Adding New Windows to a House

Let there be light is what the title of this post really should be!

It really is amazing how bringing light into a house can change the mood of a room.  What was once a dungeon like experience now is filled with natural light.  I finally got windows installed in my downstairs den and I am just thrilled with the outcome.  It’s more dramatic than you can imagine and it’s another project that has been on my wish list since moving in this house over 2 years ago.  Little by little, this house has been transformed into the cutest little cottage ever.

And truly adding windows is one of the BEST things I could have done to improve the den space and the exterior view is also improved.  Curb appeal to the max!

I have to give a huge shout-out to Lowes and Pella for helping me on this project.  Through my relationship with Lowes, I was able to work directly with Pella and order these windows from them. I chose the same type vinyl windows I already have in the house and these fit in just fine with the existing windows.  I got them in and hired my own installers, the same father/son team who built my front porch (Name and Phone # in the link)  last year.  Mike and Dave did another fabulous job for me and even though I have to wait on them to get to my smaller projects, they are well worth the wait. They do great work and are reasonable too.  So, I did pay for the installation of these windows, but Pella comped the windows for me and that is a HUGE blessing.

my house before

Just for fun, here’s a shot of the original exterior of my house…..before I started any improvements outside.  Poor, sad little neglected house!


This pic was taken late spring last year before I had the landscaping put in, but after the front portico was added and the house was painted.  Notice the blank wall below the top floor to the left. That’s my den space, no windows at all on this side of the house.

exterior after windows

But now it does.  I copied the same windows from the top and ordered them in the right size to fit the space and I think it turned out fantastic.

exterior spring

Not only is my den now filled with natural light, the exterior of my house looks so much better balanced too. If you have a room that needs more light, I’d highly recommend adding new windows.  It’s just a little inconvenience and mess, but well worth it!

exterior porch spring

Spring has sprung in Georgia and with all the rain we have gotten, along with warmer temps, my grass (and weeds) are really coming alive.  I have to get out there and start cutting the grass soon.

cherry blossoms 3

The Kwanzan cherry tree in my front yard is exploding in blooms now.  I know many of you are still experiencing winter and I’m so sorry you’re still freezing.

cherry blossoms 4

We are fortunate in the south to have nice spring weather and we welcome it every year.  Nothing like spring to perk me up!

tulips spring

Longwood Gardens sent me some tulip and hyacinth bulbs last winter and I planted them before it got too cold.  It’s been fun watching those come up and bloom!


Ok, so back inside, I’ll show you some of the process of getting these windows installed.  They measured and lined up the new windows with the existing top windows on the outside.  I am so glad they know what they are doing, they line up perfectly.  If I had to measure something like that, it would be SO wonky!  They prepped the windows and added 2×4’s for the framing and did all of that in one day, then came back another day to actually cut through the siding and add the new windows.


Prepped and ready from the inside.


Cutting through the siding to make way for the new windows.


This big window was a special order from Pella and the middle section is double paned glass to match the existing older window above, flanked with 2 single windows that open.  The light coming in here now is incredible!


Inside looking out.


Here’s a reminder of where I started in this room. BEFORE


It was SO dark and dreary in here with only one small window.  Not anymore…….

Den pella windows (1)

So, I took some new shots down in the den just to show you the progress and how great it looks with the new windows in there.  Light makes me so happy and I’m just giddy over this! No more dungeon.

Den pella windows (2)

This space is not finished yet at all, but I cleaned up enough to show these pics.  I am doing some major decuttering in my living room, office, and this room, so I’m getting rid of several things.  Having a window behind this chair is just the best. I will definitely be using this chair more now.

Den pella windows (3)

That flowering cherry tree is right outside and what a view!

Den pella windows (4)

This room is not completely cleaned up, but you get the idea.  That picture leaning in the corner is going to have to go, I think, since I have no where to put it now.  Ruby is getting her table which is also in that back corner. The only thing I’ll leave in the corner is the plant.

Den pella windows (9)

I added the coral console table between the windows.  And my plan is to get new bamboo shades for all these windows and new window treatments, simple panels.  I’m looking at fabric now.

Den pella windows (7)

I swear the room feels SO much bigger with the windows in. It’s amazing how that happens!  I have been moving furniture around too and you can see that the china cabinet that was in the living room is now down here.  I moved my French buffet up in the living room and it was a great move.  Should have thought of it before, but getting these windows in made me rethink all my furniture in those rooms.  I like the switch so much better.

