Yardsales Once Again

Any one else just a little worn-out with yardsales?? I know, I can’t believe I am, but I’m dragging a bit these days (I get like that in August) and if it wasn’t for one in my neighborhood that was advertised as an antiques dealer clearing out some inventory, I might have wussied out this week. And there was one more near my house, so I stopped by there and did manage to find a few things.

But, the first bit of business before we get to that is the Sticky Life giveaway.  A big woo-hoo to Jamie at Blonde Mom Blog, who won the giveaway.  Congrats, Jamie and have fun with it! 🙂 IMG_6296

I got 2 pretty things from the antiques guy, this gorgeous green platter was $2 and would be pretty hanging on the wall like this pic shows.  It’s a USA platter and nicely crazed.


From the same guy, this loverly McCoy vase was $2.  Love the shape of it and it will be nice to add to my white collection.


I’ve got plans for these 2 white frames to go in my master bath water closet and they will be perfect for a pair of shell prints I’m ordering from this talented artist.  I’m going to put 8×10 prints in here and add an additional mat around them to make them work in these 16×20 frames.  I love to use smaller prints in large frames, it gives them a lot of impact.  The frames were $5 each and brand new, so I can’t beat that deal. They already have nice mats and glass.


On the way to Grandma Eleanor’s house on Saturday to pick her up for another day of sewing, I stopped by one last sale and found this beautiful upholstery weight fabric, gorgeous colors that will look great in the den.  I thought about making pillows out if it, but I think now I’m just going to cut it into a nice big throw  by hemming it and adding some pretty fringe around it.  The back side is nice and soft too. At $10 for this 2 1/2 yard piece of beautiful material, it will be fabulous on the chocolate sofa.


And see how pretty it looks with the blue and brown houndstooth fabric I’m making pillows out of??  I loved the blue in this fabric mixed with gold and brown and it has a bit of orangey-red in it too.  I’m sure she paid a lot more for this new from the fabric store.

I’ll plan to continue Thrifty Mondays at least through September and then we’ll probably stop until next Spring.  We still have lots of  yardsales around here all the way through October, but I know many of you will slow down.

How about YOU?  Did you get out and about this weekend and find any treasures.  You know how it works.

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- Rhoda


  1. Well aren’t you glad you worked up the energy for one more round at the yardsales because you found some great stuff. Congratulations on the fabric find, it can be so difficult to find matching fabric for a great price!

  2. Hi Rhoda! You really got some great buys. That McCoy vase is so shapely. I really love that fabric, too. Have a good week!

  3. I love your new platter, Rhoda, and I love the price you found it for. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting!!!

  4. Hi Rhoda,

    Have not participated the last couple of weeks, but have been visiting regularly and love seeing everyone’s finds. Hope you are having a great Sunday, we have perfect, well, a little chilly 60’s weather today.

    Have a great week!

  5. Oh I love that white pottery! And those frames are great.

    Yardsales seem to be about the same here year round, but Im in Florida.

  6. Thanks for hosting. I love visiting all the sites to find out about everyone’s treasures.

    I need to yard sale near you. Just today I told my husband I needed a few green plates and 16 X 20 frames.

  7. The green platter is old. I have a small platter and 6 or so dinner plates of that stone ware that belonged to my great-great-grandmother. I’ve been the owner for about 5 years. They were in my great-great-aunt’s home when she passed away in 1987 in her 90’s and my grandmother kept them and I eventually wound up with them because I keep family items (actually I am a pack rat of family items).

  8. i LOVE the mccoy vase – so beautiful! what a great deal.

  9. Thanks for being a wonderful hostess, as always. I am adoring the white vase and you did find a steal in that fabric!
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Wonderful fabric that looks like the “find” of the day!

  11. Thanks for being our hostess of my favorite blog party. My link back to you is on my sidebar in a special Monday section. I know you don’t always see it ~ so I wanted you to know it is there. You have the best followers who really support your parties!!!!

