Aqua Blues on the Mantel

I’mmmmm dreaming of a bluuuuue Christmas.

OK, not really that kind of blue.  I don’t want to feel blue, but with bringing some aqua blue into the living room this year, it only seemed fitting that I should add some pretty blue to the mantel for Christmas as well.

And I kept it much simpler than year’s past.  I found 2 aqua mercury glass balls and figured out a way to make them a focal point and they were a fun find.  Also picked up a $5 roll of blue and white ribbon from Old Time Pottery, so those were the only additions.  The rest of the blues were things I picked up last year in the after Christmas sales.  I love to open my bins and find stuff from the previous year that I promptly forgot about!And here we have the aqua mantel.  I’m really diggin’ it a lot.  I used a simple icey garland with pinecones that I found last year and reinvented the Target wreath that I found several years ago.  It has a really natural feel and I can use it anywhere.  Simple, but elegant.  That’s what I was going for this year.I hung up the old gold picture frame that gets a lot of use around here, added the Target wreath in the middle.  With the addition of a few small blue balls, it pops now.  I think I found those aqua beads at Target last year and they were perfect for what I had in mind.  I just draped them and added a few ornaments in strategic spots.

I thought the blue insulators would fit right into my scheme too and they look so pretty with the lights shining next to them.I love these pretty blue mercury glass ornaments (from Hob Lob).  They were perfect for what I had in mind!  Did you know you can’t take a pic of these without getting your own reflection? The 2 wreaths that I made last year out of moss collected from our woods are hanging from the iron sconces (which were yardsale finds last year).  I looped the ribbon around them and that was it.  These 2 clear glass candlesticks are from Pottery Barn, but you can bet I didn’t buy them from the store.  Yep, yardsale finds for $1 each.  Perfect for showcasing my new glass orbs.Simple. Pretty. Elegant. Blue.

Check!Here you can see my homemade moss wreaths.  I love their natural green and brown hues and simply added a blue bell from each for some sparkle and shine.  The snowflake ribbon adds some glimmer too.That aqua bowl was a yardsale find too and I loved bringing in all these pretty shades of blue for my mantel.  The white pattern in the middle reminds me of snowflakes.
Draped beads and a few ornaments keep it simple.

These are so shimmery and glimmery, love that!  As much as I love natural things for Christmas, I can never resist some sparkle and shine too.You can see the pretty snowflake ribbon here.So, that’s my mantel this year!  I really love the blue accents in here and how it adds some nice cheer. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my mantel this year!It’s always fun to change things up and come up with new ideas.A glass cloche from Willow House sits on top of my pottery bowl. I love adding shiny baubles in bowls this time of year too.Pile them in a bowl and cover with glass.  Instant elegance!

Are you doing anything different this year?

Don’t forget to stop by Layla’s Mantel party and link up your mantel too.

NOTE:  She’s putting up her linky post at 12 Noon Central today.   It’s so much fun to see what everyone does.  Lots of inspiration out there!  Just click the pic to go on over!
My vignette party will be coming up this Thursday, December 2nd, so I hope you’re getting ready to join me and the Linky too.

A vignette can be anything:  table top, foyer, buffet, sofa table, coffee table, shelves, so many places to do fun vignettes, one of my favorite things to do.  I’ll be sharing my kitchen!

The winner of the $50 Chantelle Nicole jewelry giveaway is lucky #44, Sylvia, who said this:

Love the little gems necklace. It would be a perfect gift for a dear friend.

I’ve emailed Sylvia already, congrats!

- Rhoda


  1. So pretty and sparkly and shiny 🙂 It’s really lovely.

  2. Judy Clark says:


    Beautiful as always.

    Merry Christmas,

  3. OOh….I love the aqua blues on the mantel!! My favorite color:)
    I did turquoise on mine~
    Makes me super happy!

  4. Just lovely details! That blue bowl is gorgeous… and the insulator cap looks perfect up there (I love those!).

  5. Hi Rhoda, it looks so pretty — I’m in love with the wreath inside the frame. I tried decorating my mantel last night but I feel so lousy with a cold — I should just fly you up to do mine this year!

