House Renovations: Week 10, Building a Door Roof {or How Awesome is my Daddy?}

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Hi, my friends!

Last week was devoted entirely to Haven for me and I have been completely exhausted after a week of running like crazy, but my daddy was hard at work at the house, getting a couple more things accomplished.  I’ll do a recap on Haven on Tuesday and it was SO fabulous, I hardly have words to express it all. I’m still on a Haven high!  I did get some great sleep last night, so I’m feeling like a human being again.

But, back to the house.  So many wonderful girls from Haven asked me about the house and told me how excited they are for me and this house.   They asked me if I was bringing my mom and dad to Haven, but I didn’t get them there.  Everyone wanted to meet them, but they would have been so out of their element!

Back door before

Here’s the little back door that goes outside from my laundry room/storage area downstairs.  My daddy is one who loves to put a roof over a doorway like this.  He likes to protect doors from the elements and they definitely do last longer when protected from the weather.  So, with my Lowes Creative Ideas blogging opportunity for June, we are going to add a cover over this door.

cover over door

He went and bought lumber to get started and this was the very beginning that I snapped pics of at dusk one afternoon. That daddy of mine is so good at all of this and I’m grateful to have him.

door cover in progress

He framed in the top and sloped a short roof.  We’ll eventually put a metal roof on top.

back door roof

And here it is all framed in and almost finished.  The metal roof will go on top of this and it will all get painted out white.  Note:  we ended up using shingles and not a metal roof, which worked out great too.

side view 2

Isn’t it cute?


Close up of the brackets.  We’ll add a bit more trim and then it will be done.

close up brackets

My daddy is so smart!

side view

I love it, it’s so cute and will look so great when painted. Now hopefully this door will not get water damage. We had noticed that a bit of water comes in by this door when it rains, so it will be interesting to see if this stops it. Hope so!


I never showed you the finished master bedroom paint, so here is Moderate White (SW) again. I’m keeping my bedroom light and airy too and will probably keep my blue and white and add some green splashes in here.  Lots of greens and blues in this house this time around.  Love those 2 colors together.

bathroom sink gone

Another thing my dad got done was tearing out the old vanity sink cabinet from in here.  This will be a great space for my antique vanity.

sink gone

Can’t wait to use it!


And here’s the extra bedroom with Moderate White.

I’m loving the house so far, it is so much fun to see it come alive.  I know you all are so excited for me.  And a big shout out to Lowes for providing a giftcard for this project. That has been such a help to me to get this house finished.

Here’s some exciting news too!  Lowes is giving away a $100 giftcard for ONE of my readers.  Leave a comment telling me what outdoor project you would work on if you win.

Have a great week!

- Rhoda


  1. My back patio is in need of major TLC! A Lowes card would be put to good use! Thanks for showing us your home. I have enjoyed reading every post!

  2. Lori W. says:

    I love the new outdoor rugs that they carry now, and I would place it on my lower wood deck to give it some punch of decor to the very blah patio table and chairs that we have on it right now. I may even add a planter or two! Love hearing about your home renovations – you are such an inspiration.

  3. Cyndi T. says:

    Do I have to leave just 1 project? :) Oh gift card, let me count the ways I would love thee….

    I just getting ready to paint the outside of my house (by myself). I would use the gift card towards a good primer, or the upgraded ladder I will need.

    Thanks so much for the give away and for mentioning the interior paint color. I am loving the way the Moderate White photographs and thinking of using it for an interior project.


  4. Jowanna says:

    I have a couple of rooms I want to paint. I also have a small desk that I have had since I was very young that needs refinishing. I want to fix it up, get new pulls for the drawers, and paint it. Gonna look great in my bedroom!

  5. DMilton says:

    Love the outdoor roof for your door, and the brackets make it look so substantial. My grandfather was an old-school carpenter like your dad, and the things they build really last. With a $100 Lowe’s gift card, I would buy some new light fixtures for outside because mine are relics from the 90s.

  6. I am still in love with the Moderate White paint, and I think I am going to use it in my main bathroom. What outdoor projects would I do if I had the money? A new side door from my garage to the outside; a new fence with gate, some repair work on my shed, and new outdoor light fixtures.


