Easy Method for Hanging Pictures on the Wall

When I was in Birmingham, I worked with a designer who showed me the neatest trick and easy method for hanging pictures on the wall and it’s really a foolproof way that I wanted to share with you.

I have mentioned it along the way, but wanted to do a full post showing how handy this trick can be when you are trying to get something up on the wall by yourself.


This is a piece of molding that I’m going to hang above my dining room doorway.  It’s a chunky piece of crown molding that I added 2 hooks on the back and it isn’t heavy, so doesn’t require anything but 2 small nails to hold it in place.

So, here’s the easy method.

  1. Take a piece of FrogTape (my tape of choice) and stretch it between the hooks on the back of whatever you are hanging. This works with anything that requires 2 hooks.


2.  Press your nail into the tape at the spot where the nail and hook will meet on the wall.  Pierce the tape and make a hole in the tape.

Frogtape to hang pics

3.  Hold the item up on the wall where you want it and then carefully take the tape off and try to get it in the same spot that you want the final piece to hang.  This might require 2 people if the item is heavy or you are up high on the wall.  But, most of the time I can do this by myself.

level on tape

4.  Once you get the tape up, then you want to level it.  Your nail holes are already made, so this is where you can shift the tape back and forth on the wall to get it centered and leveled.

nail in tape

5.  Once it is level and centered where you want it, tap in your nail in the holes that are premade in the tape.

molding above door

6.  Then hang up your item, it should fit perfectly on the nails you’ve put into the wall.  Voila!


This works on larger items too, like this mirror.  Stretch out the tape.  Mark the spot where the holder will hang on the hook or nail.

leveling hooks

Level your tape.

two nails

Tap in the hooks.


Hang your mirror!  This is a fool proof method that I use ALL the time and all you need is some FrogTape (or tape of your choice).  Gets the job done quick and easy.  Since I learned this method, it’s what I always do when I’m hanging 2 nails or hooks.

Here are a few more things I’ve hung recently, coming up the main stairs.  This house is coming alive!

I painted my old gold sconce with Rustoleum’s Lagoon spray paint and added the gold highlights with Rub N Buff.

Love the pop of color and how the framed seashell prints accent this wall.  The red things in the vase are just painted coral red sticks.

Have you tried this one before?  It’s a great method for hanging prints and mirrors.

Note:  I’m a Frogtape brand ambassador and am compensated to share how I use FrogTape products.  This is a sponsored post.

- Rhoda


  1. Dang, could of used this last week. LOL. Awesome tip I’m looking forward to trying. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  2. Hey
    Love the tip!
    What do you do if you are not sure two holes on back of pic are level?

  3. Amanda Peterson says

    Hi Rhoda! Thanks so much for posting this! It was so easy to hang a picture all by myself.

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