Den pella windows (5)

So this is a glimpse of how the windows look and how much light comes in here now.  I’ll do another final look once I get the window treatments up in here, which might be a little while.

Den pella windows (6)

This is a big room and I sure am glad to have it.  It’s a cozy and comfortable space.


So, back upstairs, the old sliding glass door also got replaced. This original to the 1979 house slider had seen better days.  The weather stripping was falling apart outside and it was hard to slide, not to mention it was speckled and cloudy too.  So happy to have a brand new Pella sliding door in here.


The guys took out the old and put in the new one.


And the new one is beautiful, the Architect series from Pella.  It slides so easy and is so nice and substantial, not to mention gorgeous.  It has the feel of French doors and the clear glass is so nice after looking out cloudy windows for 2 years.  Several people asked me why I didn’t do French doors, but with the tight quarters of my dining space and screen porch, it just made sense to do sliders again.  Swinging French doors would be hitting something and I didn’t want to deal with that.


This is a beautiful door and I love it!  The door is slightly darker white than my trim, so I may have to paint it to match my trim exactly.

dining slider pella

View from the living room.  It’s always hard to capture this pic, with light coming in the room.

pella sliding door

The guys added a Craftsman type molding around the top and sides of the door and I love how that turned out too.

pella slider

Sturdy bronze handle on the door.  The exterior of the door is black metal. You can choose what color combos you want with Pella, so I chose black.


Threshold with lock in place.


So, that’s a peek at the new sliding glass door. It feels like Christmas around here!

Den pella windows (8)

And the last window to show you is in the laundry room.  I added a single window in here and it’s amazing too how just this window adds so much to this room.  This space is a mess because I’ve been dumping extra stuff in here until I can declutter everything, but I’ll be getting this space cleaned up again soon.  Saying goodbye to some extra stuff!  I think I’ll put the fabric bench under the window and switch up this basket storage piece to the other wall. That can come later.

So, that’s a look at how adding windows can dramatically improve spaces.  I’m such a light lover that adding light just gives me such a feeling of happiness….light just does that to me, how about you?

If you are in the market for new windows, I would highly recommend Pella.  Lowes carries Pella and you can check with your local stores for all the information on them.  I absolutely love my Pella windows, they fit right in with my existing windows and look great!

Note: This project was sponsored by Pella Windows and Lowes and Pella supplied my windows and sliding door.  I hired my own installers to do the job.  

- Rhoda


  1. Someone should have done this YEARS ago! It looks like a completely different home. I love that you saw the potential. I would have said, “Hey, there are hardly any windows on that house. Moving on.” You’ve completely tranformed this home.

    It’s odd but it looks bigger with more windows. More balanced.

  2. Peggy Schomaker says:

    It looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing. You have done amazing things with this house.

  3. LOVE what the windows did for your curb appeal. It always looked out of balance before and of course you knew that it could be transformed with the addition of windows. It will up the value of your home for sure. The inside is just as impacting. Those rooms come to life with the natural light! It must feel like a new house…..
    Also wanted you to know in our travels from MI to SC I talked my hubby in to stopping at a Nadeau store in Charlotte. We are hanging out for a week at Kiawah and plan to visit the store in Charleston too. I was overwhelmed by all the furniture choices. I’m glad we took a seat out of our van. Hoping to sneak a piece into the back to take home with me. I love your blog and all the things I learn from you!

  4. Oh. my. word! What an amazing transformation–both inside and outside! It all looks very stately and polished. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. What a transformation! Looks so friendly and inviting. Congratulations !

  6. Wow Rhoda. What a wonderful difference inside and out!

  7. What a fantastic transformation to the exterior of the house- it totally changed the facade! Your house has really changed dramatically with all of your renovations, Rhoda. 🙂

  8. Rhoda, all of your new windows look amazing!! Totally changed the curb appeal of your house, indeed. Looked good before but now it looks amazing!! It’s wonderful how natural light not only brightens up the room, but also brightens up the psyche! Bravo!!

  9. Your windows are wonderful. You may need sunglasses until you get adjusted to all of the newfound light. Ha! We used pella when we built our Georgian house. Excellent brand. Your cottage is looking lovely!