  6. Your mantle is so fresh looking Rhoda. Nest time I see those insulators in the antique mall, I’m going to grab them. Love the moss wreaths you made.


  7. It’s beautiful Rhoda! I love that color. The glass candlesticks are fabulous. Everything looks wonderful with your new look in the living room.

    I did a wreath in a frame again this year too. Mine is on the stairway going upstairs. Still working on the living room, so will save that for the living room post.

    I have my mantel post up too. I decided to feature all our mantels here at home. Each one different, some faux some real.

  8. How pretty, Rhoda! I love the way the turquoise color blends with your pretty cache pots on your planter and your coffee table. Very pretty! My mantle will be a challenge because I will have to decorate around (or maybe I should say under) a big ugly TV!!!

  9. Love the orbs on the the glass candlesticks– very clean look! BEautiful job, Rhoda, as always. 🙂

  10. I love it! My husband collected those insulators when he was a kid so we have a bunch….what a great idea. I impulsively bought a big container of plastic bulbs in that color at Garden Ridge about two months ago just because they were so pretty. Now I’m inspired!

  11. Adore your aqua! It’s the hot color this year 🙂 Your living room is just stunning! During my visit there I could not get over all of the wonderful light that poured in. We could use some of that sunlight down here today. Thank goodness I took my photo’s a few days ago…..just in case. So glad that I did. Cant wait to spend the day visiting with everyone. Beautiful Rhoda and cant wait to link up with your party as well on Thursday.

  12. Beautiful! And so simple. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous mantel. I’m knee-deep in Christmas boxes but haven’t made a lot of progress with my decorating yet. Grandkids over during their Thanksgiving break and a busy chaplain ministry schedule have kept me from doing much. Soon it will start to look like Christmas around here!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Love using a nontraditional color! Love all the natural elements! It’s so fresh looking! So many exclamation points but it’s really just perfect!

  14. Very pretty! I love blue, especially this color blue! I also love the way you used those electrical insulators into this too! It’s very soothing!

  15. Very pretty, Rhoda! I love the beaded garland with the ornaments!

  16. It’s just beautiful Rhoda! Love the colors you used. I really love the moss wreaths you made last year. How did you keep them looking so good for a year? I wish I had that much moss around but I may just have go buy some. They’re just so pretty.

  17. Your mantel is so lovely. I just love the colors against that white mantel and marble surround!

  18. Everything is beautiful. It is nice to see Christmas displayed in different colors. Very delicate and refreshing.

  19. Love the blue!! I did blue/turquoise ornaments with a little pink thrown in last year, and was a big fan, but this kids wanted more color. So this year it’s a bit crazy with every holiday color…oh well! They are happy.

  20. Absolutely beautiful, Rhoda! I’m using silver and sky blue this year, simply because I happened upon an old-fashioned tinsel tree with a color wheel, but I’m still working on the mantle.

  21. Gorgeous Rhoda! Love the aqua…I found some nice aqua colored mercury glass at walmart this year but don’t know if I’m using it yet.

  22. Oh my, Rhonda! It’s gorgeous! I love all the little details.

    Hoping to find time to work on a vignette before Thursday!

  23. I love every image you have shared with us … my favorite? Wreaths hanging from sconces! Genius.

  24. So pretty. I would never have thought of aqua-I stay pretty traditional. But, it worked so beautifully. Great job.

  25. what a treat to see aqua blue!!!

    i love it. it’s so unexpected & beautiful. the overall impact is just gorgeous but it’s soft as well.



  26. I love your blue mantle! I really like that your house seems “lighter” these days, it is nice to see how small changes here and there make can have such a big effect!

  27. What an interesting mantel! I love it! It’s nice when people branch out of the usual colors of red and green [though I am totally guilty of using those colors all the time for Christmas]. Once more, it’s festive without overpowering the room with a bunch of holiday stuff. Great job! Love your house!

