My Sister’s Green Laundry Room

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I am feeling mighty flattered these days. 🙂


By now, most of you have probably seen my lime green laundry roomIf you haven’t, click on over and take a peek, then come back here.

It really is one of my favorite spots in the house and the space that most people want to see when they come over.  It’s been all over blogland and several people have versions of this laundry room too. I know of at least 3 other bloggers who have used mine as inspiration, you can see Melissa’s version here, as well as Tam’s green laundry room here.  And I just found out that Lisa did the same color here.   They are all adorable!  Anyone else use my laundryroom color, Behr’s Grasscloth?  Tell me in the comments and we can all come take a look at yours too.

In fact, I myself got the idea from a Street of Dreams house in Atlanta one year and I wish I still had the photos from that house that got me all inspired. It was so cute, all done in lime green, black and white with a bird theme going!

So, since my sister has been sprucing up her house lately, she decided to tackle her laundryroom, which is just off her kitchen/breakfast area where everyone can see it when the door is open.  And you can see from the above pic, that it wasn’t much to look at in its BEFORE state.  A fairly typical laundryroom catch all space and better with the door left closed.


So, they got busy and made it over.  She loved my lime green so much, she used the same paint, Behr’s Grasscloth. Peel & stick tiles

And she loved my black and white peel and stick tiles so much, they did that too. I should have done mine on the diagonal too, but I didn’t, lesson learned.  Doesn’t this make a space so much cuter?  These are so easy to install right over old linoleum, that’s what I did with mine too.

My sis had a hard time finding the white tiles, but I think they ended up getting them all at Lowes.  She said these are not white-white, but I think they look great anyway.  Mine are more of a cream color.  To install these babies, all you do is clean the old linoleum, roll on a primer for peel and stick tiles, let it dry and then PEEL and STICK.  Easy! These are such a great solution and are not expensive to do.  My laundryroom floor cost about $60 to do and was well worth it.


So, come on into my sister’s new laundryroom. I think you’ll be surprised and impressed with the changes.   My sister mentioned that she has had this iron arch piece for a few years and got it from a decorator quite awhile ago.

LR decorated

The new lime green walls really make a difference in here and jazzes up the whole space.shelves and bar

Her hubby added a hanging rod over to the left to hang up clothes from the dryer.  Edited to add:  Her hanging system is simply a metal curtain rod with finials, hung through the loops of 2 plant hangers that she got at Ace Hardware.  She found one that was curly enough to hold the rod.  I can’t tell exactly how it’s attached, but I’m sure you can figure that part out.


And she found a cute laundry sign too.  Oh, and just hanging up these wall cabinets made a huge difference too. Anytime you can get rid of those wire shelves, do it!  That’s what I had in my laundryroom too when I moved in and that was the first thing to go.

garden decor

And look how cute it looks now? She added in some garden accents too.


And dolled up the shelf with some pretty things.


Two prints over the door going out.

Cabinets decoratedAnd adding that little shelf above the washer and dryer helps hide that pesky wall thing, like I did in mine too.  Edited:  She said her hubby hung the shelf by just screwing it to studs. It’s open underneath so he could use the sides and back to screw directly into the studs.

My sister said that all her friends who have seen it just love it and then she admitted that she didn’t even tell them that she copied me.  The nerve of her, to copy and then not even admit it!  Brat. 🙂

Just a few changes can make a huge difference in a little space like this.   So, I hope this inspires you to get your laundryroom looking pretty too.  It really makes doing the laundry so much better, I promise!

Linking up to Amanda’s Decorating Dilemmas party today. Check it out too!

- Rhoda


  1. WOW! what a difference!
    I would love to do something like this but my laundry is in an unfinished basement with cinderblock about YUK! As always Rhoda – you inspire

  2. I’m going to be imitating you too:)

  3. I have been working on my laundry room as well. Although I have only made it as far as decorating in black and white. I may have to copy the paint color!! I have been looking for a cabinet to replace my UGLY wire shelf. Any suggestions? The HD ones are not my style and I dont want to special order. Any suggestions would be great!!

  4. I have some leftover green (okay, a LOT) from painting a wall in my husband’s office, so I suspect that I’ll be using that to paint a couple of walls in my laundry room. I cannot get to one of them. When you walk in the door, it is furnacewaterheaterdryerwashwall, so it will go on the opposite wall and end…and I found some shutters on freecycle to make shelves from!

  5. She did a great job copying you, Rhoda! Ha. I love it. I wish I had a laundry room to doll up like this. Ours is a laundry closet, unfortunately.

  6. I love your sister’s laundry room and I was so excited because I thought I could copy your ideas, but the dryer pipe vent that goes into the attic is in the way of where a cabinet would go. Duh! This area also houses the hot water heater, furnace/ac, house water cut-off valve plus washer and dryer. This is all behind three sliding doors(particle board 1970’s style that are horrible looking and operate just as poorly on the tracks. Floor to ceiling so would prably be 8 ft. tall. I currently have one existing shelf(pine shelving)that hold all the laundry detergents. Would love more attractive if that could all be in a hanging wall cabinet, behind closed doors.

    Any suggestions how I can revanp this area? I’d have to move the washer and dryer out to install peel and stick tiles.
    There is carpeting in the hallway, where I’d have to pull the washer/dryer out on. I guess I should put some type of cardboard down to protect the carpet? Would peel and stick tiles be best for this area or buy a small piece of vinyl sheet flooring cover(like linoleum). Seems like the peel and stick would be easier to install.

  7. Just wondering where you bought the “Laundry” sign from? I have been looking for something like that for years.

  8. Your room and your sister’s are really nice. My utility room is just that. It has a chest freezer, the washer and dryer, two utility cabinets. all the hose for the vacuum, a desk, rolling hanging racks,paint supplies and a shelf for washing soap etc. It is 8 x 20 and I love the size and storage but cute it ain’t! I just close the door that has the sign Laundry Room that my sweet mother in law painted and call it good. Now if I could get the husband to close the door…..

  9. I have wanted to do a retro laundry room for some time. I love both rooms. I expecially like the paint color and the black and off white peel and stick tiles. I have bisque in my kitchen and I cannot go white white. Cream would be perfect. Can you tell me where you found the flooring?

  10. What kind of board was used for the shelf?

    • HI, Danielle, I’m not sure, but I think a shelf board that you can find at Home Depot or Lowes. They have some of those precut that you can buy.

  11. Is she able to open the cabinet doors to the far left? It appears the hanging rod will 0revent opening that door.

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