  10. WOW! I am so happy for you and you have turned the outside of your house from a little bit Plain Jane to an Estate! It looks absolutely fantastic & I agree with you about light. Your den looks amazing now too.

  11. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Yippee..successful project I’d say! Can’t wait to see the finished product…though I could be satisfied with ‘naked’ windows, but privacy and light control are essential. Job well done. Loving the slider in the dining area.

  12. the balance it gives is nothing short of amazing! The slider that looks like a French door was the right choice, too. Amazing has far sliders have come, right? You must be so excited, Rhoda. I remember when I got all new windows for my little cape, I was on cloud 9 for months. I fell in love with it all over again. It’s not the house of my dreams, but the one I could afford; now I am (20+ yrs later) still working on projects but it has come a long way.
    By the way, I covet my neighbor’s Kwanzan every Spring. I hope March goes out like a lamb in Ohio, my weeping cherry pops every April 4 th!

  13. What an amazing transformation…love the new look.

  14. Your house actually looks bigger from the outside now that you have more windows! It has such charm! I love what a change all the beautiful light streaming in made on the inside too. Really opened it up!

    You’ve inspired me to replace more of our old windows. We have replaced some of the windows in our 1950’s home and now I definitely want to do more.

  15. Absolutely stunning! Light in a home makes all the difference. Love it!

  16. Love how the windows changed your home!

  17. Fantastic job! So much light & such an improvement! I know you are thrilled to pieces – enjoy!!!!

  18. WOW your den looks AMAZING with the new windows…and I love the look it gave your exterior too!!

  19. Patty Lucas says:

    I cannot believe how beautiful those windows make the outside of your house look. I never noticed that there were no windows there but it just pops now with the windows. The inside is so much brighter also but it is the outside that makes a big difference too.

  20. Just Gawgeous Rhoda!!! What a huge difference!

  21. Amanda Dndridge says:

    Wow!! Looks amazing!!

  22. Wow! I love your new windows and doors! They made a tremendous difference!

  23. Looks amazing. You’re right about the outside; it is so much more balanced and the curb appeal is greatly enhanced.

  24. So glad you’ve got all your windows done at last, I know you were anxious to have them in – and what a difference it makes! Lovely light-filled den now – and really you can’t call it that any more (den I mean). You’ll have to refer to it as the “lower level sitting room” now!!!

  25. Oh, my!! What an amazing transformation! Both the exterior and interior of your house look SO much bigger now, and your already awesome curb appeal just went through the roof! Fantastic job, and I know you will have so much fun picking window treatments and playing with your new space!!

  26. HUGE difference, I know you’re thrilled! How awesome for you that Pella gave you these pieces too, that’s a big savings!

  27. WOW! This looks great. You did it again , and it turned out beautiful.

  28. I can see why you were so excited to have this done — it’s almost like having a whole new house! Looks fabulous, and can’t wait to see how you put it all back together . . . .

  29. Rhoda, What a huge impact the windows had on the home, inside and out!! I have the exact situation in my DR, going to give up the French doors for a slider and your is beautiful!! I’ll certainly be checking into that series….

    The house looks stunning from the front, much more balanced, I know you must be so thankful to have been able to make these changes with Pella and Lowes…

  30. You are tricking us! That doesn’t even look like your house! Amazing transformation!

  31. Rhoda, you are one smart woman! Your house looks incredible with the new windows. I’m with you, light makes such a difference. Good job…Rebecca

  32. Jean from Georgia says:

    Rhoda, The new windows are a beautiful addition to your home renovation projects and I can just imagine how much you will be enjoying the basement den with all that fabulous light in your room. Sharing your home and the changes has been such an inspiration! Keep going, we love it!!

  33. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Unbelievable, Rhoda!! What an amazing transformation, inside and out. Love, love, love the new windows!

  34. Vintage Beachgirl says:

    Oh my, how wonderful this looks Rhoda! I love it! You home now looks totally different, so classically styled on the outside and the den bathed in natural light is the bomb! I too dislike dark dreary spaces, it’s why I love our beach cottage so much, the light is fabulous.
    IMHO this is hands down the best improvement project you’ve done at your home yet! Even without the landscaping and portico added the picture with the windows would have raised the value of your home considerably. At first glimpse I thought it was a larger, different house you were showing for the window style, it looks that different. The facade looks totally fabulous with the new windows! I’m so happy for you, well done!!!
    When you have time and get everything de-cluttered and styled to your liking you might do a simple post with a few representative comparison photos from then to now for both inside and out, with and without the windows, lanscaping, portico and interior reno’s. Maybe send a few to Houzz, yours should compare favorably to some before and afters they’ve been showing lately of more reasonably sized/priced homes. Judging by the comments the readership, myself included, is enjoying seeing those homes. Just a thought!
    Thanks for letting us have a peek at your “new” home Rhoda, I love it!