  7. We got a notice from our HOA that we have to re-stain our fence! We live on a corner and it is a lot of fence! Who hates HOA’s? Raise your hand.

  8. Love your new home, so happy for you! I would add two new chairs to go with my newly painted outdoor table from Goodwill.

  9. Courtney says:

    I’m a newlywed, and we just moved into our apartment! Right now our balcony is as bare as can be, and we would love to put some outdoor furniture and plants out there to spruce it up and make everything a little more cheerful! Looks like your Dad did a great job on the door roof!

  10. Laura P. says:

    We have a small garden like you had when you lived in your previous house. I would love to purchase a rain barrel! It would be the perfect addition to our garden to help combat this Alabama heat! I love reading about the projects you have going on around your house, and I especially love reading about your sweet parents!

  11. I would get new chairs and table for our screened in porch. Thank you for sharing these amazing giveaways. :)

  12. It is so exciting to follow all of your progress updates. You guys are doing some great work! Outdoor projects on my list….power wash and re-stain the deck and fill in a large bare spot in the lawn where our playset was removed recently.

  13. Sherill says:

    I know EXACTLY what outdoor project I would do! New outdoor furniture to go under our new pergola…

  14. Liz VanKirk says:

    I would love to use the gift card towards some outdoor patio furniture covers. The birds seem to poop all over my swing. I could put a cover on it to avoid having to clean it every time I want to sit & relax in my perennial garden!

    I love the back door roof your dad made you. Reminds me of one we had at our last house.

    Liz V.

  15. Carrie C says:

    I need plants for the front of the house. I live in the South and have ripped out all the overgrown shrubs in the front of the house. I cant want to plant hydragenas and other things that will flourish and give the house tons of curb appeal!!!

  16. Outdoor furniture for our patio!

    I love reading the updates on your new home renovations.

  17. So happy for you and your new home! Love reading the updates! My outdoor project would be adding on to patio. Making it a little bigger for entertaining. Thanks for the chance to win!! Keep giving us updates on your wonderful home.

  18. First, I’m so happy for the success and goodness that is coming to you. You have earned it!

    Second, Oh my heck, do we need outdoor help. My husband tore out our rotting deck in the backyard. We now have a “lovely” area with a tarp sitting over it while we figure out what to do. Just what you want to see. I’d use the Lowe’s money to start with some large pavers, or a new deck, or something. Anything would be better!

  19. Rebekah says:

    Love the roof over your door! My outdoor project would begin with new light fixtures – lanterns on the lanai and I would like to add pavers down to the gate.

  20. Jessica A says:

    We are about to start adding a back porch onto our house. Our back door currently has no covering, either. We would love to have a great entertaining area in the back. We’re just beginning to figure out how much materials will cost and how much to budget for the total project. This would be great :fingers crossed:

  21. We have a small building we are going to redo for a potting shed ,the money would sure help with it. Thanks to L owes.

  22. chrissi says:

    Pavers! We are enclosing an area for a courtyard and we keep buying pavers!

  23. Emily P says:

    Our backyard was a disaster when we moved, so we are just getting around to adding some plants around the house. But we would love to put in a full vegetable garden and/or a compost bin to help our growing garden along

  24. Joy@comfort and joy says:

    My brick backyard patio is sinking! Could it be those pesky ants who push unbelievable piles and piles of sand out from between the bricks? I fear a huge sinkhole will appear one day and envelop patio furniture, barbecue, flower pots, pets, and all. Solid patio flooring would be the solution. Lowe’s to the rescue!

  25. I would buy some placers and some pea gravel to make a pad for our gas grill. Love your blog and love the changes going on at your new house!

  26. I’ve already got it spent…dreaming of fixing up my porch.How fun!
    Love the overhang your Dad did..great looking and adds so much
    character to the door and back of the house.

  27. Of course everyone wanted to meet your parents, that’s the beauty f blogs, we really feel like we know each other!

    I’ve been dreaming of DIY’ing a play structure, so the money would go towards a lot of lumber:)


  28. It looks great so far, Rhoda! Can’t wait to see the house when it’s finished.

    I’d love to go to Lowe’s and pick out some new accessories for one of our porches or patios. We love to entertain and it’s pretty sparse out there right now!

