Decorating Dilemmas Solved: New Feature!

Hi, y'all!First, let me say that some of you are apparently still having problems getting to my blog and seeing the current post each day.  I've gotten at least a dozen comments and Facebook posts saying that when you click here from a Bookmark or whatever, it takes you to an old post almost 2 weeks ago and you can't refresh to see the new ones.  I'm not sure what is going on for some of you, … [Read more...]

Hanging Out my Shingle: Blogging & Decorating

Hello my friends!As most of you know if you've been with me for awhile, I've moved in with my parents after a turbulent few months of life changing events that have totally rocked my world.  And not in a good way.   You may hear about my story one of these days on 48 Hours Mystery, or some show like that.Just kidding.Maybe.Actually, I might just have to write a book one … [Read more...]

Pamela’s Guest Room Consultation

I worked with Pamela last year on an office consultation and she emailed me again later last year for her guestroom, which she wanted to get spruced up for those coming in to stay at her house.  She has 2 twin beds in there, which she wanted to keep and some extra furniture that could be repainted to work in the space too.  The furniture she has can be painted a creamy white to work out nicely in … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Updating a 1980’s Kitchen

Among the things that have kept me busy this summer, a kitchen renovation right here in Birmingham has been a fun project that I've enjoyed working on.  I was referred to a home owner who had listed his house for sale earlier this year and the constant feedback on the showings was that the kitchen was hopelessly outdated.  Here's where I came into the picture.  The client asked me to come and give … [Read more...]

Amanda’s Familyroom

It's been awhile ago that I did this online consultation for Amanda, but just haven't had a chance to share it yet.  Amanda wanted some help in her familyroom.  They have a leather sofa and ottoman and an armoire that they are working with, so after she sent me pics of the space, I got to work on an Inspiration board for her.She needed a rug, drapes, and end tables and lamps to make the room … [Read more...]

Malinda’s Master Bedroom

I've been working with Malinda for the past year on just about every room in her house and it's been so much fun.  We have worked our way from her guestroom to an office space/craft area, an upstairs bonus room, family room/kitchen, her baby girl's room, and now finally we are in the master bedroom.Here's Malinda's current bedroom.  She asked me to work some magic and give her some inspiration … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Diane’s Transformed Foyer

Diane hired me a few months ago to help her with her foyer. She was never happy with its cave-like feeling and really wanted to make it warmer and cozier with some additional elements brought in. So, I came up with this inspiration board and now I'm excited to show you the finished product, since Diane faithfully executed almost every single element from the board. I can't tell you how exciting … [Read more...]