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  1. Danielle Turner says

    Hi Rhoda- I love your DIY! I am currently working on my kids bathroom and need some advice. I have a black countertop and white cabinetry. I am going to frame the mirror but not sure what color should choose. I am going to use Ben Moore Wythw Blue on the walls. Any suggestions?? Thanks

    • HI, Danielle, I think you could go either way, but I would probably do a black frame, since that’s what I did in my guest bath with a black countertop. REally, either one will work, depends on how much you want to keep things light too.

    • Danielle Turner says

      Thanks Rhoda!
      Last night someone suggested that I use a bright color to make it more kid friendly. She suggested I paint the frame orange and accent with orange rug and a few bath accessories. What do you think?

    • If it’s a kids bath, that could work out very well, so go with your gut. The great thing about paint is it can always be changed too.

  2. Hi Rhoda! Just found your site and I am so excited to paint my bathroom cabinets guess I just needed a fire lit under my feet. Your tutorial has been so helpful I am now ready to give it a try. Also, so excited for the tip on hanging two nail pictures. Really simply put. Looking forward to using this tip as well. Love all your DIY projects. Keep them coming.

  3. Kate Harrison says

    Hi Rhoda

    I’m actually from the UK but lived in NC for a wee while so a friend recommended I came and took a look at your site, to bring back some (very) happy memories! I’m getting some great ideas, to remind me of my ‘other home from home’! Thank you 🙂

  4. caroline kamunyi says

    Hello…I love your blog and the many ideas! Do you have the address for the hotel furniture liquidation store?

    • Hi, I believe the link is in the post, but it’s called Cash Hotel Liquidation in Forsyth, GA so you should be able to find it easily. Thanks!

  5. Very pretty DIY Rhoda. I didn’t know your blog and I love it!

  6. I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos, but lately every-thing is showing up in a two-inch space at the left side of the website. Don’t know if it’s your website or my computer.

    • HI, Susann, that started about 6 mos. ago for some readers and it seems to be those running ad blockers. If you can disable that, it should go back to normal. See if that might be the problem.

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