Dana’s Family Room

One of my readers, Dana recently hired me to do a consultation on her family room, so I got busy and came up with a plan that I hoped she would like.She mentioned that they really wanted to get a sectional to fit their space and get rid of the current furniture in here, to better utilize the function of this area.  Since this room is fairly small, I think a sectional is a good solution to … [Read more...]

Rose’s Office Space

One of my readers, Rose, recently hired me to do a consultation, including an Inspiration Board for her home office.  Since she works at home and is in this space all the time, she was tired of not loving it and wanted to move in a new direction.  She liked the wall color OK, but was definitely open for a change.   She did have a great looking Pottery Barn white desk and chair, as well as some … [Read more...]

Malinda’s Familyroom & Kitchen

You may remember that I've worked with Malinda on her guestroom, office/craft space, and bonus room and now we are moving on to the family room/dining room/kitchen combo space.  It's all open to each other, so she sent me all the pics of the entire space and I got busy coming up with lots of ideas for their family.You can see by that top left pic in the collage that the family room is a big … [Read more...]

Janet’s Diningroom: Before & After

One of my readers, Janet, had me do a consultation for her diningroom awhile back and she has just finished the transformation, so I wanted to share with you the fabulous makeover that was accomplished.  Don't you love BEFORE and AFTER photos?  Me too!I had a lot of fun with Janet's room, it has great bones, but needed some tweaking to get it into shape and updated.  First, let's look at the … [Read more...]

Diane’s Foyer

Recently, I did a consultation for one of my readers for her foyer.  She told me she had struggled to bring some life to this small space and to make it look welcoming as people came in her front door.You can see it's not a huge space, but I think it can be spruced up with some changes and with the addition of some key items.  Notice the lack of wall space, so there is really not a lot of … [Read more...]

Malinda’s Bonus Room

After consulting with Malinda on her guest bedroom and office space, we are now tackling the bonus room.  A really large space like this has to be broken down into parts, so that each space can function separately and as a whole unit.  I think big spaces like this can really overwhelm homeowners and looking at a huge space, it's sometimes hard to figure out what to do with it.  Look straight ahead … [Read more...]

Susan’s Familyroom Redesign

Back before summer was over, I got a call to do a redesign out in Alabaster, so went out and met with Susan, a teacher, who really wanted a new feel in her familyroom.  I totally forgot to take before pics, but let me try to describe how it was when I arrived. I've got to remember to do that!Susan had purchased a new large sectional awhile ago and after she got it in this space found out it … [Read more...]