/edger the most. We have a new house in the north Georgia mountains and we have a long way to go to get the yard in shape. The weeds are loving all the rain we have had – I have to get them under control somehow!

  252. I sure could use that trimmer. Need something that I would be able to handle.


  253. Both would get a lot of use especially the trimmer at home and the mother in laws house (we do her yardwork & landscaping too).

  254. The cart, the cart, the cart, the cart, the cart, the cart!

  255. I use the trimmer to clean up my raggedy yard!

  256. I would say the Aerocart since there are tons of pine needles constantly falling in our backyard! Hope y’all have a lovely Father’s Day! 😀

  257. I’m sure the trimmer would be used the most but the cart would definitely be used a lot as well. I hope I win!

  258. I would love having the trimmer but the cart would also be very handy!

  259. I would use the Aerocart the most. Pretty cute!! Lisa

  260. J Nicole says:

    We would use the weed eater more on a regular basis for basic yard maintenance. However we have some major projects that I want to do this summer and fall that the aero cart would be VERY useful for!

  261. I would use the AeroCart more. Our wheelbarrow has had flat tires for years, but We keep on trying to use it.

  262. I think both sound great but I think we would could use the trimmer the most.

  263. Debbie K says:

    Both items looks awesome and would make maintaining our yard so much easier..

  264. I think the cordless weed wacker would be a fantastic addition to my hubby’s lawn tools, especially since he just broke his electric weed wacker! Thanks for the opportunity!

  265. Pretty sure my husband would use both regularly!! 🙂

  266. By far, the cart.

  267. I would use the cart a lot..looks sweet!

  268. I would use the cart the most and let my husband use the trimmer!

  269. Thanks for the chance yo win. I like both but would use the cart more

  270. Dawn Beaver says:

    I would use the weed eater the most. Ours just broke and the yard doesn’t look pretty! 😉

  271. I would definitely use the cart. We have three dogs who are always rearranging my landscaping! The cart would be excellent!! The trimmer would also get a workout.

  272. Lisa Skinner says:

    That cart would prove to be very handy! Much stuff to be hauled from the front yard to the back!

  273. Deb Cassady says:

    Would love the edge trimmer, lots of need in my big southern garden!

  274. My husband would use the trimmer more! But both are needed! Thanks for the opportunity!

  275. I had to move a big bag of dirt today. I wish I had the cart!!

  276. What wonderful Father’s Day gifts! Not able to lift as well as I used to so the cart would be very helpful, but I think both the cart and weed eater would get a lot of use at my house. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  277. Lisa Roussel says:

    I’m sure the trimmer would get the most use, but the cart would certainly be handy!

  278. I would sure be able to use either of these tools. I just can’t handle the weight of a gas-powered trimmer.

  279. The aerocart!

  280. Wow! I can see me using both – a lot!

  281. Carol Spears says:

    The cart would be my choice. So many different things/ways to use it for.

  282. Delayne Parks says:

    I would use the aerocart the most!

  283. Rita Brett says:

    I would definitely use the cart more.

  284. My yard is huge so a cart to haul all my garden stuff would be helpful.

  285. Collette Batten says:

    I love the cart. Just to think the design is so smart. Plus, it is good looking. Silly to think that way but why not have a cart that has some great things about it with great looks. I would LOVE to win the cart. Don’t get me wrong if I had the other prize I wouldn’t cry. Thanks for giving me a new dream, hope it will come true.

  286. Dawn Monroe says:

    I think we would use the trimmer most because we dont have one so it will take a while to catch up plus we have a fence and they always need trimmed.

  287. Nicole Millheim says:

    We would be using the trimmer the most. need to get that yard looking great

  288. The cart! I love a good multi tool. The trimmer would be helpful too…we have a lot of stuff to trim

  289. The trimmer that edges would be so useful. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  290. Debbie T. says:

    Definitely the trimmer…thanks for the opportunity to win!

  291. I am a fan of the AeroCart. Love the design!

  292. I think both would be used equally. Would love to win!!! Thanks

  293. Pattie C says:

    The cart thing would be so awesome. We always have stuff to haul or move.

  294. I would use the lightweight trimmer more because my husband is afraid he will get poison ivy on him if he weed eats.

  295. I think we would use the trimmer a lot!

  296. That cart! I take care of the flower beds and shrubs and that cart would be a great help.

  297. We just moved and have a huge yard that need lots of work. My husband would use the trimmer a lot. I would use that wonderful cart for all the lifting and moving of flowerpots and everything else! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  298. Paula Romer says:

    Rhoda, Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway. Both products look amazing and would be of great usefulness to us in our gardening/landscaping endeavors. I think the WORX AERO cart is pretty cool with it’s multi-functional use! We have country property and it would come in so handy for a variety of projects and moving things around.

  299. Since I am retiring this Friday I can definitely use both. My yard has been badly neglected for the past couple of years so I have a lot of yard work to catch up on . I would probably use the wheel barrel the most.