  28. Gorgeous Rhoda! I’m loving those blue mercury glass balls! It’s such an elegant display. Nicely done girl!

  29. It’s beautiful, Rhoda! I love the twist on tradition.

  30. i’m thinking about adding some aqua to my christmas decorations this year too! i’m in love with this color!

  31. Oh! It’s SO pretty Rhoda! I just love it!!

  32. what a beautiful and unique mantle decoration! looks so beautiful with the aqua blue color, it definitely adds sophistication to your design. I am doing an all gold Christmas tree this year, can’t wait to finish decorating to show it off 😉

  33. So, elegant!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  34. So beautiful!!! I am in love.

  35. Rhoda,

    Let me ask you something. You see that Christmas decoration changes every year, there’s alway a new color, new trend, new, new, new… 🙂 Does everyone usually change their decorations every year? How do you apply a new trend, or you always keep the things you already had, add some new and voilà!

    I love every and single picture you posted. That’s just so fresh and beautiful. The first year of my marriage, my husband and I decided that we would decorate our Christmas tree with blue, silver and some white. We use it still, adding some new items almost every year, but I was wondering… are we gonna be stuck with these colors for how long? lol Should I invest in a new tree for another room? Oh.. I need so much to do still! Does anyone feel overwhelmed too? lol… Oh, Very Merry Christmas! 🙂


    Luciane at

    PS: Rhoda, I know you’re a busy-busy woman, but if you have a minute, please, go say “hi” to me on my blog. You make my day whenever you drop by. 🙂 Thanks!!!

  36. Genius Rhoda. Your whole living room is stunning! I’m loving the aquas this year too. Wow!

  37. Beautiful Rhoda! I love the PB/Yardsale candleholders, they look great!

  38. Very lovely…. I did a post on turquoise last week and I thought it was lovely but not mine… I love what you did… very clever…

  39. I LOVE your mantle! It is beautiful! We are in the process of renovating our new home we are just purchasing. It has 4 fireplaces! I have never had a fireplace mantle to decorate ever and am so excited about this! I am now following your blog and will follow on twitter as well, as I need all the design help I can get with the new house.

  40. Beautiful color scheme – I especially like how you have hung the small wreathes from the sconces. Very creative. I’m going slow with my decorations – so far I only have the main tree up. You’ve inspired me to get started on the mantel today.

  41. Rhoda,

    I really appreciate your comment on my blog! Thanks for the help. I’ll do the same, buy at a good price, and do it slowly… I think the point of it is collecting pieces that you like, that reminds you of something special, making “Christmas memories” around your tree. 🙂

    Many hugs,

    Luciane at

  42. So incredibly beautiful! I love all of the ornaments – especially the way you have some hanging from the bead garland. So light and airy!

  43. Looks beautiful, Rhoda! I love the unexpected color of aqua for Christmas. The only thing I’m doing different this year is using silver accents instead of gold. 🙂 And I also didn’t get out a lot of my decor, I’m just tired of it. Know what I mean?

  44. As usual, Rhoda, it’s lovely! I particularly like your inclusion of the insulators. Reminds me of the old days when phone lines were topped with rows of those. 🙂

  45. Love the blue! It’s so sparkly and festive. I really like that it’s not the typical cliche christmas colors of red and green. Blue is a great alternative…reminds me of snow or something (: It’s beautiful, Rhoda!

  46. Your blue mantle and my blue mantle should get together this Christmas 🙂 Sooooo lovely.

  47. Love it!!! The aqua with whites and greens is outstanding. Enjoy!


  48. Rhoda, very pretty colors. Love the aqua garland and the vintage aqua transformers mixed in. You are the second one I have seen using these colors this year and my sister is, too.

  49. All of the aqua bits are gorgeous. I’ve noticed the turquoise/aqua trend for Christmas this year and I love it. I’m going to make sure I have aqua embellishments this year, too.

  50. I am also loving aqua this year. Your mantel looks great and very festive. I am doing a few things different this year in my Christmas decorating, and it feels good to have something fresh and different.

