Dad’s New Hearing Aids from Costco

Today’s post is an update on my dad, since I know all of you love to hear about him and want to see what he and my mom are up to.   I haven’t really shared that much since Christmas as nothing really exciting has been happening lately, but this is a timely post that I knew you all would enjoy hearing about.

And by the way, I asked Dad if he would be OK with letting me share this story on my blog and he gave me the go ahead.  I told him that he has so many people who love him and that all of you would like to hear how he’s doing, this part included.

We (the girls in my family) have been after dad for a few years now to look into getting hearing aids.  He agreed one time, then decided no he didn’t want to, so it’s been back and forth on talking him into getting some help with his hearing.  If you have elderly folks around, you know what I mean, they can be very stubborn and set in their ways. He has insisted that he hears all he wants to hear or needs to hear and that he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on that much. But we have observed over the last few years that he is not as interactive around groups of people like he used to be.  We knew that his hearing was a big part of that, but he wouldn’t admit it, nor look into getting help.

We’ve all known for years that he had hearing problems and it’s just gotten worse the older he gets.  Dad saying “huh” has become the norm of how we converse with him the last few years and that syllable has been said hundreds of times as he tries to follow conversations and we have to repeat things over and over.  I know it’s been hard on my mom because she is the one who talks and interacts with him daily.  It took all of us to talk him into it and finally, finally we got him to agree to go and get his hearing checked out.  Lauren took the reins and called Costco, after we heard what a good hearing aid program they have there.  This isn’t sponsored at all, but Costco is where we decided to take him since they have such a good money back guarantee program, as well as 5 year warranty and there is nothing to lose by trying them out. It took us awhile to convince him, but once the 3 of us girls (plus mom) go after him, he usually can’t say no for long.

We set up an appointment and my sister and I, along with mom, went with him to Costco to get his hearing test and see what the process would be for getting hearing aids.  We had heard too that the cost has improved a lot, since that was always a factor for him and he wouldn’t have spent the money on a really costly hearing aid.  Costco offers them for $1700 for the Premium set and all with a money back guarantee within 180 days, so there really was nothing to lose.  In fact, the whole family chipped in on the hearing aids because we really wanted him to get them and try them out and felt it would be a good thing for all of us if he was back to hearing almost normally again.

I thought this might be of interest to all of you out there in case you have a stubborn one in your family who might need some convincing on the hearing aid proposition.  We are so glad he finally went and I’ll be sure and share the progress of how he does with them.  So far so good!

My sister has a membership to Costco, so got us in and they have an area in the store all set up for hearing tests and getting the hearing aids ordered.  They have these little rooms to go in and take all the tests needed.

Mom filled out all the paperwork for him (that’s always her job) and then we went in the little room for the hearing test and hearing aids suggested for dad.

This very nice and personable man, Herndon, took care of the hearing test and walked Dad through the process so he could understand how it all works and he was put at ease all along the way.  Herndon was perfect for this job and did it all in a witty and humorous manner, getting lots of smiles from dad along the way.

He went through the process of the hearing test and we got a report at the end.  Out of a 100% that is normal hearing, dad scored a 12% and 26% in both ears, which was hardly a good score. We knew that it was bad, but it may have been worse than we even thought.  The man could hardly hear a thing, so it’s no wonder that he didn’t do well with a lot of people around.

After the hearing test, Herndon put on temporary hearing aids so that dad could finally see what this hearing aid thing is all about.  I think he was pleasantly surprised how well he could hear after trying them on.  He walked around the store that day for about 30 minutes just to get a feel for how they work and he could tell an immediate difference in his ability to hear us talking to him.  We placed the order and then 4 days later went back with dad to pick them up and he got his own hearing aids.

Herndon went through the process of getting his hearing aids set at the right level. These can be adjusted, but evidently the newest thing is to not have them adjustable at home, but to set them at a good level in the beginning and leave them.  He can always go back and adjust if needed, but these are supposed to be set for optimal hearing now.  He can look at his computer screen to make sure Dad’s set is set up just right for his hearing impairment.  Everything went well that first day and dad came home with his brand new set of hearing aids.