  12. Hi Rhoda! It never ceases to amaze me what wonderful things you find at such great prices! I especially love the green platter because it reminds me of some dinnerware that my grandmother had. Happy week!…Debbie

  13. Noooooooooo
    Don’t stop!! I’m begging you! Thrifty mondays is my guilty pleasure!!
    We all will still have Thrift store finds to show!! And curbside shopping, for me! 😉

  14. Hi Rhoda,

    That fabric is wonderful! It goes together so perfectly. Love the McCoy vase – what a deal! I agree, I love a smaller picture in a larger matted frame too!


  15. great finds! how fabulous to get a mccoy vase for $2.


  16. Hi Rhoda,
    Glad you didn’t “wuss out!” You found some great stuff this weekend! The fabric’s really beautiful, and the platter and vase are wonderful (I like crazing too … does that make us “crazed???”).

    As always, I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to be one of the guests at your party! It a great pleasure to be among so many kindred spirits. Keep cool … and keep up the great work you do!

    Bye for now,

  17. Love your yardsale finds. They are just wonderful. The fabric you found is really pretty, it will be a fabulous throw. It is so pretty with the houndstooth fabric. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  18. Rhoda, Even when you are “yard sale fizzled” you still manage to get lovely things at great prices.
    The fabric is so pretty. It will look awesome in your den.

  19. What lovely finds. Love the McCoy piece.
    Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  20. Oh my gosh that fabric is divine!! I am totally jealous! And the frames too!!! What a steal!

  21. All great finds. The fabric is gorgeous. I look forward to you showing us the shell prints when the are framed!

  22. Rhoda, I am in love with your blue/brown fabric. It coordinates so really well with your pillow fabric!!! You got a really good bargain on the McCoy vase, that’s for sure.
    I’m kinda burned out on going out to look for things, Must be that time of year, not to mention that sales are waning here. It’s time to start thinking of the holidays!! Every year I say I will start early, then every year, I lament that I didn’t…LOL We’ll see this time!
    🙂 Sue

  23. Hi Rhonda,
    I love the green platter and the whole green plate design. I think I’m going to do that as well. I do love green. Thanks for the idea.

  24. VERY nice. How about using some of the houndstooth fabric to make a backing for the throw? I know you said the backside is soft, but a backing out let you sandwich the trim between the two….sure is pretty.

  25. Oops sorry, I just noticed I spelled Rhonda, not Rhoda…I know it’s Rhoda, forgive me, a slip of the fingers :0)

  26. You found some fabulous things again. I especially love that fabric you are making a throw out of. It is going to look WONDERFUL with those coordinating pillows.

  27. Love the McCoy Vase!! I hit a sale where the owner used permanent marker on the inside of Hull & McCoy she had for sale. I asked her if it would come off. She said yes, no problem. Then proceeded to show me…it wouldn’t come off. What was she thinking!!

  28. Its been raining for two weekends in a row so garage sale season is forcing itself to stop now 🙁

  29. ooh you always seem to find the best, yardsale queen you!

    great stuff – off to look around for thrifting inspiration


  30. Your McCoy vase was a great deal. It will look so nice with the other white vases that you have. I love the fabric that you found and can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  31. That what mccoy vase is gorgeous! Lucy you!

  32. good stuff!
    It was a beautiful weekend locally, but I wasn’t able to go to any yard sales. 🙁
    I need to HAVE a yard sale! lol
    I worked on projects instead.

  33. Hey! That fabric is lovely!! And love those dishes! I think I have done my last yard sale for the summer, girlfriend! I am on the same page with you! Come see what I found!

  34. This is my first time to join in the fun! Thanks for hosting this great party! Can’t wait to go check out everyone else’s treasures!

  35. Love those yard-sale picture frames! I never pass them up and it looks like you found two beauties! Thanks for hosting, Rhoda!

  36. rhoda….you are still finding great deals!! 🙂 the fabric is fabulous and i do agree the blue/brown combos are working well together 🙂

  37. A McCoy vase…..now that’s a treasure for only $2 – wow. I liked the pattern in your fabric.

  38. Coveting the McCoy. Love.

  39. musingegret says:

    That fabric is gorgeous and thank you so much for introducing a lovely new artist. Can’t wait to see the new shell prints!

