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Have you heard, as I have for years, that Parisian women have the most beautiful skin and skincare products available to them? This is certainly an idea I’ve had for a while, that Paris is right in the middle of anti-aging secrets with their spas and laboratories focusing on pampering women and making them feel special. Maybe there really is something to it!

I recently got the opportunity to try out some ooh-la-la fancy skincare products straight from Paris. Since anti-aging is right at the front of my mind these days, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with trying them out. Now, let me say I don’t always put a lot of hope in skin care products that claim to turn back the clock, but given the chance to try them out, I definitely wanted to do so. I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on anti-aging products.

In 1958, Pierre Darphin helped revolutionize esthetic care by opening one of the first beauty institutes in Paris for complete body, hair and skin care solutions. Darphin products are deliberately engineered to envelop the user in multi-dimensional, multi-sensory delight. The core values of Darphin all speak to the importance of Aromatherapy.

I can vouch for that, these products have a really nice scent.

Total well-being, effective skincare, and the pleasure principle are hallmarks of Darphin, because when you feel good you look good – a quintessentially French beauty secret.

I was shipped three products in pretty packaging and containers to try out in the Firming and Lifting Program. Anyone in their 50’s will join me in being concerned about all of that.

Let me tell you about them. Now, mind you that I’ve only had the chance to try them out for a couple of weeks, so my face doesn’t suddenly look 25 again, but I’ll be very interested to see what they do to my middle-age skin.

First, that cute bottle on the right, 8-Flower Nectar, a precious youth elixir (sign me up for that!). This is a composition of pure essential oils, derived from eight exotic flowers from around the world, that detoxifies the skin, minimize those fine lines that we all get and enhance the skin’s natural glow. I can use some of that! Firming is something that I’m interested in and this product is supposed to help with that as well. As a woman in her 50’s, my skin losing elasticity is one of the aging processes that I sure don’t enjoy and youthful-looking skin is something that we all are after.

I’ll take two please!

The key ingredients of 8 essential oils are: Everlasting, Iris, Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, and Ylang Ylang.

Using the nectar is as easy as applying five drops to the face and neck, massaging gently in downward motions.

The second product is Stimulskin Plus eye creme, which is a soft and smooth emollient for that tender area around the eye this product is touted to smooth those lines and pesky crow’s feet we all get, too. This product helps with those dark circles and gives an overall firmness and more youthful appearance to the eye area. Yes, please!

They also sent one extra product, Predermine, which is an anti-wrinkle creme that can be applied every day under makeup and in the evening. A double dose of wrinkle creme can never hurt, can it?

As I mentioned, I’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks, but enjoy the feel of them on my skin. They have a wonderful fragrance and just smell like something that a pampered woman would wear. Not that I’ve ever been that pampered, but it is nice once in awhile to do that for yourself.

I can’t say they will change my life or yours, but I will be looking in the mirror to see if those lines, wrinkles and sags start to be diminished in a few weeks.

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win a Darphin products valued at a minimum of $100! Just leave me a comment answering the question: What do you do for anti-aging and do you enjoy pampering your skin?

Plus, Darphin has a special offer (one of their best!) just for readers of this post: Get a free Age Defying Dermabrasion Deluxe Sample, Dark Circles and De-puffing Eye Serum Deluxe Sample and Spa Headband with any order at Darphin.com through 5/31/12. Use code BLOGGER at checkout.

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- Rhoda


  1. Wow – sounds very interesting! Love clean soft smells –
    Thanks! patti

  2. The elixir sounds lovely. I’m 50 something and always on the lookout for good quality skincare.

  3. Laurie McClure says:

    I’ve never heard of this skin care line. I’d love to try it. Looking forward to hearing about your results with it!

  4. I do enjoy pampering my face especially by trying new products. I use a face mask every other week.

    Would love to win and try the products!

  5. I’m in the over 50 group too! Love to pamper my skin and try new things. Thanks Rhoda for a chance to try them!

  6. I’d love to give it a try! I would love to find something to turn back the clock just a little bit!

  7. I use Clinque products which are good, but I would love to try this new product. The Eight Flower Nectar looks very interesting!

  8. I was excited to see you had the opportunity to use them as well, and what you used. I am going on about 4 weeks of use so far, and I am HOOKED. Now I am not 50 yet…but I want to stay as youthful as I can while getting there. These are are by far the best products I have used.

  9. I use SPF 30!. I don’t figure I can turn back the clock, but I can slow it down with sunscreen.

  10. At three score plus, I’m so ready to try anything to look a tad more youthful. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Valerie J. says:

    I’m looking for non-irritating skin product as I have very sensitive skin. I’m using coconut oil for my body but need something else for my face.

