Feature Friday: Modern Farmhouse in North Atlanta

Today's Feature Friday is one I'm really excited about!  It's a feature of a newly built farmhouse out in the country in North Atlanta, which belongs to a long time friend mine, Barbara, who I went to high school with.  She and I were friends during high school, but haven't really kept in touch that much, but she and I have a mutual friend in my very close friend, Vicki, and so have stayed in … [Read more...]

A Clubhouse Update in Georgia

My sister and brother-in-law live in a very nice community in East Cobb and have lived there from almost the beginning.  It was built almost 20 years ago and the clubhouse that started out as an office for the newly built neighborhood, later turned into the clubhouse and is a pretty "little house" right next to the pool. They rent out the clubhouse for homeowners who need a space for entertaining … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Up to Date Interiors

This home decor blog world is so big that it even spreads internationally, which is not really a surprise since we all love beautiful spaces.  Today's featured blogger is new to me, Kathy with Up to Date Interiors.  And she happens to be in a military family and lives in Okinawa, Japan, so this is definitely a different type of Feature Friday than normal.  She lives in a rental space and loves to … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: My Life From Home

Today's Feature Friday is a fairly new blogger, she's been at it since 2014 and Amy blogs at My Life From Home.  She's from Cincinnati, OH and lives in her 80's fixer upper with her hubby and three kids. They've done a lot of renovating already and have more to go.  I just saw that they are now gutting their master bathroom. Seems that so many homeowners are making over older homes and it's always … [Read more...]

Winter Mantel Decorating

If I had to confess, I think January is my least creative month to do any decorating.  We've just closed out Christmas and when January rolls around, I'm so lazy and lethargic and can barely think about doing anything really creative around my house.  It's still looking a little bare from putting all the Christmas decorations away and I'm not at all ready for spring decorating either.  That seems … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Wife in Progress

I'm back today with another Feature Friday and another fabulous home renovation from blogger, Jenna, with Wife in Progress.  Jenna and her hubby bought a fixer upper 1960's Colonial in the Greater Boston area and are fixing it up one room at a time. I think you'll enjoy this home renovation along with me. There's nothing better to me than seeing an outdated and tired house come alive with new … [Read more...]

January and Organizing

I don't know about you, but every January I feel the need to get my house decluttered, cleaned and organized.  And every January, I struggle with how to do that correctly and really accomplish something. The older I get the more I am content with an "OK" house when it comes to deep cleaning and clutter.  I just live with it most days and then get on a bender to do something about it eventually. It … [Read more...]

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