Here’s a shot of what they look like and they have many colors to choose from, so dad’s are a neutral skin tone that blend in with his ears.  You can barely see them in the above pic of the back of his ear. They hang over the ear and the earbuds go down inside the ear and the wire is barely detectable.

I talked to him from the front seat to see if he could hear me when I wasn’t looking at him and he could hear me just fine.  As soon as he got home, he went in and turned on the TV and came in and told us that it was an immediate big difference in watching TV with his hearing aids in.  We are so optimistic that he will get used to the hearing aids and really enjoy wearing them now.  It took a lot of convincing, but he just might be happy about it now.

We all went home that day and ate cake that mom had just baked.  I’ll share that soon too, it was a real winner!

Dad has not been able to hear the preacher at church in a long time so I knew that would be a big test. I talked to Dad on Tuesday and he was able to hear and understand the preacher for the first time in a long time!  That makes us so happy!  He also said he can now hear the blinker in his car which he didn’t even know made a sound.  It’s been so long since he could hear well and I think he’s pretty tickled with the outcome.  He sounded very enthusiastic when I talked to him this week. We are very hopeful that he won’t give up on them and send them back. He has 180 days to try them out, but it looks like he is already adjusting to them and actually might be enjoying them.  He always said he wasn’t missing out on anything important (ha, his words!), but we think he was and now he’ll be able to keep up with the conversations around the table so much better.

I know how much you all care about my daddy, so wanted to share this update with you.  Life changes constantly with elderly parents and this year he will be 90 in July and mom will be 89 in May.  We know that the next few years can change drastically with both of their health and well being and we hope to have them with us for many more years to come.  Now here’s to better conversations with my dad!  We are so happy he finally gave in and went to have his ears checked out. I wanted to share this with all of you in case you have loved ones who may need to go to Costco too. We have nothing but good things to say so far about dad’s experience, but I’ll keep you updated as he wears them for a few months.

- Rhoda


  1. This is wonderful! I am so glad your Dad got a hearing aid. I went thru this with my Dad several years ago, and he loves his also. Glad your Dad can watch Tv and have a conversation now.

  2. Judy Clark says:


    So happy to hear that your Dad is adjusting well with the new hearing aides. Paul has them too! He does get frustrated with them at times. They seem to have a lot of background noise which so aggravating. He has to go back to get the adjusted often. I wish him the best!

  3. Thanks for this post. My mom (who is 91) is on her 2nd pair of hearing aids and they really aren’t helping much since they’re over 6 years old. Every conversation begins with “what”. A friend had recommended Costco and I’ve tried telling her we can get them there for quite a bit less than what I’ve paid in the past. I’m going to tell her about your post and hopefully she’ll change her mind. So happy for your dad.

    • Your Mother can go back to where she purchased her hearing aids and have them adjusted to make them louder for her. She may not need new hearing aids. Also , the tubes in hearing aids get hard and need to be replaced. Once they are the hearing gets better too. I hope this helps.

      • Thanks but we already did have them checked and were told she needs new ones. But their cost was more than doubled with what Costco charges.

  4. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    This is such great news, Rhoda! The picture of your mom and dad where your mom is filling out the forms is such a great picture. Your dad looks amazing for his age. You are so very fortunate to have your parents. I’m so grateful you generously share them with all of us! Hope things continue to improve for your dad.

  5. So glad for your dad and the family! This was a very helpful story for us with parents (or ourselves) going through the same issue.

  6. My Dad stopped going to church because he couldn’t hear well. He said it was much easier to hear preaching on TV. We never could talk him into wearing hearing aids. He missed out on so much the last few years of his life.

  7. Karen Hamilton says:

    I wear hearing aids and I’m 69. I am curious if they have a variety of brands. I am on my 2nd pair. These cost me almost 6000 for two. I am already trying to save for my next pair. My hearing is bad; esp hearing people. It is very difficult when you have hearing loss. Thanks for sharing ?

    • Hi, Karen, I don’t know if they carry different brands, this was called their Premium set. But you could definitely call them and ask those questions. I know they have different types, but not sure about brands.

    • They do carry several different brands! They will even let you do trial runs with them to see if you like them. I’ve had 2 pair from Costco, both under $2000, which I consider a bargain.