  12. SPF! SPF! That’s what I use!

  13. I have never heard of this, but when you are in your 50s and knocking on 60, you will try almost anything!

  14. I try to wear sunscreen everyday.

  15. I have used a high SPF for years and also Retin A. Love to pamper my skin!

  16. I use sunscreen but am always on the lookout for great skincare products.

  17. Paula Lusk says:

    I haven’t found a skin care product that I am really impressed with. I’ve used OTC Oil of Olay, /Clientele, etc. Very sensitive skin. Help!

  18. I will be turning 50 next month and would love to try these products for my present and future wrinkles. Thanks.

  19. Knocking on the door of 60, I would love to try a product to turn back a few years!

  20. Mary from Highland Lakes says:

    Rhoda, Quickly approaching my 65 birthday and my new saying is “it takes twice as long to look half as good” meaning I must pay more attention to my skin care and keeping up with current make-up trends that are (I hate to say it) age appropriate and now more than ever I use sunscreen every day. Would love to try the products you described.

  21. I used to see these products at a spa where I occasionally got a pedicure. They didn’t give away samples so I never tried them. I do use quite a lot of stuff — Mary, the previous commenter nailed it — trying to maintain my skin. I would love a chance to try these.

  22. Years ago I got a little sample of a Darphin product. And I remember it being wonderful…when I remember, I exfoliate for smoother, softer skin.

  23. Ok…so I hit 40 this year…and while I am hanging in there I am very concerned about taking the best care I can of my skin….especially here on the farm with sun ( I always wear a hat outside). I use a spinning brush to exfoliate each day and use a mild moisturizer but I’d love to try “fancy” products…especially those with a lovely scent. Thank you for the giveaway!

  24. Anjanette says:

    Yea! The French do have some nice skincare lines. I try to get enough sleep & drink water to help my skin. And a facial or mask now & again never hurt!

  25. i always moisturize and i wear spf every day. and i NEVER go to bed without washing my face. not sure how much it’s helping…in the last 2 years my skin has really lost it’s elasticity. :o/

  26. I think using sunscreen, drinking water, and eating vegetables are keys to good skin. Oh and also genetics! I would love to try the Darphin products.

  27. Christy ennis says:

    I protect my skin with sunscreen and hats.

  28. I too am in my 50’s and will be 60 in Sept. I ALWAYS put sunscreen on my face regardless of what the weather is. Living in Texas this is a must. Second, important thing is to clean my face at the end of the day, I use Cetafil which is very easy on the face. Last, I mositurize my face as the last thing at night.

  29. Emily Simpson says:

    I moisturize daily and use a wrinkle cream at night, but I would love to try these products, especially the eye cream. Thanks for this opportunity!

  30. Sunscreen is number one for anti-aging, but you can’t beat a good facial for pampering!

  31. Rhoda, I’ve always admired Parisian women and this is a superb post to drive the message home. 🙂 Do you agree French women seem to look better when they get older? What do you think?

  32. These products sound divine! Who doesn’t want to look as wonderful as a French woman. They really know how to age beautifully.

  33. I am definitely at the age where all this matters. I use different products now, I am an avon consultant and use their products. BUT would love to try these..

  34. What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks!

  35. Predermine because i’m not getting any younger and my skin has been abused by my 20’s of not using sunscreen.
    i have sensitive skin which is constantly pink. not rosacea but might as well be. i think Darphin would be able to help me tone down and minimize the skin I would love to all the products you featured I heard they smell great!

  36. I have always been interested in skincare. I once sold Estee Lauder, Chanel and Borhese. I would be delighted to try this line!
    Thanks for a fantastic give-a-way!

  37. Heather Spooner says:

    I wear sunscreen and try to limit sun exposure because I burn so easily. And I moisturize. I love pampering my skin, though my budget only allows for drug store products pampering. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  38. What do you do for anti-aging and do you enjoy pampering your skin?

    Of course I love pampering my skin! I use Mary Kay and have been happy with it so far, but I would love to try this, too.

  39. April was in CT now CA says:

    I wear a SPF moisturizer every day and never, ever go to bed without washing my face! Hopefully this will help a little with the aging and wrinkles. 🙂

  40. I put on a lotion with SPF 28 everyday. I also wash my face each night before bed and put on a night lotion. I am always trying new products but really haven’t found the “one”. Thanks for the chance!

  41. I use an anti aging cream at night and a moisturizer
    in the morning with SPF 30. Thanks for a great give

  42. I’m in my middle 60’s and try to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and drink lots of water. I use a light lotion at bedtime but will be switching to a cream at bedtime soon. Remember to moisturize your neck also, very important! Would love to try some new products.

  43. Oui, Oui, put in an entry for me (moi)! thanks Rhoda. 🙂

  44. Andrea Watts says:

    I just use soap and water

  45. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…..and use suncreen!

