Feature Friday: Diane’s Transformed Foyer

Diane hired me a few months ago to help her with her foyer. She was never happy with its cave-like feeling and really wanted to make it warmer and cozier with some additional elements brought in. So, I came up with this inspiration board and now I’m excited to show you the finished product, since Diane faithfully executed almost every single element from the board. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see AFTER pics of my Inspiration boards! Thrills me to no end!

She particularly fell madly in love with the wood bookcase on the left and hunted it down until she found it for the best price available and then on top of that, waited for 6 mos. for it to come into stock again.  Perseverance at its best!
Diane’s Foyer BEFORE:Before

And here’s the much better, AFTER: Diane Foyer After

The cave-like quality has been helped greatly.  Do you see the major changes?

  • Trim was lightened up to now contrast with the pretty damask tone-on-tone wallpaper, which Diane liked and didn’t want to take down. I actually really love this paper. It adds a nice texture to this space.
  • Stair risers were painted white
  • New bookcase, which is much more substantial than the old piece.
  • Chunky mirror over the bookcase throws some light around
  • New rugs  (runner and rug inside the front door)
  • Framed prints of her 3 children now grace the stairway
  • Vinyl lettering welcomes guests
  • 2 New bird light fixtures really add some punch in this small space



Foyer 2010 027

And, AFTER.  Don’t you love the new piece? Picture-202-550x368


Foyer 2010 029

AFTERFoyer 2010 026

And the rest of these are AFTER shots.  I love the rugs Diane found for this space.  Pretty colors on a black background.  And the addition of simple, but colorful artwork on either side of the door is great. Foyer 2010 031

Looking back at the front door.  Foyer 2010 032

The runner is a great touch in this hallway. Foyer 2010 033

The Welcome vinyl and the bird light fixtures really adds to the ambiance. New Image

Job well done, Diane and thanks so much for letting me work with your space!  It’s so much fun to see these boards come alive.  It makes me giddy!

Here’s what Diane had to say about our collaboration:


I cannot thank you enough for all your advice.  The one thing I love about the foyer is the texture – with hardwood floors and stairs and so many doors/entries off this foyer – I could never warm it up.  Now it is so inviting and warm, the textures of the iron lights, the rugs (particularly the long runner down the hall which I never would have thought of doing), the vinyl lettering, the cane collection in the pottery umbrella holder and the “to die for” bookcase which took 6 months to arrive. Painting the stair risers lightens up and enlarges the feel of the foyer.  Also, I took down that half wall that you saw when you came in the front door (it divided kitchen from family room area).  That opened up the view when you walk in the front door. You really have such vision.

I just have to tell you how happy I am with your design.  I have lived in this house 13 years and most of the time, I can hold my own in decorating.  I have even helped  several people with decorating, but I was so lost in this little foyer that I could not make it come to life – I was stumped for years!  And to walk in and feel how warm it is and I LOVE seeing pics of my precious kids on the wall – I adopted all 3 of them from Russia and they are God’s greatest blessing to me.  Keep up all your good work, I know we will be doing another room soon.  To anyone who hasn’t worked with Rhoda, I would say not only are the results fabulous, but the process is so much FUN – when I had ideas, Rhoda either agreed and encouraged me or she graciously pointed out alternatives that might work better.  I felt so comfortable with all the decisions in pulling this foyer together and that comfort removes all the stress of decorating.  Hugs, Diane

If you would like to get an online consultation and Inspiration Board of your own, click over to my Design Consultation page for all the details. I’d love to work with you too!

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- Rhoda


  1. Wow! I love that wallpaper! I am really considering giving wallpaper a try. The only experience i’ve had so far is scrapping it off but now that i see yours i think i might be ready to take the plundge!

  2. Rhoda and Diane, love the transformation! You’ve both done a great job! Where did you find the rugs? They are perfect for the space. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Renee Sofge says

    LOVE the stairs. What a tremendous difference. I have started seeing a few stairs cases with the risers stained, and if that is a new trend, definitely do not like it. This looks so much brighter. I also love the Welcome sign and the new trim paint. Really brings out the wallpaper, which looks great. Fabulous job, Rhoda and Diane!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the changes! Wow, really welcoming and traditional. I’ve pulled up carpet and painted my stairs and that project is ALWAYS a million bucks! So enjoy seeing the before and afters. I love Rhoda’s style and it looks great in your home.

  5. Melissa S. says

    What a HUGE difference…I only have a question..I fell in love with the runner…where did that come from? This would be a foyer to be very proud of!!!

  6. michelle morgan says

    i love the huge difference. i really like the welcome vinyl. i was wondering where to get such a thing? i am too wanting to paint my stairs.. just by seeing the transformation here and what you did with your own.. i really like your style!!! thanks so much for the insporation!

  7. It looks very beautiful

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