Adding Screening to the Porch

As I mentioned on the painting diamonds post, I’ve already moved on the porch and can’t wait to show you.  The day before I got the furniture moved in, we finished up the screening, so I wanted to show you that process. Our screens are nothing fancy, but they will work just fine.  We didn’t opt for pop in screens that are pre-made, but rather we bought rolls of screen and cut them to fit each section, 3 in all.

outside ready for screens

Outside the old boards were removed that held in the old screening, which had rotted and was all torn out when we started renovation.  We’ll add new pieces of trim boards here.


From the outside, the new screening will get nailed up and then all trimmed out on top to hide the nails.  We were going to use my small nail gun with staples, but the staples ended up cutting through the screening altogether, so my dad used some small drywall nails with a head on top to tack down the screening. It worked fine!

rolls of screening

We bought enough screening to wrap around all 3 sides of the open windows from Lowes. Each section was cut to fit each of the 3 sides of the porch.

rolled out screening

We rolled it out on the grass and measured our first piece which would be tacked up first.  Luckily, my windows were the exact same height as this premade screening and we didn’t have to cut that part, just the width.

cutting the screening

I used a Sharpie to draw a line to follow for cutting the screen.

adding screens

And we were ready to start putting up the first piece.  We both got up on the ladders, my dad on one side and me on the other, pulling the screen taut.  It covers that whole side and we stretched it taut and pulled top, bottom and sides, tacking it with the nails as we went along.


Finishing up in the corner, this end was complete.


We then moved to the long side and added screening on this side, working around to the far side which is the shortest side.


Here are the nails we used, pulling taut, and tacking it all down.  We tacked it on the top, bottom, sides and on the vertical pieces of wood in the middle.


Tacking the nails in.


One side done.


And all of it complete now!  We will go back and add the trim pieces outside as soon as we can.  Most of the stairs are finished and once the trim is done, then I’ll paint things out.


I’m so happy to be on the porch finally and can’t wait to show it all decorated!  I’m in LOVE with this porch, a cozy 10 x 14’ space.  It’s amazing how having an outdoor room like this adds to a home.  I’m so grateful to my dad for helping me with this project and hanging in there with me this spring, getting it done.  He’s my hero and I appreciate his expertise so much.  He’s ready to get his one done too so he can relax a bit the rest of this summer.  We were just thinking back on last year when we were going full speed ahead on renovating my house.  So glad it’s all done and this is the last big job to be done!  I love my daddy!

If you want to come to my yardsale on Friday and Sat. a.m. (8-12 both days), please email me tonight and I’ll give you the address.  We’ll be setting up and ready to go by 8 a.m. on  Friday with some great stuff!

- Rhoda


  1. Wow, looks amazing. I wish my dad was that handy! I’m sure it will be so pretty when finished.

  2. Looks awesome, Rhoda! Your Daddy and you are quite the team!

  3. Kris Woelke says:

    Looks wonderful! My favorite picture is the close up of your Daddy’s hands! So blessed you are! I miss my daddy so very much! Looking forward to the finished pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your porch is fabulous, but the pics of your daddy’s hands are priceless! Can’t wait to see your porch all decked out.

  5. Kris’s comment above made me cry. I have said before that I am blessed, as well, to have a handy daddy…and the hand photos are my favorites. Does your daddy make furniture too? I will bet you are going to make us wait until Monday to see that finished, decorated room. Looking forward to seeing your magic there!

    • Nicole B. says:

      I have to agree with Kathy (and Kris), when I saw that picture of your Dad’s hands it made me tear up. Not because of my father but because of my grandfather, I’ll never forget his hands..miss him so much. Those are the best pictures.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing your dad relaxing! It’s been such a hot summer – hope you all can relax and enjoy the rest of it!

  7. Sandy Lewis says:

    I LOVE the close shot of your dads hands with the hammer! Someday this picture will have more meaning to you than you can ever imagine and the memories that it will represent to you. I lost my dad 7 years ago so cherish these times with both of your parents as I am sure that you already do. Love your porch so far…can’t wait to see it done.

  8. So far (with all the rain) the bugs are really bad here in the South and you finished your project just in time. Your father is a real trooper and you are very blessed to have him. Can’t wait to see your decorated porch.

  9. I love the pictures of your Dad’s hands, they look so much like my Dad’s hands and he was a hard worker too. I miss him so much. Enjoy every minute with your Mom and Dad and never take them for granted. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story with all of us.