  29. Hi Rhoda,
    I’ve loved reading about your house renovations ~ it has inspired me to get to work on my own. :) Your dad is a gem to be able to do all those carpentry projects! The Lowe’s giveaway sounds great and if I were to win, I’d do some repairs and staining to my fence and/or some fall garden projects. :)

  30. Oh Rhoda, that little overhang roof is awesome that your precious Dad built! I have to say again how very blessed you are to still have your parents & especially wonderful they are able to help in your new home!! IF I won the gift card we could redo our deck which desperately needs attention! It was neglected for many years prior to us purchasing this home last year after losing ours to the spring flood (& here we are this year in a big drought!!). Thanks for all the updates….y’all are making awesome progress!! Blessings!

  31. Dee Ann Allen says:

    My son has been living with us for the last two years. He is in the process of buying a house from an owner. It would help if he had some outdoor furniture to sit on. I would buy him some if I could.

  32. Rhoda, first congrats! I have read several posts today regarding Haven and how much everyone enjoyed the few days here in Atlanta. So sorry to miss it this year! I know you put a lot of time and effort into it, and it showed. Second, your new home is coming along nicely. Your dad amazes me! So talented. Love the addition of the little portico!

  33. Oh, I love Lowe’s paint! I would pick a color to paint my front door with an accent color!

  34. Oh I would love to update the lighting on the exterior of our house! We plan to paint this summer and new lighting would just be wonderful.

  35. Your so lucky to have your dad helping you, I love what he has done and it gives me an idea for my front porch that is very boring. I am doing up the exterior of my cottage and hope to post on my blog but its a slow process as it’s winter here so painting has stopped.

    I really love the little roof over your door, it adds character to a previously flat area. All you need now is a couple of little topiaries in some nice pots on either side of the door.

    Lee ☺

  36. Hi,
    First off I would like to say how excited I am for you as you go through your renovations for your new home! I get excited just listening (reading?) about it. And yes, you are very lucky in your Mom and Dad. I was too – still have my Dad but my Mom passed four years ago and I miss her every day.
    For my outside job, I’ve just moved into a new apartment and have a beautiful, huge balcony. I want some storage for the outdoor things (pots, trellises, etc.) as well as a tiered stand for my plants. I am somewhat limited to what I can do as this is a rental but I know I can make something soothing and fun.
    Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway,
    Take care,

  37. I agree, covers over doors just make them so much cuter! Your Dad did great work; I can’t wait to see it all finished!!
    Thank you also, for a great give-away. I would totally put my gift card toward lumber to build a porch swing. I even already have my plans selected!

  38. C. Wisener says:

    Recently we had a tornado shelter installed in our yard and it sticks out like a sore thumb and is just plain UGLY. I would use Lowes Gift Card toward landscaping to camouflage this safety feature.

  39. My patio is in need of potted plants. Plants have a way of making a bare space more inviting. Oh, I could also use a new umbrella. Decisions!

  40. Marianne in Mo. says:

    Wow, if I had $100 from Lowes, I could finish my stone garden bed and maybe get an arbor to grow some roses on. That’s my dream for my yard!

  41. I would like to make a stone walk way on the side of my house.

  42. Your house is coming along beautifully, Rhoda!

    I can’t wait to read your Haven recap!

    My next outdoor project will be to landscape the 50 square feet of land between my back porch and the fence to the side of my property line – it tends to flood when we get a decent rainfall, so I want to remove the grass which barely grows there, and replace it with some kind of landscaping which will absorb the rain when we get a heavy rainfall.

  43. Maggie Fieger says:

    I am hoping to begin turning my living room into a home office and sitting area and $100 from Lowe’s. I am watching ThriftyDecorChick for what Sarah is doing to her dining room. I love your house, and am so anxious to see what you do with it.

    Thank you for all that you do
    Maggie Fieger

  44. I’d either work on my side flower bed (it needs some TLC!) or I’d start a patio!

  45. Margaret says:

    I would live some more plants for the front yard or maybe one of those indoor/outdoor rugs for the screened porch.

  46. Our deck needs to be repainted and I would use it toward paint.

  47. Bonnie J says:

    We need to replace a window in our dining room. The giftcard would be very helpful!