  46. I use Neutrogena anti wrinkle moisturizer w/spf and try to stay out of the sun!

  47. OK…you had me at age-defying! 🙂
    I believe you can’t begin to take care of your skin too soon! Moisturize, cleanse with a gentle cleanser and drink LOTS of water.
    SPF!!! Stay out of the sun!!!

  48. Hate to admit, but my skincare is a hit and miss, and my usual
    routine for cleaning my face is Clinique soap and water. If I’m really feeling guilty, I use some Clinique samples I’ve received as freebies. I’m in my early 60’s and now regret too much sun in earlier years and not enough care and time for good anti-aging treatment. I’m sure Darphin could help my skin, and I would certainly enjoy the feeling of being pampered!

  49. Wow… what a great giveaway… being a woman also in her 50s I try everything… I’ve never had the money to pamper myself but would love to try the Darphin products. They sound wonderful. Thanks at the chance to win.

  50. Deb Anderson says:

    Sad to say, but my skin care regimen is practically non-existent. I’ve tried so many products over the years, but never had any real success with any of them to be able to stick with them for any length of time. So I keep looking…maybe Darphin will be the brand to change my mind?

  51. For anti-aging, I make sure to put on sun block whenever I go out. The Darphin products sound amazing. Yes, I do enjoy pampering my skin. That’s why I really want to give these Darphin products a try after reading your review! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  52. Tweeted about this giveaway: https://twitter.com/#!/uTry_it/status/196496485578321921

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  53. I think my use of good glycolic and Retin A for some years has helped my skin somewhat. But those jowls are about to do me in! Even though I was blessed with a Clairsonic Mia for Christmas and love using it on my skin. I doesn’t tighten anything. Lord, I need a miracle in that area!

  54. Aubreylaine says:

    I make sure to always use sunscreen. I also am currently using the Laser Free Resurfacer by Peter Thomas Roth.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  55. Karina Lee says:

    i would love to try the Dark Circles and De-puffing Eye Serum

  56. would love to try all of their products! the serum sounds great.

  57. I make sure always remember to apply sunscreen to take care of my skin.

  58. I use sunscreen when I go outside and anti-aging serum at night

  59. I don’t have a regular routine for my skin. I put on moisturizer when it feels dry and that’s about it. I would like to pamper my skin more.

  60. Lori R. says:

    I use an anti-aging cream twice a day and also use a primer under my foundation. These products sound wonderful.

  61. In my sixties and these products sound wonderful.

  62. Celia Holt says:

    I would love to try these products. Looks interesting and I am anxiously awaiting your final opinion.

  63. I am almost 56 and paying for my years of sunbathing in my youth. I would love to try these products. I have dark spots, redness and crows feet.

  64. my 55 year old skin could definitely use some sweet-smellin’ pamperin’ very soon! thank-you!

  65. ANGEL JACKLYN says:



  66. ANGEL JACKLYN says:
  67. I moisturize and use spf every day to take care of my skin. I would love to try their Clear White brightening and hydrating cream to even out my skin tone.

  68. Tabathia B says:

    Hydrating Kiwi Mask for great beauty sleep
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  69. Tabathia B says:
  70. Stephanie Mecimore says:

    Antioxidants and sunscreen ! Pampering my skin is rare but much enjoyed!

  71. I wear sunscreen everyday.

  72. I use lotion and eyecream, I like pampering myself with lots of lotion. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  73. 1955nurse says:

    I am a skin-care fanatic, & am always on the look-out for products that would help me look (& feel!) better about myself! I ck’d out their website, & I think their Stimulskin line sounds FABulous & want to try it…. I could use some “firming” help, esp. along my jawline! ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance…..

  74. I would love to be entered to win this skin care line.

  75. I cleanse and moisturize every night before bed.

  76. I would love to try the De-puffing Eye Serum to help with my aging eyes!

  77. Would love to try the eye gel!

  78. The main thing I do is moisturize and stay out of the sun. I’m starting to see some signs of aging anyway though at age 47 so I’d love to try this!!! Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

  79. I think a trip to Paris would do wonders for my skin. Ha! (Of course, that is not what you are offering, but just sayin’…)

    I have found the Neutrogena products to be gentle and helpful. I use their facial cleanser, eye cream, and oil-free moisturizers. All are available at local stores at prices I can afford. I also think that a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables gives a youthful glow — and it’s scientifically proven to do so!

  80. Debbie B says:

    i moisturize daily and make sure to take my make up off every night

  81. Debbie B says:
  82. Erica Best says:

    i moisturize daily

  83. Erica Best says:
  84. The history of the product line sounds great-not someone out to make a quick profit. I am in my 50s and have tried just about everything but surgery.

  85. Maria Cantu says:

    I would like to try the age-defying dermabrasion because I am getting old.

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