  10. Looking good! What a sweet Dad you have! That makes everything even more special! I’m really looking forward to the furnished pics!

  11. Love seeing posts with your Dad in them. You must have every Daddy’s girl that follows you sighing with this post. Can’t wait for the final reveal!

  12. What a great dad you have. He reminds me of my own who still works fulltime at 78 years old. I love that you and him get to work together on your projects. You are a lucky girl. Love the screen porch, can’t wait to see how you decorate it.

  13. Doreen@househoneys says:

    I can only echo what has been said before Rhoda…your dad is a treasure.

    Your porch is going to be gorgeous, I just know it. Can’t wait to see it!

  14. you & your dad are just incredible! this post has given me the motivation to finish up my kitchen renovation ASAP! i was slacking a bit the last couple weeks, but i need to move on it & get it done so i can enjoy it. great job on your beautiful porch!

  15. I love the screen; you have us all waiting with baited breath to see the final product!

    We have two screen porches on our lakeside home, both 12’x42′, one downstairs and one up. With such large spaces to screen, my husband opted for a product called Screen-Tite. It’s an awesome system that’s easy to install and looks very finished, both inside and out. It’s been up about 10 years and we’ve had several tornadoes and lots of windstorms; and it still looks wonderful.

    PS–Would have given my right arm if my Daddy could have helped 🙁 You are a blessed lady to still have him around.

  16. Marie Claire says:

    I have a very similar porch, but without screening. Do you find that the bugs still find their way into the room through the space between the slats in the floor? I don’t want to screen mine in, only to find that the bugs and bees still come up through the floor, ykwim?
    I’m really liking this series.
    Marie Claire

    • HI, Marie, time will tell on mosquitoes coming up under the floor. I’ve seen one in there so far, but it’s only been a week. I’ll definitely be noticing to see if they are coming up and if so, I’ll find a way to stop it. I really don’t think it will be a huge problem.

  17. Sandy Lewis’s comment was what I was going to say, I can’t say it any better…

    I love all the posts with your Dad, now be sure to included him and your Mom in the finished product posts Rhoda, his loyal following will be disappointed if you don’t!

  18. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Great Dad! Great job! Can’t wait for the big reveal!

  19. Barbie in Texas says:

    Love seeing your progress. I love the pictures of your Dad’s hands in this post. Those are the kodak moments to cherish. My Dad had hard working hands and he was also a hard working man. Miss him.

    Thanks for making me remember.

  20. Rhoda, your porch looks great! You and your Dad have such a special relationship! What a blessing you are to each other! He always amazes me with his energy and tenacity! I can’t wait to see what you do with your porch decor!

  21. I love your Daddy, too. What a gift you were given in being born to such lovely people! can’t wait for porch pics

  22. Toni Fleischmann says:

    You keep working so hard girl and one day your hands might look like your Daddy’s! I hope you can sit back now and rest a while too….though I know we women will always be “fluffing our nests”! Can’t wait to see the whole porch!

  23. Mary Beth says:

    Can I borrow your Dad for a week (or month) or two???!!! He is amazing. Love your blog!

  24. Looks fab! I love your sweet Daddy out there working so hard!!!

  25. You’re on the home stretch Rhoda! I love seeing the progress your daddy has made. I so miss my dad, who could build or repair ANYTHING! How precious that he is a part of your blogging journey. Blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

  26. No wonder you love your daddy!

    No wonder you love your daddy! Bless his heart, he’s been a real trooper. Your porch really looks good.

  27. I miss my dad. Take some time to enjoy that beautiful porch with your dad!

  28. What a good man your dad is. You are truly blessed to have him in your life…both he and your sweet momma! Every time I see pictures showing their hands makes me wanna cry cause it reminds me of my dear Granny and how her hands looked the same. If they could talk, those hands sure would have stories to tell of the hard work they did. You are so blesed Rhoda but I know you know that already!

  29. Rhoda, everytime I see your Dad it makes me cry. My Dad wants to help my husband and I with our renovation, but he unable to because of a disease he was diagnosed with. He is 86 years old and still does fairly well despite of this. I am blessed to have both of my parents. I love your blog!