  48. Joyce Ackley says:

    Rhoda, I am so excited for you to see everything coming together so nicely in your new home. You are making great progress. Your Mom and Dad are wonderful! Your Daddy’s skills are amazing! I know they are enjoying helping you create your new home.

    If I had a Lowe’s gift card, I would spend it on accessories for my garden, and maybe some nice solar lights. I’d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity. ♥

  49. Jennifer O. says:

    What a great giveaway!!! I absolutely love all the personal touches you are putting into your house, and your dad is so fantastic….what a sweet guy to help you make this house your home!!!

    I would love to work on our deck…it needs a major overhaul (read….complete tear out and start over)…I realize that it will be a big undertaking (and a big expense), but I’m ready to tackle it (with the help of my handy husband that is).

  50. I’m thinking I would put this toward the purchase of a bistro set for our new “mini deck” or a new over-range microwave, since mine went out last week. Thanks for hosting! Love your blog.

  51. I would definitely use it to fix some drainage issues I am having with my back porch. Then I would add some landscaping to that area.

  52. Kate Horrell says:

    I’m looking to get an old fashion picnic table & umbrella for my back yard. Nothing fancy but I will be painting it.

  53. We would love to fix up the deck at the back, and put a patio in a grassy area just below the deck! It would nicely house the lawn furniture and make it easier to cut the grass without having to move all the furniture!

  54. Cassie Coleman says:

    Oh my….so many thoughts & ideas….
    Some new perennials for our newer yard. Work on the back deck/patio. Home like touches to the front porch.
    So many places to work on. That is what is fun. There is always something to work on.

  55. Merri Jo says:

    I would use a Lowes GC to refurbish our poor old deck!

  56. Let’s see…I’d get a water feature kit and make my own little fountain outside our bedroom along with a nice, comfy cushion to go on the chase lounge out next to the future water feature! Sounds good to me! I’m still on a Haven High as well! Loving it!

  57. I would use it to build a fire pit in our background for hours of summer fun and memories with the family sitting around the fire together!

  58. We have a storage building in our backyard that my husband made into a cute playhouse for our kids – like 30 years ago. It has deteriorated badly and a Lowe’s gift card would be very helpful in restoring it now for our grandkids!
    Love seeing your house come to life! And how amazing are your parents! You are so blessed to have them!

  59. Rhoda, we would use that giftcard to get the pvc pipe and fitting for sprinklers for our backyard, badly needed in the desert here, and not in our budget!


  60. KAte Suhoza says:

    I would love to do some spucing up arounf the outside of my home….but the kids bath really need a new vanity….

  61. Elizabeth says:

    Replace the wooden posts holding up my patio roof, the termites ate them all winter.

  62. We just ripped all the bushes out in front of our house so I need to replace them!!!

  63. Carolyn Mustin says:

    I love Lowes and I love your blog. I am enjoying reading about your house projects.

  64. Lucinda says:

    I would love to put a door roof over our front door! That is such a great idea! We also need to re-do the back deck because it is rotting.

  65. My daughter turns 11 months tomorrow, and I’m super excited to get a window box full of flowers up outside her bedroom window! :)

  66. Carol Ann says:

    My yard is a never-ending source of projects, so if I’m a lucky duck, the gift card would be used for something fabulous for the yard!

  67. Love the cover your daddy built over your door. I would love to win the giveaway and get MY daddy to build one for me :)

  68. April was in CT now CA says:

    It would definitely go toward some MUCH needed patio furniture. Living in northern CA means beautiful weather more often than not and I really want to take advantage of that while we’re living here!

  69. Rosalie says:

    Hello Rhoda! I recently found your blog on Pinterest. It’s been wonderful catching up with everything going on in your life. It’s been a long time since the days at GI! Congratulations to you on your new home and on Haven. The reviews are so wonderful and positive, you’ve truly outdone yourself with this project.
    I recently purchased a new home too and am doing extensive renovations to the outside of it this year. In all my planning for all the big things I’ll need, I completely forgot to budget for the pretty things to add the finishing touches. If I should be lucky enough to win the gift card I would use it for porch accessories and window boxes. Thanks for the chance! And keep up all the great work!!

