Adding Aqua

It seems that many of us can’t get enough of aqua these days, so what are a few ways to incorporate that color into our decor without getting tired of it too fast?

For me, splashing this color around the living room has been a fun way to brighten up that space and add a punch to the mostly neutral space I have going on. One of my very recent yardsale finds made its way to my gallery wall and it just happens to be the most yummiest shade of aqua.

This $10 birdcage find (from the Mt. Laurel yardsale) was a fun discovery.  The guy I bought it from said it came from the Governor’s Mansion gift shop in Montgomery, so it’s nice to hear the history first hand.  I was happy to take it home. And it just happens to fit inside this old frame, so I moved some things around to accommodate it.

With it’s already aged finish on the pretty blue metal, it’s a fun addition to THE wall.

I’ve also added some real bamboo to the little table for a bit of green over here.  You can’t have too many live plants either and I have had great luck with these bamboo shoots.  Keep their feet in water and they will grow. So, that’s one way to get an accent shade, in my case aqua, spread around the room.  If you missed this post, you can see how I painted that little table in this luscious shade.

I just love how eclectic this wall is turning out to be and the birdcage gives it a 3D effect.

I keep finding more of these insulators too in all shades of aqua.

Another way to add some texture and color to a space is with pillows.  I’m partnering with Etsy shop owner, Gina on these damask beauties in my shop, so take a look at those if this is your favorite color too.But, if you are interested, there are 5 only and when they’re gone, they’re gone! We’ve got a special price of $40 on these and you will need to put in the code DAMASKPILLOW to get the discount.  That’s $19 off the regular price and remember, there are ONLY 5 available.  I love these pillows and just might have to reserve one for myself!

Are you adding a special punch of color to any rooms lately.  I’d love to hear the shade you’re  enamored with at the moment.  Do tell!

Take a look at Kim’s living room!  After she read my original post of painting that little table aqua, she decided to jump in and paint her coffee table with the exact same color I did.  By spreading a little aqua around her living room, it really comes alive with the additional color.  A fun visual transformation!

Added to Sandy’s Home Is party.

- Rhoda


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