  40. I love your brown piece of material, it is very pretty.

  41. The vase and plate are amazing, you scored some great finds. That green is one of my favorite colors in pottery EVER!~

  42. I sure am glad you headed out to the sales. Great haul of goodies. Love the fabric and I can’t wait to see the finished project. Seeing everyone’s treasures is so much fun but I agree about yard sale burnout. Pam

  43. good morning,

    honestly, I am not tired of the thrifty/yardsale thing. The lure of them is still strong. Love the fabric you found. Have a wonderful week.

  44. awesome finds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I LOVE the white McCoy vase (great find!) & the fabrics look like you had them custom matched…they go perfectly together!

    Thanks for hosting Rhoda…I wish I could say that I understand your yard sale burn-out but I’m afraid I don’t. I have the addiction so bad that I don’t think I would ever burn-out. ;o) Besides, there’s always thrift stores, which is where I find most of my finds.

  46. Hi Rhoda! I get the bug back in the fall when it gets a bit cooler. I can’t imagine keeping up with all of these links though~I bet it will be nice to take a little break. I love that fabric you found!

  47. Now that Fall is on the way I can’t wait to get out and start searching for the things I “can’t live without”! Thanks for this…

  48. Wow what a deal! Great finds. Actually our yard sales will pick up in September. Living in the deep south, we can usually find yard sales almost any weekend, esp when the weather cools down some.

  49. I love your green platter and the material is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Thanks for hosting every week.

  50. That platter is such a nice shade of green. I hear you on delaying the Thrifty posts till spring. Maybe then my budget will be higher 😉

  51. I’m thrilled to have found your site! I can’t wait to explore it…


  52. Thanks for the fun party!!!

  53. You found great buys in that platter and the upholstery fabric. The fabric will go beautifully with the houndstooth pillows.

  54. The fabric is gorgeous! But my absolute favorite is that white McCoy vase It would look great in my collection! ;~)

  55. I love Monday morning finds…but I always lose my place!! Anyway to make the address change color after you click on them. I know it works at other sites!! Thanks!!


  56. I love that fabric!!!

  57. Great treasures you’ve found! I would have been drawn to all of that myself 😛

  58. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I have just recently started buying milkglass. I had a couple pieces and found they go with any decor so I thought I’d buy some more. And if it doesn’t fit my style I can always sell it!!


  59. Hey!! I am number 67!! I only put Susan and not Runner Mom! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Have a great day!
    Hugs!! Susan

  60. I’m entering a post from last week. I had some fun finds so I’m editing my post to link to you. Some people find the greatest things.

  61. LOVE that vase Rhoda 🙂

    Kathy 🙂

  62. Hi Rhoda –
    So nice to meet you. I just can’t seem to get the Linky thing perfect…I’ve put your fabulous link on my blog – but can you take a minute and just tell me how to change it to Rhoda’s….
    Thanks and I’ll be back.

  63. Thanks Rhoda, I am trying to get back into the swing of things as they say. As usual you have some great finds.
    Talk to you again soon and thanks for visiting.

  64. I didn’t even have a chance to really begin yard-saling this summer. 🙁 So…no, not tired yet and I hope to hit a few end of summer sales. Hoping everyone else is tired and I get to pick through all of the good stuff myself! 😉 haha

    Great party! I love seeing everyone’s treasures.


  65. Love, love, love the fabric! It’s gonna look wonderful, I just know it.


  66. How fun!!! I’ve been posting yard sale goodies and now I found some kindred spirit! Ha glad to find you all 🙂

  67. oops, I think I messed up when installing the link sorry, I’ll try again after you delete it.
    BTW I love your site and snips, is what made me start posting my finds.

  68. I love the green platter, and the fabric is wonderful! I know you have enjoyed all the sewing going on there!
    I added a link about Mississippi Bloggers and Friends Luncheon. Love for you to come! Your about three and half hours away.

  69. Rhoda, was that the dealer from Michigan? Off Essex? I didn’t go to that one! My sister-in-law went and said the prices were way high. Since that was what I was expecting anyway, I passed. Guess I need to go when he/she has another sale, huh?

  70. Hello Rhoda – love your garage sale finds! Especially that fabulous green platter.


  71. I love those frames for $5! What a steal. I’m always excited to hear about great finds, but can’t help be being envious that I didn’t find them myself! 🙂 Good for you.


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