  70. Rhoda
    Your dad is amazing. I guess that is why you are like you are! You did an amazing job with Haven! Thank you for all your hard work. So glad I met you at the HGTV shoot or I would have not known about this awesome opportunity. The goodies were amazing too. I can’t wait to use my Ryobi saw!! Get some rest! Thanks again!

  71. Where would I start if I won a Lowes gift card? Who knows because EVERYTHING outside needs work! But, probably start off with some planting. My yard is NAKED!!!

  72. Beth in IA says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your house renovation. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win. My outdoor project would be to stain our deck and replace the staircase!

  73. Teresa K says:

    I’ve been working on replacing 60 year old shrubs — $100 would go towards plants/bushes/trees!

  74. I really would like to continue making our back deck like an extra room of the house, so some more furnishings would be great. And we need a grill ASAP! :)

  75. Victoria says:

    Your house is looking great! I need a new grill for the back porch…my old one couldn’t make it through one more summer!

  76. Charlene says:

    Loving seeing your house come together! Look forward everyday to the progress you’ve made! I would use my gift card for getting new outdoor cushions and accessories, or maybe an outdoor ottoman!!

  77. We have an old, crumbling, falling down retaining wall the desperately needs to be rebuilt!

  78. Waleska says:

    I love reading your blog and can’t wait to see the new house all remodeled! My outdoor project would be to decorate our covered patio. I visit lowes pretty much every week to look at their outside furniture, and get ideas for our patio. I’d also like to stain our concrete patio floor and add a fountain in our backyard.

  79. gardnergirl says:

    ooh…the thought of a “bonus” $100.00 to spend at Lowes? I think I would get the materials to build a raised bed cutting garden for next year. I love flowers in the house and have been dreaming of a cutting garden to provide them! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  80. Your dad did a a fabulous job. He is a great dad to have I am sure. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  81. I have a back sliding glass door off my den that goes to my backyard (similar to your door)…and it too needs a roof over it. Thanks for the idea from your dad….would love to do the same at my house. Can’t wait to see yours trimmed out and painted! What great before and after pics you have! Love you Rhoda!

  82. Michelle H. says:

    Our pressure washer just died and needs to be replaced. Then as soon as we have some cooler weather, we can wash the concrete driveway and sidewalks!

  83. I would start working on some backyard landscaping.

  84. I would definitely buy tile for my small patio if I won a Lowes’ gift card!

  85. My front porch needs lots of help!

  86. Cindy Hancock says:

    I L.O.V.E. your blog so very much. I’ve saved it on my “Favorites” and check it everyday! So excited for your new home and journey in life! What a blessing to have your Momma and Daddy helping you like they have! I still have my parents (in their 80’s), also, and I couldn’t imagine life without them! Oh, a Lowes gift card would come in so good right now! We have so many projects that are incomplete at my house, one being our Master Bedroom. I would use the $$$ to purchase trim for crown molding and paint. Right now it’s very bland and needs a “face lift” drastically! Thanks for the opportunity to enter! :) Look forward to seeing your progress! Take care, Cindy

  87. We’d love to redo the gate my father-in-law built for us when our first daughter started walking. He didn’t want the toddler to fall off of the back deck. The gate needs replacing.

  88. Your progress is so inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win a Lowes card. I would use it to paint the wrought iron on our porch black. Fingers crossed:)

  89. Woot! Woot! Your new home is coming along nicely!!!

    If I won the Lowe’s gift card, I would use it to update my den’s sliding glass doors to French doors. Also, screen in the small porch that leads from the “French doors”.

    Thanks to Lowe’s and Rhoda for this opportunity!!!

  90. Would love some new lighting for my front portico area!

  91. Lisa Conforto says:

    My hubby tells me I’m spiraling out of control with my DIY projects, So I’ll skip the out door fireplace pit for now, but boy oh boy I need to fence in my yard, our Black Lab Sicily keeps running away ,(the neighbors are giving me that look of dismay lately. The only way I can retrieve her is to get in the car and start it up , let her jump in the back seat and of course drive her around the block. That is getting really old I would surely get a fence up to confine her and get back on the now grouchy neighbors good side if ya know what I mean.


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