  8. Hi Rhoda — I am 58 years old and I have been wearing hearing aids for two years now! My hearing loss was discovered when I started having ringing in my ears and went to have my hearing checked. It’s really amazing how much sound I was missing. My hearing aids are barely noticeable (for those who are afraid of them showing and making them appear “old”). Most of the time I forget I’m wearing them because they are that comfortable!

  9. Gilda Stigliano DDS, PC says:

    my dad has those bulky V.A. hearing aids that don’t seem to help him..and you are correct–they are stubborn as they age (we won’t be like that, right??!!!)…so I wish we had Costco near us.. I’d be there in a flash! Thanks so much for the post; it will restart the conversation.

  10. donna zoltanski says:

    I always say, cooperation is key to helping the elderly. You look so much like your handsome Dad, a loving family helps very much as they age. He looks wonderful – and happy to hear!

  11. What perfect timing this post was! My Dad, 70, had all of the hearing tests done & has decided not to go through with it. He is citing the costs as the main reason. I’m calling our Costco today to see if they offer them at this price. By the ENT doctor, he was being told 5-7k. If our local Costco offers them at this price, he has NO excuse anymore! My Dad has been hard of hearing 30plus years & it’s wearing us out! My Mom now gives him “no repeat days,” as she needs a break. Thanks so much for this info. Hope your Daddy loves them!

  12. Hi Rhoda! Your mom and dad look so good! I’m thrilled for him. I’m almost 65 and know I already need hearing aids (a Bruce Springsteen concert 10 years ago finished me off!). Just like your dad I am missing out at church, riding in the car with friends, even tv. Cost has been a factor in my delay. You are the second person to recommend Costco. A friend just got some there and remarked she could hear birds singing for the first time in years. Are your dad’s very bulky and visible? People have no trouble wearing glasses, why are we vain about hearing aids? Hearing aid cake – love it!

    • Hey, Roxanne, go to Costco! Really, they did a great job with his testing and these hearing aids have a 5 year warranty and he goes back for scheduled visits and cleanings often at no charge. They really make it a no brainer. If you don’t love them you have 180 days to return them and get all your money back. They are not bulky at all! In the pic of him riding in the car, if you zoom in, you can barely see the wire that comes down. I meant to post a pic of what they look like. I’ll add that in too.

  13. That is such a great story! He really reminds me of my Grandaddy! Such a sweet and kind soul! You are so lucky to have him still in your life!!

  14. janstollings says:

    Your blog introduced me to blogland and is still my all time favorite. I have so enjoyed getting to know your parents. So glad your Dad is hearing better now with his hearing aids. He is truly an inspiration with his gardening and will be able to hear the birds sing while out there.

  15. Thank you Rhoda for knowing to post this. My first thought, Your dad is a blessing to others, and we need to hear what he has to say, now it is easier for him to pass along more of what he has so much of, grace. Because without hearing, and thru your blog, your dad passes his grace forward. Ineffable, yes?

    Go Costco, performing this service. How many are not hearing, due to cost?

    My mom cannot hear, bad for years, expensive hearing aids a huge problem, always have a problem.

    Many professions are changing due to new competition. A friend has a crown business for dentists. Past 2 years their business dribbled away, new entries to the market, reducing prices by 75% wholesale, yet crowns still, mostly, cost the same at a dentist’s office. Off topic, but worth a mention, allied with these Costco low priced hearing aids.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  16. Angelyn Harber says:

    I’m so glad your Dad was able to get help, and I hope it works out for him. Audiologists have many years of clinical education. As an experienced audiologist, I would caution every one that cost shouldn’t be the only factor in determining where you purchase hearing aids. I’m a pediatric audiologist, and the cost of our aids include three year manufacturer warranty plus two years of visits at our office for any hearing aid related issues. I would certainly ask the educational background of the person fitting the hearing aid, and research to make sure the claims are true.

    • Hi, Angelyn, thanks for chiming in. These come with a 5 year warranty and free visits back for checkups as well as professional cleanings a couple of times a year.

