Black and White Peel and Stick Tiles

Using all the things from my old screen porch & sunroom, I completed this laundryroom last year…it was so fun to fix up & make pretty. It was a complete white box before I got started, with no appeal whatsoever, so to see it transform was a blast. The island was from my old kitchen & I brought it with me to this house, even though I didn’t have room to use it in the kitchen, it makes a nice storage piece in the LR. The white cabinet was an old pine discard that my dad made probably 35 years ago & it hung in their utility room for years. I saw it sitting idly last year & asked if I could have it for my laundryroom, so of course my dad said yeah. He added the crown molding for me, I added the molding on the front, painted it creamy white & it’s a perfect little cabinet for this space. I had to have a hanging rod for air drying clothes on hangers, so I figured out where to put it & installed it myself. It’s a great little functional space AND pretty to look at, which is “oh so important” to me! I had always envisioned & loved the retro look of black/white tile floor in here & even contemplated doing ceramic tile, but once I spotted the peel & stick tiles at Lowes, I knew that was the way to go. So, here’s the befores & afters…it makes such a difference in here & I’m thrilled with the results. It wasn’t that hard at all. The worst part was cutting the tiles around the edges & doorframe. I was going to put them on the diagonal, but after I realized how much extra cutting it was going to be, I nixed that idea. It really looks snazzy! I ended up using 2 different brands to get the white color I wanted…the black is more shiny & the white ones are a little less so, but I think it’s a nice contrast. Total cost was around $60…I had a $10 coupon from Lowes, so that helped too. If you have an area with vinyl that you want to update, these tiles are a great way to go.

Here’s the old cream vinyl tile:

And trying out the new tiles on top & then the after! Quite a difference, don’t you think?

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- Rhoda


  1. The Feathered Nest says:

    All I can say is WOW! That looks sooo great! I luv, luv that black molding around the white cabinet (I would never have thought of that), the wall color looks fab-u-lous, and that rug is so perfect. Outstanding job! Wish you could come help me with my kitchen….

    How great that you have such a charming place for such a mundane chore as laundry! It would make me want to do the laundry…well almost LOL! Have a great day.

  2. it's a Mom thing says:

    Looks awesome. I love that color scheme and your doo-dads are so fun and pretty! When we moved in our kitchen was done in peel n stick black and white tiles. I love the nostalgic look but for a kitchen (and a toddler) its’s just so hard to keep clean. Stuff gets in the “grout” areas. But we put it in our laundry room, too, and I love it in there!

  3. ~Becca~Bluebird Rose says:

    It looks great! When we moved in four years ago, we put those exact tiles in our laundry room, and in our son’s room! We love them too! πŸ™‚

  4. The Decorated House says:

    Oh doesn’t that look good!?
    Everytime we see someone use those tiles they look great. Do you remember seeing them years and years ago when peel and stick came out. They will still be making them 50 years from now because they wear well and just look so darn good. Perfect cap to you cute room.

  5. I always love your posts! So much, I gave you award on my latest post! Check it out!! (not sure how to get the “button” on).


  6. Anonymous says:

    Rhoda…Rhoda…Rhoda, your laundry room is awesome!!!


  7. LOVE IT! Lots of great decorating there.
    Hope you don’t mind…you’ve been tagged. Check it out on my blog.

  8. Sadie Olive says:

    Very cute! I love your new bird tray too! What a bargain for $2!

  9. Rhoda..I love that room! Is that not one of your favorite rooms? I want to do mine up cute too. Still in that are we moving/don’t want to do anything transition. So I may wait and see where we end up.

  10. Southern Heart says:

    wow….your floor looks great! You did a wonderful job, and that fabulous laundry is now even better (I didn’t think that was possible)! You certainly have the touch, Rhoda! πŸ™‚

  11. Your laundry room is really pretty and so cozy. It really is the kind of laundry room that I wouldn’t mind doing laundry in – I would actually look forward to doing laundry if I had a space like that. The colors are really pretty and the floor just enhances it all. Great job!

    allie from minneapolis

  12. It’s so fabulous! What color paint did you use? The whole room is a “10”! We used peel and stick tiles in our kitchen and they’ve held up great so far. Love the bunny weather vane!
    ~A Charmed Life~

    • I love it! The color is perfect. I am repainting my entire house and would love to know this exact color if you know. Thx!

  13. Rhoda,
    Wow! You really did good, girl!
    I would enjoy doing laundry there.
    Black and white is so classy and the green such a good contrast.

    Isn’t being a homemaker the most satifying occupation? I love ‘fixing’ our home.

    You know, I think it’s about time for a laundry room makeover at our house………..

    Thanks for dropping by to wish Edward a happy birthday. He enjoyed each comment and I identified the area they came from.

  14. I love your laundry room. I only wish mine were bigger so I could do something nice like that.

  15. Looks fantastic! Thanks for giving us the tour. πŸ™‚

  16. Francie M. says:

    hmmmm…if my laundry room looked like that I just might get some laundry done. Ah, probably not, would be to busy admiring the room LOL.

  17. cityfarmer says:

    I’ll be the laundry lady OK?

  18. one`blue egg says:

    Love those tiles! Have done them myself and found that job to be fun! Love the entire look of the room, it surely must make laundry time less depressing! :)xo

  19. annewithane65 (Kim) says:

    Love, love, love your laundry room! The color is gorgeous. I love how the black shows up against the green. Your floor looks great with the black and white tiles. I love the window frame. We’re having the old windows replaced in our home and you’ve given me an idea. I’ve already told my dh that I want to keep some of the windows. He just looked at me with his “here we go again” look!

  20. what a beautiful house you have!!

    πŸ™‚ Candy

  21. I absolutely adore your laundry room. IT is prettier than most people’s living rooms! : )
    You did such a great job. We want to get a new kitchen/laundry room florr and I have been thinking about black and white tile or vinyl. I could do a good quality vinyl sooner and it does look good.
    What a sweet place to do a chore like laundry.
    You are so talented and creative!

  22. Daisy Cottage says:

    Rhoda, it came out FANTASTIC! I just love every inch of this space ~ so well done and fun to see ~ I’m sure you feel happy every time you step in there ~ LOVE IT ALL!

  23. C'est Chouette says:

    classic and i love it!!

  24. Your tiles look like ceramic. I’m definitely going to have to look that up when we move and I start demolishing the next house.

  25. Love it, love it, love it.
    All the colors are spot on, the tiles are what I want in my kitchen and the window ledge is to die for. You have a great sense of color, balance and style – I plan to emulate you – lol!

  26. Your room makes me happy πŸ™‚ I am going to give this a try in my tiny cottage kitchen, whose walls are already painted, granny smith apple green! I’ve found a good deal for the floor tiles on, however I like your tiles. You mentioned they’re from Lowe’s and also mentioned you used two different types. Can you elaborate on the brands? In particular, I like the white tiles you used. They seem to be less blatantly white, and sport a pattern. Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks!


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