  300. Linda Bailey says:

    I already have the Worx trimmer/edger and I love it. I NEED the wheel barrow /cart /heavy lifter!!!
    I do al my own work and use my fairly ineffective wheel barrow every day. I am saving for a Worx blower now. Hope I win!!!

  301. I would use the edge trimmer – need it!

  302. Vickie H. says:

    I think I would use that great cart the most!! Great giveaway!

  303. Great products…I would have to say that I would probably use the Aerocart more…as my hubby does all of the trimming and mowing.

  304. I would use the 2.0 V Trimmer the most! Our weed eater recently go stolen so we sure could use a new one!

  305. It would have to be the trimmer!!!

  306. The trimmer as there is need more frequently for it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  307. Liz VanKirk says:

    I’d definitely use the trimmer more! What a great giveaway.

  308. debra Lloyd says:

    I would use the cart the most. Helps to save my back!

  309. We just bought a house with a huge yard, so I know we’d put that cart to great use!! Fantastic giveaway!!

  310. I would use both but that AeroCart really has me excited!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  311. i would use the weed eater/trimmer every weekend!

  312. Carol Clark says:

    2.0V Trimmer/Edger i would use this most

  313. Reba Brabandt says:

    Would use the trimmer most but we live on 2 acres so would love the wheelbarrow also. Thank you.

  314. Melanie Ford says:

    We need a trimmer so bad!!!

  315. Jean Tepper says:

    I would use the cart.

  316. Glenda kerr says:

    It would be so handy to help my grandma in her garden!! Especially for us two woman!!

  317. Patty Lucas says:

    I would use the cart more because we are moving things around in the back yard and I need all the help I can get. Thanks.

  318. I would use the trimmer..Thank you for the giveaway!

  319. Carol D. says:

    Love the trimmer the most! Perfect for getting the edges of my yard!

  320. The trimmer would get a workout in my yard!

  321. I would use the cart the most, but I really like the idea of a battery operated weed eater. The gas ones are so hard to start and I don’t like dragging the cord around. Kathy

  322. carolyn simpson says:

    I would use the cart…my what fun to have that handy cart.

  323. The Aerocart looks so easy to use.

  324. Jill Jones says:

    Love the concept of the AeroCart and its versatility. I would love to have this in my home and would find many uses for it. Thanks, Rhoda!

  325. Diane Taylor says:

    I do the trimming in my house so I would use that more. My hubby would DIE over that cart!!!!

  326. Would love to cut the cord!! Use an electric weed eater, battery would be fabulous!!

  327. I would use the trimmer the most, we have lots to keep trimmed in the yard.

  328. theresa J says:

    I think I could use the aerocart the most for all the projects around the house

  329. I would think the aero cart more, it sounds soo cool

  330. I will use the trimmer most to help my husband with yard work. His gas trimmer is too heavy and hard to pull for me!

  331. I just had a conversation with my husband this week about finding a new trimmer. This looks like the perfect fit!

  332. Harmony B says:

    Would use the AeroCart more

  333. The edger/trimmer! Thanks!

  334. Jonathan Baker says:

    The trimmer/edger, definitely!

  335. With having a yard that is almost three acres, you can bet it will be a tie between the two . I really think the cart will get the most use.

  336. I would use the trimmer most! We have a ridiculous weak one currently.

  337. That yard cart is just great …that’s what I’d be using most!

  338. Peggy Smith says:

    I want the cart to give to mom who is ALWAYS doing yard work!!

  339. joy joyner says:

    Love the cordless weedeater.

  340. Ann Bryan says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway. I would definitely use the cart with 3 1/2 acres I am always weeding and digging up plants to move from place to place. What a help that would be.

  341. STEFANIE FOOTE says:

    I would definitely use the weed trimmer the most. I’ve actually been looking at buying this model (our old gas trimmer is dead). Would love to win 🙂

  342. The cart is such a great design! I would definitely use this more than the trimmer.

  343. I hurt my back planting a tree and old wheel barrow. The aerocart looks like it would help me do more yardwork again!

  344. That is a tough question….we have a lot of yard, I think I would use both a lot!

  345. Adam Swanson says:

    Wow, great giveaway! I would use the trimmer the most, I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to lining up my yard. That’s not to say I won’t use the Aerocart, it’ll be nice to not have to walk the trimmings up to the can and have this on the lawn. Also, when weeding, it will be much easier to wheel this up to the trash vs dragging the trashcans 🙂 Thanks!

  346. Deb Young says:

    Just watching an infomercial on the Works GT2 . Pretty incredible piece of equipment!

  347. I would use the edger! A nice edge makes all the difference for a freshly cut yard.

  348. I would use them both a lot but probably the trimmer the most

  349. Donna Kellogg says:

    We would use the Trimmer / Edger the most.

  350. The edger would definitely get the most use at our house!

  351. Angela Cash says:

    I live on a 17 acre farm so I think the AeroCart would be used most at my house. It would be a wonderful tool for gardening, landscaping & caring for our animals.

  352. Charlotte says:

    At 50 my back is not what it used to be and with a two acre yard I know I will use the aerocart the most.

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