  17. So happy for your dad and for all of you!! I had no idea that Costco did hearing aides too. Thanks for the info.

  18. Thanks so much Rhoda for posting this! My husband is only 69 but is definitely hard of hearing. He was seen by an audiologist and the estimate for two hearing aids was $6800! This is in the Boston area. For the life of me I don’t understand why insurance does not cover them, even partially. He’s going to check out Costco to see if their hearing aids can help his “mid-range” hearing loss.

  19. This is a beautiful story, beautifully told! You’re right, we all love your folks as if they were our own.

  20. This is so important!!! I’ve read articles that attribute some cases of dementia to the fact that a person couldn’t hear and was losing out on interaction with other people and withdrawing. Such good news that he’s willing to try! Kudos to you all!

  21. Aww, bless his sweet heart! My Papa is the same way about hearing aids so I’m glad your dad was able to find some that have improved his quality of life. We always get our glasses and contacts at Costco – we’ve had such great experiences with their eye center that I’m not surprised the hearing side is just as good.

  22. I’m so very glad you posted this. I have moderate hearing loss which makes it difficult to find jobs that will work for me (phone work is extremely difficult). I went to a regular hearing aid clinic in my area, somewhat upset because I was starting a new job and worried about getting fired for not being able to perform well, as is the anxiety for the hearing-impaired. I explained to the audi how important this was, I was even crying, I had no current income, etc. and she promptly recommended $6500 hearing aids. Nope. I went home without those aids, utterly deflated.

    I checked out Costco. The Herndon you pictured was the exact person who fitted me with a fabulous pair of $1800 hearing aids! Same or better service, equivalent or the same aids, name brands, store brand, fabulous prices on batteries, free adjustments, and on and on. I know there are so many people who struggle with hearing loss and THINK they can’t afford hearing aids, but Costco may be a great solution for them. Please, please check them out if you are in the need.

    By the way, Herndon is so much fun. He’s a great guy to have on your hearing loss team. Please understand it is also an adjustment for the family. He will take a few months to fully adapt and there will be moments of frustration for him. Keep encouraging him and keep track of the situations that are difficult or frustrating for him and have Herndon make adjustments. Best wishes to your dad on his new hearing journey!

    • HI, Dana, oh I’m so glad you got to experience Herndon too! He was such a lovely man and made the process so easy for my dad and all of us. Costco Kennesaw is the place. Thanks for sharing, I’m so happy you got yours too.

  23. Such a good post! I am on my second pair of hearing aids. I was told they only last 5 years ? I will definitely check out the Costco hearing center. I have worn hearing aids for seven years now and unfortunately there are still some days I hate putting them in, but I need them so that’s that! They are a good investment. Happy you urged your Dad to go!

  24. Becky Bixler says:

    I just love that you share your family with all of us! Your parents are just precious and please tell your daddy we all think he’ll probably inspire others to try out hearing aids. “Hears” to ya! 🙂

  25. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m going to visit my 84 year old Mom for a week at the end of the month. She is hard of hearing but won’t get hearing aids or anything that makes her look old. She has fallen several times but won’t use a cane. If we are watching TV I will ask her if she understands what is going on and she never does because she can’t hear it. I also get the “what?” all the time. I thought hearing aids cost much more than $1700 so I think I will try to convince her to go in so see just how bad it is. Thanks for the post.

    • My mom too! Honestly, she made life so hard for herself. She had the world’s strongest bones, she had some terrible falls and never broke anything. I hope I remember all this when I get to her age. I’m 63 and a nurse in a busy noisy ER. My tinnitus has gotten worse and I’m having trouble understanding young women if I’m not looking right at them. So I got a hearing test, apparently low frequencies are worse? I didn’t get any percentages, I would like to know. It was not a very satisfactory visit. Maybe I’ll go to Costco myself. Incidentally, my husband works for Costco, their benefits are very good and they are quite family oriented.

  26. What a great post! So glad your dad is adjusting (and seemingly enjoying) his new hearing aids. Your parents are adorable and I love reading about them.

  27. Melesa Garrison says:

    So happy for your sweet Dad. I’m sure this is so exciting to actually be able to hear again. We don’t realize what we have until that diminishes. I hope he will continue to be pleased with the outcome. This will be so nice for your mom as well. God Bless Your Family!