  35. Rhoda this is gorgeous! When you showed us the house pictures two years ago, I kept thinking “what’s off about this?”. Of course, it needed balance and you’ve done it so well. Love the light too. You go girl.

  36. WOW.
    Wow. I can’t get over how much those new windows transformed the front exterior! You (and Lowes + others) have turned a borderline eyesore exterior into a regular showplace. Amazing transformation. Congratulations.

  37. Wow!! The outside transformation is jaw-dropping. You neighbors must LOVE you!! Good job. 🙂

  38. martha bryan, Roswell, Ga. says:

    the outside looks like a mansion with an addition, the inside is so classy, GREAT JOB!
    Martha Bryan

  39. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

  40. Just WOW… I have so enjoyed your Blog for the last few years. Mostly because it is a Blessing to ME to see God so richly BLESS YOU !

  41. I echo everything others have said, plus, the value you have added to that house! Amazing! And you will love the window in the laundry room to…makes the room a room, and not a cave! Wish I had a window in mine! 🙂 Great choices….and the sliding door is also wonderful.

  42. ABSOLUTELY unbelievable!!!!! What a transformation to the outside. Love it so very much. You have a wonderful “eye” for all you do. Thanks for always sharing. Fantastic!!!!!!

  43. As so many others have said, WOW! The transformation outside is amazing. It definitely needed the change to balance things out. What wonderful changes you have made, everything looks beautiful. Of course all of the lovely light inside is amazing as well. I’ve wanted to change my French door (one side is stationary, the other opens) in my dining room for the reason you mentioned. I found that same French door look slider and was all excited. However, since the door is fine and still works, my hubby isn’t interested in replacing it. Womp, womp! To open it and allow for cross ventilation, if I want the door completely open, I have to move a dining room chair. 🙁 Ah well, maybe down the line I can convince him. Again, beautifully done!

    • Wow Rhoda , what a dramatic change. Your home looks so much bigger now. You have to be so proud of all you have done to this home. I know your neighbors have to love this. Always look forward to seeing what you are up to.

  44. You have truly turned that house into a HOME!
    Everything is looking incredible, and I couldn’t agree with you more–
    lots of natural light and big windows make all the difference in the world!

  45. Your house looks so symmetrical now. It looks fantastic!

  46. Diane Schulz says:

    Your house looks all grown up and finished now. The den is amazing and you were so smart to us a slider in the dining room. The laundry room window will be the one you will really really be thankful for. Kudos

  47. Fabulous!! Everything turned out so well. Light does remarkable things and helps lift our mood.
    ~not Nancy From Ohio anymore but Nancy From ARIZONA now! 🙂

  48. Transformational, Stunning, WOW! Nothing seems to do this the justice it deserves. What it did to the outside of the house is stunning!!! The inside looks great too!

  49. Beautiful! So much light!

  50. What a most remarkable difference the windows have made to both the interior and exterior of your home…So added such great curb appeal!….Beautiful Rhoda!

  51. Segreto Secrets says:

    Looks amazing! I can’t believe the transformation – especially from the exterior!! I bet you are loving all of those views into pretty Georgia Spring!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  52. Paula Lusk says:

    Oh My Gosh, Rhoda! The windows turned out gorgeous. They make a huge beautiful difference Outside and in. Just amazing.

  53. What a difference! I love a house that gets a lot of light.

  54. anita lemmen says:

    beautiful Room, wish you had four window panels, I would be interested in them

  55. Rhoda your house is so pretty I know you are both thankful and proud and well you should be. Everything you do just makes Huge improvements. This is a house anyone would enjoy living in now. Oh and Rhoda Allison is slowly improving thank you

  56. It all looks amazing! What a huge difference the windows make, inside and out. You obviously have great vision!!

  57. What a transformation, I love your decorating style. What you’ve done with your home is just amazing! In a future post can you blog about your decluttering process? I’ve loved all of your accessories and enjoyed your thrift and antique purchases. The time has come for me to thin out my once beloved treasures also but how do you decide what to let go and what to keep? Thanks!!!

