Chicken Fricassee from Southern Living

It’s been awhile since I shared any recipes and honestly I’m just not cooking a lot of big meals, if you know what I mean.  I cook very simply during the week and can make a meal off fresh guacamole and chips if I’m in the mood.  So, my cooking isn’t happening every day and I haven’t tried a lot of new recipes lately, but I’m always on the lookout when I’m browsing my magazines to see if something catches my eye and makes me want to cook.  I do cook for Mark about once a week and making a healthy meal is what I try to do.  This one isn’t too bad, although it has cream in it.  I cook from scratch if I’m going to cook, so fresh veggies are a must and I don’t really worry about fat that much.  A little cream won’t hurt a thing!

This is in this month’s Southern Living.  Go over to Southern Living Chicken Fricassee and see the pic over there, it’s much better than mine!  You can print the recipe from there if you’d like to try it.  I thought it was yummy!  I followed the recipe exactly, except I didn’t get leeks, I got shallots, as you can see below. I couldn’t remember exactly when I went to the store and had shallots on the brain.  I don’t think I’ve ever cooked with leeks before, but they look similar to green onions or scallions.

Simple veggies is how I like to cook. If I’m going to cook a big meal, I want real food and that’s how I try to cook most of the time.  Carrots, fresh mushrooms, and asparagus are the main ingredients veggies for this meal.

Chopped and prepped.

Browning the chicken thighs.  This recipe calls for 8 chicken thighs, so feeds a lot of people.  I served mine with white rice instead of egg noodles, as it mentioned you could do either one.  Rice fits this dish just fine. Once the chicken thighs are browned and mostly cooked, you take them out and begin the veggies.

Here’s a tip from Southern Living I saw over there: Browning the chicken well makes the pan sauce rich and flavorful, so don’t rush through this step.

I think I rushed this step a bit so brown that chicken well!

Cooking the veggies in chicken broth, then you add the cream and asparagus. I didn’t get a shot of all of it in the pot, but that pic over on Southern Living shows that really well.  Dish it out over rice or noodles and you have this……

The chicken thigh is there, you just can’t see it very well and there was plenty of sauce here too, but it doesn’t show up well.  I’m not one to style all my food pics to perfection, so this is just before I ate it.

Hope you’ll try it and let me know what you think!  I thought it was very flavorful and good tasting and something different from the normal chicken dish.  Chicken is so versatile, isn’t it?

Oh, almost forgot, I did make a pie, something I haven’t done in awhile either.  This is a golden oldie I’ve posted before, Chocolate Pecan pie, you can get the recipe on that link. With ice cream on top, it’s delicious and an easy pie to make.  Not a lot of ingredients and you can use walnuts or pecans.  I originally posted it using walnuts, but changed it later to pecans.

- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says

    Look at you cooking! I saw that recipe in Southern Living, I think that i will give it a try this week. It looks delicious! Love all of the fresh vegetables!

  2. Rhoda, I saw this recipe in SL, and thought I would try it. Yours looks delicious! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Why, thank you, Rhoda. Now I know what I’m making for dinner tonight! My SL hasn’t arrived yet, maybe today. I hear you about the guac and chips for dinner occasionally. Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking.

  4. This looks delicious. But I think SL is stretching quite a bit calling this fricassee. Definitely not the traditional Louisiana fricassee. My hubby and his family are from way southern LA and they might cringe at this. But it does look delicious and easy to make!

    • Hi, Carrie, that’s funny, because I had no idea what fricassee was at all, so I had no expectations. Not anything I grew up on.

  5. Actually Rhoda, fat is good for us, we’ve been brainwashed for the last 30-40 years! So eat the cream and butter and chicken with the skin on. New science is proving that it’s not fat that makes us fat, it’s all the sugar and whole grains. When everyone went on the fat free craze in the 80’s,they replaced fat with sugar, and that’s when people started getting fat and type 2 diabetes.

    I’ve cut wheat and sugar out and started eating fat and I finally lost the 25 lbs I could not lose.

    THis looks good, I’ll just cut the flour and use Konjac flour for thickening and serve it over cauliflower rice.

    • Hi, Renee, you are so right, I’m finding all of this out too. I do eat all the cream and butter I want! Real food is what I go for and don’t worry about the fat much at all. I can’t say I’ve given up sugar yet, but that’s my big vice. I love desserts!

  6. You’re making me hungry!! I think I’ll have to try this as well. Bon appetit!!

  7. janeinbama says

    I made this last week with boneless skinless thighs. We enjoyed it and will make again!

  8. Rhoda, I am not a pork person , so I made this fricassee for Easter and it was divine! Thanks for sharing, and you are right, a little cream never hurt a thing!

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