  30. You and your Daddy are amazing! Give that man a big hug (I’m sure you do every day!) and let him know that all of your followers think he’s awesome! I can’t wait for my dad to move down South with me so I can put him to work, too! 🙂

  31. Rhoda, I know he loves you too and enjoys working with you.

  32. I have said this to you many times but your father is just amazing!!! The porch really looking better and better every time.


  33. I love your blog! Your dad steals my heart! His hands…you are so blessed!

  34. Your dad is AWESOME!!! He can do anything. Really make me miss mine a LOT. Looking forward to seeing the finished porch.

  35. I love that way of doing screens.

  36. I love your Daddy too!!!!! And I am with Kathy, I love the picture of his hands with a hammer, and a few cuts. How awesome .

  37. I’ve been a reader of yours for quite a while now. I have really enjoyed the posts about your home renovation and how your mom and dad have helped you. My dad was just like yours — could and would do anything for his daughter. Daddy’s been gone 11 years and I miss him. I have, however, enjoyed watching your dad do for you the types of things my dad used to do for me!

  38. I think this is my fav project ever. I love seeing your Dad, but it makes me wish mine lived closer. We used to do so much toether growing up.
    since I know you’re running out of projects :), I’d like to suggest you make some interior storms out of plexiglass this summer, because I KNOW you’ll be wanting to use this space year-round. ( Although with that lovely fireplace it may be a draw!) CTD

  39. So blessed. Now you can have an icecream party for your parents hard work and all their help. Oh and tickets to a tropical island vaction for them unless they are wanting somewhere cold with snow about this time. 😉 🙂

    • Ha! Erika, my dad would be miserable if I sent him on a tropical vacation. He likes to stay home. 🙂 We are going to have my dad’s birthday party on my porch next month! I’ll be sure to share that one.

  40. LOVE IT!!

  41. Yay!! Enjoy, Rhoda — you’ve earned it! And your daddy, too. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  42. Rhoda, can’t wait to see this with all your furniture in place. We live on our porch. It was a screened in porch for years, but we wanted to use it year round. In order to do that, we installed French doors and windows and added Phantom screens. Now it can be closed up with heat or AC or we can open it up with screens. It’s the best room! We live in this space. Just wish it were larger. ‘-) You have a talented dad! It will be a fitting tribute to celebrate his birthday on the new porch. If I lived near Atlanta, I’d be at your sale tomorrow. Sad I will miss it. I know you have beautiful things. ~ Sarah

  43. Your father is such a treasure Rhoda.

  44. Great job on the porch!

    I know this if off-topic, but what do you use to make your inspiration boards? Do you have some sort of software or do you use something online? I have been looking online and have not found anything I like as much. Thanks!

  45. Rhoda, you and your dad are so inspiring. I am constantly amazed at how productive your two are. You will certainly deserve some down time relaxing together in your new porch. Of all the projects you’ve blogged about, this is the one that’s been the most fun to watch unfold.

  46. The porch looks great! The picture of your daddy’s hands reminded me of the song with the lyrics “There was always love in Daddy’s hands”. There’s a lot of love going into your house and it shows!

  47. It’s going to look great!! I certainly appreciate you and your dad’s hard work. :)!!

  48. I have always wanted a screened-in porch. Yours is just great. Your dad did a great job! You must be so proud! My dad is 88.5 yrs old and still does projects, too. Slowing down a bit but I think that is what keeps them going! Good luck at your yard sale!

  49. I can’t wait to see the finished porch! It is going to be such a wonderful outdoor room!!! And what a precious gift you have in your father!! He is precious & a true blessing to his little girl!

  50. I love the method you used for the screening. Seems much easier and less expensive than using custom framed screens. My only concern … are you afraid the screening might lose its tautness and start stretching out a bit? How easy was it to secure super tight?

    • HI, Susan, it really is very taut and I don’t think it will lose that unless it’s pressed on, which I don’t plan on doing. It should hold up fine, especially after we get the outside trimmed out with some molding, that will hold it down even more.

  51. I LOVE the pic of your Dad’s hands!! Brought back good memories for me. The hands that put a lot of hard work….and even more love….into helping you make your house into a home!!! If I were you, would frame that pic and display it proudly in my home!!

  52. The picture of your Daddy’s hands would make such a beautiful picture. It took my breath away when I saw it because there is so much love in his hands. Even though we go through many trials in life, God has truly blessed you with your family.

  53. I love how you screened your deck. I hadn’t thought of using the rolls of screen, but it looks like it worked beautifully!

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