  28. I am on my second pair of hearing aids. I had a lot of adjustment problems. I did not wear the first pair as much as I should. Background noise made it so difficult. I have to say my second pair is so much better! I don’t know if it is improved technology or my own improved attitude. My second pair was $4800 and includes free checkups and supplies. I guess they only last about 5 years. I wish you all lots of luck!

  29. Thank you so much for sharing your family’s story. I’m sure this will be very helpful to others who are experiencing the same challenges.

  30. Thank you so much for this post! So glad that your Dad had a great experience. I am 50 years old and have been told that I have hearing loss and need aids ( I have severe ringing in my ears). I can’t afford the cost of the aids. I do not understand why insurance does not help cover this cost! This post gives me hope. Maybe I can try to go to a Costco and try there. I love reading your stories about your beautiful family!

  31. My Dad is hard of hearing and has been his entire life. (His mom had the german measles when she was pregnant with him.) He has worn hearing aids and now at 84, he is clinically deaf so his hearing aids of course are very important.

    I’m so glad you helped your Dad through the process so he wasn’t afraid of the changes. Hearing sounds that a person hasn’t heard before can be fun but sometimes disruptive as my Dad has experienced at times.

    I want to mention this – hearing aids are just like any other machine – they wear out, so be aware of this. You may even want to ask about the life of your Dad’s hearing aids so they can be replaced when they aren’t doing the job anymore.

  32. Harriet McMillan says:

    Wonderful story and very encouraging to those with hearing problems. Thank you for sharing.

  33. I love the news on your parents and your Dad…warms my heart. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  34. Damaris Rios says:

    How wonderful for him and your whole family. So happy for all of you!!!

  35. This story was the same for me and my parents a year ago. We had begged and begged for them to get hearing tests. Finally after some funny misunderstandings they agreed. We found ourselves at Costco. They were fabulous with my parents. When we went to purchase my dad said he only brought enough to buy my moms. My husband was prepared for this and he let dad know he was prepared to buy my dads for him that day. Of course my dad paid him back soon after but it took my dad nearly a year to wear them…..he was mad that they cost so much. That was his way of dealing with the frustration. Around Thanksgiving this year they came for a visit so we grabbed their hearing aids and took them in for adjustments, Costco is great at servicing their customers too. After that appointment my proud daddy finally decided to wear them on a regular basis. We are all grateful the TV is now at a level we can all live with.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It’s a joy to make our parents quality of life the best it can be at this season of life.

  36. Such happy news about your dad!
    Thank you for sharing!

  37. So happy for your dad and so happy for his family. It is exhausting trying to talk (yell) to someone that is hearing impaired. When I had my mom’s hearing tested the technician told me when there is hearing loss there is also comprehension loss. I understood why my mom was having so much trouble understanding some of our conversations. Costco has really good prices and quality on hearing aids.

    • Tracy Cervantes says:

      Thank you for sharing! My dad was here for the holidays and couldn’t hear the TV; it’s time for a trip to Costco!

  38. Rhoda, please let all of your readers know that most all TV’S have a setting that can be put on closed caption and they can read what is being said. You go to the menu and choose setting and you will see the English caption there. This is a big help to me. And if they do not adjust well to their new hearing aids have them go back to the hearing aid center and have them adjusted. Sometimes they are just too loud at first and can be frustrating to get used to.

    • Hey, Lynne, thanks for the reminder. I think a lot of folks are using Closed Caption on their TV’s now, so it can be a big help. Dad will have regular checkups at Costco and also cleanings too, so I think it will go well. We will definitely send him back if there are any problems. They seem to have a great followup program. Mom didn’t get them, just dad.

  39. This is a wonderful story and it means a lot for him to be included. I love the idea to spread or share the cost of something like this so there is less”intimidation” to attempt this move and what a great gift. What an inspiration he is!!!!!