  51. Wow…im really loving the turquoise. I have this color in my bedroom but its so beautiful for Christmas. I just saw an episode of Color Splash and David used Turquoise and Lime green…it looked amazing. Im excited to join your party on the 2nd, although Im just getting started here in New Jersey. Happy Holidays

  52. The architecture of your room is just stunning! I love aqua also!

  53. Oh Rhoda it is gorgeous! That aqua-blue is such a pretty color and you really made it work!!

  54. I’m really loving your mantel. It seems that blue is the “in” color this year to use for Christmas. I know I am on the bandwagon. I love the moss wreaths you made last year. Heck, I love everything about your mantel.

  55. Love the aqua, Rhoda. This could be a feature in Southern Living magazine.

  56. Rhoda, I love the aqua you used in the mantel. Everything is very festive and beautiful.
    Happy Holidays,

  57. WOW! Love that shade of blue!
    You did a great job decorating your mantel and I’m so glad you thought of the idea for the party. You’re such a smarty!!!

    Layla 🙂

  58. Carolee in Kansas says:

    Hi Rhoda – I love your aqua mantle. I did a decorator tree this year for the first time , in the aqua, gold and white. I made the poufy treetop for the first time too, and used your directions from yours last year. Since the tree sits beside the fireplace the mantle is next. I loved yours using the insualtors. I need to dig some of ours out and try that. Thanks for your super ideas! Love your blog!

  59. Rhoda!
    I’m using aquas and turquoise blues along with soft golds and silvered
    balls too— this year I suddenly am all agog over sconces-you made a wonderful find in these, and the wreaths hanging from them is genius.
    I love your living room- the soft color on the walls is a beautiful background for this lovely “blue’ mantel…..
    thanks for inspiring…. waiting to see the kitchen next!

  60. I love your mantel! It must have been so much fun to put together. It’s beautiful, and I must say, your iron sconces totally rock! 🙂

  61. I love your mantel, Rhoda. The soft aqua is very refreshing. I love the ribbon you used to hang the smaller wreaths. Gorgeous! Merry Christmas! La

  62. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Yes, Rhoda. Simple and elegant. Very lovely. Merry CHRISTmas!

  63. Hi Rhoda,
    Your mantel is beautiful, I love the way you have used turquoise on it and in such a festive way. I’m sure it looks beautiful with all of the other turquoise that you have in there now.
    Hugs, Cindy

  64. Oh Rhoda that is so pretty! I wish I could do non-traditional colors for Christmas, but my house is ALL reds and greens, even when it’s not the holidays. 🙂

  65. Oh, I love that color blue. So elegant and pretty. Your mantle looks so great. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving.

  66. Hi Rhoda-

    I love to see colors other than the traditional Christmas colors used all the time. Aqua is so modern and fresh. I wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me -it sounds like a great place to find lots of decorating items – although I think my favorite aqua items are the insulators and the mercuary glass. Love the one with your reflection in it.
    My best- Diane

  67. Inspiring! I just glanced at this post and immediately felt inspired to re-do my mantle. The best part is that I had so many things around the house that I could use…including the 4 mini trees that I bought yesterday at the thrift shop 🙂 Just need a couple pillar candles and garland.

  68. Rhoda, it’s beautiful! I especially love the wreaths on either end. 🙂

  69. Hi Rhoda, I love the blue, it is perfect in your living room. Blue is always so peaceful looking. Love all the touches especially the beaded garland, I realllly like that!! Great job.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I always love when you come by!!! Merry Christmas sweet friend,Kathysue

  70. When did I fall so in love with that color of aqua blue? It’s all so clean and crisp it sparkles. The wreath and the candlesticks are gorgeous. The whole room is just perfect!

  71. I love the idea of using a frame around the wreath! Very creative! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  72. It looks Fabulous, Rhoda!!! I Love the aqua! The whole room is lovely. I love all the sparkle!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  73. Very pretty. I love all the aqua blue and was planning on using that color somewhere in the house, too.
    The insulators look cool. I also like how you put the little ornaments on the beading.

  74. It’s beautiful, Rhoda! I love the aqua and it creates such a peaceful atmosphere. Those little bow ornaments are precious. You did a lovely job!

