Fall in the Dining Room

Another week has rolled by and here we are getting into the Fall mood here in Atlanta.  As a blogger, this time of year gets crazy as Fall blog tours are taking place left and right. I’m so not ready for prime time in our new house yet, but since Shaw Floors is sponsoring this Fall Home tour with the Shaw Styleboard bloggers, I got extra motivated to make a couple spots in the house pretty for this Fall season.  It’s not picture perfect, but it’s the best I could do at the moment, so I hope you enjoy this peek into our new dining room, decorated for Fall.

I have loved working with Shaw Floors the past 5 years.  The folks at Shaw are the best and I have so enjoyed getting to know so many of them and they are right up the road from me in Dalton, GA, where their big plants are located and where all of this beauty comes from. Shaw has long been known as the leaders in carpet manufacturing, but they also produce pre-finished hardwood flooring as well.  I’ve been fortunate to have their flooring in my previous house and also in this house.  I’d love for you to check out this post about the engineered flooring we had put in upstairs in our new house. It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to get the top floor all put together and decorated, those floors are the star.

Walking in our front door, you’ll see this pretty soaring staircase going upstairs.  We chose a beautiful Shaw Floors carpet runner, True Event II for our stairs and couldn’t be happier with the choice.  In a two tone black and gray it enhances the black iron spindles in our staircase and also the greige wall color.

Love it and it’s so soft underfoot too.

Again, don’t let these pics fool you, we are far from finished in our house and have lots more going on around here.  I had to really hone in on just this space to photograph and not let the clutter in the background get in the way.  I think it’s called selective photography!

Mark completed the beadboard wainscot in the dining room just a week ago and so I was able to pull together a Fall tablescape this week to share with you!  Even though I’m still working around here trying to get more things crossed off the to-do list after moving in just a few short weeks ago, it’s fun to see a little bit of pretty shining through for the season, so welcome!

I’m about to get a pretty blue grasscloth installed in this room, so can’t wait to see that come together. I set the table with my Ballard Designs tablecloth and several pieces of dinnerware that I had on hand. These things on the table are mostly all collected pieces that I’ve had for years, from the plates and flatware, to the placemats.

I couldn’t find everything I was looking for yet, but I did manage to pull out a few things that say Fall.   And the best part, these hydrangeas are blooming in our yard right now!  It’s so fun to have a big established hydrangea blooming in our new yard since I had so many gorgeous bushes in my old house that I will dearly miss. I know we will plant more of these around our backyard to enjoy.  These are definitely late bloomers and are in full bloom right now!

That iron and glass centerpiece is something I got from Magnolia Market in TX when I was there earlier this year. I love them!  The wood and metal center tray is from Homegoods.

Moss balls add some fun texture to the grouping.

I’ve had these bird plates for years and I’m sure they came from TJ Maxx, flatware is collected silver-plate and even though it needs a good polishing, it’s pretty.

The sideboard sits in front of the double windows, since that’s the only spot it will fit in here, but I don’t mind it.  We want to eventually get Plantation shutters on these windows and then I’ll add some pretty drapes.  I’m about to add a gorgeous Peacock blue grasscloth wallpaper to this room and then I’ll find fabric later on to add in here.  These walls are 9′ tall and I’ll need to get new drapes in here, which I don’t  mind, I love looking at pretty fabrics.

This feather and stick urn I’ve had for a long time too and it adds lots of texture as a centerpiece to the sideboard.  Acorns and pinecones add to the Fall festive feel.  And some glass pumpkins I picked up at Homegoods last year really speak to the season.

Those gold and white candlesticks are estate sale finds and the easel was a thrifty find as well.

I love this little bamboo stool to add some texture to the group.

Peeking into the kitchen.

It was fun to walk by and see this beautiful table set up even though everything else is still in a bit of disarray.  I know we will get there before too long and all the painting and unpacking will be done. We are so happy for that to happen!

Thanks for stopping by today for this little peek of Fall at our new house.  It’s fun to welcome you inside and I can’t wait for more. Christmas will be here before we know it and this house will be fun to decorate for Christmas too!

Thanks to Shaw Floors for sponsoring this Fall tour with the Styleboard bloggers.  Next on the tour tomorrow is my sweet friend, Roeshel, from DIY Showoff, so please go and check out her Fall home too!  







- Rhoda


  1. It’s very pretty already, Rhoda! Tell Mark he did a great job on the wainscoting. I bet that grasscloth is going to be stunning! I have loved those chairs ever since you added them to your DR. One step closer to being home!

  2. Lovely Rhoda!!

  3. Looks so good and I am amazed this close to your move that you have been able to do so much with decorating! Have you shared the greige paint color in your foyer? Its beautiful.

  4. Just gorgeous! I love how light and bright your house is. 🙂

  5. It looks lovely! I Love the colors of your hydrangeas! It’s going to look great with the grass cloth above the breadboard. I love that detail that Mark added. You both have accomplished so much in the short time you’ve been in your new home.

  6. Your dining room is stunning!

  7. Shelia. Massey says

    Love the exterior look of your new home! Very classic and traditional for this area. Also you are doing so much so quick. It takes time and patience! Love the staircase runner and especially the black railings. Just love looking at your blog and all the great pics. Thank you.

  8. So fall and pretty! Love you are sharing all your pics with us as you go along. I know you are busy , busy, busy!

  9. So beautiful! This is simply spot on for the Fall! I’m sure y’all are having sweet smiles when you see this now when y’all are in the kitchen or walking around your new house! Can’t wait to see the drapes, plantation shutters and the grasscloth! It’s so nice that you have space in the beautiful basement where you have your Staging decorative season items that you’ve been collecting over the years! I’m partial to your items that you found thrifting! You certainly have the vision!

  10. Beautiful! I love those plates, perfect for an autumn table. I can’t wait for pictures of the wallpaper!

  11. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Thanks for sharing with us! Everything is just so beautiful! Enjoy!

  12. Looks great! What is in the red pot on the table?

  13. I’m glad to hear so much good about Shaw floors. The 2nd to last house I put lot of very nice 12mm wood look laminate and in this house, another brand of pretty “luxury” vinyl planks in the kitchen and the basement. Both have not held up well, scratches and chips on both in less than 3 years. Some of the chips don’t even correlate with a wear pattern! The laminate was professionally installed, the vinyl was DIY. And there are no children or big dogs involved. Seems hardwood floors is the best choice long term, but next time I will try Shaw.

  14. the salad fork goes on the outside of the dinner fork!

  15. Everything looks so beautiful Rhoda!!!

  16. Love the dining room dressed for Fall Rhoda..the staircase carpet is beautiful! The house is looking great!

  17. Hi love your blog. Where did you get the rug. Ive been looking for a natural jute rug but all the ones i found on a reasonable price the reviews said they leave a lot of dirt and damage the floors


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