  40. Rhoda, What a wonderful ending to your story. I am 69 and have worn hearing aids for over 30 years. I’ve had several pair over the years due to technology changes. The pair I currently have were $6,000 and insurance won’t cover a cent of it. Now, if I lost my hearing due to an accident it would cover them. So weird and unfair but that’s life, I guess. My hearing loss is due to a nerve deafness and continues to decline almost yearly. It is extremely hard to hear in noisy restaurants or groups of people and I’ve learned to lip read a little over the years. The downside is that when you have a hearing loss you tend to avoid social situations because it is embarrassing when you wear aids but still have a hard time hearing and people will ask is your hearing aid working. Just remember the aids help but don’t give you the hearing of someone with no loss. Be patient and know you are still going to repeat some things and speak as clearly as you can without sounding condescending. I know you don’t do that with your dad, I’m just offering this piece of advice for other folks. Turn on the closed captioning on the TV, without that I can’t watch TV. Most hearing abled people find it annoying but it makes a huge difference for someone with problems. I can tell you from experience that some people will talk to you like you’re an imbecile when they hear/see you wear hearing aids. I have been talked down to so many times and it’s terribly frustrating. In work situations I have wanted to scream I understand the part of the conversation I’m hearing, I’m just not hearing every word. Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with that in retirement! I hope your dad adjusts well to the hearing aids, it takes time. But when you can “hear” the difference it makes it worth it.

  41. That’s wonderful! Hope they work out well for him. Wish I could get my husband to be tested. He thinks he can hear perfectly fine know better!

  42. Rhoda –
    So happy that you all convinced your dad to get the hearing aids. Costco is the place to go -the service is great and the quality of product is beyond compare. My daughter has worn hearing aids since 17 months and after years of paying silly amounts of money for then we found them at Costco. We have only used them since she was 16 – so over 15 years of great service so far! The costs savings is huge and their service and warranty is superior to any other place we dealt with.

    • Jamie, that is so good to hear. We started hearing the same thing and that’s when we decided to check it out. I love these good stories.

  43. So excited for him! It really will open up a whole new world to him. I remember getting my first pair of glasses and walking out and look up at the trees…who knew there were individual leaves! LOL My youngest is an SLP and has many friends studying audiology. It’s rewarding to see someone enjoy something we sometimes take for granted.

  44. That’s great that your Dad was able to get the hearing aids and is doing well with them! I never considered Costco for that type of purchase so that is good information to have! Thanks for sharing news of your parents with us.

  45. I just got hearing aids myself. I’m not sure if the price you listed is for both or one, but mine were about $1,700 each. I have heard so many new or amplified sounds. I’ve actually scared myself by the loud sound of the kitchen faucet running, and when I flush the toilet it’s like I’m standing at Niagra Falls! Everything seems so loud now.

    • Hey, Jeanie, good for you, you must be pleased. The price at Costco of $1700 includes both ears.

      • That is a bargain! I forgot to mention yesterday that one thing I’m not pleased about is having to replace the batteries about every seven or eight days.

        • Yes, he told dad that the batteries have to be replaced about every 7 days, so I think that is normal. Shouldn’t be too hard to replace them.

  46. diane way up north says:

    Hooray for you gals talking your dad into getting those new hearing aids. Sounds like he is adjusting to them quickly too. I’m hopeful that he’ll them so well he’ll want to keep them forever. Good job Rhoda and family. What a great gift you have given your dear daddy!

  47. Thank you so much for sharing with us… I am so tickled that you were able to get him to go and that they seem to be working well!

  48. Edith Weldon says:

    This summer I bought my first hearing aid at Costco too and am such a fan of Costco. I only had to have one and it really has made such a difference for me and my family. I am turning 65 in a few months so I feel I am rather young to have one but it is a blessing. Costco personnel have been so great and understanding and can customize your hearing aid too!