  75. Oh I really like it! You did a good job of balancing the natural and sparkly. You managed to include so many things but without it being too much! It definitely makes a statement in the room. 🙂

  76. Rhoda, I saw your first photo and my instinct told me you were doing an article from a magazine shoot. Only after following through did I recognize it was your mantel; your home! Amazing on multiple levels. Your photography skills at capturing the beauty of the unique and elegant mantel – ooh la la! You go girl! Diane

  77. How very elegant!

    m ^..^

  78. GORGEOUS! I love, love, love the blues! It all looks so pretty on your mantel!

  79. The auqa looks soooo pretty in your room.. outstanding job!!!


  80. Rhoda, it looks so pretty. Nice job! May I ask where you got your carpet in there? And, what is the day to day upkeep like?


    • Hi, Kathy, that is a jute rug that I got from, less than $200 for an 8×10 . It’s been very nice. It is much softer than seagrass which I have in the DR. Better on the feet, but still not as soft as wool carpet. I’ve heard jute is pretty good although I’m not sure they can handle animals and stains very well. I don’t get that much wear in the LR, so it’s been fine. I just vacuum it once a week.

  81. Oh Rhoda, it is magical. It looks like it is straight from a magazine . . but with an amazing charm added. I love all the little touches and the sparkle. I am a sucker for shimmer and sparkle. Beautiful.

  82. So pretty I just LOVE it Rhoda…..what a nice change.

    I am so attached to my Christmas things that I just can’t change. I add here and there…. that’s how I change. Everything I have has a memory and this year especially will be a hard one, we are now empty-nesters, bitter sweet… My daughter graduated Nov 19 and she moved out West on Monday. St Simons Island was fantastic we had a ball, my son came too. Then we were all together back home for Thanksgiving. On the bright side we have a nice Winter destination now 🙂

    So this week-end I will put on my Christmas music and start decorating just like all the Christmas pasts……only this year there will be an extra tear or two……

    I have missed blogging…..I cant wait to catch up !!!

    All the best Rhoda,
    Kathy 🙂

  83. So so so gorgeous my friend! I just want to come over, plop down on your sofa, and soak in the beauty!

  84. What a lovely and peaceful room. I’ve gone simpler with my decorating this year too.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  85. That looks gorgeous. I’ve been using some touches of aqua in my living room but haven’t decided yet about the holiday color. Love mercury glass! Just did a Christmas design for Holiday home tour and I notice a lot more blue used in decorations this year.
    Happy Holidays!

  86. Hi Rhoda,
    Your mantle is just beautiful as is the rest of your home. I have read your blog for a while now and thought it was time to say hello!
    Happy Holidays!

  87. Rhoda…your blues are blinging! I love that you kept with simple but still lots of sparkle. This year I went through a lot of my stuff to try to tone down the Christmas chaos…simple but dramatic! And you did that perfectly! Everything is just lovely and stunning…why I am not surprised! Have a wonderful day Rhoda!

  88. I need all that blue decor…those are my colors! So very pretty!

  89. It looks so beautiful! I am coveting those little aqua bow ornaments. 🙂

  90. Looks beautiful! WOW, did those moss wreaths keep all year?

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting the vignette party.


  91. Hi Rhoda, Simple. Pretty. Elegant. Blue…. you said it perfectly! I love your mantel and all the pretty blue touches you added. I can’t wait to do something similar net year in my new little cottage but for this year I will keep with my Candy Cane Lane Mantel. Thank you for sharing! I’m hoping to Link Up to your party too!

  92. Yours is one of my favs from the mantel party. It’s so pretty!!! The longer I look at your photos, the more great ideas I see. I love the mercury glass.
    I linked to your post on my blog –

  93. sheri slowey says:

    So merry and bright. Love it.

  94. What a lovely mantle, I love decorating with colors other than just red and green for Christmas!

  95. Agua is my favorite color, the mantle is beautiful!

  96. This is gorgeous Rhoda! I love it so much!

  97. What a gorgeous color- aqua! You’ve made a beautiful holiday display!


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