    • Marcie, I’ll try to do a post on that. It’s hard! I still have things I love, but I know it’s time to let them go. I just don’t have the room and want my rooms to feel more uncluttered. It’s an ever evolving process for me!

  58. Theresaer says:

    Like comments above, WOW, this is an amazing transformation to your beautiful home. The windows make the interior and exterior of home look so much larger, thanks for sharing with your faithful followers. This is the first blog I read each day, looking forward to a new adventure in decorating.

  59. Jill Jones says:

    Breathtaking, Rhoda! Love the flood of light in all three rooms. Can’t wait to see the den all decked out. Love it 🙂

  60. Susan Lusk says:

    If your house could, I think it would thank you! It looks like it was always supposed to be this way, which is a huge compliment (in my book) of a renovation. Hmmm… I think your house is smiling now.

  61. Oooo Rhoda, in looking at your “after” pic again, I just had a little brain storm. The cantilevered section left of the door…..would it look AWESOME to put white corbels (maybe 5 small ones, or 2 more massive ones @ each end) under that section? Something to think about.

  62. It was a fantastic idea you had to add those new windows! They are a beautiful addition to your house, both inside and out. The added light makes your den look like a different room! Now you can really see all the pretty colors you have in there.

  63. Wow! What an incredible difference, Rhoda. Beautiful!

    We had to leave our cherry tree and weeping peach behind. I’m not sure we will plant new ones here at our new home. We’ll sure miss those trees if we don’t!

  64. Just now reading this post … How amazing and beautiful!! I had to keep going up and down to the before and after with the windows installed… looks like a different house!!!! Just gorgeous!! Congratulations…

  65. outstanding!!! Your vision was inspired and you accomplished what you set out to do. Your house looks beautiful. Love these windows!

  66. Oh my gosh, Rhoda! What an amazing difference the windows made! And the new slider is fantastic, too! I know you’re enjoying all this beautiful sunshine that we’re getting this week!

  67. Your new windows are just beautiful. I love the look of the windows from the outside and inside. I had my home built about 15 years ago and had Pella windows put in. They said they had a lifetime guarantee. About 4 years ago one of the windows in my garage cracked from the house settling over the years and Pella came and fixed the window, no charge for the parts, only for the labor. So I wanted to tell you about my good experience with Pella windows. I wish you many blessings and happy times in your lovely home.

  68. It really looks incredible. Inside & out! The curd appeal has dramatically improved, and it was looking good before! I’m sure you are giddy with the light flowing into your home now. Everything looks perfect. The new slider is gorgeous too, and look very safe & secure.

  69. Hi,
    I know I’m late with my question, but could you give a ballpark estimate on how much adding a window like those in your den might cost? I really am excited to see this, I would love to add a window to my master bedroom, which currently only has one french door for natural light! I just wasn’t sure how you went about adding a window where there wasn’t one, and now that I’ve seen you do it, I am anxious to look into it!
    Thank you,

    • HI, Dionne, since I ordered specific sizes and Pella made them for me, I’m not sure what the retail cost would have been. I would suggest going to the Pella website and looking at the windows. I think you can enter sizes and get an idea of cost from there. You can also visit Lowes and go directly to the window department where they will be happy to help you with size and prices.

  70. Tara G. says:

    The exterior seems so much more balanced and classic looking!! Love it and so excited for you!

  71. Just gorgeous! What a difference those windows make to the exterior and interior. I highly recommend Lowe’s for Owens Corning roof shingles too!

  72. Elsieed says:

    Your house looks finished and elegant now. BEfore it lacked that finished look . You should be proud of yourself. You bought a home that needed some love and attention, and boy does it shine now. Congratulations!! Well done!

  73. You have done such a phenomenal job with your home. The added windows makes it appear larger.

  74. Micah Thompson says:

    Such a HUGE difference. I love it!!!

  75. Just curious, what are the comments/feedback you have been getting from your neighbors? I know it’s all positive, but would still love to hear!

    • HI, Lisa, since starting the outside improvements, I have had several positive comments from the neighbors. The ones on either side of me definitely have complimented all the improvements. And I know the ones driving by are appreciating it too. One lady who lives in my neighborhood found my blog and said it was motivating her and others to fix up their houses more. That made me happy!

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