  49. I have worn hearing aids for a few years. I had no idea how much I wasn’t hearing I’m 49 and have never been concerned that they will make me look old. I wear my hair in a pony tail and I don’t care if somebody with eagle eyes notices them. In fact i do think i have encouraged a couple of younger people to get their hearing checked who did not like the idea of aids at all. They have told me if i can wear them with confidence so can they. What can be a little upsetting at times is when people assume hearing aids completely restore the hearing and will ask if Im wearing my aids in what seems to me to be an irritated or condescending tone (I could just be sensitive, but I don’t think so, people can be inpatient around a person with hearing loss). Hearing aids help enormously and i don’t do well without them, but they do not make your hearing perfect I still have a hard time following along if I’m in the back of a car and closed captioning is pretty much essential on the television, for some reason the TV is much harder to understand than live people. I just want to say this in case your dad is like me (and I believe most people with aids) and at times will still have some difficulty. I would not want him to feel pressure to behave like he can hear everything because he wants tp please his wonderful, generous and caring family. As long as his aids help a great deal, and it sounds as though they are then that is something to be thankful for indeed. Another fustration I have at times is that I of course want my hearing to be perfect (usually I’m more accepting but I do have my moments, and for me there is also an underlying concern that is what on earth will my hearing be like as I get older) but of course my haring never will be perfect , it’s as good as it ever will be, even with these expensive little devices. I’m sure you will all be considerate of your dad if he ever seems to feel a little exasperated with his ears betraying him, even though he is wearing his aids. Although something tells me he probably has much more grace abour it than I do

  50. Happiness❣

  51. Oh Rhoda – so glad your dad is hearing things now. We have an elderly family member who we took to an audio clinic 10 years ago, but would not pay the money. She used National Health Service aids (in the UK) and was always frustrated because they only helped a little. We eventually pursuaded her to have a new test with a private company and now she has aids just like your Dad’s – and can watch TV without headphones, and can hear everything. She is so happy and wishes she had done this all those years ago. Hearing loss is a dreadful thing, and everyone should be able to have aids that work well.. Don’t forget to get them insured for loss as they are so small. I wish him well. And how lovely that he will be able to have a “proper” conversation with the great grandchildren now!

    • Thank you, Susan, Costco offers free replacement one time on the set if he loses them, so that’s a good policy too. They have great followups.

  52. Yay! I’m so happy for your sweet dad and all of you! My daddy suffered from a hearing loss too. He would be 88. When he was in his 70’s I was on a trip with my parents. In the hotel room I sort of scolded Daddy about not getting hearing aids. Only I could get away with scolding him! He leaned over and said “huh?”. We all burst out laughing as my point was made. He spent money on a couple pair and never truly adjusted. Your parents are very blessed to have daughters and granddaughter who care so much and are willing to gently “encourage” them to get the help they need for a better quality of life at their age. Keep us posted on his progress! Bless you!

  53. True story: My mom has some hearing loss and when I suggested checking into hearing aids, she said she didn’t need them because her friends could hear her just fine!! I think she and I will both go to Costco to check this out. With a price like that, she might be more willing. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. You, no doubt, have helped a lot of people! Blessings!

  54. Cindy Thompkins says:

    I just recently went through the same thing with my mom, but we tried a slightly different route. Did you know that you can buy hearing aids on At first I was a little skeptical, but they came with a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee so I decided to try. To my surprise, they worked great! They look very similar to ones for your dad and cost about $900 for the pair. It has really changed her life.

  55. Rhoda-
    So happy to hear your dad took the leap. You haven’t said a lot about him, and he wasn’t going to New Orleans with you all. Maybe it was his hearing loss. Well anyways happy to hear that it went well.

    • Thank you, Paula, he just doesn’t like long trips anymore, so that’s a big part of him not going on trips. But we are happy he seems to be adjusting well to the hearing aids.

  56. Bless his heart ❤️

  57. Thanks for sharing your dad’s journey. How precious this will be for him to hear the sermon at church among other things. Wonderful of your family to see that he gets what he needs. It’s how I was with my parents while I had them (both passed away.) Wishing him much success with the hearing aids.

  58. Ann Seabolt says:

    My husband has hearing loss and had one hearing aid for a long time but rarely wore it. His hearing had worsened so he decided to go check out options again and now has two new digital hearing aids and seems to like them much more because he wears them a lot more. He warns all the young people to take care of your hearing because nothing is the same as your natural hearing. I am having to get used to not taking too loud around after years of trying to get him to hear me. Oh! The new hearing aids can be adjusted using your smart phone. How neat is that?

  59. Juliet Russell says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Rhoda. And, thanks to your Dad for allowing his experience to be documented for the benefit of others. I shared your post with my sister-in-law who is dealing with a similar situation in our family. So helpful!

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